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Harvey and I were in the very large amazing living room, sitting awkwardly on the cozy couch, in front of Mexican bearded man with big pimples and red spots with a very bad haircut, wearing a black suit as if he’s going to a funeral.

I decided not to talk because he’s the boss and I’ll insult him with my dark humour problem.

“So, ustedes dos tienen licencia de conducir?” (Do you two have a driver’s license?) He asked.

Harvey cringed “Huh?”

“He said do we have driver’s license?” I whispered to him.

“Yes, two valid driver’s license.” Harvey laughed her nervously.

Mr Martinez nodded “Okay, how long have you two been conduciendo?”

Harvey frowned “Conduciendo?”

“Driving.” I corrected.

I learnt Spanish language when I was in high school and it’s beneficial. But my brother didn’t.

“Oh! I started driving when I was 16 years old and…” Harvey trailed off.

“I started when I was 18 years old.” I said.

“Okay, does that mean you are very good in driving that nothing will happen to our cars?” Mr Martinez asked.

Harvey and I nodded “Yeah” “Of course not. Nothing will happen.”

“In fact, we’re great mechanics.” I blurted.

Harvey frowned at me “Dude, what are you…?”

“Shut up.” I muttered.

Mr Martinez sighed “Alright, Muy bueno (very good) You two are hired.”

I laughed happily “Really?”

“You serious?” Harvey asked.

Mr Martinez nodded “Yes, so here’s the thing you should do. Every morning, before 6:00, you should wash the red Sienna, blue Toyota Corolla, white Range Rover and the black G-wagon, make sure they’re spotless. Then when my daughter’s ready for school, I want one of you to drive her safely and she must be there before 8:00. Understand?”

“Yes sir.” We answered simultaneously.

“And the other one should should drive me, my wife and sons to work before 9:00, got it?” Mr Martinez instructed.

We nodded “Yes sir.”

“Muy bueno, (very good) Now, you can start your work tomorrow and No te equivoques o estás despedido ”(Don’t mess up or you’re fired)

“Sir?” We said, simultaneously.

“Don’t mess up or you’re fired!!” Mr Martinez exclaimed and we yelped.

“Sorry sir.”

“¡¡Excelente!! Sarah me hizo contratar a dos idiotas para que fueran mis conductores, ¡ni siquiera hablan español!” Mr Martinez muttered. (Great!! Sarah made me hire two idiots to be my drivers, they don’t even speak Spanish!)

I have no idea of what he just said but I know he said something bad about us. Useless man, his beards like dried forest, his height like a tall dwarf.

I’m sure his daughter is ugly like him.

“You two should start with the washing of some of my cars and make sure they’re spotless, you’ll be living in the servants bedroom at the boys quarters close to the gate man’s house” Mr Martinez said and we nodded.

“Ok sir.”

“Yes sir.”

“How much is our salary?” I asked.

“Dude!” Harvey nudged my arm.

“It depends on how you do your job. If you wash the cars perfectly and you two are very punctual and hardworking, then consider it US$80,000 per mouth.” Mr Martinez explained.

Our eyes got widened in shock. I can’t believe this.

“80,000 bucks?”

“That’s awesome! Thank you sir.”

“You’re welcome, now get to work!” Mr Martinez ordered and the both of us ran out of the living room to the garage.

Diana and I were sitting together at the outdoor cafeteria, eating, laughing together, making fun of nerds.

“See that Ɓîtçh with long nose?” Diana asked .

I nodded and laughed “Yeah, She’s so ugly like a penguin.”

Diana laughed “Yeah, I heard that her parents works as a maid and they borrowed her school fees money from their boss.”

I gasped “Ew! She’s so embarrassing. People like her don’t belong here.”

“I know. So annoying.” Diana added.

“Oh look at Ashley.” I pointed at a brunette proud girl sitting with her boyfriend.

“They say she has a sugar daddy who sponsors her education and that guy she’s with…” I trailed off “That’s his son, they’re secretly dating behind the sugar daddy’s back.”

“Oh shut up.” Diana gasped.

“Exactly.” I scoffed.

“Hey girl.” Austin smirked as he sat in front of me.

I glared at him feeling uncomfortable.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing, I just like you so much, you’re beautiful and I really wanna go out with you. What did you think? Mi Sexy? (My sexy) You, the popular girl hanging with the popular guy.” Austin flirted.

I cringed inwardly. Ew! I don’t like that Austin.

Everyone think he’s the cutest. He’s cute but not my type at all. He’s sometimes gross and he has hairy legs and chest. Ew! I don’t like him at all.

Diana scoffed “No can do Aus… Ow!” she winced as I stepped on her feet.

I fake smiled “That’s cool but my parents won’t allow me to date anyone.”

Austin’s smile fade away “Oh, well. Can I at least get your number?”

I wanted to say ‘No’, I sighted Sandra Soda walking into the cafeteria. I have a pranking idea.

I smirked evilly, as I secretly brought out my phone under the table, and went to my phone history and searched Sandra’s number.

I stole her phone number while pranking her one time.

I clicked on it and smirked “Alright, let me tell you.”

“Wait, I thought you don’t like… Ouch!” Diana cried as I kicked her leg.

Austin looks happy as he brought out his phone “Okay, tell me.”

“1101-3455-3445.” I mentioned and he saved my number (Sandra’s number) on his phone.

“Wait, that’s not your… Argh!” Diana winced as I punched her lap.

Diana whispered “What’s wrong with you And…?”

“Shut up Diana.” I whispered to her.

Sandra is about have an ugly boyfriend and be embarrassed if Austin finds out. He’s going to humiliate her that she won’t come to this school again.

“Got it babe. When should I call you?” He asked.

I giggled softly “Call me around 10:00 at night, will you?”

“I promise. Thanks.” He said and walk away.

My smile turned into cringe and I rolled my eyes “Ew! He’s so gross.”

Diana frowned looking confused “Then why did you give him your number?”

“That’s not really my number.” I smirked at Sandra sitting alone “I just give Sandra a new boyfriend.”


“I gave Austin, Sandra’s number.” I whispered.

Sandra gasped “That’s insane! You’re a bad girl but why can’t you choose an uglier guy, not Austin?”

“Because since Austin is the most popular guy and Sandra is an uncommon nerd. If Austin finds out it’s Sandra who has been texting him then he’ll thinks that Sandra’s catfishing and using him and he’s going to embarrass her in front of the whole school.” I explained.

“So are you gonna be there at my party tonight?” Diana asked.

“I will for sure. It’s gonna be lit.” I said.

Diana and I smirked evilly. This should be fun.

🚺 OMG, Ella Adora is so hot.

🚹 But not as hot as Andrea.

🚺 Ella Adora is the second most beautiful girl in Triumph.

🚹 I love her, she’s so beautiful.

I glared and clenched my fists as Blondie Ella walked in with her two backup minions, Sharon and Bella, acting like the queen but I am.

She’s my enemy, she’s beautiful and my rival. I’m better than her and I will always be.

I smirked as we sat perfectly at my seat, smirking at everyone’s who’s admiring me.

“You’re so beautiful Ellie.” Sharon complimented.

I shrugged proudly “I know.”

“Everyone’s admiring the queen instead of that stupid Andrea.” Bella said.

“Andrea’s cute though.” Sharon said.

I glared at Bella.

“Shut up Bella, say something sensitive.” Sharon said.

“I hate that Ɓîtçh, always stealing people’s attention from me.” I muttered angrily.

Hi, I’m Ella Adora, I’m 17 years old. My parents own a very successful company which means I come from a very wealthy family. I’m the only child that’s why I’m spoilt.

“Should we do something?” Bella asked.

“Not really.” I pouted “If we do anything her ugly dad who has power over the principal will kill me, so let’s just hope she stays out of my way.” I said as we started eating our fancy food. Steak and fries.

“Hi.” A stupid black hair ponytail girl with glasses said nervously as she standing in front of us.

“What did you want?” Bella asked rudely.

She’s holding her tray nervously “I’m new here, so I just want to sit with…”

“Wait.” Sharon scoffed “You wanna sit with us?”

She became scared.

“No way frog. You can’t sit with us. Don’t even think about it.” Bella said.

“Go away, you disgust us and don’t think about sitting with Ella Adora.” Sharon said.

I laughed “Come on girls, don’t be rude to our newbie.” I said as I stood up and approached the new girl.

I touched her curly hair “What’s your name, Chica?” (girl)

“Erin.” She said.

Erin is the ugliest name I’ve ever had.

I smiled “Wow Ay dios mío, that name is Hermosa, beautiful.”

The nerd smiled “Thanks.”

“Yeah.” I said, I noticed she’s holding a piece of paper.

“What’s that?” I asked as I snatched the paper from her.

“That’s my admission letter, I need to give the principal.” She said.

Wow, good ticket to throw this Ɓîtçh out of the school. She clearly doesn’t belong to Triumph Academy.

I opened the letter and wanted to read it.

“You’re not supposed… ”

“Shush Chica, calm down.” I said and wanted to read and tear the paper in pieces so that she won’t get into this school.

“When you’re done reading the letter, arrange it into the envelope and give her back.” Andrea ordered, standing in front of me like a model.

I scoffed “Will you just go away? you’re distracting me.”

“Give her the paper or I’ll tear you like a piece of paper and there’s nothing you can do about it?” Andrea threatened.

I scoffed “Who are you bothering me, Ɓîtçh?”

“I know that you’re trying to rip the paper and I won’t let you do that.” She said as she snatched the paper from me and gave Erin.

“Why are you even helping her? I thought you hate nerds. You also love bullying them.” I said angrily.

“Exactly. No one bullies the nerds except me so stay away Ɓîtçh!” She pushed me and walk away from me.

Urrrhhh!!!! I hate that Ɓîtçh! Once I get hold of her, I’ll ruin her. I swear.

The idiot nerd held my hand “Thanks for helping me but why?”

I yank my hand away “Don’t touch me Tonto (Stupid)”

“But I thought…”

“Look Ɓîtçh, just because I stood up for you doesn’t mean you should talk to me or even touch me. So stay away from me you stupid nerd or else.” I warned. “estúpido.” I muttered. (Idiot)

I walk away from her angrily and went back to my seat with Diana.

I laughed happily as I was driving the white Range Rover. Harvey Oswald busy with the rest of the family.

This is the first time driving such a big car and I can’t believe I’m good at it.

I also can’t believe the daughter is attending the same school with my sister.

Sandra’s gonna have a new friend I think.

I arrived at the school parking lot, came out of the car and leaned against the care waiting for the girl.

“KC?” I heard Sandra’s voice and I smiled as she approached me.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“Oh I’m just waiting for my boss daughter so that I can drive her home.” I explained.

“Oh well, good luck with your new job. Bye.” She said.

“But I can give you a ride home.” I suggested.

“Nah it’s your first day, I can’t let the boss to complain that you’re giving your sister a ride with their car. Good luck.” She said as she walk away.

I feel bad for her, walking to school and home. The school is very far from home. No money for transport.

I groaned loudly “Where’s this girl?”

I wonder how the girl will look like since her father looks like a monkey. I’m thinking maybe be she’ll look like chimpanzee starving for 5 months. Don’t tell Mr Martinez that I said that.

I noticed the school girls were staring seductively at me.

🚺 Oh My Gosh, who’s that guy?

🚺 He’s so cute, I love him.

🚺 Muy sexy.

🚹 What’s he doing here?

🚺 I wish he’s my boyfriend.

“Hi.” A blonde girl approached me with a smirk with her friends.


“I’m Ella Adora. What’s your name?” She asked.

“KC, who are you? Are you the girl I wanna pick up?” I asked.

“Yes. I’m the girl, take me to Queen’s Restaurant. So expensive but don’t worry I’ll pay, let’s get to know each other.” Ella said with a smile.

I scoffed “ Dios mío! (My gosh) you’re so funny. Your name is Ella, right?”

She nodded “Yeah? So?”

“That’s funny because the person I’m waiting for is Andrea Martinez.” I said.

Ella groaned angrily “Urh! That bloody Ɓîtçh, it’s always her.” she muttered.

“So, Vamos.” I said softly.

Ella groaned louder “Gosh I hate that ugly Ɓîtçh!” She said as she and her friends walk away.

“Sorry Chica? You’ll soon have a boyfriend, don’t lose hope, just pray that he doesn’t use you for cheap S£X!” I yelled playfully.

I checked my small itel phone for time and groaned “Where is she?”

“Hey!!” I heard another girl’s voice. Why is girls always throwing themselves at me? Aren’t they scared of the consequences?

“What now…?” I trailed off as I saw an extremely beautiful baby face girl frowning angrily and standing in front of me.

I’ve never seen such Hermosa! Her round dark eyes are magnífico (magnificent), her pointed nose, her round plumpy lips are perfecto.

I never knew I would ever see such beautiful girl than other Ɓîtçhes.

“Why are you talking to that girl?” She asked.

“I’m sorry, do I know you? Because you’re talking like my girlfriend.” I said playfully.

She scoffed “I rather die than to be dating someone poor and gross like you.”

I raised my eyebrows feeling surprised. The first girl that ever insult me like that. Wow. I like her already.

I hate to admit but he’s so so cute and handsome and tall. Well I’m short and I love my height like that.

But I think he’s my new driver. He’s so… Oh my Gosh! Guapo (handsome). I’m so happy such a cute guy is my driver that I felt annoyed he’s talking to that Ɓîtçh Ella.

That’s why I’m angry.

He’s so hot but since he’s my worker, I consider him as poor, weird and angry. I don’t like him.

He stepped closer to me and my heart beats faster as I gulped.

“Really? Then choose one. Die or… ” He smirked.

Gosh he’s so cute, his pink lips, cute eyes, smooth skin. This is the cutest guy I’ve ever seen. Even more than Austin.

I pushed him away “Just stay away from me and get back to work. Don’t even talk to me.” I said as I wanted to enter the car.

“You must be Andrea Martinez? I’m KC, nice to meet you.” He said as he brought his hand for hand shake.

“I don’t shake commoners dirty hands.” I said as I stood in front of the car.

I waited for him to open the door for me but he’s just checking me out making me uncomfortable.


“What?” He asked.

“Open the door for me to going. That’s a respectful duty of a driver.” I said.

He laughed “Wow Payaso, (Clown) you’re so funny.” He said as he wanted to open the driver seat.

“Did you just call me a Clown?” I asked but he ignored me “You know I can fire you easily.” I threatened.

He groaned angrily as he opened the back seat “Get in.”

I smiled as I entered and sat in the backseat. He sat the driver seat and he drove off.

While driving, I still can’t stop admiring the guy.

I still can’t believe there’s a poor cute guy in this world. His lips are like red gelatina, his eyes are amazing, his veins exposing dangerously in his hands are killing.

I spotted the front mirror and noticed his starring at me through the mirror and winked.

I rolled my eyes and glanced at a random thing.

That lowlife guapo must not notice I’m also checking him out.

“Aren’t you gonna admit I’m cuter than your boyfriend?” He said with his deep soft voice.

I rolled my eyes “Not even close, my boyfriend is super cute, one thousand times better than you so…” I trailed off.

“I never knew a hot girl would have a boyfriend but I’m not surprised. Are you even a virgin?” He asked making more uncomfortable.

“Will shut up and continue with the driving?” I snapped angrily.

“So you’re a virgin?” He asked “I can’t believe a Bonita like you have never been touched by a guy.”

“I’m not a virgin okay?” I exclaimed.

“Really?” He asked “How many guys have climbed you?”

I sighed “Alright let’s count them, shall we? Greg, Trent, Marc, Antonio, Jason, Rex, Paul, vector, Quin.” I kept mentioning people that didn’t exist.

Honestly, I’m a virgin but I don’t want that poor hot guy to notice. I don’t trust him, he can take advantage of me.

I continued “Walker, Xander, union…”

“Wait you’ve f*cked all this guy are you’re not even ashamed of yourself?” He asked angrily.

“Says the new driver that can’t stop minding other people’s business and focus on his work. Don’t get us involved in any car accident, please. This car worth more than a million dollars.” I said.

“You actually f*cked all those guys? How wide is your hole?” He asked.

“Will just shut up?!” I exclaimed. We didn’t say anything for the rest of the car trip.

Gosh, this guy is dangerously cute and annoying.

We finally arrived at my mansion, he parked in the garage.

KC came out of the car and went away. I frowned.

He’s supposed to open the door for me. I groaned angrily as I opened the door myself and the car sounded as it locks.

Stupid guy. Tonto!

I went inside the house and headed straight to my bedroom.

I took off my uniform and went to the bathroom, took a 10 minutes hot shower, after that I wore my white robe, came out of the bathroom.

I went to my dressing closet and wore my pink flare one-shoulder blouse, my black adidas joggers and black puffy slippers. I let my hair wet and free.

I left my bedroom and went down stairs to the living room and met my mom sitting on the couch watching news.

“Hi mama.” I greeted her as I sat beside her and hugged her.

“My sweet mija.” She K!SSed my head “How’s school?”

“Good but not great.” I said.

“How mija?” mom asked.

“¿De dónde sacaste ese nuevo conductor, mamá?” (Where did you get that new driver, mom?) I asked.

“At this local Tiago car wash, why?” She said.

“Because that guy is so annoying, he’s asking me if I’m a virgin and still sl*t shamed me.” I complained.

Mom gasped “Ay dios mío! I’m so sorry mija. He’s so… Don’t worry, I’ll fire him in no time.”

“No mama, no need, just teach him a lesson. But don’t fire him, let him continue to drive me to school.” I said.

Mom nodded “Okay, mija. I will, but aren’t you gonna eat your dinner? Quincy made your favourite. Taco salad and chocolate.”

“Hmmm, yummy.” I said as I stood up and remembered something “Oh mama…”

“Mi Princesa! How’s school?” Dad walked in.

I smiled “Papa.” I hugged him and disengaged. “School’s good.”

“What did you wanna ask mija?” mom asked as she stood up.

I grinned sheepishly “My best friend Diana is throwing a huge party at her party house tonight, can I go?” I asked.

“Sure honey.” mom said and I squealed happily.

“Absolutely not, mija.” dad exclaimed.

I frowned “Why?”

“Because teenage night party is risky, people’s lives get ruined and I don’t want that for my Mi Princesa.” (My princess)

“But Diana is my best friend.” I whined “And I promise her I’ll be there.”

“Sorry mija, but you’re not going and that’s final. By the way there’s a family reunion going on at our house next week. Your Abuelo, Abuela, Tias, Tios, Primas and primos are coming so get prepared.” Dad said and walk away.

I frowned at mom “Mama!”

“Sorry sweetie, but that’s what your dad said.” Mom said as she say down.

“Urgh!” I groaned as I stormed to the dining room to eat my breakfast in anger.

I was lying on my bed, using my phone to play games since there’s no one to text.

Mom’s asleep on her big mattress beside mine.

Harvey and KC are sleeping at their boss house because of work.

I was playing Candy Crush on my Tecno Spark 2 because I’m not feeling asleep.

A message notification popped up on my phone and I frowned.

It’s been a while since I received messages, or is it cyber bullying?

I checked it and I gasped.

Austin ✉️ Hi babe, how’s school? I’ve missed you so much❤❤❤

I covered my mouth, trying not to believe this magical moment.

My crush texting me. OMG!!! Argh!!!! Is this a prank? I hope not?!

I locked my room door and entered my closet.

I wore a blue strapless sequin flare mini dress and black glittered high heels, with diamond earrings and necklace.

I fixed my hair in neat ponytail and applied some makeup, then sprayed some Serect Crush perfume all over me. I checked the mirror and smiled confidently.

I’m so beautiful. Hermosa!

I wore a big brown coat and blue neat and pink sleeping mask. So that I can sneak out of here.

I came out and of the closet and climbed through my window and jump into the treehouse very close to my room.

I climbed down the ladder and sneakily ran out of the mansion.

I entered the Camry I used to hide in the big bush just in case, I inserted the key and drove off, laughing.

Yes I can drive and I secretly have a driver’s license, no one knows. I just have a driver to feel like a queen.


“Argh!” I screamed as I quickly parked the car to avoid trouble.

“So you can actually drive!”

Hmm Sandra. This Andrea and Ella sef. Who’s that?

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