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💠 Chapter 25 💠

Jessica’s POV

Ryan suddenly asked me to come to his company the next day after he left home. Normally, we would leave the house together but he’s asking me to come now and I have to take a cab so he won’t know I can drive.

I’m all alone now which means I have to be extremely careful until I get a chance to escape from this hellhole. My mom is held captive by them but there’s nothing I can do.

There’s no way I can kill Ryan and if I return to the Mafia boss alive, he’s going to kill me on the stop. I’ll just have to keep up with my act for now.

When I got to the sitting room, I saw Brianna seated on a coach. She was watching TV but when she heard footsteps, she looked towards my direction.

“The first thing you should do when you get to Ryan’s company is confess your crime and mission in this house. I know you were forced to do it because you look innocent.

If you plead with Ryan, I’m sure he will forgive you after knowing you’ve realized your mistake” she said just when I was about walking past her

“You don’t need to teach me what to do. Besides, you don’t know who Ryan really is so stop acting like you do.

He’s a monster that is just wearing expensive clothes and has a cute face to hide his real identity. He doesn’t think twice before killing anyone, especially nosy people like you so I advise you to watch out for yourself instead of someone else” I concluded and left

Why would she ask me to confess my crimes to Ryan? She doesn’t know anything about me so who is she to tell me what to do?

I got into a cab still very angry and kept mumbling some words to myself without looking up. When I finally raised my head, I realized the driver was taking a wrong route.

I wanted to ask him why he changed direction but someone put a white handkerchief on my nose from behind and I lost consciousness.

*Hours later*

I opened my eyes after water was poured on my face and I looked around me. There were lots of torturing equipments and my hands were chained while I stood.

“Jessica” I heard Ryan’s voice

If he’s doing this to me, then it means he must have discovered my identity already. Ryan is cold blooded and heartless. Even if I plead with him, it won’t change a thing.

“Do you have something to say to me?” he asked

“You already found out so what do you want me to say?” I asked weakly

“What do I want you to say? Are you really a spy sent by Alexander Troy?” he asked hurtfully

“Yes I am” I answered

There’s nothing I can do anyway. If I try to deny it, I will be tortured. I know my life is over already and I just want a less painful death.

“You don’t even feel remorseful about it?” he asked

“You think I’m happy to be a member of a Mafia group? I was kidnapped by them and I had to become part of them unless I wanted to die.

I never wanted to come on this mission after the ruthless things I’ve heard about you but then, my mom was kidnapped again.

To save her, I have to accomplish this mission and both of us will be released for good. Do you think I had a choice?” I asked as tears streamed down my cheeks

“Did he ask you to kill me?” he asked calmly

“He didn’t ask me to at first. He only told me to find useful information. When I called him about three to four days ago and told him I was bursted, he said it’s none of his business and he asked me to get rid of you, saying that was the only way I could save myself.

I knew I was all alone ever since then so I didn’t try to do anything and just waited patiently for today” I concluded

“So the bastard abandoned you to save himself? If you had told me this earlier, I would have thought about what to do but you let me find out by myself so I won’t spare you. Get rid of her!” he said and stood up

“Ryan, you won’t even have pity on me? I know I made a mistake but I never meant to do it, I was forced to” I said crying hard

“Get rid of her but give her a less painful death. I hate spies and betrayers the most” he concluded and left

I don’t need to stress myself anymore. I don’t need to go through so many things in the name of hiding my identity. It’s time for me to rest.

Brianna’s POV

I paced around the sitting room anxiously as I waited for Ryan and Jessica to return home.

It’s evening already but none of them are here and I’m suddenly having a strange feeling. Ryan is short tempered from the look of things but still, he must have some humanity left in him right?

The highest he can do is punish her and that’s all. I pity poor Jessica, she must have gone through a lot already.

The engine of a car jolted me out of my thoughts and I quickly looked out of the window. It’s Ryan’s car! Oh my goodness! Finally!!

I sat on a couch and held a magazine in my hand, pretending to be engrossed in it until the door creaked open.

“Brianna?” he called out after a few minutes

“Ohh! Sorry, I was engrossed in reading this” I said with a short smile

“Prepare something for me to eat” he said and started walking towards the stairs

I expected Jessica to follow behind him but I didn’t see anyone. I opened the door and stepped out a little but there was still no one.

“Where is Jessica?” I asked just when he was about climbing the stairs

“Forget about her from now on and just do what I asked you to” he said and continued walking up the stairs

“You didn’t do something to her, did you?” I panicked

“What if I did? Are you going to scold or beat me?” he asked sighing

“Tell me what you did to her” I demanded

“Are you the boss here or am I the boss? Don’t provoke me more because I’m in a bad mood right now. If you don’t stop being nosy, then I don’t know what will happen to you very soon” he threatened and walked away

What will happen to me very soon? Oh Brianna, you have gotten yourself into a deep mess!


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