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It’s said that one has to accept whatever life throws at someone. If you happen to be born into a wealthy family, it’s not like you deserve it or you’re worth it but instead, it’s something we call fate.

If you’re born into a poor family, it doesn’t mean you were created to suffer. It’s just your fate that has been designed from the start but you can still change it depending on how you choose to live your life.

Above all, no matter what situation you find yourself in, make good use of it.

Meet Brianna Lawrence, a young girl of nineteen years who is an orphan with no relatives. She has been taking care of herself ever since her parents died and she was just fifteen then.

When her parents were alive, it made no difference though because they were extremely poor that they could barely afford three square meals daily.

Brianna was lucky enough to get a scorlarship into an average school. She was in her final year in highschool when her parents passed away.

After crying her eyes out for a few days, she picked up herself and completed her highschool which she graduated with good grades.

She was again lucky to get scorlarship into college and she had to take on part time jobs in order to feed herself and take care of petty expenses.

She finished college at the age of nineteen and got employed into a small company. She was the sales manager of the company and was well respected there.

As a result of how small the company was, the pay wasn’t really much so she decided to do something else alongside her office work.

She became a stripper that dupes men and steals their money after making them go into a deep sleep by putting a powerful substance into their drinks.

Her face is completely different whenever she’s a stripper so no one would recognize her even if they saw her. They would just consider her as a random stripper.

She’s still a virgin at the age of nineteen and is not planning to lose her virginity until she’s ready for marriage.

During the day, she’s just the sales manager of a small company, but at night, she’s something else entirely.

Ryan Santiago is among the top three wealthiest men in the whole of America. He has fleet of cars and lots of companies run by him.

Ladies flock around him like flies and he never gets tired of them. The least number of ladies that are seen around him at a time is three.

He’s a big time Casanova that ladies never get tired of. He’s got the looks and money so he gets anything he wants at just a snap of his finger.

Apart from being a rich CEO and big time flirt, he is also one of the most ruthless mafia boss in America.

He doesn’t think twice before taking a person’s life and he’s so good at what he does. During the day time, he’s the wealthy CEO loved and envied by everyone.

At night, he’s someone else entirely. A deadly mafia feared by all, both male and female, young and old.

He manages his two lives properly just like Brianna does. No one knows about him being a deadly mafia and even if they knew, there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it.

He came across Brianna when he went to a club and he instantly felt like spending a night with her.

He called out to her and together, they went to a room where they were to spend the night.

When Brianna saw him at first sight, she knew he was entirely different from the other men she has been with but there was no way she could say no since she was just considered a random stripper.

The tattoos and his big scary bodyguards said it all and she almost peed in her P@ŋts just seeing their faces.

She becomes stuck not knowing what to do. She’s not ready to lose her virginity but this man looks really dangerous.

If she gets caught while putting the substance in his drink, she knows she will be done for. In a state of dilemma, she thinks hard about how to get out of the mess she has created for herself.

Did she succeed in drugging the most feared mafia lord or did she get caught? Find out in this thrilling romance novel.


💠Chapter 1💠

Brianna’s POV

I rolled from the end of my bed to the other end before fluttering my eyes open. Is it morning already? Oh my goodness!

I have to go job hunting again as usual, I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever get a job. After struggling so hard to graduate from college, I still can’t get a job.

I heaved a sigh and got down from my bed. Wearing my flipflop, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a quick bath.

Within few minutes, I was done bathing and wearing my clothes. I picked up my CV and certificate and kept them in my handbag before leaving the house to search for a job as usual.

On the way to take a taxi, my one and only best friend, Helen Albert called.

“Hey babe!” I said happily after answering the phone call

“How are you doing girlfriend?” she asked

“I’m doing great! And you? You sound so happy, what’s the secret?” I asked curiously

“Something good happened! I finally got a job with a good pay. Although, it’s not something you would want to do but…. You are going job hunting right?” she asked

“Yes, I’m on my way to get a taxi” I sad unsurely

“Okay then! Call me when you get back home. I will tell you about the job when you return”

“Uhh! Okay. See you then!” I said and hanged up

Helen and I graduated college as best friends. She’s from an average family but she isn’t an orphan like me.

We have both been looking for a job since we graduated but we weren’t able to get one. Helen has gotten a job now, it makes me feel like I’m cursed or something.

I shook my head vigorously to get the awful thought of my mind and just focus on searching for a job.

I will be going to ML company to try my luck and see if I will get employed. Although, the company is small and was just newly built so they don’t pay much, but at least I will be able to get something.

I walked into the company and went straight to the receptionist. There were tons of people who also came for a job, it looks like America keeps getting worse everyday!

“Good day ma’am” I greeted the receptionist in my small tiny voice

“Good day! How can I help you?” she asked looking up

“I’m here for a job” I said gaining a little bit of confidence

“You will have to sit for a while, the team in charge of that will be arriving soon” she said gesturing to where others sat

I also sat there waiting patiently for the team and soon, they finally arrived. At last! I’m a bit nervous though and I guess it’s normal.

I know I’ll be given a job here. Firstly, because I have good grades and secondly, because it’s a new company.

“You can go in one after the other according to the number on your tags” a lady said to us as we were being given tags

They kept going in one after the other. Some people were employed while others were not. It went that way until it was finally my turn.

“Good day sir” I greeted nervously after closing the door behind me

“Have your seat ma’am” the interviewer said politely

“So, what’s your name and how old are you?” he asked with his pen in his hands

“I’m Brianna Lawrence and I’m twenty years old” I answered slowly

“Okay? What’s your qualification?” he asked after jotting down some things

“I’m a graduate of the University of California with a degree in business administration” I said politely

“Wow! That’s great! Please let me have a look at your details” he said

I placed my CV and others on the table while waiting patiently for him to make a decision.

“After checking your documents, I’m glad to announce to you that you’ve been employed. Come for a real interview tomorrow and then, you will resume next week” he said with a smile

“Thank you sir” I bowed in respect and left his office

This is good news! Finally, I’ve been employed! I can’t wait to share this with Helen.

I quickly took out my phone and dialed Helen’s number which she answered on the second ring.

“I finally got a job!” I screamed into the phone

Passersby stared at me weirdly but I don’t care. I’ve always been a crazy girl even though I have a small stature and tiny voice.

“You got a job? This is good news and it calls for celebration.” Helen said happily

“Tina’s Bar!” we both screamed at the same time like the crazy people we were

“Alright then! I’ll meet you there right away” I said and ended the call

I don’t think the pay will be so great but at least, I got a job and that’s what matters. I won’t have to sit at home all day like a loner.

Within few minutes, I arrived at the restaurant where I met Helen seated already.

“Girlfriend!!” I exclaimed and hugged her excitedly

“How is my baby doing?” she asked as we pulled out of the hug

“I’m doing good as you can see” I said with a wink

Ohh, did I forget to mention this? I can wink twenty times within a minute, I love it so much!

“What should we order for? Alcohol?” Helen suggested

“You know that’s my favorite” I said taking a sit

“I wonder how you manage to control yourself after taking a large amount of alcohol. Won’t you teach me how?” she asked with a pout

“I should teach you how? You know that’s not possible! I naturally have a strong resistance to alcohol so I can’t get drunk easily” I shrugged

“Whatever! Let’s drink since I know you will be here to look after me” she said and placed an order

“So tell me about your work, is the pay huge?” I asked anxiously

“Of course it is and I don’t have to work everyday. Someone introduced me to the job and the pay monthly is $10000 apart from the one you’ll get from your clients” she said and my mouth was left agape

“W….what did you say? 10 what?” I asked hoping I heard wrong

“$10000!” she said very loudly this time

“What’s the name of the company please? I’m ready to quit this job I just got and focus on that one. Do you have the Manager’s contact?” I rushed

“Just chill okay? It’s not something you can do” Helen said making me confused

“You can do it but I can’t? You know I’m stronger than you are” I said rolling my eyes

“It’s not about being strong. Okay, you’ll have to work as a stripper in a club. Can you do it?” she asked

“A….. stripper?” I stuttered

“Yes, but not just any stripper. The $10000 you get from working in the club is for your job as a stripper but you can also decide to be a high class prostitute.

What I mean is, you don’t sleep with random men. You only give your body to high class men, like CEO’s and other related people. You can go on vacations with them and at the end, you’ll get your money” she explained

“Ohh…. Forget about it, let’s just drink!” I said raising my glass of wine

We clinked glasses and soon began to drink. I can’t possibly do that kind of job because I’m still a virgin.

But she said it’s not compulsory to be a “high-class prostitute” right? This means I can work as a stripper. Strippers don’t get laid so I’ll still have my virginity intact but…..!

Brianna, think straight for once! I will only focus on the new job I got for now.

I smiled warmly at Helen and continued drinking heavily.


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