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💠 Chapter 21 💠

Jessica’s POV

My mission is getting delayed because of Anna’s presence in this house. Ryan already thinks I’m weak so I can’t even think of trying to put Anna in her place because she’s obviously different from Donna.

I stared at her as she swept the floor and I thought of just doing something that will make her leave the house.

I want to have Ryan wrapped around my fingers but he seems to be interested in Anna only. The only way I can get rid of her is by making her leave this house.

I tore a paper from the book I was reading and threw it on the floor where she had swept already. She stared at me with blazing eyes but still went back and swept it. I repeated it three times and she swept it but when I did it the fourth time, she ignored it and just swept the rest.

“Jessica, I will be leaving for work now. Do you want to go with me?” he asked caressing my cheeks

“No, I will just rest at home” I said staring at the paper on the floor

“Haven’t you swept this morning?” he asked Anna after seeing the paper

“I have” she answered

“Then why is a piece of paper on the floor? Haven’t I told you that I don’t like dirt?” he asked

“You don’t like dirt but your girlfriend sure does. She kept putting the paper on the floor and I’m not a slave. If you really think you don’t want to see the paper anymore, ask her to pick it” she said nonchalantly

“I’m going to deduct your pay for this month” Ryan threatened

“That’s fine by me! You can even withhold the whole salary, I don’t care” she concluded and left

“I thought you said you would take care of her” Ryan gritted his teeth

“Yes, but that was before she flipped you over. If she was able to do that to you, what will she do to me then?” I asked batting my lashes

“I’ll deal with her, take care of yourself” he K!SSed my forehead and went to the parking lot

I waited for Ryan’s car to drive out of the mansion before setting to work.

Brianna’s POV

“Take a cab by yourself, I won’t be dropping you off today” Ryan said to me after getting into his car

“If you can’t drop me off, then I will stay back at home” I said simply

“I dare you to do that. Once you skip work today, your salary for this month won’t be paid” he threatened

“I told you before, I don’t care!” I said and walked away

I closed the door behind me after going in and not quite surprisingly, Jessica was no longer in the sitting room. She must have returned to her room thinking it’s only her left in the house.

I heaved a heavy sigh and climbed up the stairs to my room but I stopped when I got to Ryan’s room. His door was opened which seemed strange because I know Ryan lock’s his door before going to work.

I moved closer and saw Jessica searching Ryan’s room frantically. What could she be looking so hard for, that she couldn’t even wait for Ryan’s return or at least inform him before leaving?

From the look of things, she doesn’t wants Ryan to know about this because she started as soon as he left. What she didn’t know is that I never went with him.

I opened the door properly and walked inside Ryan’s room.

“What could her Royal Highness be looking for in this room?” I asked in a mocking tone

She seemed startled to see me but the shock was immediately replaced by a fierce look. Why does it seem to me like this Jessica is quite different from the one that has always been with Ryan?

“And what’s your business with that? This is my boyfriend’s room so I can go into it whenever I want to and I can also do whatever I like at any time” she said

“Really? Why did you do it after your so-called boyfriend left then? You should have waited for his return or better still, inform him before leaving right? Let me guess, you are trying to steal something from him?” I asked raising my brows

“Why would I try to steal something from my boyfriend? Whatever belongs to him automatically belongs to me to” she said after a short laugh

“Really? Then why is the room so messed up? And may I ask what you’re looking for then?”

“Mind your own business! As to why the room is scattered, I just wanted to give you a little work to do” she smirked

“Awwn! You look smart but you’re actually dumb. Have you ever seen me clean your room or Ryan’s room?” I asked with a giggle

“How dare you call me dumb?” she said and slapped me hard

I raised my hand and tried slapping her back but she held my hand firmly that I felt my bones were going to break. This was the exact feeling I had few minutes ago.

It’s either this person is not Jessica or Jessica has only been pretending before Ryan.

I kicked her in the stomach and she instantly let go off my hand. I thought that was the end but she caught me off guard and kicked me from behind. I fell to the ground but she still kept kicking me until I became completely weak.

She then pulled my hair hard and made me face her while she had a mean look on her face.

“I told you to mind your business and stay away from me, don’t you get it? If I’m pretending to be nice and all that, it doesn’t mean I am okay? The next time you cross the line, I will definitely make you pay” she threatened and pushed me to the ground

“Also, if you’re thinking about saying a word to Ryan when he returns, you had better keep your mouth shut. I can lock you inside his room and frame you for going in to scatter his room but if you don’t want that, tidy up his room now” she concluded and left

I couldn’t say a word because I felt so weak. She kicked me in the stomach multiple times on the same spot and no matter how strong I am, I definitely can’t take it.

Besides, she seemed entirely different and her leg was so strong that I felt like I was being hit by three people.

Who exactly is Jessica and what is her mission in Ryan’s mansion? Most importantly, what does she want in this room?

I was still thinking about that when I suddenly felt weaker and lost consciousness.


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