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💠 Chapter 19 💠

Ryan’s POV

*Next morning*

I woke up earlier than usual and took my bath hoping to leave Brianna behind and then claim she’s late when she gets to work.

I descended the stairs with a triumphant look on my face but I never expected that I would meet her already dressed and waiting for me. What the hell! How did this happen?

“Good morning sir” she greeted politely and stood up

I gulped down nothing and angrily walked out of the house while she followed behind me.

Throughout the drive, she didn’t say a word. She only looked outside the window quietly until we arrived at the company.

I hate to admit it but she’s so beautiful and different. If only she wasn’t a virgin, I would have definitely made her mine. I wonder how such a pretty lady is still untouched.

As soon as I arrived at my office, the first person I saw was Donna Clinton who sat comfortably.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her after a few minutes of silence

“I came to pay you a visit or course, am I not permitted to pay my ex boyfriend a visit?” she asked with a smug smile on her face

“You are not permitted. I don’t want to see your face ever again, is it so hard to understand?” I asked frustratedly

“You won’t be seeing my face after today because your face also disgusts me, I only came here to warn you for old times sake. Jessica or Sandra, whatever her name is! She’s a snake in the green grass sent to ruin you. I won’t say anything else apart from this but after you find out her real identity, I will be waiting to lock you for breaking up with me because of her” she concluded, picked up her bag and left

I stared at Jessica who had an indifferent look on her face. She doesn’t look like she cares about what Donna said but I can’t help but have a strange feeling around her. Looks like I will have to run a background check on her.

“Are you suspecting me because of what she said?” she asked sitting in a couch

“Of course not!” I answered with a nervous smile

“It’s written all over your face that you are doubting me, but it’s okay. You can carry out an investigation or whatever on me” she said softly

“Don’t say that Jessica, I trust you completely so I have no reason to run a check on you” I lied

“Really?” she asked searching my eyes for answers

“Yes, I mean it” I said and she nodded her head

This attitude is just making me suspicious of her more and I will do the background check right away.

I heard a knock on my door and it was pushed open after a few seconds, revealing Brianna who walked in with two cups of coffee.

“Is this the right time for my coffee to be delivered?” I asked

“You can check your time and see if it’s the right time or not” she said nonchalantly

“Why are you talking to me so disrespectfully? Do you think I won’t release that video just because you now work for me?” I threatened

“Go ahead! I dare you Ryan Santiago to release that video and see what follows next. What will people say when I tell them you forced me to sign a contract and quit my job just so you won’t leak the video?

You can destroy the evidence you have with you which is the contract, but trust me when I say I have about five more copies in it saved in different places. If you ever threaten me again, I will make sure you regret it” she concluded and left while my mouth was left hanging in the air

“Are you going to just sit back and watch that lowlife insult you anyhow? You are her boss for goodness sake!” Jessica said after she had left

“You are a lady like her so you should be the one dealing with her, I don’t raise my hand against ladies” I said and sat at my table

“You never told me I could deal with her but now that you’ve given me the permission, I will put her in her place” she said with a wink

“Are you sure you won’t be bored here? I will be busy with files throughout the day and I might not even spare you a glance” I said changing the topic

“I’m fine with that. I will just sleep and eat until you’re done. As long as I’m able to stare at your face all day, there is no problem” she said

“Alright then” I concluded and focused on my work

Donna’s POV

After carrying out series of research on Jessica, I discovered she belongs to a Mafia group and is only in Ryan’s house for a mission.

What I don’t understand is why she choose Ryan of all people. Is it because of his wealth or could it be that Ryan also belongs to a Mafia group?

How is that even possible? I’ve gone through Ryan’s company records a few times and the company is doing just well.

In my own opinion, the company is supposed to be making so much profit than what I saw but I guess the workers are slacking in their duties.

With all the wealth and fame, why will Ryan belong to a Mafia group? He doesn’t need it for anything because it’s not even something he can brag about.

Anyway, that aside. I’ve warned him about Jessica so it’s his choice whether he chooses to listen or not. It doesn’t stop the revenge plan I have for him.

I’m going to make him pay for ruining my reputation and for making me look like a fool to the world.

“Hello Mia” I said after she picked the call

“It’s been a while Donna, I saw the news” she said and I knew she was referring to the mess Ryan created

“I need your help with something” I said

“What’s that?” she asked anxiously

“If it has nothing to do with a Ďïčk, then I’m not interested” she added

“It has something to do with a Ďïčk, when will you be arriving?” I asked

“My plane should be taking off in the next one hour” she said

“Good! I will be expecting you” I said and ended the call

Mia Zachary was my close friend before she decided to leave for Paris. She’s also a model like me but she’s curvier and more beautiful than I am, just the perfect person I need for this job.

But then again, the private investigator I hired for Jessica’s case told me there is another girl living with Ryan now. When he showed me her picture, I saw she was more beautiful than Mia.

I was thinking of paying her off to do the job but I can’t trust someone I don’t know. Mia is just the perfect person for this job and I can’t wait for her return.

I will show Ryan who the boss really is, between both of us.


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