December 2, 2023



💞 BUT💞




I was sitting on my couch, watching movies and eating popcorn, smirking and thinking about something else.

I didn’t bother to go to school.

Ella, you’re such a genius. I can’t believe Andrea is such a player.

She’s f×cking her driver and still dating Austin secretly. Last night, the girls and I were strolling and we saw Andrea and Austin sitting together. I quickly took pictures and send it to her parents. Now they’re suggesting Andrea and Austin should get married and KC will be mine.

I was driving my Camry recklessly, feeling sad and angry.

I can’t take this pain anymore, I won’t let Ella win.

I can’t lose KC, I love him and there’s nothing that can separate me from him, except the lies that Sandra made me say.

I need to fix everything.

I arrived at Austin’s mansion, went to his door and pressed the doorbell.

Austin came out with a smile “Andrea…?”

I pulled his arm “Come with me.” I dragged him to my car.

“Where are we going?” Austin asked.

“To where you’ll know the truth.” I answered and drove off.

What does Andrea mean by the truth? What’s she talking about? Is i about Sandra…?

Let’s wait and watch.

We arrived at Sandra’s apartment, came out and went inside the building.

We stood in front of Sandra’s old apartment entrance door and knocked.

“Why are we here, Andrea?” Austin asked.

“Who is it?” Sandra said from inside as she opened the door. She frowned as she saw me.

“Andy? Austin?” She became confused and nervous “What are you guys doing…”

“Hey Sandra.” Austin smirked.

Why is he starring at her like that? That’s suspicious.

I shook my head “Sandra! Tell Austin the truth.”

“What truth?” Sandra acted.

“Tell him, or I will.” I threatened.

“Fine. Austin…” Sandra explained all what happened about the cat fishing, Sandra bent her head feeling guilty.

Austin scoffed bitterly “So, you’re the one I’ve been texting, calling, and K!SSed? Not Andrea?”

I’m doomed.

“I’m sorry. I just need a good life, so I got Andrea into this, Andrea was the one who started it but it’s not her fault. I get it of you hate me and not want to see my face again.” I said bitterly.

Austin sighed “Andrea, can you give us a minute?”

Andrea nodded and walked away.

I bent my head with shame “I’ll see you in school tomorrow.”

“Wait.” Austin stopped me “I’m supposed to hate you even make you get expelled from Triumph Academy. But I won’t.”


“Don’t you remember yesterday?”

I was walking down the hallway, can’t stop thinking about yesterday’s K!SS. Why did I feel the special K!SS is not from Andrea?

The touch I felt yesterday when K!SSing Andrea is what I always feel whenever I touch Sandra. Could it be…?

I saw Sandra walking towards me, minding her business. I need to confirm something.

Sandra was about to walk pass me but I grabbed her wrists, pinned them against the wall and K!SSed her lips.

Yes, that’s the same sparks I felt when I K!SSed Andrea yesterday. Why? Why are they the same.

Sandra pushed me away “Have you lost your mind?”

I smirked “What? Didn’t you enjoy the K!SS?”

Sandra paused for a second, bitting her lips “No.” She muttered and walked away.

I scoffed feeling confused and happy.


I nodded “Yeah, I remember.”

“The truth is, like you, a lot but I didn’t realize it and noticed you all because I wanted to date a popular girl. It’s my fault you did all this, I’m sorry too.” Austin expressed.

I smiled as Austin and I hugged each other. If this is a dream I don’t wanna wake up. Best day ever.

“Awwww.” Andrea pouted.

She had been starring at us all this while.

I smiled, feeling happy for the new truthful couple. At least they’re happy, unlike me.

I sighed as I walked away “Oh.” I bumped into someone. KC?

“KC! Hey.” I smiled nervously.

He hugged me tightly, my head was on his broad chest “I’m sorry, I didn’t believe you. I should have allow you to explain. I love you.”

“I love you too KC. You know I didn’t want anything to come between us.” I said.

He disengaged and we shared a passionate K!SS.

“Oh my God.” Sandra gasped as the both of them are starring at us shockingly.

KC and I quickly separate from each other.

“What’s going on?” Sandra asked.

I sighed “Sandra. I know you’ll be mad but KC and I have been dating since the past one month.”

“Seriously, that’s awesome. You guys look good together.” Sandra said.

I scoffed “Seriously, you’re not mad that I’m dating your brother?” I asked.

Sandra shrugged “Well, I was but as long as my brother is happy and you’re changing your rude and arrogant attitude. It’s cool.”

I laughed as Sandra and I hugged each other.

“We have to go on our very first date.” Austin said and they left.

KC carried me in a bridal style “What’s this, KC?”

“Let’s discuss something in the car, I’ve missed you.” KC smirked evilly.

I smirked back “You Tonto bad boy.” He chuckled as he took me inside the car and we had S£X.

*Few months later*
My familia was mad about me and KC’s relationship but they got over it and approved KC.

Sandra and Austin made good couple and even got into the same college.

I got admission to Stanford University on Los Angeles, KC followed me there, he got a profitable job with very good salary.

We lived in the same penthouse. Few months later, I found out I got pregnant for him, then I gave birth to a baby girl. Tessa and we lived happily.


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