December 2, 2023



💞 BUT💞




I was on my bed, reading a very interesting novel named R@P£D By An Unknown.

That’s my favourite novel.

My phone rang, I closed the book and took my phone then picked up.


Sandra📞 I need your help right now.

Andrea📞 What?

Sandra📞 Austin is now forcing me… I mean you, to have a date with him.

Andrea📞 Then what are we gonna do?

Sandra📞 I guess we just have to go together but as undercover for me, Austin won’t know I’m there.

Andrea📞 How is that possible?

Sandra📞 I have an idea, you will be there as me and I’ll be telling you what to say till everything is over.

Andrea📞 All this is stupid, we should have tell him but whatever. Where are we going?

Sandra📞 The beach cabin at Cásá street.

Andrea📞 Okay, wear something beachy, alright? Bye. *hung up*

I sighed feeling annoyed with what Sandra is doing, I know we’re friends but I feel like she’s using me to get Austin.

I can’t deny because she can easily snitch on me for breaking the school rules.

I stood up, wore a pink floral dress with lace top, applied just lip gloss making my lips glossy and shiny, I wore a pink stone bead four prongs bangles, with some pink bead chains and my floppy straw wide foldable sun beach hat, a red fancy beach slippers with my pink hand bag.

I checked the mirror and I look ready to go.

I left my bedroom, went downstairs to the garage. Good thing KC is not here, no one’s at home, they all went to Tana’s parents, I don’t wanna go neither do I even want to go to the stupid beach cabin.

I went to the bush where I hide my camry car entered, and drove off to Sandra’s old apartment.

I parked the car and horned the car “Sandra!”

I wore a white blacklion trading tank top with jeans ripped shorts and navy green bohemian kimono jacket with a sandal.

I fixed my hair in side braid curly hairstyle.

I smiled at the mirror, ever since I started hanging out with Andrea, I begin to be a little stylish.

Also she has also been buying me some fancy stuffs.

Andrea is not that bad, sometimes she’s nice, considerate and sweet.

Pin! Pin!! I heard a car horn and my name, I checked outside and saw that it’s Andrea’s secret car.

I smiled as I took my black brown strap purse and hung it on my shoulder “Mom, I’m out to hang with my friend.”

“Okay sweetie.”

I walked out of the house, left the apartment building and entered Andrea’s car.

“Hey gurl.” I smiled.

“Hey.” Andrea replied lowly with her frowning face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

Andrea scoffed “What’s wrong? You’re playing with Austin’s feelings, can’t you even for once think about telling Austin that you’re not me?”

I rolled my eyes with a sigh, I’m tired of this girl’s lecturing of me telling Austin about who I really am.

“Austin even likes you, not me, I think you should…”

“Andrea please!” I cut her off “Let’s not talk about this and go.” I said rudely.

I scoffed in surprise. This isn’t the Sandra I know. What has gotten into her?


“Andrea.” She retorted rudely.

What’s wrong with her? Is it because of a guy or because I’ve been trying to change her into a stylish girl like me.

I really hate the way she talks to me like that.

I scoffed “Fine.” I drove off angrily.

We didn’t even say a word throughout the road trip.

For the past one month, Sandra is acting more like… Me. Is this how I am? Someone being rude to me hurts.

We finally arrived at the restaurant called ‘The Beach Cabin’, so beautiful and a bit little fancy on the outside.

The most beautiful restaurant Andrea have even taken me to.

“We’re here.” Andrea sighed “Wear my hat, I’ll signal you to come out.” She said as she gave me her hat and she came out of the car.

I wore the hat and sighted Austin, waiting for me… I mean Andrea, outside the restaurant, using his iPhone 14.

He’s so cute wearing a yellow floral T-shirt and white trousers and a golden chain and ring, his messy wet fringed blonde hair are amazing.

“Hey Austin.” Andrea greeted as she met him.

He smiled as he hugged her “Hey.”

I wish he’s hugging me like that.

I cringed feeling uncomfortable as he’s hugging me. I rather let KC hug me, tightly and warmly.

Austin disengaged and we both smiled “You look beautiful.” He complimented.

“I know… I mean thanks.” I said.

“You’re welcome.” He wrapped my hands around my waist, making me to feel weird “Let’s go inside.”

I feel like puking.

I signalled Sandra to follow me secretly, I fake smiled as we went inside the restaurant.

I came out of the car with a fashion magazine and went inside the restaurant, hiding my face with the hat.

Wow, the interior of the restaurant is beautiful, funky and colourful with a pinch of fanciness. Just how I like it.

No wonder Austin chooses this place. We have so much in common. I wish I can tell him but he’ll hate me.

I saw Andrea and Austin sitting and laughing together, I wish it was me.

I sighed as I walked towards them and sat at a seat next to theirs, covered my face with the hat and magazine, trying to listen to their conversation.

I’m so excited that this is finally our first date together since a month that I asked her out.

I smiled happily and nervously “So…”

“Good evening.” A waitress dressed in cute lifeguard uniform greeted “What can I get for the both of you?”

“Well I would like some ham salad with strawberry and chocolate smoothie.” I said.

“What about you ma’am?” She asked Andrea.

I’m expecting her to say the same thing since we have the same favourite.

“Just chocolate milk shake will be fine.” She shrugged.

I frowned confusedly “What about strawberry?”

“I don’t like strawberry.” She said.

“What? I thought you love them both together.” I said.

Okay, I’m totally confused, Andrea said she loves strawberry and chocolate together but why is she saying she doesn’t like strawberry.

“Are you sure? Or you’re just messing with me?” I asked.

“No, seriously strawberry isn’t my thing, it makes me feel so weird.” She said.

My phone beeped, I checked it.
Sandra✉️ Can’t you just ored the strawberry together?

Andrea ✉️ Why?

Sandra✉️ Because I told him strawberry and chocolate are my favourite.

I rolled my eyes angrily and glared secretly at Sandra.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” The waitress said, wanted to leave.

“Wait!” I stopped her “Also get me strawberry.”


“I was just messing with you, baby.” I scoffed at Austin.

He shook his head and smiled with a shrug.

“Alright, I’ll be right back.” The waitress said as she left.

“So I’m just thinking, maybe I should pick you up tomorrow and say Hi to your parents.” Austin said.

I glanced at him “Come on Austin.”

“I know, I know, your parents will freak. I just wish I can actually know you better, not on the phone.” Austin said.

“Then let’s talk about our lives now.” I smiled.

The waitress came with two trays of our food “Here’s your ham salad and strawberry chocolate smoothie.” She place Austin’s food in front of him “And here’s your chocolate and strawberry milkshake.” She placed mine in front of me.

I gulped, starring at the disgusting flavour added to the milkshake.

“Come on, drink it.” Austin persuaded.

I nodded as I carry the milkshake and took sip then cringed inwardly.

Strawberry makes me feel like puking.

“This milkshake is so good.” I lied and Austin believed.

After few minutes of chatting, eating and laughing and Sandra secretly telling me what to do.

Austin and I stood up and walked out of the restaurant, holding my hand.

Sandra was following me secretly.

We sat at the beautiful fountain, water gushing out and the lights decorated around it beautify the whole thing.

Sandra hid behind the fountain.

“Isn’t this place beautiful?” Austin smiled.

I nodded “Mhmm.”

I have no idea what they’re talking about but I see that Austin is enjoying the moment but Andrea is not.

I noticed Austin is starring sweetly at her. What’s he upto?

He starred at me, smiling, making me to feel like that gross strawberry I took earlier.

I shrugged “What?”

He moved his face closer to mine “You’re beautiful.” He whispered, caressing my face and was about to K!SS me.

“Wait!” I stopped him.


I smiled “Just a minute. I wanna make our first K!SS beautiful.” I lied.

“How?” Austin asked.

“I’m gonna blindfold your face and my face then we K!SS a beautiful K!SS.” I explained.

I knew this moment is coming, so I’ve planned this up.

I brought out a black blindfold from my bag and tied Austin’s face up with it, so that he won’t see me.

I sighted Sandra hiding “Come!” I mouthed silently at her, gesturing her to come over.

She tiptoed to us “What?” She mouthed back.

“Sit down and K!SS him.” I whispered to her ear.

My eyes went wide in shock, I shook my head negatively.

“C’mon!” Andrea groaned silently.

“No.” I whispered.

Andrea pushed me to sit with Austin and my mouth connected with Austin’s. My eyes went wider and my face turned red.

What the Fůçƙ!!! My first K!SS!! Oh my God! Austin is my first K!SS! I love this moment.

I wish I can stare at Andrea’s beautiful eyes but she blindfolded me and that’s fine if she wants it.

I don’t want to stop K!SSing her, her lips are soft and special, I can feel the sparks that I’ve never felt K!SSing other girls.

Andrea is very amazing with her lips.

He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist, I hugged his neck, K!SSing him passionately.

After 5 minutes of making out, we pulled away, Austin wanted to remove the blindfold and I ran away quickly.

I sat down quickly before Austin could open his eyes.

We chuckled together “Wow, this is beautiful.” Austin blushed.

I smiled “Yeah. Best moment.” I lied.

But I’m proud of Sandra having her first K!SS but still suggesting she should tell him the truth.

“I love you.” Austin said to me.

I think he’s referring to Sandra. Urgh!! She should just tell him the Fůçƙïṅg truth. I’m sure Austin will forgive her eventually.

“Me too.” I lied and Austin smiled.

“I have to go, my parents will be back in few minutes.” I said as I stood up.

“Lemme drop you off.” Austin suggested.

“Nah, don’t worry. I came with my car.” I said.

Austin shrugged “Okay, babe. Good night.” He hugged me.

I cringed trying to pull away slowly, he disengaged and K!SSed my cheek and walk away.

Sandra came out of her hiding spot, I cringed again “Err, gross.”

“I feel so beautiful.” Sandra blushed.

I scoffed “Whatever, let’s go home, we’re having sleepover at my house.” I suggested and walked away.

“Just don’t K!SS and love him, okay?” Sandra yelled.

“Gross!” I shouted as we entered the car and I drove off to my house.

Thank God no one is home yet, Sandra slept in the guestroom and I slept alone in my bedroom.


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