December 5, 2023



πŸ’  Chapter 23 πŸ’ 

Jessica’s POV

The underboss just called to tell me that my name has been revealed. Ryan now knows that Jessica is the person he’s searching for but he definitely doesn’t know I’m the one since he thinks my name is Sandra.

When we arrived home with Anna, Ryan helped her sit on the couch and felt her temperature. Why is he acting all lovey-dovey around her now?

“Do you want anything?” he asked her

Anna stared at him strangely because it’s the first time Ryan will be so sweet to her. I’m also surprised to be honest but who knows Ryan?

He has always been mysterious and who knows? This might just be one of his tricks to get into Anna’s P@Ε‹t.

“I’m fine, thank you” Anna mumbled

Wow! I never knew Anna could be this gentle when speaking to someone, just how many surprises for they have in store for me today?

“Alright then!” Ryan said and stood up to leave but he stopped after taking few steps and walked back to her

“Is your real name Anna?” he asked her and I gulped nervously

“My real name is almost Anna but I just used Anna so people won’t trace it to me. My name is Brianna, didn’t you see it in the contract I signed?” she asked raising her voice a little

Yeah, this is the Anna I know. She has only been pretending to be gentle since.

“Ohh….so all strippers don’t use their real name? Jessica, what’s your own real name?” he asked turning to face me and I gulped down nothing

“U…hhm… Not all strippers don’t use their real name, my name is Sandra” I said nervously and rubbed my sweaty palms together

“Ohh…. You probably didn’t change your own name because you weren’t in disguise like someone” Ryan said with an eyeroll

“Ryan, can you please help me to my room?” Brianna asked

“Sure, let’s go!”

Ryan supported her and together, they left for her room. As soon as they were out of sight, I heaved a huge sigh of relief and fell on a couch.

Is Ryan beginning to suspect me or what? Who knows what Brianna might have told him and who knows what she’s saying to him now?

I need to find a way to get myself out of this mess before it’s too late. I heard Ryan is a ruthless mafia boss that doesn’t think twice before taking someone’s life. If he discovers my identity, I’m done for!

Ryan’s POV

After I helped Brianna get in bed, I stood up to leave but she held my hand stopping me from leaving.

“What’s wrong?” I found myself asking calmly as I sat beside her

“I….can you stay with me for a while? Please” she pleaded

“For how long do I have to stay?” I asked with a sigh

“Probably until I fall asleep” she mumbled

“Fine then! I never knew the almighty Brianna could speak so gently. Have you changed for the best or is it just because you’re sick?” I asked

“It’s obviously because I’m sick. Anytime I’m sick, I always feel very weak because it reminds me of when my mom passed away.” she said staring at the ceiling

“Just go to bed, I don’t want to listen to a sad story right now” I said quickly

“Alright” she muttered and shut her eyes

Within a few minutes, she had already fallen asleep and I pulled the duvet to cover her properly.

Looking at her up close now, she’s actually extremely beautiful and if she were to go for modelling, she would definitely win so many awards.

I moved my face closer to hers until my lips were just a few inches from hers and that was when I came back to my senses. I pulled away from her P@Ε‹ting heavily and shut my eyes tightly.

Ryan Santiago, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you going to have your first K!SS with someone who hates you so much? It’s not like I even have feelings for her either, do I?

I stared at her face once again and my heart started beating fast. Her lips were so pink and it felt like I was just noticing it for the first time.

I quickly stood up from the bed and took few steps away from her. I don’t know why I’m suddenly tempted by her beauty. I mean, she’s been living here for a while now right?

Could this be what they call love? Oh goodness! I must be completely out of my mind. How can I even fall in love with anyone when I’m a total playboy? Even if I was to fall in love, it definitely won’t be with her.

She’s so rude, arrogant, and she hates me a lot. I even agreed to keep her secret but she still blames me, I’m tired of her.

My phone rang just as I was about leaving her room and I picked the call. It was a call from Justin, my underboss and I decided to answer it before leaving Brianna’s room.

“Speak!” I said into the phone

“Boss, there’s something fishy about Jessica, your current girlfriend. Not only is her name Jessica, but we don’t know any of her relatives. Also, she just arrived from Paris about two months ago and the first thing she did was get close to you” he explained

“Forget about her name being Jessica, I gave her that name. But then, she just arrived from Paris? Where did she get the money to book such an expensive flight? And how did you know the first thing she did was get close to me?” I asked confusedly

“Two days after she arrived here, she purposely waited for you outside your company and dressed sexily but you were caught up with something and didn’t notice her. When she noticed her plan had failed, she decided to be a call girl since she knew you frequently requested their service” he explained further

“Wow! This is incredible! So you’re saying Jessica is the spy and she has been right under my nose but I didn’t know? I’ve really slacked off a lot” I scoffed

“We aren’t so sure yet, all those are just assumptions. If you can monitor her closely for the next few days, we will definitely get something” he said

“That reminds me! Donna told me something about her before leaving but I never paid attention to it. Looks like I have to pay Donna a visit” I said

“Alright boss! We will be awaiting your orders. Bye!” he said and hung up

I really can’t believe Jessica was the spy all along. Brianna also warned me about her today but I never even thought it could be something like this.

If she really turns out to be the spy, she will be sorry because I will definitely deal mercilessly with her. No one dares to fool me.

I walked out of Brianna’s room and picked up my car keys in the sitting room, Jessica was also seated there.

“How is she doing?” Jessica asked

She’s asking about Brianna if I’m right but I have no intention of answering her.

Until I find out the truth and clear my doubts about her, I will treat her indifferently and ignore her completely.


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