December 2, 2023


๐Ÿ’  Chapter 11 ๐Ÿ’ 

Jessica’s POV

I could feel Ryan’s Lลซ$tful gaze on me as soon as my B@@bs bounced out and that gave me more confidence.

I was almost sure he won’t be able to control himself after seeing my body and I was right.

As soon as I was completely ฦ@kฤ“ษ— before him, I saw him gulp hard and the bulge in between his legs grew bigger.

Mia was the first to walk up to him but he wasn’t even looking at her, he had his eyes on me and I smirked inwardly.

It’s just a matter of time before I have him wrapped around my fingers, I might not even need to spend a long time on this mission.

We had the most wonderful threesome ever and all through, Ryan couldn’t take his eyes off me. He was mesmerized by my pretty face and sexy figure.

Mia and I wore our clothes and waited for Ryan to pay for our services but surprisingly, he only paid Mia.

“I need to ask you to stay back for a few minutes, you will leave when I’m done with you” he said referring to me

Wow! This is cool! Just the first day and I’ve gotten his attention already? Amazing!

“Sit!” he said tapping the bed

I slowly sat down and put on an innocent look so he will fall even harder.

“You’re Sandra right?” he asked while I just nodded

“Okay! I like you and I want us to be very close. I have a rule that says I can’t get intimate with a lady twice and I badly want to break it because of you but I can’t do that yet.

Let’s be very close! If possible, I want you to be my second girlfriend. The only girlfriend I have now is Donna Clinton so you should be glad you have such an opportunity. A quick info about Donna is that she can be really crazy so you should avoid crossing paths with her” he explained

“I can’t be your girlfriend if I will have to be going through so much in the hands of your other woman. I just became a call girl recently and you’re the first guy to have touched me so far.

I also don’t want to be a call girl but what can I do? I don’t have the qualifications to get employed in even a small company so this is the only thing I can do for now.

Once I gather enough money, I will open a small business and try to do other jobs too. Thanks for liking me. Can I get my pay now?” I asked in a cute innocent voice

“I… I… Okay! I will talk to Donna about you and I will train you in my company for a while before employing you. You don’t have to go back to being a call girl, I just want you to be mine” he said now caressing my body

“I will think about it, I need to leave now” I said standing up quickly

“Fine then! Let me have your contact” he said stretching my pay to me

I collected his phone and input my contact after which I turned around and left his mansion without looking back.

Thank goodness he doesn’t sleep with the same woman twice, I won’t have to use my body anymore. Although if I succeed in making him sleep with me the second time, it means I have him fully under my control.

Almost immediately I got home, Alex’s call came in and it made me wonder if he follows me around or something.

“Hello boss!” I greeted

“How was it? Did you see any sign that says you’re going to achieve something soon?” he asked calmly

“Yes boss! He’s beginning to fall for me and even told me he likes me. He already collected my contact and said he will call me later. He wants me to be his second girlfriend” I explained

“Wow! That’s a huge achievement and I’m so proud of you. I knew you could do it and that was why I sent you. Make sure you are always on guard and don’t ever forget the reason why you went there in the first place” he said

“I won’t boss, thanks for the reminder!” I answered

“Good! I’ll call you some other time” he said and ended the call

I really wish all this will end soon and then I can get mdy liberty back. If only I had listened to Mom and stayed indoors that night, this wouldn’t have happened. It’s all my fault!

Brianna’s POV

*Two weeks later*

It’s been two weeks since I started training to be a stripper in the club and the madam said I’m good to go now.

Starting from next week, I will begin to strip in the club alongside other strippers and then I will get my pay at the end of the month.

“Brianna!” Helen called closing the door behind her

“Yes?” I answered uninterested

“Guess what?” she asked excitedly

“What?” I asked nonchalantly

“I asked you to guess, not say what. You are such a fun spoiler. Your boss is here!” she announced

“My boss? Are you sure you’re normal? I told you we are not on talking terms and you’re saying he’s here? It’s a waste of time talking to you because you just want to disturb me” I said and stood up to go in

“You think I will joke with something like this? Seriously? Just pull the curtains aside and see if I’m saying the truth or not. He asked me to call you out” she said with an eyeroll

I wanted to ignore her thinking it was one of her pranks but after a deep thought, I decided to check it out. If she really pranked me, I’m going to beat her to a pulp.

I walked towards the curtain and slowly pulled it aside as my heart beat rapidly.

Wtf! He’s really here and wants to see me? But why? He has been avoiding me ever since I turned him down so what does he want now?

I grumbled lowly and dropped the book I was reading before heading to the door.

“Remember to say yes if he asks you out, you can’t miss this chance again” Helen mocked

I took off one of my flip flop and threw it at her but she ducked it and giggled triumphantly.

“Just wait until I’m done talking to him” I said and finally went outside

“Good evening sir” I greeted politely

“I told you to speak casually to me outside work” he said with a sigh

“I don’t think we’re still friends. I mean, you did a good job avoiding me so how can I speak casually to you? I was about taking a short nap before you arrived, can you be quick with whatever you have to say please?” I asked facing the other side

“I want to apologize for avoiding you. I realized I was selfish to have done that and I’m really sorry. I asked you out and it’s your choice to say yes or no, I shouldn’t have made it seem like it was a must for you to say yes” he said apologetically

“Alright! I’ve heard your apology,can I leave now?” I asked turning around to leave

“Tell me you’ve forgiven me and please, stop giving me cold shoulders” he pleaded

“Fine! I’ve forgiven you and I won’t act coldly towards you anymore! Better now?”

“Yes, thank you! We will go back to being friends but I won’t you to know I still have feelings for you and I will wait till whenever you are ready” he said

“If you love yourself and ever want to get married, then I advise you to forget about the feelings you have for me. I hate men a lot and I would never go into a relationship because it แนขลซรงฦ™s to me. Bye!” I huffed and left not listening to whatever he has to say.

“I will wait till whenever you are ready” my foot! I don’t have time for $h|ts like this. I only want to live a happy and comfortable life with my best friend, that’s all.


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