December 2, 2023



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I entered the room and fell on the lower bed feeling exhausted from washing almost all the cars in the garage.

Harvey’s asleep already on the upper bed. Yes, it’s a bunk bed.

Time to have a peaceful sleep till the next morning.

Someone knocked the door and I groaned softly in frustration.

“What now?” I murmured as I stood up and went and open the door and I saw Mr Martinez.

I stood properly and smiled “Sir! You want us to do something?”

“Just you and follow me.” He said and I followed him to the living room and sat on the couch.

“What did you need Mr Martinez?” I asked.

“I want you to keep an eye on my daughter. I believe that we’ve spoil her too much.” He whispered.

Too much? Andrea’s spoilt more than her father’s face.

I shook my head “Don’t say that, sir…”

“Just listen to me.” He snapped and I became mum.

“Keep an eye on my daughter so that she won’t do anything drastic and can ruin our image. Make sure that happens and I’ll give you bonus. Here’s her spare room key.” He said as he gave me the key.

I scoffed “But sir, don’t you think I’m invading her privacy? Spying on her? And why did you even trust me on this?”

“Because I have a good feeling of you and I believe you’ll do your job properly and I’m not spying on her, I’m making sure my daughter’s safe.” He said “Now get to work.”

I nodded “Yes sir, I promise I won’t fail you.”

“But warning! Don’t ever ever try anything stupid with my daughter, maybe K!SS, dating, molesting and so on. Never! Or else you’ll not only be fired, you’ll regret it.”

I felt a little hurt but don’t care because she’s arrogant and spoilt.

“Yes sir.” I agreed.

“Buenas noches esclavo.” (Goodnight slave) He said as he stood up.

I glared at him as he went inside. I know what he just said.

His head like expired buns.

Few minutes later, Mr Martinez went to sleep and I decided to check on Andrea.

I stood in front of Andrea’s bedroom door and knocked twice.

No one answered. I knocked again. Same thing.

I held the door knob to open but it can’t. It’s locked.

I know it’s very bad to enter her bedroom and snoop but it’s my job.

I removed the spare key, inserted the key, unlocked the door and opened it. I went inside and saw that the pink bedroom is empty.

No one’s on the bed, I checked outside the window and saw Andrea climbing down the tree.

Wow, she’s trying to sneak out and go to party. I would allow that because I’ve been there but I have to do my job.

I climbed out of the window, held the pipes close to her room and I jumped and fell from the pipe.

I scoffed happily because I didn’t injure anywhere surprisingly.

I stood up and ran out of the mansion, into the big bush.

I secretly watched Andrea running but why is she coming closer?

I noticed there’s a Camry car behind me. It unlocked by itself and I quickly entered the backseat.

Andrea entered the driver’s seat… Wait? I thought she can’t drive.

She start the car, not knowing I’m here and she drove off.

I smirked “Wow.”


“So you can actually drive?” I said as she quickly packed the car and turned to me.

“What you doing…? How did you even get here?” I asked in shock.

Because no one knows about this car, of all people, I thought it’s even one of my brothers but KC?

“Magic!” He grinned evilly gesturing the air.

I cringed at him “Why are you even here? Don’t you have a home or something?”

KC shrugged “So? Where are you going?”

“It’s none of your business.” I said.

“It’s kind of my business, so tell me.” He said.

I scoffed feeling annoyed “Stop spying on me or I’ll get you fired, in fact I’m calling my dad right now.”

I brought out my Iphone 13 pro max, wanted to dial my dad’s number.

“Tell him and he’s gonna find out that you sneaked out of the house at midnight to go to a party.” KC smirked.

Dang it! I hate that guy so much. Why’s he…? Urgh!!! I swear I’m gonna make my dad fire him.

I gave him a death glare and returned my phone into my purse.

“What did you want?” I asked “Money?”

“No, look Chica. I’m just doing my job so please, let’s just go home and I’ll make it up to you.” He said.

I scoffed adamantly “Not way, Diana is my best friend and I need to be there for her so please. Vamos Tonto.”

“But I’m gonna get fired if you go to that party.” He said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find another good job and I’ll pay you.” I said.

“That’s it.” KC muttered as he came out of the car.

Thank God he’s gone.

I sighed as I wanted to start the car, he opened the door.

I frowned “What the…? Whoa!!”

He drew my legs and carried me out of the car and put me at the back seat, closed and locked the door.

“How dare you scoundrel?!!!” I screamed angrily. “Go away!” I yelled.

KC alighted the car and driving back to the mansion.

I felt angry and pissed off, I just hate that guy now! I hate him!!! I’ll make sure he gets fired.

I arrived at the mansion and parked the car at the hiding spot.

I came out of the car and carried Andrea in a bridal style.

“Let me go!! Argh!! I’ll scream!” She yelled as she’s struggling to let go.

“Keep screaming and everyone will know what you’re up to.” I said.

I noticed she stopped struggling and starring at me with her beautiful eyes, her plumpy wet K!SSable lips.

Gosh, why is he this cute? I lay my hands on his hot broad chest, his dark skin are smooth and amazing. His pink lips… Oh my God!

“Aren’t you just gonna K!SS me already?” KC snapped me out of my thoughts.

I really want to K!SS those sweet cute pink lips so bad.

I cringed “Ew! Gross! Blah!!” I act as if I wanna vomit.

“Don’t act as if you don’t like me. I’m Claudia top 1 cutest guy.”

I burst into laughter “You’re so funny. Payaso. Too me, you’re like the most ugliest guy I’ve ever seen in my life like…”

“Really?” He scoffed “Then why are the girls admiring me? Especially you?” He asked.

“Just take me to my room please.” I ordered, ignoring his questions.

“We’re already here.” KC said as he dropped me on my bed.

I frowned as I found ourselves in my bedroom “¿Cómo llegamos aquí tan rápido?”(How did we get here so quickly?)

“What did you say?” He said.

I frowned at him “Don’t you understand what I just said?” I said as I sat.

“I’m an American guy, not a Spanish guy.” He said.

I scoffed “I can’t believe this, how would a poor low life guy like you be in Claudia and this cu…”

That slipped out of my tongue, I hope he doesn’t realize what I’m trying to say.

“This what?” KC smirked.

“Hey!!!” I heard Diego’s voice as he stormed in angrily. “What the heck are you doing with my sister?” He yelled as he came and punched KC in the face and he fell.

“Diego stop!!!” I stood up and pushed him away angrily “What’s wrong with you?”

“Who do he think he is touching you? Aren’t you her driver?” He yelled.


“Me torcí el tobillo y me caí por las escaleras, así que me vio y me llevó a mi habitación. Solo me está ayudando.” I lied. ( I springed my ankle and fell downstairs, so he saw me and he carried me to my room. He’s just helping me.)

I lied so that I won’t get caught for sneaking out of the house for a night party. Dad will ground me for a month.

I don’t also want KC to get into any trouble because of me even though it’s his fault.

“Qué?” (What?) Diego frowned.

I nodded “Sí.” (Yes) “Así que no saques conclusiones precipitadas y deja de invadir mi privacidad.” I complained. (So don’t jump into conclusions and stop invading my privacy)

Diego nodded as he gave KC a hand and he stood up.

“Lo síento.” (I’m sorry) Diego apologized “And thanks for helping my sister. But I’m watching you.” He glared at KC.

KC didn’t even move a inch but starring emotionlessly at Diego. “Sure.” He muttered as he walked out of the room.

Diego glared at me suspiciously “Why are you dressed like that?”

I opened my mouth as I noticed I’m still in my party outfit.

I scoffed nervously “Well, I… Um…” Cat got my tongue.

“You try to sneak out to the party. Didn’t you.” Diego said.

I scoffed again “Wahhh?? I would never do such a cruel thing. Nunca!” (never)

“I’m telling dad.” He said and wanted leave but I held his hand.

“Wait! Please don’t tell dad, please. Dad’s gonna put me in boarding school.” I pleaded.

He shrugged “That’s what’s best for you.”

“Come on, you know you’re my brother and I’m your sweet sister.” I grinned sheepishly.

Diego paused for some seconds “That doesn’t change a thing and you’re not sweet. You’re spoilt.”

I released just hand and scoffed “You know what? Tell dad, he won’t even do anything.”

“I will. Good night.” He said and he left.

I gulped feeling scared of what’s going to happen but I don’t care. I hope I don’t get into trouble.

I took a deep breath as I went to lock my door. Not only with key and three pink latches. Now no one can get in.

I sat on my bed feeling bad, I took my phone and texted Diana.

✉️Sorry I couldn’t come to the party, there’s been some snafu at my house.✉️

I put my phone under my pillow and went to my pink bathroom then took a quick shower, came out and wore my pink flannel pajamas, lay on my bed and slept off.

I woke up as I stood up from my bed, did my normal morning routine and fixed my hair in neat ponytail, took my pink dior backpack.

I came out of the bedroom and headed downstairs to the dining room, met my family having their breakfast. Mac and cheese with beverages.

Diego’s smirking at me. I hope he doesn’t tell on me and I didn’t get into any trouble.

“Morning mama and papa.” I greeted.

“Mi Princesa, buenos dias, how’s your night?” Dad asked.

I nodded “Good.” I sat down on my pink seat.

“Very good mija.” Mom said.

I sat down feeling scared as Diego is smirking at me. I started eating my breakfast.

“So mom dad.” Diego said “There’s something you should know about the your daughter.”

I gave him a glare.

If he implicates me, I’ll be in deep trouble. I rather implicate myself.

“What about Andrea?” Dad asked.

“Is everything okay?” Mom asked.

He scoffed “Oh, it’s gonna be okay.”

“I sneaked out to go to the party last night.” I blurted.

“What?!” Mom and dad exclaimed.

“I tried to, but I couldn’t because KC caught me and stopped me from going to the party which even means I didn’t even go to the party. Lo síento papa, Lo siento por desobedecer tus órdenes.” I pleaded. (I’m sorry dad, I’m sorry for disobeying your orders)

Diego rolled his eyes.

“Por favor perdóname, no dejaré que eso vuelva a suceder” I pouted (please forgive me i will not let that happen again)

Dad glared at me “I told you not to go to the party mija!” Dad yelled.

“How can you just disobey your dad? Muy mal!” (Very bad) Diego said.

“Now you’re getting into a big trouble.” Bruno added.

I bent my head sadly, this is why I hate confessing my offence.

Dad smiled “Since you’ve apologize, te perdono.” (I forgive you)

“What?!!” Diego and Bruno exclaimed angrily.

I smiled “I love you papa.” I hugged him, grinning.

“I love you too mija.” Dad replied.

“Seriously? You’re not gonna punish her?” Diego asked.

“She already apologize and that’s the good thing.” Dad said.

“As long as Andrea apologize, why should we still punish her?” Mom shrugged and I smirked.

“Are you kidding me? That spoilt brat did something really bad, she sneaked out of the house against your wish and you still let her get away with it just because she said Lo síento?” Bruno complained.

“I didn’t sneak out.” I yelled.

“Shut up, you were trying to.” Diego yelled back, we started bickering.

“Enough!!!” Dad shouted and everyone became quiet.

“We’re trying to enjoy our beautiful morning breakfast and you two are causing an argument just because our daughter just did a little bad thing?” Mom scolded “It’s not even a big deal, I sneak out to go to parties behind my parents back so…”

“Whoa! Sarah. es un gran problema, nunca te escapes a las fiestas, puede tener grandes consecuencias.” Dad said (it is a big deal, don’t ever sneak out to parties, it can lead to great consequences.)

“But since she has apologize, everything is solved.” Dad said and I smiled.

“Ustedes me enferman” Diego muttered as he stood up and stormed off angrily. (You people make me sick.)

“Me too! I’m out!” Bruno said as he followed Diego.

I smirked feeling satisfied that Diego and Bruno got humiliated instead of me and I’m not I’m any trouble.

“Mom, dad. I want something that’s very beautiful.” I smiled.

“Anything for you princesa.” mom smiled back.

“What is it?” Dad asked.

“I want…” I said as I brought out my iPhone 13 pro max with pink glitter phone case “This…” I showed them a very beautiful pink Ɓụťťerfly necklace picture.

“Rose Gold Pink crystal Ɓụťťerfly pendant necklace women hip hop miami cuban link chain 12mm rapper rock iced out choker jewelry which cost just $10,000.” I shrugged.

“It is beautiful and it will look so good for you.” Mom said.

I smiled proudly “I know that’s why I want it.”

“What about the silver Ruby Rose necklace I bought for you last week? Which cost $8,000?” Dad asked.

I scoffed “That’s so last week.”

“Okay, when did you want the Ɓụťťerfly necklace.” He asked.

“Before I come back from school today.” I replied.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it for you.” Dad smiled.

I squealed happily “Thank you papa!” I hugged him.

“Mama, papa. I have to go.” I said as I stood up and K!SSed my parents heads.

“Okay honey.” mom said and I left the mansion and went to the garage.

I saw KC leaning against the G-wagon car.

Even though he’s wearing a poor raggy blue shirt and green cargo ripped shorts, using his cheap itel phone. He’s still cute, I’ve never seen such cuteness.

No wonder cheap girls love him and they’re throwing themselves on him.

I walked majestically and stood in front of him, folding my arms. Expecting him to greet me first.

He didn’t even took a glance at me. I scoffed silently and cleared my throat “Ahem!”

He saw me and smiled “Hey Gina, how was your night?”

I frowned “My name is Andrea and it was awful because of you, I would have get into a big trouble if not for you and my brother. You deserve to be punished.” I complained.

“Just get in, you’re gonna be late for school.” He said as he opened the car door.

I clenched my fist angrily as I sat inside the car backseat.

KC entered the driver seat and drove off.

There was an awkward silence while KC’s driving the car. I hate silence.

“So what does KC stands for?” I asked feeling bored.

“Khris Christopher. Why?” He replied.

I shrugged “Just asking.”

“Are old are you?” I asked.

“And you were saying that I ask too much questions?” He asked.

I rolled my eyes feeling offended.

“22 years old.” He answered.

My eyes went wide “What?”

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I thought you’re like 18-20 years old.” I scoffed, truthfully.

He chuckled “Does that means you think I’m cute?”

“Nah, I just think that you’re too skinny for your age, and you’re so ugly like an old toad. Bruto!” (gross) I insulted.

“That’s harsh. No wonder, you didn’t have a boyfriend. He must be so tired of your annoyance that he dumped you.” He said.

I scoffed “I dumped him because I’m too good for him.”

“Wow, I wonder how he celebrate.” I gave him an annoyed glare.

I smirked while driving. I hope I don’t get fired but I don’t really regret insulting her.

I saw some Triumph students walking to school which reminds me of Sandra and it gives me a great idea.

I turned the to another road to my house.

“Um KC, that’s not the way to my school.” Andrea said.

“I noticed that.” I retorted.

“Where are we good?” Andrea asked.

I didn’t reply.

“Are you kidnapping me? I’m gonna call the police!” Andrea said as she wanted to use her phone.

I groaned lightly as I parked the car in front of the apartment building.

“Why did you stop? Where are we? Why are we in this poor disgusting place. Please let’s go.” Andrea complained.

I brought out my phone and texted Sandra that I’m outside and she should come and meet me, so that I can take her to school. Since she and Andrea are going to the same school.

Thank God, I asked for permission from Mr and Mrs Martinez.

I came out of the car, ignoring Andrea’s sassy complains. “KC! I order you to enter the car and drive me to school!! I’m getting late.”

I groaned as I locked the car before she could do anything, then leaned against the car.

I blushed happily while having a text conversation with Austin. I can’t believe he likes me a lot all this while.

I’m so happy like for the first time. I once had a boyfriend, who’s not giving me any attention because I’m black and ugly then he dumped me for a popular girl.

I’m happy because Austin gives me the attention I needed even though it’s online.

My mom went to work, she’s working as delivery driver, I’ve dressed up for school, but I was sitting on my couch texting Austin.

Austin ✉️ Do you wanna know something funny?

Sandra✉️ What?

Austin✉️ You know I’m very popular and girls love me.

Sandra✉️ Yeah?

Austin✉️ I’ve date a lot of girls but I’ve never had S£X.

Sandra✉️ Stop lying.

Austin✉️ I swear on my family.

Sandra✉️ Whoa dude, calm down. It’s not upto that.

Austin✉️ Did you believe me?

Sandra✉️ Yes, I believe but can’t believe. You?

Austin✉️ Yeah, but don’t tell anyone.

Sandra✉️ But why are you telling me?

A text came in from my brother, KC.

KC✉️ I’m outside, come downstairs, I wanna take you to school.

I frowned as I checked outside the window and saw KC standing behind a black latest G-wagon.

I guess that must be his boss car. But why’s he using it? I hope he would get fired.

I sighed as I took my blue old backpack, walk out of the apartment then locked the door.

I went downstairs and left the building and met my brother.

I smiled “Hey bro.”

“Sup Sandy.” He replied as we hugged.

“KC! Open the Fůçƙïṅg door!” I yelled hitting the car door.

“KC!!” I yelled again.

I hit the door angrily “Urgh! That mad tipo enojado!” I groaned angrily (Mad guy) as I tried to open the door.

Why an I treated this way? What’s KC upto?

“Hey bro.” I heard the familiar worst voice.

My jaw dropped as I saw Sandra coming out of that old apartment building.

“What the…?” I trailed off.

“Sup Sandy.” KC replied as he hugged her.

What? Bro? They’re siblings? No! It can’t be! No! No! No! No! No!

I can’t believe this.

I pressed the Ɓụťťon that makes the window glass to slid down.

“What the Fůçƙ is going on here?” I yelled.

I disengaged and my eyes went wide as I saw my worst enemy.

“Andrea?!” I exclaimed.

“Sandra!” She retorted glaring at me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I thought since you two go to the sane school and classmates also friends, maybe I could just take you to school with my sister.” KC said, smiling.

He has no idea of what’s going on.

“Who asked you to do that?” Andrea asked.

KC scoffed “I asked your parents for permission… ”

“Did you ask me?” Andrea cut him off.

“Aren’t you two friends?” KC asked.

“No! I can never be friends with that…” Andrea trailed off as she glanced at my brother.

Why? Why did she stop?

I must not abuse Sandra in front of her brother or else he’ll hate me.

I don’t know why but I must hide the way I’m bullying his sister. If KC finds out, he’ll hate me.

I gulped still glaring at that ugly Ɓîtçh “There’s no way, you’re letting that lowlife ugly idiot, into my vehicle, so tell her to walk to school since she has legs or give her some transport cash, I’m sure my dad had given you some bonus so…”

I clenched my fist angrily as I noticed Sandra shedding tears, I glare at Andrea insulting my sister in front of me.

No one dears to let my sister cry.

Andrea sighed “In life, there are 2 type of people, gross and awesome. In this car, there’s only room for 1 type of people that’s awesome people, so just…”

“You say there’s room for gross people and awesome people, right?” I asked, cutting my off.

She nodded “Yeah, so please tell your sister to…”

KC opened the door and I frowned “What? What are you doing… Whoa!?” He dragged my legs and carried me on his shoulder.

“Let me go!!! KC!! Drop me!!!” I screamed.

“Okay.” He dropped me, held Sandra’s hand and she entered my car.

My jaw dropped feeling shocked off what KC’s doing.

Letting that ugly cheap nerdy crap to enter my own priceless latest G-wagon car.

He entered the driver seat and alighted the car.

“KC!! How dare you?!! I swear…!!” I yelled.

“You said that in this car, there’s room for only one person, that awesome person not gross people, right? And my sister is awesome but you’re gross.” KC said with a smirk.

Sandra pleaded to her brother “KC please, it’s her car and there’s no need for all this, let her in, I’ll walk…”

“Quiet Sandra.” KC cut her off.

I swear I won’t spare Sandra.

I glared at KC “KC… Argh!”

He drove off, leaving me behind.

“Argh!!!” I cried loudly attracting people’s attention.

I’ve never been humiliated like this before, all because of KC and Sandra. Especially Sandra, I swear I won’t spare her.

Oh no! What has KC done? Andrea’s gonna kill me when we get to school.

“KC, please stop the car and take Andrea along.” I begged.

“Why? She’s been mean to you and I can’t tolerate that.” He replied.

“I understand that but it’s her car, your job to drive her to school, you’re gonna be fired when her parents finds out, so please… I’m fine walking to school.“ I said feeling scared.

“But still…”

“It’s okay, just go back and let her in.” I said.

KC groaned “Ohhh, fine.” He turned the car around and went back.

I dialled my parents number, so that they should find me and take me to school but there’s no signal here. Stupid area!

Why is KC doing this to me? Of all people him. Great, I’m late for school.

I noticed the car came back in front of me.

“Get in.” KC said.

I clenched my fist and glared at the both of them.

I entered the car and sat beside that disguising Sandra. KC drove off.

I folded my arms and glared at the ugly Ɓîtçh.

“Just stay away from me and don’t talk to me and I swear…” I trailed off and mind the road.

Great, I’m in deep deep trouble. I have to avoid Andrea till I change school.

I have to do something to avoid being bullied by Andrea.

Oh God! I’m finished. I’m so finished. Why KC, why ?!

We finally arrived at the school parking lot, Sandra and I came out immediately. The school surrounding is totally empty. Everyone is in their classes.

She ran in, I wanted to follow her in the deal with her but my arm was pulled by KC, he pulled me to a very private area.

He pinned me on the wall, grabbed my shoulder and glared deeply at me.

I gritted my teeth “What did you want? This is all your fault. Because of you, I’m late for school and you even allowed your stupid sister to…”

“Call my sister stupid again and I’ll forget you’re a girl.” He threatened me “ How would you feel if someone calls you a cheap lowlife ugly nerd?”

I scoffed “I can’t because I’m a rich priceless beautiful girl.” I smiled.

“You may be rich in money but… Don’t make me say hurtful words to you or else you’ll hate yourself.” KC said looking more serious.

“I know heartless people like you, if anything happens to my sister or I noticed she’s sad as usual because of you. I swear you’re gonna cry and I don’t care if I’m working for your family.” He said and he released me and walk away.

I felt scared as I took a deep breath, how dare he threaten me?

I don’t know but I’m scared of him so I have to leave that idiot alone for sometimes.

I went inside the empty school hallway and went straight to my Maths class.

Everyone’s starring at me because I’m late but I didn’t care, I sat down and listen to what the teacher’s saying.

I didn’t bother to go to the principal’s office because I know I’ll only get a warning and there’s nothing the teachers can do.

I wonder why Diana’s not here, we always seat beside each other.

I shrugged it off.

Because I’m late, I’m gonna be in detention after school for 2 days.

I was sitting and eating alone as usual, I noticed Andrea’s glaring at me, sitting alone top.

I wonder why she didn’t bully or prank me by now. I’m supposed to be covered in yogurt or soda or ketchup and so on.

I wonder what KC said to her.

“Hey Ɓîtçh!” Ella and her friends stood in front of me.


“Can we sit with you?” She asked.

I scoffed in disbelief “Huh?”

“Come on girl, let sit with you. We wanna be your friend.” Sharon said.

“What?!” I exclaimed.

“I think she said Yes.” Bella said.

“No, I didn’t.” I protested.

“Come on girls.” Ella said as they sat beside me.

“What’s going on?” I asked feeling confused.

Is there a prank coming? I need to prevent myself.

“I bought this for you Chica.” Ella said as she gave me a pink box of rainbow chocolate chip cookies. So delicious.

“Also we payed the principal to free you from detention.” Bella said.

“And I brought you your favourite milkshake.” Sharon gave me a Starbucks plastic cup of strawberry chocolate milkshake, my favourite.

“What are you girls up to?” I asked suspiciously.

Urgh! This Ɓîtçh likes too much questions.

While going to school, I wanted to pass through the shortcut by going to that old disgusting area then I saw KC, Sandra Soda and Andrea bickering. That’s when I found out Sandra is that guapo sister.

So I want Sandra to like me so that I can win KC’s heart and he’ll be mine.

I took a deep breath “Look, I really feel bad with the way I treated you before so I wanna make it up to you. I’m sorry.”

Sandra sighed as she collected the cookie box and milkshake with a smile.

I think she believes all what I said. KC baby, here I come.

“Thanks for all this and I really appreciate it. But I’m not falling for that. Sorry.” She said as she stood up and walk away with everything we gave her.

I hate that nerd, I feel like bullying her but I won’t. I have to try harder to make Sandra like me.

I glared suspiciously at Ella, why are they being nice to Sandra?

Something’s up, I feel like it involves KC. I know she likes KC and I’m angry with her.

I still wonder why I can’t see Diana since morning. She’s not in school and I’ve been texting her since morning but she didn’t reply. I even called her but her phone is switched off.

Is she mad at me because I missed her party, or something is not right at all.

“Hey Andrea.” Tamara, one of my cheerleader sat beside me with her tablet.

Yes, I’m the captain of my cheer leading team. Eagles.

“What’s up?” I said.

“There’s been a huge problem during Diana’s party last night.” She said.

I shrugged “What?”

She played the video on her tablet 🎥New Reporter 🎙Last night, this particular student (Diana) threw a very big and expensive party at her house when her parents were out of town.🎙

“What?!” I exclaimed as Diana and some people that attend the party were handcuffed by the police.

🎙While partying, this girl, Ella Adora reported to the police that she found cocaine and marijuana drugs in Diana’s bedroom and it’s true. These are the evidence.🎙

They showed us the drugs, Diana was hiding.

🎙And we found out that she’s even sharing it with some of the guest. Thankfully, the police came in time to stop her and now she’s taken to jail. 🎙

I scoffed in shock “I can’t believe this. Ella!”


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