{ Fated to love }


BY; Chioma Melody.

Subtitle: Royal chaos



Xander was watching Ian move down the river slowly and the sight of him was causing his blood to boil like hot fire.

He turned his back and started to walk towards the palace in full speed, without looking sideways.

The passers-by at the palace stopped to stare at him and they could swear that there was big trouble.

Xander walked towards his father chamber and he immediately slammed the door open.

His dad was receiving medical treatment from his personal physician.

” Father!” He thundered while walking in and the physician jumped to her feet and stepped back away from them.

The king sat up and saw the invisible flames running out of Xander’s ears.

” What’s your headache?” The king asked calmly.

” You have a lot of explanation to do!” He said, palming the table in front of him.

” What kind of explanation?” He asked and Xander stared at him like he could Ṣūçƙ out his entire soul.

” Who’s… the…real crowned prince?!” He asked and the king raised his brows in a relaxed way.

” Why would you ask that when infact you are addressing yourself” He said.

Xander let out a long, long hot sigh. He began reasoning that instead of asking the king about Ian and how the mark came about…

” I’ll just end him, Yes, i don’t care if he’s the crown prince or how the mark came about. No one must carry the royal crowned princely hood blood except me.” He thought to himself and began to walk out of there quickly.

The king shook his head after he watched him leave.

” I don’t know if he’s running from a mental breakdown. Maybe you should check him out and see what’s wrong” The king told his physician.

” Oh No, Your highness. I’d prefer to treat you instead, Going towards Prince Xander is like walking to my death” She chuckled sarcastically.



Hani knocked on the large, tall door of Aurora’s bedroom.

” Can I come in?” She asked but received no response.

Soon, she picked up her cosmetics box and started to leave there.

The door opened and Aurora was standing by the door, looking out.

” Hey Ɓîtçh!, come in!” She scoffed.

Hani sighed as she carried the box with both hands, walking in to her room nervously.

This was her first time walking into the Aurora’s room and her heart was pounding really fast than normal.

Aurora took her seat on her bed, staring at her with envy. She could swear silently that Hani was truly pretty with good shape, it primed through her dress.

” So you’re the one to do my nails today, huh?” She asked.

” Yes, Princess” Hani bowed.

” It’s forbidden for you to reply when I talk, Just nod” She spat and hani gave a little nod.

” Nod responsibly!” She scoffed.

” I didn’t learn that in school” She pouted.

” Bring your face closer” She said and hani lowered her face. She instantly grabbed her ears and hani began wincing.

” Don’t disrespect me or you’ll cry before you leave my room”

” Okay, Ouch, Okay!” She winced.

” Don’t respond!” She spat and hani gave a big nod. She left hold of her ears and spread out her foot.

” Make it snappy” She said and hani squatted bringing out her nail cutter.

She began to do her work quickly, shaking in the process and luckily, Aurora didn’t disrupt her all through the process.

When she was done, she stood up.

” I’m done” She said, cleaning the invisible sweat on her forehead.

Aurora stood up and folded her arms on her chest.

” Hani, I know you like Ian, and you’re doing everything to get close to him. Just be fortunate enough that I do not catch you both together. And just know this, I’m gonna bully you and make you suffer till I get approval to marry Ian. Yes, It’s going to be a shame on your little_ ugly_ face” She spat, using her index finger to bodge her forehead.

Hani lowered her chin as she said this words. She tried as much as possible not to let out a single tears but they had gathered on her eye lids, waiting for her to blink.

” Anyways, You can get the Fůçƙ out” She said, taking her seat.

Hani bowed and without raising her head, she picked up her box and started to leave. Aurora suddenly set out her foot and hani staggered on it.

She fell and the cosmetics box broke under her. Aurora smiled afterwards.

” See the King for explanation” She scoffed and hani leaned on her feet, shading hot tears as she ran away.



Salome stood by the corridor and waited for Xander to finally come out and notice her.

She was wondering if he had suddenly forgotten her after the night they shared a bond.

She adjusted her hair and adjusted her dress properly before hiding her hands behind her back.

Xander stepped down the stairs and began to walk the corridor.

He passed by her like a breeze without sparing her a single glance.

” Prince Xander!” She called and he stopped, turning to face her.

” What is it?” Said his harsh voice.

She walked forward excitedly and gave a blooming smile.

” It’s me salome. The girl from the other night. You were drunk and I helped you get to your room, Remember?”

” I don’t recognise people. Even if we’re related.” He scoffed and started to move forward.

” But I want to tell you something” She said

” I don’t waste my time on garbage.” He spat and continued to walk away.

Salome gritted her teeth as her face grew red.

” It’s all hani’s fault now. If she didn’t have to come into the picture, all this wouldn’t have happened. I swear, she’ll pay for this!, for ruining my future. I know how to end her stay here, perhaps end her stay in existence” She spat and started to go towards the kitchen with evil thoughts.


<< FIELD>> 8pm

Ian started walking towards his special spot at the field. It was at the fountain side.

He was always there with his sword to practice.

He stopped when he saw hani on the bench, sobbing and wiping her cheeks sadly.

” Hani?” He called as he approached her.

Hani looked up and saw him and she immediately looked away, wiping her cheeks quickly.

” Hani” He called gently, raising her chin up and she stood up, looking up at him. ” Aren’t you supposed to be in your camp asleep?”

” I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb your privacy, I’m sorry” She said, bowing at each word.

” It’s fine. But why are you crying?. Did someone hurt you?” He asked and her lips formed a pout as she started to sob even more.

He kept his swords on the floor and pulled her closer, wrapping her body around for a hug.

” Shh. it’s okay, hani.” He said, rubbing her soft hair.

She hugged him hard and soaked his hard chest with tears.

He sat down and made her sit as well, before turning to stare at her face.

He palmed her forehead

” Please stop crying, hani. The thing is, You need to be strong if you want to survive here”

” But The princess is just being mean to me because of you. She doesn’t want me close to you anymore” She sobbed.

Ian chuckled and pulled her closer, looking at her eyes, nose and lips all at once as he spoke.

” Hey, You’re the only girl I feel comfortable and close enough with, so don’t mind whatever others say, especially the princess. Many people don’t want us together, but I think, it’s more reason I should have you by my side all the time. You are my favourite and only friend so I’m gonna secure you and protect you” He said and she looked at him.

” Really?. You will?.”

” Yea. And I’d be happy if you stop crying. The tears hurt more”

She rubbed out her tears from her cheeks and looked at him.

Ian used his thumb to clean off the rest of the contents on her cold cheeks and he stopped just to look at her round, adorable eyes.

He gave a soft smile and it caused her to smile as well. she lowered her gaze shyly.

She glanced at the sword on the floor before turning to face him.

” Hey, Can you teach me how to use a sword?” She asked.

” Sword is not that easy as you think” He said picking up his two sword from the floor and hani stood up as well.

” But you can teach me the basics right?” She asked.

” Sure, I want you to learn how to defend yourself sometimes. Being a cry baby Ṣūçƙs” He said and she giggled.

He stretched out one of the sword to her and she took it with difficulty.

” Oh geez, it’s so heavy” She mumbled.

” Is it?. Should we leave it for later?” He asked.

” No. Let’s practice together” She smiled.

Ian stopped cos he felt someone was coming close and the sensitivity of his presence was coming very fast.

” Hani. Go behind the breach.” He told her.

” Huh?. Why?” She asked

” Quick, Just Go” He whispered.

Hani quickly went behind the breach and hid there.

Prince Xander walked into the field and Ian kept his sword, giving a sigh of relief.

” Prince Xander” He bowed respectively.

” As usual, This is Your practicing spot right?” He asked.

” Yes, I do this every sunday evening” He said.

” Mind if I join you” He smiled, bringing out a sharp, chiselled sword.

Ian swallowed immediately he saw it. There was this aura he felt when the knife was brought out.

” Sure, You can join in” He said and picked up his own sword.

Hani was quietly watching them from the holes between the breaches but she was paying more attention at their physical beauty,comparing them both.

The Prince swirled his sword roughly and Ian started fighting him off with difficulty.

He was trying to be careful not to hurt the Prince but the Prince was doing the opposite.

Ian increased his pressure and the Prince started stepping back, trying to fight him off but he could see the rage in Ian’s eye.

Soon, Xander Sword fell and arrived at the spot hani was hiding.

Hani gasped, staring at the large sword with bubbled eyes.

” You’re really a talented fighter” Xander smiled.

” Thank you, Prince Xander” He bowed.

He started going towards the breaches but Ian stopped him.

” I’ll get your sword for you. Don’t bother” He said and started to walk behind the breaches.

Xander picked up Ian’s sword, unleashing his dark aura as evil filled his entire mind.

” If I don’t kill him now, this minute, then there won’t be any better day.” He said to himself desperately.

He started to walk behind Ian slowly and he immediately went close, stretching out his sword in the air.

Ian stopped behind the breaches and stared at hani.

” Remain calm here okay?” He asked and she nodded quickly.

He leaned into pick the sword and Xander stabbed him very hard.

” Ugh!!!” Ian fell on his kneels.

” Ian!” Hani screamed and held him in place quickly.

Blood was spurting out of Ian’s lip and Hani just held him still, looking at his face in shock.

” Ian??. There’s blood in your lip?”

” Ian?” She gasped and looked up to find Xander standing there with a smirk.

He stretched out the sword again and started aiming it towards her face this time.


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