December 2, 2023



💞 BUT💞



I kept breathing heavily and sweating, walking down the streets and I finally reached Andrea’s house and… Whoa!

It’s such a big and large beautiful house, is this a house or a paradise. No wonder Andrea is so rude, arrogant, proud and spoilt, I’m getting more scared.

I know Andrea is rich but I didn’t expect her to be this rich. Am I sure I’m not dead?

I don’t know how I’ll enter the mansion, I’m sweating and tired, there’s a red stain on my white shirt, I’m a nerd, poor girl and ugly, even without glass.

I have to face the embarrassment if I want to get close to Austin.

I took a deep breath as I entered the beautiful compound and headed to the beautiful entrance door of the house, took a deep breath again as I pressed the golden door bell and it rings beautifully.

“Who is it?” I heard a lady’s voice and the door was opened. It’s a brunette maid.

I smiled “Hi, I’m here for um… Miss Andrea Martinez.”

“Oh okay, come in.” She said.

I nodded as I stepped into the large beautiful luxurious living room.

“Wow.” I mouthed silently in surprise.

I’ve never seen such beauty. This is where my brothers work? Oh my God.

This place is amazing, the inside is even larger than the outside, it’s like a beautiful dream.

“Hey!” I heard Andrea’s harsh voice as she approached me.

She’s has changed her uniform already, she wore a yellow off shoulder flare dress.

She cringed “Err, you look disgusting and ugly.”

I stood up shyly “Well I…”

“Just follow me to my bedroom.” She said.

I started following her around the huge mansion, walking down the corridor, I can’t believe my eyes, this place is incredible.

We entered Andrea’s pink bedroom and Wow! It looks like royalty. No wonder she’s spoilt.

“So…” She sat on her pink large bed with luxurious four corners pink curtain canopy and pink pillows.

“Welcome to my bedroom.” She said proudly as she lie on her bed.

“Your house is amazing.” I scoffed in surprise still admiring the house.

“I know. Whatever, so let’s start the catfish.” She said.

“It’s not…!” I exclaimed “Let’s just start.”

I frowned “Where are my brothers?”

“Harvey drove my parents to work while KC is busy washing the cars downstairs.” Andrea replied.

I nodded as I wanted to sit.

“No, no, no.” Andrea stopped me “Tia! Tia!” She called.

“Yes ma’am!” The maid that I saw earlier came in.

“Get her cleaned up.” She ordered.

Tia nodded “Okay ma’am. Come on ma’am.” She said to me as I followed her to the pink luxurious closet.

I sighed as I took my iPhone 14, not knowing what to do.

I can’t stop thinking about KC, His lips are amazing.

I know he’s kinda old for me because I’m 16, he’s 22 years old but I like him.

I don’t care, age is just a number, I wish he’s my boyfriend but he’s poor.

Well, I don’t care about that either. I don’t care if he’s too old, poor or has a catfishing poor ugly nerdy sister, I like him.

“I’m back.” Sandra said as she approached me, wearing my red flare off shoulder blouse and my black long tight.

She sat beside me.

“So what did you want?” I asked.

“I want you to login to my IG account on your laptop, and my number.” she said as she took my pink laptop and started typing on it.

“How are you gonna use your phone number to text him without your sim card?” I asked.

Sandra shrugged as she brought out a sim card “Yesterday I went to the phone store and made another copy of my sim card, so I have two sim cards with the same number. One with you and one with me.” she explained as she inserted the tiny card into my laptop.

Then logged in to her account on messenger.

I hate to say but this stinky nerd is actually smart. I like that.

But I’m confused of something.

“If you can do this, why can’t you do all this $h|t at your poor house?” I asked.

“Because I don’t have any laptop, I wanna learn sweet words from you and I kinda need to take pictures from you to make Austin really think that it’s you.” She explained.

“So how did you want him to fall for you?” I asked.

“Let’s just start.” She said.

Sandra💌 Hi Austin.

Austin 💌 Hey babe, so when are we gonna go on our first date?

My eyes went wide “Uh-oh!”

“Don’t agree, just tell that my parents will get angry if I hang with him.” Andrea said.

I shrugged as I continue typing.

Sandra💌 Sorry but my parents won’t allow me to go out with anyone, except my friends.

Austin💌 But I really wanna hang out with you.

“Give me the laptop.” Andrea said as she collected the laptop from me.

Sandra💌 Look baby, I’m so sorry about that but my parents and brothers are watching me everywhere, iff they found I’m dating someone, I’m toast. By the way I really like you, you’re the sweetest. Muah 💋

Austin💌 *confused* Um… Okay, I like you too.

Sandra💌 You’re so cute and nice and smart, I’m so lucky to have a guy like you. You’re my bunny, Berry, cutie, guapo and good looking. 😊

Austin💌 Yeah, I’m lucky too.

I smiled happily “That’s a lot of romantic words, which is supposed to come from the guy.”

“Are you the one that’s supposed to be teaching or me?” Andre asked rudely.

“I’m sorry.” I pleaded.

“By the way, Austin love those chats, he’ll never leave you until he sees you.” Andrea said.

I felt bad for lying to Austin but I need a life.

I hope he loves those new chatting skills.

I like Andrea, she’s amazing and fun on social media except now.

Why is she texting like this? It’s weird to me, I don’t like it.

I love the way we text each other before but today is weird. Maybe she’s tired.

I shrugged as I logged out, close my laptop and left my bedroom.

After washing all the cars in the garage with Harvey, we sat on the bench.

“Damn! I’m tired.” Harvey groaned.

“You ain’t the only one, dude.” I added feeling exhausted.

“I wish it’s a month already so that we can receive our salaries and get out of here. They’re so many cars! Washing and driving, my hands are almost broken.” Harvey complained.

“I know, me too, but I don’t wanna quit this job.” I objected.

“Why? Because of Andrea?” Harvey scoffed.

I licked my lips, not replying, knowing it’s true. Yeah, Harvey knows about Andrea and me.

“You know, you’re are gonna be in deep trouble if he finds out that you’ve been making out with his daughter for the past few days.” Harvey said.

It’s true, Andrea and I have been smooching, especially in the car when driving from school.

We’re not dating and we have not have S£X but things have been going on between us.

I groaned loudly “Can we get back to washing the cars? This Fůçƙïṅg conversation makes me sick.”

“Whatever dude, just be careful.” Harvey advised.

“Good morning drivers!” Mr Martinez greeted.

Harvey and I quickly stood up as the old man walked in, smiling at us.

I wish I have the right to insult this weird dried grass hair short ugly man.

“Good morning Mr Malinez.” I blurted.

The man glared at me.

“I’m sorry, Martinez.” I apologized.

“Yes sir.” Harvey greeted.

“I just want you two to know that you’ve been doing a great work, making my cars spotless than your generations, and still drives us safely to our destination.” Mr Martinez said.

I gave him an inward contempt look, cars spotless than our generations? With his ugliness, he wouldn’t have had any generation. Idiot man.

Harvey and I fake smiled.

“Thank you, I know it’s not yet the end of the month but I wanna give you a very special reward.” Mr Martinez added.

We grinned happily “Really?” “What?”

“I want you two to work as a butlers tonight at our family reunion, if you do your job properly, I will give you bonus.” He said and walk away like a dog.

Harvey and I glanced at each other and rolled our eyes with a sigh.

“Mad man.” I insulted.

“He doesn’t know what reward is, giving more work.” Harvey complained.

“Useless short freak.” I insulted.

Harvey and I went back to work. I have to check on Andrea.

I was in my pink closet, checking out clothes I should wear tonight. I have to look beautiful when I meet my primas and primos (cousins (male and female))

I hope they’re rich and spoilt like me, well that’s obvious because we all come from the Martinez generation.

Should I go with the pink sequin flare off shoulder high low gown or my red strapless sequin ball gown?

I have so many choices, I don’t know what to choose.

I heard door knocks from my bedroom.

I frowned “Who is it?”

“Tia.” I heard a weird girly voice.

I know it’s not Tia but who?

I returned my dresses and left the closet to my bedroom, I opened the door and KC rushed in immediately and locked the door.

I became scared like. What’s going on?

“KC, what’s going on?” I whispered.

KC smirked at me as he smashed his sweet lips on mine giving me starts and shock.

I don’t wanna stop but I need questions, I pushed him away.

“What’s going on? Why did you panicked into my room like that?” I asked.

KC hugged my waist tightly and moved his face closer to mine “Because I’ve missed you. Good morning.” he pecked my lips.

I blushed hardly “You know we are not dating.”

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked.

I hate poor guys like him from gross background and he has an ugly lying sister and he’s working for my parents. My overprotective brothers won’t allow me to date him but why not?

“Yes.” I smiled happily.

KC smirked as we connected our lips, making out and we fell on my bed cuddling each other, still making out.

He went on top of me, held my wrists tightly and pinned them above my head, restricting me from escaping. He’s still K!SSing me.

His knees were straddling me as they bent on me, making his prick to touch my ćƖĩť, making me wet.

Should I lose my virginity now? I’m ready but not ready, there’s a difference.

“KC…” I Mõ@ɲed, trying to push him but he’s too strong.

“KC stop.” I Mõ@ɲed again, wanting to get up “KC…”

My door was banging loudly repeatedly ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’ “Andrea!!!” I heard my Bruno’s barking.

“Argh! ” I panicked in shock as KC quickly stood up and hide under my bed.

I stood up and I gulped feeling scared. I hope my brother didn’t know about me and KC.

He’s gonna kill me, then he’ll tell mom and dad and they’ll kill me too. Kill is just an expression.

“Andrea!!!” He yelled again.

“Yes Bruno?” I answered with my shakey voice, my stomach begin to grumble.

I went to the door and unlocked and open the door and saw Bruno angry face.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked.

I bent my head sadly “W… Wh…?”

“Why did you tell dad that I was the one who damaged the Porsche?” Bruno asked angrily.

I raised my head, a bit shocked “Huh?”

“You told dad that I made some scratch on his favorite car. Why didn’t you say it’s the drivers?” He said.

I smiled amusedly “Oh! My bad.” I scoffed “Because yesterday, when you took the car to hang with your fiancee to the club, the car was sparking clean, no scratch but when you came back, there’s a huge scratch so obviously it’s you, not the drivers.”

“I swear I’ll make you pay.” Bruno gritted his teeth.

He frowned at me in confusion “Why are you sweaty?”

I lay my palm on my forehead and noticed I’m actually sweaty because of the nervousness “I… I…”

“Is something going on? Because I noticed that, that everbroke driver is trying to flirt with you.” Bruno said referring to KC.

I became more nervous and scared.

I scoffed nervously “Why are you saying that? He’s my driver and my maths tutor that’s why we’re close, he’s only asking me when it’s time for the next tutor, he’s not trying to flirt with me, you just jump into stupid conclusions.” I lied.

Bruno gave me a suspicious look “You sure?”

I nodded “Yes, I’m sure so please, mind your business.” I said.

Bruno nodded “Okay, I believe you but if there’s anything going on between you and that ugly driver, I won’t spare him and I’ll make mom and dad take you to boarding school, I swear.” he said and walked away.

I became more scared but a little relief because he’s gone. I hope they didn’t find out that KC and I are dating.

I closed the door sadly and locked it, I sat on my bed, sighed. KC came out of the hiding spot and sat beside me.

He held my hand “Are you okay?”

I nodded with a smile “Yeah. I’m just nervous because we just started dating and my brothers are already suspecting us, I hope they didn’t find out.”

“Don’t worry, they won’t and what if they do? They’ll know that you are in love with me.” KC smiled.

I frowned at him “I’m not in love with you, I just like you as my boyfriend and my brothers and parents will finish me if they find out so what should I do?”

KC smirked as he moved his face closer “Let’s follow where the path takes us.” He whispered as he K!SSed my lips passionately.

I pushed him away “You have to leave before my brother sees you.”

KC nodded as stood up and climbed out of my window and jumped into the treehouse.

I sighed feeling nervous, I can’t even lose my virginity in peace. But I’m glad I’m just girlfriend.

I sat on my bed feeling worried because Austin is not texting me regularly like before.

Especially when I know some sweet words from Andrea. What’s wrong?

Austin💌 Hey babe.

Sandra💌 Hey sweetheart, I’ve missed you so so much, I’m having sleepless night because of you, I can’t stop thinking about you, you’re amazing.

Austin💌 Uhhh….

Urgh! Here she goes again, I don’t like the way she text me nowadays.

I’m even mad at her that I ignored her throughout the week.

I miss the old text messages she gives me, stupid questions and not too romantic, that’s what I love, not things like this.

Why do I feel something is up?

Harvey and I wore the white and black butler suit, with white gloves that Mr Martinez gave us, we left the room and went downstairs, heading straight to the backyard filled with fancy people.

We started attending to them, serving food and drinks, mostly wine.

Wow, the backyard is large and amazing, full of beautiful decorations like lights, fancy long table and chairs with decorated family trees with pictures and lights.

There’re a lot of pictures, it even filled the big tree.

I smiled proudly checking my beautiful self in the mirror.

I look so beautiful with mint green floral lace dress short dresses with sheer neckline, and I fixed my hair in messy bun, applied some light makeup on my face then I wore my vintage pearl diamond necklace with diamond earrings.

I wore my black flat ballerina diamond shoes, took my mint green Chanel handbag and walked out of my bedroom.

Headed downstairs and met my parents talking to my tios and tias, (uncles and aunties) the people that I’ve never met before, called my family.

Wow, I have plenty family members that I’ve never met before in my life.

I saw my Abuelo and Abuela (grandpa and grandma) sitting beside my brothers, lecturing them while having dinner.

I smiled as I hugged them “Hi Abuelo, Hi Abuela.” I greeted.

“Mija, how are you?” My Abuelo greeted.

“I’m fine.” I replied.

“You look Hermosa.” Abuela smiled.

I shrugged proudly “I know.”

“Oh, Tenemos una hermosa familia extendida.” Abuela smiled (We have a beautiful family)

I smiled as I saw KC serving drinks to people at the buffet, looking handsome as usual in his butler suit.

I smirked as I was walking towards him.

“Argh!” I screamed as I mistakenly bumped into someone.

“Hey watch where you’re going b*…” She yelled rudely but we got shocked as we saw each other.

“Ella?!” I exclaimed.

“Andrea?!” She yelled back.

“What are you doing here?!” We yelled simultaneously.

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