December 2, 2023



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I gritted my teeth angrily as stood up u stormed angrily to where that Ɓîtçh is sitting.

Ella glared at me “What did you….? Ow!” She screamed as I grabbed her stupid blonde hair violently.

“Andrea!! Let me go!! You dumb Ɓîtçh!!!” She winced as I dragged her hair out of the the cafeteria to the hallway.

I released her and she pushed me angrily “What the Fůçƙ is wrong with you?“ She yelled.

“Jerk, How dare you frame my best friend? Why would you do such a thing? Because of jealousy?” I asked angrily.

Ella smirked “I can’t be jealous of a stinky Ɓîtçh like you, in fact the only Jerk here is you and the one in prison. Thank God you didn’t go to the party or else, your so-called bestie would have frame… You should be thanking me.“ She said as she walked out on me.

What did she mean? I know I would have be among those who went to the party and arrested but… What does Ella mean by Diana would have frame me? I don’t understand.

I must find out everything but first, I must talk to KC. I must thank him for saving me.

Urrh!!! I hate that guy, he almost implicate me in front of my family, he used my priceless car to take his low life stupid sister to school and still threatened me not to retaliate.

I’m so frustrated.

I should to sneak out of the school and check on Diana.

I took my iPhone 14 and order an Uber to pick me up, I also need some distraction.

I went to my locker and took my backpack and took my pink glittered Prada backpack and headed straight to the bathroom.

I smiled as I saw Sandra.

She’s so perfect for my plan of escaping. I hope I don’t get into trouble.

“Hey, Sandy!” I called her name and she became scared immediately.

“An… Andrea… Hi, I’m so sorry for how my brother treated…” She stammered as she stepped backward.

“Shut up and listen, I want you to do something for me.” I said.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Pull the school fire alarm.” I said.

“What? I can’t pull the alarm when there’s no fire, It’s against the school rules. I can get suspended.“ Sandra complained nervously.

“I don’t care Ɓîtçh and anyway, you won’t get caught. Don’t worry.” I shrugged.


“Hey! Pull up the fire alarm or else, I will injure you and there’s nothing you can do about it, even your brother won’t even believe me.” I threatened angrily.

“I still can’t.” She said adamantly.

I scoffed. Is this Ɓîtçh not afraid of me? I’ll teach her a lesson.

She shook her head negatively “I’m sorry, I don’t wanna get into…” I grabbed her stupid hair roughly. “Ow!”

“Just do what I say or else I’ll will break your ugly K-leg.” I whispered, threatening her.

Sandra nodded immediately as she ran out of the bathroom.

“What have I done?” I whispered to myself as I gulped.

I hope KC doesn’t kill me. But wait…? He’s a poor commoner, he can’t do anything. My dad can hire some bodyguards to protect me from him.

He can’t do anything. It’s not that I’m bullying his sister.

I just want to escape from here, to know the truth about last night, to know what Ella’s saying.

I gulped nervously as I approached the fire alarm pull box.

I don’t know why Andrea wants me to do this, I hope I don’t get into trouble. I don’t wanna leave this school.

I took a deep breath and I pull the alarm. The fire alarm bell begin to ring loudly, the sprinklers begin to rain in the hallway.

I became scared as I ran in the back bathroom before I was seen by anyone.

Andrea smirked as she hugged me “Good job.”

I glared at her “I must not get suspended for making me pull the false alarm”

“Calm down, you won’t get suspended or anything. I’ll help you.” Andrea said.

I frowned in a little shock “Really?”

“Whatever Ɓîtçh.” She murmured.

A teacher ran in “Didn’t you hear the alarm? Quick!! Get out of here!!” she yelled as she ran.

I saw that everyone is running out of the school which is giving me guilty goosebumps.

If they find out it’s a false alarm caused by me, I’m dead.

I smirked feeling happy. I noticed Sandra’s shivering in fear.

I rolled my eyes with a groan “Will you stop acting guilty and let’s get out of here.” I pulled her hand and we ran out of the school and all of us stood at the school compound.

The crowd is already a distraction, my Uber arrived and I quickly entered the car and he drove off.

The Uber arrived at the police station parking lot.

I came out and went inside to look for Diana.

Urgh!!! I can’t believe I fell into the trap I set for Andrea, all because of that Ɓîtçh Ella. I hate her so much.

I bought the illegal drugs so that when Andrea arrives, I put the drugs in her bag, call the police and they’ll arrest her and her reputation will be ruined.

But it didn’t work, Ella somehow found out about the drugs and she call the cops on me. I wonder why.

I just hate that Ɓîtçh, also Andrea. I’m just pretending to be her friend so that I can gain popularity and she’s still acting like a boss.

I hate the fact that she has a super cute driver, KC. This is so frustrating.

Great, now I’m in jail for 10 years, wearing an ugly orange jumpsuit. I don’t know what to do.

I was sitting on my lower wooden uncomfortable bunk bed, thinking about it.

“Number 7546, you have a visitor.” A police woman announced.

That’s me. Who’s that undeserving Tonto visitor?

I stood up and left the prison room and followed the officer to the visiting room.

I groaned angrily as I saw Andrea sitting, waiting for me.

What did that Ɓîtçh want?

I sighed as I sat in front of her and her face lightened up.

I smiled happily as I saw Diana sat in front of me. I noticed she didn’t look happy to see me.

I took the telephone and placed it on my ear. “Hey Diana, how are you doing?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes “Why are you here?”

I frowned with a scoff “I’m just here to see you, what really happened last night?”

“Are you really that dump?” She exclaimed.

I furrowed my eyes “Huh? What…?”

“You ruined my life, because of you I’m here, where were you last night?” She asked.

I became confused “My parents stopped me, I even tried to sneak out… What are you talking about?”

“You’re supposed to be here! Not me!” She exclaimed.

“Diana, what are you talking about?” I asked again.

“I was gonna set you up and frame you for hiding some drugs then you get arrested. I don’t know what you discuss with Ella and she blew up everything! All I wanted is to be the most popular girl and the best by ruining your reputation but it didn’t work.” Diana cried.

“What?!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, I’m even the one who made Shawn dump you, 5 months ago.” She confessed.


Shawn was my boyfriend, we’ve been together for a year, because I’m too proud and arrogant, that’s what he told me so he broke up with me.

It didn’t really break my heart because I know he’s not the only rich handsome guy in the world. I didn’t want to get embarrassed so I lied to everyone that I was the one who dumped Shawn.

The only person that knows the secret is Diana but what is she talking about?

“What about Shawn?” I asked.

“I was the one who seduced him and had S£X with him on your birthday. He loved me and we started having a secret relationship behind you. He didn’t dump you because of your stupid arrogance, he dumped you because of me.” She confessed.

My heart dropped as I heard Diana admitting all her evil deeds. I’m not sad because a girl stole Shawn away me but my own best friend.

“After that I saw him Fůçƙing another Ɓîtçh, so we broke up and I became focused on taking everything from you, idiot.” She yelled.

I don’t even care about that dump stupid guy but I can’t believe Diana stabbed me behind my back.

My childhood bestie betrayed me.

“So if you excuse me, please leave after ruining my life. Get out of my sight!” She said as she stood up and left angrily.

Tears started dropping from my eyes. Had it been I went to the party, I would have been arrested instead because of my childhood only best friend. I trusted her with everything.

I stood up and walked out of the police head quarters.

I didn’t even bother to take a taxi or Uber. I walked all the way from the police station to my house.

I groaned feeling tired as Harvey and I are washing the fifth car. I’m washing the red Porsche while Harvey’s washing the blue Bugatti.

I love my job but I’m Fůçƙïṅg tired.

“Urrgghh!! Finally, I’m done!” Harvey shouted as he finished washing the last car and dropped the sponge in his bucket.

“Can you help me with the last car?” I asked.

Harvey grinned “You really wanna help me with the car?”

I nodded happily “Yeah.”

“Wash it yourself n*gga.” Harvey said as he sat on the bench “Argh! I’m so tired.” He Mõ@ɲed.

I shook my head with a frown as I continued washing the car.

“Jackass n*gga.” I murmured.

“You say?!” Harvey asked.

“Nothing!” I exclaimed.

Mrs Martinez walked in with her husband “Well done boys.” she greeted.

“Thank you ma’am.” We replied.

“So Harvey, I want you to drive me and my wife to work.” Mr Martinez said.

Harvey groaned silently feeling exhausted.

“Yes sir.” Harvey said with his high pitched voice.

“Okay, let’s go.” Mr Martinez said as they entered the blue Bugatti and Harvey drove off.

I shook my head as I carried Harvey and my cleaning bucket and wanted to go inside and freshen up.

I stopped as heard sniffs and foot steps, I turned and was shocked to see Andrea walking in tired, sad and messy.

“Oh my God!” I dropped the buckets and ran to her “Andrea! Are you okay?”

She gave me a glare and burst into tears as she hugged tightly.

“Just take me in. I don’t wanna talk about it.” She sobbed.

I nodded as I carried her in a bridal style and took her inside, straight to her bedroom.

I lay her on her bed and was about to leave but I was held by Andrea.

“Please stay for some time.” She pouted.

I shrugged “Why?”

“I just need some company, okay? I’m not in a good mood and I wanna cheer up.” She murmured.

“Really?” I sat beside her and caress her beautiful face “What’s wrong?”

She rest her head on my lap. Why do I always feel strange anytime I’m with her?

I’m not surprised she’s beautiful and cute but spoilt and arrogant.

“Last night, when you stopped me from going to the party.” Andrea said.

I nodded “Yeah?”

“My best friend, Diana tried to frame me with drugs and get me arrested but she ended up being caught and arrested.” I said bitterly.

“Oh my God. Seriously?” KC exclaimed.

“Yeah, She even told me that she was the one who stole my ex boyfriend Shawn away from me.” I admitted, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Oh, that’s not good. How are you feeling? I hope you’re not really heartbroken, are you?” KC asked.

I scoffed “I was even looking for a way to dump that jerk a very long time ago.”


“Yeah.” I nodded.

I sat up right with a smile “But I really wish I can move on with someone extremely better.” I said seductively.

I frowned feeling a confused. “Huh?”

She moved closer to my face “I like you.” she whispered.

Her lips are so pink, plumpy and beautiful, I can’t resist it.

I grabbed her hair and smashed my lips on hers, K!SSing her roughly.

I made her lie on her bed while making out with her, grabbing her waist as she hugged my neck and Mõ@ɲs while we’re K!SSing.

Her lips are so soft, sweet, wet and irresistible. She’s the best of all the girls I’ve K!SSed in my life.

Oh my God, I’ve never seen such a guy, this cute, tall and handsome and still be such an amazing K!SSer.

His pink lips are soft, sweet like strawberries and so irresistible. I like him so much.

I noticed he moved his hands from my waist, to the bottom of my skirt, his hands entered my skirt and he grabbed my ×ss tightly.

No! I can’t lose my virginity now, not to a poor but cute guy, I don’t really know him.

I pushed him away immediately, then stood up from my bed.

There was an awkward moment between us, making me feel weird.

KC rubbed his head nervously “I… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay. Just go.” I cut him off.

He nodded sadly as he stood up and left the room, leaving me confused.

I can’t believe me, one of the wealthiest daughter in Claudia, K!SSing a poor low life driver.

Oh my God! Ew but cute. I don’t know why but I’m really serious of what I said.

I like him so much.

I don’t even know what to do or how I’ll do. I’m confused. Thank God, my parents and brothers aren’t home.

I giggled, lying on my mattress, texting Austin.

Sandra✉️ I wanna ask a question.

Austin ✉️ Okay baby.

Sandra✉️ What did you see me that made you like me this much?

Austin✉️ Well, you’re beautiful, amazing, funny and actually fun to text with and less annoying than I thought.

Sandra✉️ Really?

Austin✉️ Yeah, first I thought you will be annoying with your arrogant self but you’re actually nice. Why are you acting like a pretty arrogant Ɓîtçh at school, when you’re actually good.

Me? Arrogant? Why would I be arrogant? I’m not rich or beautiful and I’m even a black so what makes him think I’m arrogant?

Sandra✉️ What are you talking about?

Austin✉️ I didn’t mean to insult you Andrea but its the truth about you.

What? Andrea? I don’t understand.

Austin thinks I’m Andrea? What? Why? I don’t…

I remember that time Austin was flirting with Andrea in the cafeteria. I was a little hurt but he’s not my boyfriend. Which he’ll never be.

I noticed Andrea gave him a piece of paper which I know contains her number. Or is it her number?

Does that mean Andrea gave Austin my number instead? So Austin thinks it’s Andrea he’s texting all this too, not me?

So he’s saying all this sweet words to Andrea, not me. I just thought he’s saying it to me.

I can’t believe that Andrea. She played me and Austin.

I’ll have to do something stupid and crazy to her. I hope it works.


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