December 5, 2023



💠Chapter 2💠

Ryan’s POV

I walked elegantly into my company with my hands in my pocket and my head held high. Some ladies fainted as I walked past them while some had their mouths agape with drool coming out of it.

I smiled shortly and just kept walking like nothing happened. I’ve gotten used to this about the ladies around me so it’s not surprising anymore.

I’m too hot for a CEO and mafia boss. I can’t count the number of ladies that have been heartbroken because of me but even at that, they still flock around me like flies and keep getting heartbroken.

I don’t care about that though. If they don’t do it, others will so it makes no difference to me.

Even models beg me to Fůçƙ them and I gladly do it without complaint. But the thing is, once I sleep with a lady, that’s the end. I don’t Fůçƙ one p***y twice.

It honestly doesn’t make any sense to me. Why Fůçƙ an old wife p***y when there are countless new ones you can try out?

I have a big Ďïčk so those ladies p***y end up getting wide after having S£x with me just once. Only few who were extremely tight before the S£x get to be lucky.

And one more thing, I don’t do virgins. If I have S£x with a virgin, I won’t be able to handle it. They’ll become clingy and I might just end up blowing their head off.

I got to my office and my secretary was already standing by the door ready to open up for me.

“Good morning sir” she greeted with her head facing the floor completely

She has a great body and I badly want to have a taste of it but I’m keeping strictly business relationship with my employees. It’s just that I don’t think I can hold it in anymore, I crave for her so much.

Who am I anyway? I’m Ryan Santiago and I get whatever I want with just a snap of my fingers. I can bend anyone to my will, even the law obeys me so why can’t I just do it this once?

There are other people that have a great body in my company but I’m just attracted to her alone.

She opened the door and I went in. I sat on my chair tiredly and heaved a heavy sigh. Working as a Mafia boss at night and working as a CEO during the day is really not easy.

“Lock the door” I said with my eyes closed

When I heard no movement at all, I opened my eyes and saw her staring at me in confusion. I raised my brows at her and she gulped hard before going to lock the door.

“Take off your clothes and get on the bed” I said plainly without any emotion

“I..I don’t understand sir” she stuttered

“What do you think is about to happen if I ask you to take off your clothes? Of course I want to Fůçƙ you” I said becoming annoyed

“But you said you will strictly stick to business relationship with your employees so why are you changing your mind now? Please don’t do this to me, I’m begging you” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks

Oh gosh! I hate crybabies the most but I really want to have a taste of her so I won’t throw her out first.

“If I have to repeat myself, my guards will be the one to take off your clothes and they will watch us have S£x from the beginning to the end” I said seriously while she whimpered in fear

She slowly walked to the bed and took off her clothes until she was completely neked. She then laid on the bed but didn’t stop whimpering.

“Whimpering is what I hate the most so keep quiet before I do something you’ll regret” I screamed at her and she instantly kept quiet

I took off my trousers and took off my shorts before joining her in bed.

“You’re not a virgin right?” I asked while taking my trousers off

“N…no” she stuttered

I trailed K!SSes from her face down to her Ɓụťť. Gosh! She looks so beautiful! I rubbed her ćƖĩť playfully for a few minutes and took my hands to her B@@bs.

I rubbed them gently and slowly put my tongue on the tip of her Ɲīpplë. I ran my tongue over it for sometime before bitting it a little.

She Mõ@ɲed in pleasure and a smile curved on my lips. I thought she was against this just now, but she’s Mõ@ɲing? Unbelievable!

I did that to the other Ɲīpplë and fingered her. My fingers moved in and out of her ćƖĩť slowly and it son became fast.

She cummed within few minutes and I smiled in satisfaction. I brought out a condom and wore it around my Ďïčk before penetrating into her roughly.

She didn’t stop bouncing in bed and my paces increased even more. I Ṣūçƙed her Ɲīpplës and held the other one tight as I had my first release.

I sighed satisfactorily and turned her over making her back face up. I don’t like Çűḿḿị́ṅğ just once, I should do it at least twice.

“You should know what to do already, it’s doggy” I said simply

“I….I don’t like doggy” she said while I sighed

“Are you going to listen or not?” I asked getting frustrated again

“I…..I will listen” she stuttered and got up. She knelt down and placed both hands on the bed making her Ɓụťť face me directly.

I grabbed her Ɓụťť and shoved my Ďïčk inside her at once. Her scream rented the office and for a few minutes, I was tempted to blow off her head.

I decided to keep my cool and just took out my anger out on her as I increased my pace. She kept whimpering but at a point, she started Mõ@ɲing and that sounded like music in my ears.

Within few minutes, I cummed for the second time and that was when I became really satisfied.

“We should do this more often” she said bitting her lips seductively

“You should know by now that I don’t Fůçƙ the same p***y twice. Just wear your clothes and leave” I said nonchalantly

“I…I should just wear my clothes and leave? So this means nothing to you?” she asked getting teary while I sighed tiredly

She’s not a virgin for goodness sake so why is she like this? I really hate this!

“Are you just know me? You know I only Fůçƙ without feelings attached so why are you acting like it’s new to you? I’m not going to say anything because you just satisfied me but if you dare say one more word, you’ll be sorry” I threatened

She got scared and hurriedly wore her clothes before running out of my office. Good for her!

I also wore my shorts and trouser and went to my table to begin work for the day. I hadn’t spent up to an hour when when Donna’s call came in.

Donna Clinton is one of the models I spent a night with but she got clingy later on and wanted to become my girlfriend.

I told her I don’t Fůçƙ someone twice and after much probbing from her, I agreed to date her for the public. We only have intense romance and foreplay, no S£x and she agreed to it.

“Good morning! How is my sweetheart doing?” she asked as soon as I answered the call

“I’m doing good! Hope you had a great night?” I asked still focusing my attention on the files before me

“Well, no! I missed you and I’m craving you right now. Will you please come? Please, please, please, don’t say no” she said and I can already imagine her childish face

She tends to act childish sometimes but infact, she’s a badass Ɓîtçh. I’ve never met anyone as crazy as she is and I don’t think there’s anyone who can match up to her craziness in this world.

“Fine then, I don’t have a choice anyway” I said rolling my eyes

“Just close your eyes and open them, you will see me standing before you” I smiled and ended the call

I just had a good S£x few minutes ago, not it’s time for some foreplay.


©️ Tricia

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