December 5, 2023



💠 Chapter 16 💠

Jessica’s POV

Fortunately for me, Ryan arrived just when Donna was about leaving the house and she had to stay back a little. She will try to tell Ryan that I searched his room so I have to come up with something real quick.

“I’m glad you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for a while now and I was just about leaving since you weren’t in” she said

“I had to quickly catch up with someone, how have you been?” he asked pulling her closer by her waist as he took his lips to her neck giving her a hickey.

What the hell is this? Am I so invisible that he didn’t even notice me? They’re even doing this before me.

Donna being the Ɓîtçh she is toom her hands to his chest and started removing the Ɓụťťons while Ryan unclipped her ьѓä through her dress. What the Fůçƙ!

Donna’s dress also had Ɓụťťons at the front so Ryan unbottoned her dress and took her B@@bs into his mouth. This is too much and if I don’t do something right now, they are really going to make out in front of me.

I coughed slightly without looking at them and groaned in pain afterwards. My face was all swollen so I knew Ryan will definitely ask what happened.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were here” Ryan apologized walking up to me and I could tell Donna was boiling with rage already

“Wait! What happened to you?” Ryan asked alarmed as soon as he saw my face

“I was waiting for you so I could tell you what exactly is going on here. Sandra…. ” Donna started to say but Ryan cut her off

“You can say whatever you want to say later, I’m talking to Jessica right now. Tell me what happened!” he raised his voice

“I…. I don’t know why she hates me so much. I was searching for your necklace in your room when she suddenly came out of nowhere and best me like this” I said weakly admist tears

“What? Did this really happen Donna? You did this to her?” Ryan asked in disbelief

“Why won’t you listen to my own side of the story?” Donna asked getting enraged

“Really? Are you trying to say she’s lying?” Ryan scoffed

“Of course she is! I’ve always suspected her ever since she came into this house and my suspicions were confirmed today. She was searching vigorously for something in your room and I don’t know what that is.

Besides that, she personally told me that her reason for being here is because she has a mission to carry out. I just wanted to put her in her place, that’s all” she concluded

“Oh really? You wanted to put her in her place so you did this cruel thing to her? Well, listen and listen good!

From today onwards, I cut all ties with you. You are longer my girlfriend and if I ever see you close to the four walls of this mansion, you will have yourself to blame” Ryan concluded and helped me to my room leaving Donna gobsmacked

Oh my goodness! So this is the end of their relationship? I can’t believe I was able to achieve this in just a little while. I’m so clever!

Now I have Ryan all to myself. I will make him trust me so I can accomplish my mission soon.

Brianna’s POV

*A week later*

The one week that Ryan Santiago gave me has finally come to an end and I have a feeling that he will be here today.

I already talked to Oscar about quitting my job and after much persuasion, he had no choice but to agree to my terms.

I even told him to forget about the salary for two reasons. One is that my life is already messed up so I don’t need money for anything right now and the second one is that I haven’t spent up to a month in his company yet.

I stared at the letter before me and my hand shook as I tried to sign the document. Coincidentally, I heard a knock at the door and I shivered in fear.

Could that be Ryan? Of course he’s the one, who else am I expecting? Who knows what he will do if he comes in and discovers I haven’t signed the document yet?

I hurriedly put down my signature where it was needed and kept the contract back into it’s file. The contract just states that I will work for him until he’s not in need of me anymore and that I will obey every one of his orders during my stay in his mansion.

I boldly stood up and walked to the door coming face to face to Ryan Santiago as soon as I opened it. I stepped aside without saying a word and closed the door after he came in.

“Have you signed th document?” he asked sitting down

“Yeah, this is it!” I said nonchalantly and gave the file to him

“You are so rude for someone whose most treasured secret is with me. I see you’ve signed the documents, that’s good! Pack your things, we’re going to my mansion now” he said and stood up

“But why so soon? Don’t I need an alone time for about two days at least?” I asked flaring up

“I already gave you one week, are you saying it’s not enough?” he asked smirking

“It’s more than enough! I will get my things now so we can leave” I said glaring at him before leaving for my room

I took all my important things including my clothes and shoes and I was done in no time.

“Can we leave now?” I asked with my luggage in my hands

“You’re acting tough, aren’t you? We will see how long you will be able to last” he said and left

I heaved a sigh of relief, locked the door and went after him to his car that was parked not to far from my house.

“Will you get in or not?” he asked

“Of course I will, but am I supposed to sit at the front with these?” I asked pointing at my luggages

“Put them in the booth, I will open it now” he rolled his eyes and got into the car

“Why is it taking so long for you to open the booth?” I asked pretending like the booth was still locked

“What?! I opened the booth already” he said confusedly

“Are you saying I don’t know how to open the booth of a car? Really? Come and open it yourself then” I said smirking

He angrily got down from the car and came to open the booth which gave way immediately.

“I thought you said the booth wasn’t opening, how come it opened as soon as I got here?” he asked glaring hard at me

“Well, I needed someone to open the booth for me and since you’re the only one around, I had no choice. Sorry” I dropped th luggages inside the booth and went to sit in the car

I’m yet to start dealing with him. By the time I’m done with him, he will regret ever meeting me.


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