December 5, 2023



💠 Chapter 20 💠

Ryan’s POV

I had just closed from work and was driving home when I almost hit a lady with my car.

“Can’t you watch where you are going, are you blind?” I screamed at her

“The traffic light shows green which means I can cross the road. You are the one at fault here, get you’re still blaming me?” she scoffed

I looked at the traffic light and saw she was right but I will never accept defeat.

“So what? Who do you think you are to talk back at me like that?” I snapped

“Who am I?” she asked with a Cöçky smile and took off her shades

My mouth was left hanging in the air as I stared at her pretty face. It was at this point that I just took a look at her body and I saw her slim beautiful legs.

Okay, I know I said Donna is very beautiful but this girl standing before me is a dazzling beauty. I don’t need anyone to tell me she’s a model because it’s written all over her face.

I gulped down nothing and slowly opened the door going out to meet her. I can’t meet this opportunity of spending a night with her.

“I’m sorry about that, it’s my mistake for not looking properly” I said softly

“Whatever!” she waved her hand and turned around to leave

“Miss” I called making her stop in her tracks

“Yes?” she answered looking back at me

“Can I know your name?” I asked politely

“My name? If you don’t know my name, them I doubt if you’re from this planet” she concluded and walked away

How dare her say that to me? If she’s a model, then I can’t get her easily unless I swallow my pride. I don’t use force on ladies else, I would kidnap her at night using my mafia identity.

I got into my car and drove home speedily. As soon as I arrived home, I picked up my laptop and searched for top twenty models in America.

Surprisingly, she was number eleven and I opened my mouth in shock. Even Donna is barely among the top twenty models.

If I can have this model in my bed, I will become well known all over the world and my fame will increase. I have to get her no matter what.

“Dinner is ready!” Brianna said plainly

“Can’t you knock before coming in?” I asked angrily

“I knocked but you never heard because you were busy thinking about how to Fůçƙ your newly found prey” she said staring at my laptop

I quickly shut the laptop and stood up to meet her at the door.

“How dare you!” I thundered holding her shoulders roughly as I pushed her against the wall

I expected her to whimper and beg me to leave her alone but instead, she flipped me over with just one of her hand and my back came crashing on the floor.

My eyes widened in shock of their own accord and I was completely thrown off balance. What the heck just happened?

She didn’t just flip the mighty Ryan Santiago over, did she? I mean, how was she able to flip a Mafia boss? I never knew she was this strong, I was just comparing her with Donna Clinton.

This girl seems to be more dangerous than she actually looks because I don’t know why a lady will be this strong except she belongs to a notorious gang, like a Mafia group or something.

“Did you just flip me over?” I asked angrily after standing up

“Yes, I just did. Don’t you dare touch me in that manner again, else you will be sorry” she threatened and left my room

Just who exactly is this girl? Jessica even looks stronger than she is but she’s always acting weak. How can a lady with a small stature have so much strength?

“What’s wrong with you?” Jessica asked me during dinner when I didn’t stop groaning in pain

“That devil flipped me over this evening. I was completely thrown off guard because I didn’t know she was this strong” I whispered to her because Anna was standing not too far from us

“Really? Are you being serious right now?” Jessica asked in surprise

“Why are you so surprised? Were you expecting me to be so strong?” I asked

“N…no, that’s not it. I mean, she’s a lady while you are a guy. I wasn’t expecting her to be able to flip you over like that” she stuttered

“I’m also surprised. I have always underestimated her but I won’t anymore. No wonder why she’s so rude, she thinks she knows some little defensive skills so she can do whatever she want” I mumbled angrily

“You should calm down okay? I will deal with her henceforth, just relax” she assured me

“Anna!” Jessica called her while I watched keenly

Brianna’s POV

I heard Ryan and Jessica mumbling some words to each other and I need no one to tell me they were talking about me.

They were whispering because they didn’t want me to hear their conversation. Jessica called me a few minutes later and I instantly knew that she wanted to show off to Ryan. Two can play this game.

“Yes?” I said obediently and walked up to them

“I want a glass of juice and I don’t want the one from the fridge, I want you to get one for me down the street” she said

“Alright. Where should I take the money to get it?” I asked

“Take money from your room or something. What are you getting paid for?” she asked rudely

“I haven’t gotten paid because I just started working so I don’t have any money on me right now” I said politely

“Alright then. Get me juice from the fridge” she said again

I shook my head and went to the fridge to get a bottle of juice. I dropped it on the table and turned around to leave but she stopped me.

“Won’t you pour it in a glass?” she asked rudely

I sighed heavily and slowly poured it into a glass after which I handed it to her. But instead of taking it from me, she purposely let the glass fall to the ground and it spilled on her body.

“How dare you?!!” she screamed and slap me

I didn’t even think twice about the pain or what is going to happen next, I gave her two resounding slaps on her right cheek and pulled her closer to myself with her dress.

“The only person I refer to as my boss in this house is Ryan Santiago and no one else. Whether you’re his girlfriend, side chick or Fůçƙ mate, I don’t give a damn.

The next time you repeat this nonsense, I will make you pay dearly. By the way, you have no right whatsoever to send me on an errand from today onwards” I concluded and pushed her to the chair roughly before walking out on them


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