{ Fated to love }


BY; Chioma Melody.

Subtitle: Hatred love



Hani walked forward and pulled the tip of Ian’s wool cloth and she stepped back when he turned to face her.

” You should rest for the meantime, Ian. If you go back to the field, you might get hurt again. Your hand hasn’t recovered yet and I’m afraid you might get another injury. Do you want that to happen?” She asked, looking at him worriedly.

Ian sighed and walked past her, going back to the bench they were earlier sitting.

She stepped forward and sat next to him as well, placing her palm on his knuckles.

” If you need anything, Just nudge me” She said and Ian forced a smile, knowing that his mother was watching their drama.

He looked up and his smile dwindled when he saw the king official coming through the palace garden with full speed, in an aggressive way.

He stood up quickly making hani jump to her feet as well, holding his arm protectively.

” Ian!!” The official thundered the moment he got close to them.

” I was treating my bleeding arm” Ian said.

” You are treating your bleeding arm but what I’m seeing here is you’re busy hanging out with a Palace maid!!. What connection do you always have with females this days!!” He yelled.

Ian looked down and saw that hani was hugging his arm.

He quickly pulled away her little hand carefully and stepped away from her before looking at him.

” I’m sorry. It won’t happen again” He said.

” Report yourself to the king immediately!” He spat and Ian quickly looked him in the eyes.

” I already said I’m sorry, it’s won’t happen again!” He scoffed.

” Are you the one to tell me what to do and how to punish you?” He asked.

Ian gritted his lower teeth glaring at him before striding towards the royal Palace.

” Wait!!” Vivian called and the official stopped.

” What is it??. If you have important thing to say, Say it” He said with a deadpan look and Vivian swallowed, stepping back.

” Nothing. I have nothing to say” She bowed, avoiding his gaze.

He hissed and started to walk away quickly.

Hani quickly rushed to Vivian.

” What’s Ian’s offence?. Why does he have to meet the king?” She asked.

” The Knight are bound to stay away from ladies. They do not engage in s£xu@l activities or relationships under the roof of the palace.”

” But he’s just my new friend. And we didn’t even do anything” Hani said sadly.

” You should go see what the king has to say first” Vivian said and hani quickly walked to the palace.



Hani walked into the court yard and because she was short, she hid behind one of the tall chandeliers inside the palace.

Ian was standing in front of the king and she could barely hear their conversation even tho she tried so hard to eavesdrop.

The King’s hot sigh was felt around before he turned to face the innocent but fierce looking Ian.

” My daughter exposed the fact that you were liking the new maid, now my official has explained the same detail. Is that true?, Ian?” He asked.

” It’s the same question you’ve been repeatedly asking and my response is still a No. I don’t have any relationship with her” He said, the ball in his throat moving high and low intensely.

” But then you were caught hugging that little Ɓîtçh this afternoon?. Isn’t it?” Aurora joined in, smiling mischievously.

Ian slowly raised his head up and looked at her.

” I’d like to keep my private life, Private, Princess Aurora. Hugging is an expression of friendliness and comfort, and not what you’re thinking.” He scoffed.

” You’ve never hugged a female before, including me as well. Just admit you are already having a spot for her” She smirked, folding her hand on her chest.

Ian let out a shallow sigh and remained mute afterwards.

” Ian” The king called and he raised his chin to look at him. ” This is my final judgement. If You both are caught together again, then I’ll accept the fact that you are really into it and then you’ll be severely punished”

” Yes, Your higness” He bowed.

” Now, Leave!” He scowled and Ian turned around and started to leave.

The maids standing around were lost staring at him in so much admiration.

👥 Oh my days, He’s such a perfection

👥 I just love how he walks. Simplicity with style!

👥 He talks like a charming prince.

👥 If he ever smiles at me, I’d do a double funeral for my enemies

👥 His future mate would be lucky!

👥 That would be me!!

And they all laughed to their stupid rants.

Hani saw Ian move out of the palace and cos she didn’t hear the full gist clearly, she ran out to catch up with him.

” Ian!!. Ian Wait!” She screamed as she ran, letting her brown hair flow in the wind.

He halted and she met with his chest, smiling so broadly.

” I’m glad you’re fine. What did the king say?.” She asked, her eyes glittering anxiously waiting for his response.

Ian looked around and turned to stare at her.

” If you want me to be fine, Just maintain a distance so we don’t get caught moving together.” He said.

” Huh?. Why?” She blinked.

” It’s the King’s order. Infact, I’m not supposed to stand here and talk to you right now. If I get caught, I’ll be severely punished.” He said and walked past her.

Hani lips formed a cute pout as she watched his retreating back.

” B..but what about being friends?” She asked and he halted, hearing the crack in her voice.

He gulped in hardly before making an effort to respond.

” Just forget the fact that we met. But anyways, thanks for your help so far, hani” He said and continued to walk away quickly.

Hani rubbed her eyes, there was tears on them as she did it.

She didn’t understand her feelings right then, but she knew she was hurt, so deeply hurt to the bones.

She placed her uniform hat over head and walked back towards the palace soberly.



It was At a large opening at the palace with no roof but centered with candle lamps on each table.

Queen Erica was standing there at the vendor next to Vivian who was dishing out the food.

It was hani’s turn. She came forward with her tray and Vivian filled up the spoon.

” Huh!. HUH!” Queen Erica hushed her and Vivian turned to look at the Queen.

” Your highness, but she’s the youngest one among us here and there’s still enough food on ground to give out” Vivian said.

” You’ve been saving enough food for her turn, right?” Queen Erica spat.

” I..I..didn’t” Vivian stuttered, looking away slowly

“She has been sluggish with her duty lately. Give her half of the spoon” Erica spat and Vivian immediately obeyed.

She dropped a little portion for hani and hani obediently walked over to a table.

She sat and stared at her food for a while. Even tho the food was little, this place was like a paradise to her compared to her poor home.

At least, she could eat food and sleep well,but she was still worried about her dad.

A voice interrupted her thoughts.

” Hani!” Salome came along and dropped her tray on her table, sitting next to her quickly.

” Hey” Hani waved with a blunt smile.

Salome quickly leaned forward.

” I heard the rumors about you and Ian. Don’t tell me you already have a spot for that hot guy!” Salome chuckled.

” A spot?. What does that mean?” Hani asked with a quick blink.

” I mean..You are starting to like him as well right?. Do you like me?”

” Huh?.” Her eyes slowly widened again..

” Don’t behave dumb, hani. Everyone has been talking about you and Ian since noon. Tell me, what do you like about the guy?. He has a nice voice and height right?. Let’s not even talk about how handsome and creative he is. Oh my days…”

” I..I..don’t like him. I..I.. mean..I.. like him but…I don’t know what you’re talking about”

” Don’t feel awkward, hani. It alright to fall for a guy like him. It’s just that they are not meant to associate with us, the maids.” Salome smiled and looked up. ” Oh geez, the Knight are here!!” She chuckled.

Hani turned around and met the boys walking in towards a different section in the dinning space.

Ian was the last to walk into the compound and immediately he stepped in, their gaze landed on eachother slowly.

Hani quickly faced Salome, freezing her shoulders.

” You shouldn’t have let me turn my head!” She pouted.

” What?”

” He stared at me” Hani panicked and salome smiled mischievously.

” Hey Ian!! You have another crush over here!!!. Hani!!” Salome shouted and everyone around began to laugh.

Hani lip shifted up cutely as she burrowed her brows at salome.

” This embarrassment is worse than a suicide attempt, Salome. I swear, You’ll pay for this!” Hani gritted.

A Palace guard walked in and went straight to hani’s table.

” Hani, Prince Xander needs you at his court Immediately” He said and hani’s heart skipped instantly.

” Prince xander?” Salome asked with an irritating look.

” Are you sure it’s me?” Hani asked fearfully.

” Don’t ask questions and follow me out immediately!” He spat and hani quickly walked off with him.


Hani slowly pulled the door open and walked into his dim lighted room. She could see Prince xander leaning on his bed headboard, resting his head there.

” Prince xander?. Are you there?” She asked.

” Don’t be blind and move over here immediately” He spat.

She gulped in and walked forward until she was standing admist his bed. He stared at her with the side of his eyes.

” Take off your hanbok” He said and hani eyes surged open immediately.

” Why should I do that?. Do you want to go blind?” She scoffed.

” I’m not surprised you are comfortable talking to me in that tone. Perhaps, the one I did to you with the porridge was a piece of cake, huh?”

” Well, if you want me to take off my hanbok. Take off yours first” She mumbled, pulling a stubborn look.

Xander grinned and leaned away from the bed causing hani to jolt back.

” Fine. I’d do as you say. An hungry man will always listen” He smiled and slowly pulled out his inner wear.

He stood up and began to take off his robe and hani swallowed hard.

” Do you have an idea that your mother is at the door?” She said.

” My Mom?”

” Mn” She nodded and Xander walked towards the door quickly, opening it up. He looked around.

” No is here.” He said and hani immediately ran out of the room unaware.

” By the way, Thanks for helping me open the door. Afterall, Ladies first” She chuckled as she ran away playfully.

Xander looked down at his half Ɲ@kēɗ self and his fingers clutched the door, making it dig pores in the wood.

” She wants me to swallow my hunger in the most irrespective way!.” He scoffed with lines on his forehead.



Hani laid back her head on the floor as she tried hard to fall sleep. She started to move around abnormally until she saw the shadow of her dad walking in.

” Dad!” She sat up, looking at him in awe.

” Hani. What are you doing sleeping here outside in the cold?”

” Papa?. Is that really you?” She asked.

” It’s me, Hani. Shhh” He hushed and hani excitedly stood up with a bright smile.

” Where have you been?. How did you get here!” She asked.

” I’ve been with you everytime but you never noticed. I’d rather come at night so that no one will notice my presence, hani”

” Oh, Papa I’ve missed you so so much!. I’ve missed you” She smiled

” I’ve miss you more. You don’t have to be scared cos I’ll be with you in heart and soul, hani. Stay strong and remain faithful. A time will come that you’ll see changes in yourself, I hope you learn how to adapt. I love you, okay?”

” I love you too papa!” She smiled and hugged thin air, she looked up and couldn’t find him there

” Papa!!” She screamed. Tears started draining down her cheeks as her heart started racing abnormally.

” My Papa please come back!!!!” She screamed and fell on the ground.

” My world!!”


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