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💠 Chapter 10 💠

Jessica’s POV

The plan to make Ryan notice me at the roadside has been failing woefully during this past month. I even thought of standing before his car just so he would notice me, but Ryan is so smart and I know he will become suspicious.

I decided to work as a call girl in one of the biggest clubs around so whenever he demands a girl from there next, I will be the one to attend to him.

My mission is very simple and I hope I’m able to carry it out soon.

“Sandra” the madam in charge of recruiting prostitutes called out to me

I changed my name from Jessica to Sandra to avoid complications of any sort.

“Yes ma’am” I answered politely

“You said you wanted to serve Ryan Santiago right?” she asked eyeing me scornfully

“Yes ma” I answered anxiously

“Well, luck is on your side! Ryan just called to request for three call girls so I’m going to choose you as one of them. Get ready” she said and left

Oh my goodness! I’m one step getting closer to accomplishing my mission. I can’t wait to see Ryan up close for the first time and I also can’t wait to feel him inside me. I should get prepared!

After about an hour of bathing and having a make over, I was finally set to leave for Ryan’s mansion. I stared at myself in the mirror and I was satisfied with what I saw.

There’s no way Ryan won’t fall for this gorgeous beauty unless he’s heartless. I’m very sure he will like me at first sight because he’s a cassanova and I’ve got the curves alongside beauty.

I walked out of the room with my small bag in my hand and met the other two girls outside. They were ready but none of them was as beautiful as I am.

“Let’s go!” I said and walked away

We got into the private car that was to convey us to Ryan’s mansion and we arrived there in no time.

Wow! This mansion is heavenly! I’ve heard about it and I’ve seen pictures of it but this is my first time viewing it up close. The driver honked at the gate and soon, it was opened by the gateman after our identity was confirmed.

Okay! I said the mansion was heavenly but that’s not the perfect place to describe it. This is paradise on earth! No, I think this mansion is more beautiful than paradise itself.

People still didn’t get suspicious of Ryan’s source of income even after seeing his mansion? I don’t think billions will be enough to build this house, I think trillions was spent on it.

“Alright ladies, we are here. Once you’re done, find your way back on your own” the driver announced

Three of us got down from the car while the car drove out of the mansion. We kept staring and staring at the house until we remembered why we were here in the first place.

We quickly arranged ourselves after which we walked majestically inside the house. The house was even more beautiful than the compound and it took so much self control for us not to scream.

We were still looking around in awe when the Demi-god himself walked into the sitting room in just his towel. He obviously just finished taking a shower from the way he was wet.

He had the perfect eyes, well sculpted nose, a small mouth with very pink lips. I trailed my eyes down his body and my eyes landed on his six packs and well built body.

I trailed off to his legs and I could see a bulge there already, he’s having an erection so soon? Wow!

One of the girls that came with us couldn’t hold it in anymore so she fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

I also want to loose consciousness but I have a mission to carry out. Can I really do as Alex said? I should make him fall for me without having anything for him? Is it possible with this sexy god standing in front of me?

Ryan’s POV

As soon as I came out of the bathroom, I heard the sound of the door opening and I figured the girls were here already.

Instead of going to my room for a change, I decided to just go into the sitting room. After spending time with them, I will definitely take another bath so there’s no need to stress myself by wearing my clothes first.

When I got there, I saw them looking around in awe and I smirked proudly. I don’t know why I called them over to my mansion today instead of an hotel.

They figured I was here so they turned around but as soon as my gaze met with the third girl, I became stunned.

I’ve come across so many ladies including top models but never have I come across someone as beautiful as this angel standing before me.

She isn’t just beautiful, her curve is perfect and my mouth watered instantly. How can someone be so perfect?

We stared at each other without blinking until one of them fell unconscious. I’ve gotten used to this a lot so it’s not new to me.

“Gerald!” I called out to my personal bodyguard

“Yes boss” he said coming in with his head bowed

“Get her out of here” I said referring to the unconscious girl

“Both of you, come with me!” I said and went to the visitors room where we will be having fun with ourselves

I opened one of the rooms and got in with the remaining two girls.

They kept staring at the room looking lost in it and I had to roll my eyes this time around. What’s so special about my mansion that they’ve been staring and staring since they arrived?

“Can we get down to business please? I haven’t got all day” I said and they snapped out if their fantasies

“Sorry” one of them apologized

The girl that caught my attention didn’t say a word. Instead, she just stared at me for a few minutes before looking away.

Wow! She’s so bold! She looks different from other ladies I’ve been with so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by her indifferent attitude.

“I want to watch both of you strip before me” I said and sat on the bed with my legs crossed

Both of them stared at each other for a short while before returning their gaze back to me. They dropped their bags and took their hands to their dresses.

“What are your names?” I asked them

“I’m Ria” the first one answered
“I’m Sandra” the other girl that caught my attention said

“Alright then, you can continue” I said watching them closely

Mia tried to look sexy as she took off her clothes while Sandra on the other hand didn’t even try. She didn’t need to try because her figures were already perfect.

As soon as Sandra’s B@@bs bounced out, my whole attention was diverted from Mia and I was fully concentrated on Sandra. Wtf! How can someone’s B@@bs be so big and beautiful? I gulped hard as I waited for her to take off her clothes completely.


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