Supernatural Romance story


(Trapped in love)

By:Bernadette Faustina .G.

★Chapter 73 💫 74★



Petunia open her eyes slowly and exhaled, feeling a little bit relieved than before, after Luella made her to disappear in the warehouse, she appeared in front of the hospital and the nurses in the hospital help her in.

Her wounds has been treated already and even with that, she is still feeling pains all over her body, she just pray her baby is okay.

“Goodness” she murmured remembering that she nearly died today, all thanks to Luella, who came on Time and save her.

“I never expect her to do that, not after everything Mom did to her” she said and wipe her tears remembering Claudia.

It’s so surprising that she later wake up and when she was informed that Dexter took Petunia, she only scoffed and said she can die for all she cares.

She is now regretting ever listening to her mom, everything happening to her now is all her mother’s fault but she thought she was just helping her back then.

“Mother” she mumbled and tears rolled down her eyes, she can still remember when her dad is still alive, he is the best father one could ever ask for, he is so caring and kind and that’s why, he never in good terms with her mother.

And even up till now, his death us still a mystery to her.

How can someone sleep and never wake up again??

He is not sick or tired, so how come??.

“I miss you Dad” she said and pouted, remembering the times they spent together, the countless gifts he gave her.

She close her eyes and her stomach rumbled and that was when she realized she haven’t taken anything.

The door opened and a nurse walk in to check her temperature, she was running a temperature before so she’s back to check if she’s alright now.

“Hey nurse” she smiled and the nurse smiled back.

“How are you doing miss?” She asked.

“Am fine, please can you help me get something from the cafeteria, I promise to pay you back” she said.

“Sure miss, I will be back” the nurse said and left.

“Thank goodness” she said and touch the bed stand, her eyes widened when she saw her purse on the bed stand.

“Huh??, How did it get here?” She smiled and opened it.

“Yesss!!!!” She screamed seeing some dollars inside it.

“At least it’s gonna be enough for me till I leave this place” she smiled and put the money back inside the purse.

“Yeah!” She grinned and lay back on the bed, after some minutes the door opened and the nurse walk in with the food, she got for her.

“Here miss” she smiled and Drop the food on the table.

“Thanks nurse, here is your money” she said giving the nurse money from her purse.

“Don’t worry about giving me back miss, I just decide to get this for you, and besides you need this More than I do” she said and Petunia smiled.

“Thanks nurse” she said and the nurse nod her head with a smile.

“I will take my leave, the doctor will come and check up on you, so you should eat fast” the nurse said.

“Sure Nurse” Petunia said and the nurse walk out of the ward.

Petunia picked the food from the table and uncover it, she inhaled the aroma and pick her spoon, she start eating so fast as if she is running away and within some minutes she was done, she drop the plate drink some water before lying back on the bed.

She slept off and after minutes she wake up when she heard the creaking of her door, she looked up to see the doctor walking into ward.

He’s a young guy and he looks so handsome, his nose is so small and pointy, his lips are so pink and his hair is red in colour and he looks so Fůçƙing hot, he looks like a flirt and not a doctor.

Like he is really going to be seducing his patients without knowing, and all the nurse in the hospital crushes on him, his name is Francis.

“Good afternoon Miss” he greeted but Petunia was lost staring at him that she did hear him greet her.

“Miss Abraham!” He called, his voice sounding so gentle and Petunia came back to her senses.

“Oh doctor, am sorry for not replying your greetings a lot was on my mind” she said and he nodded.

“So how are you doing?” He asked.

“Am getting better” she smiled.

“Are you feeling any pains in any part of your body?” He asked.

“Yeah, and it’s on my waist line and my lower abdomen” she said and he wrote what she just said down in his notepad.

“So doctor, how is my baby, he is okay right?” She asked.

“Well miss, your baby is fine, but not so fine, I mean with what happened to you today, you’d have lost the baby but it’s all thanks to God, and I will like to warn you to stay away from things that will stress you for like two weeks or three weeks, cause if you stress yourself so much, am sure you will lose your baby” he said and she nodded.

“So it’s there any drugs you will prescribe for me?” She asked.

“Yeah, I will get it for you later, but try and eat fruits and veggies, drinking water a lot, is gonna help too and always go for check up, cause your baby is a weak one and it’s easy for you to have miscarriage at any time, if you don’t take care of yourself and don’t starve yourself, that’s what you need most” he said and she nodded.

“Thanks Doc, I will try in taking care of myself” she said and he smiled.

“Wow did he just smile” Petunia mumbled and smiled too.

“I will take my leave, see you in the evening” he said.

“But doctor, what about my waist?” She asked.

“I will get some pain killers for you” Francis said.

“Thank you so much Doc” she said and he smiled before leaving the ward.

“Wait!, Is he really a doctor?, How can a doctor be so good looking?” She said and blushed.

“Wait, why am I blushing, I still love Nolan right?” She asked and throw her legs in the air.

“Stop Petunia, you are pregnant” she said to herself and giggled.


“Ouch….oh my!” Luell m*@ned as Dexter’s f!ng£r$ moved in and out of her.

They are lying on the bed, with the duvet covering their bodies that if Luella doesn’t Mõ@ɲ, one won’t know what’s going on under the duvet.

They already have rounds of $*× but looks like they are not yet tired.

“Yes my baby” she smiled and went for his lips, their lips met slowly and they start K!SSing hungrily like lost lovers, his f!ng£r$ still !nsid£ her.

After minutes he pulled h!s f!ng£r$ out of her and push in h!$ R0d making her body to shake.

“Ahhh….gosh” she broke the K!SS and bit her lips and he start moving in and out of her slowly.

“Soulmate….you…you haven’t….you haven’t tell me, how you….you survive from Petunia?” She said.

“You wanna know?” He asked giving her a hard bang.

“Fůçƙ, ye….yea…yeah I wan… wanna know” she said and he smirked.

“Should I pull out?” He asked.

“No,no!, Continue like th….this…I can handle…it” she said.

“Are you sure?” He asked moving in circles !nside her.

“Oh….my….am sure” she said snuggling more close to him.

“Ok, actually as you have always known, I can sense when danger to s coming for me, so…..


“My conscience doesn’t lie, am sure someone is watching me” he said and nodded.

He Super sped into the nearby bush and continued running until he came across a flowing river with an apple tree beside it.

He stopped and walk to the river, he squat down and took some sand from the river bank, he placed the sand on an apple Leave and cut open his wrist, his bl00d start dripping down and he drop some on the sand, he blew air, out of his mouth on the sand he Close his eyes and murmured some enchanted words, he opened his eyes after some seconds and Immediately His eyes glowed red, a heavy wind blew round the sand.

He stepped back and watched as the sand turn to another image of him, same face, same height, same now, everything, even the clothe he is wearing is Same with the image.

“Am sure, you know what to do, please do a clean Job” he said and his image smiled and run out of the bush.

He followed behind and stand in front of a tree, where he can see everything clearly, he made himself invisible so that Petunia won’t see him.

He watched as Petunia said all trash she had to say and what the image replied her.

“What a f00lish Immortal” he bowed his head and the sound of gunshot made him look up, Petunia already shoot the image and a deadly smile crept into his lips as the image turn to ashes.

He smirked as Petunia took some of the ashes and said her last word before leaving.

Dexter left the tree and walk to where the ashes are lying, he said some enchanted words and the ashes turn back to the image.

“That was good” he said.

“Go and always answer whenever I call” he said.

“Sure” the image smiled and slowly got blown away by the wind.

Dexter turned and walk out of there.


“So that was how it happened?” Luella asked.

“Yeah, I am not too daft to be k!lled by her” he said and she K!SSed him.

“I love you” she said.

“I love you too” he said and she climb on top of him.

“Let me ride you” she said.

“I don’t mind” he said and she straddled him, she guide his rod towards her entrance and it made a dangerous entry into her p**$y.

“Ouch!….oh my” she Mõ@ɲed and start riding him slowly.

“Ahhh, gosh you are so tight?” He groaned and she smiled.

“Maybe I will expand soon, by the time you destroy me roughly from behind” she said moving up and down his shaft.

“You are right” he said and she smiled.

“C’mon go faster baby” he said and she increase his pace, going faster than ever.

She m*@ned crazily at each trust as his rod hit all the corners of her wall.

“Fůçƙ!, You are so big” she m*@ned sliding up and down.

“Oh my gosh!


“Goodness I love you!” She murmured and he smiled.

“You are mine” he said pressing her Ɓø0ɓ$.

“I am yours!” She said and he held her @_$ and start moving in to her, even as he lie on the bed.

Oh soulmate” she mumbled and he turned her around, climbing on top of her.

“I will make you cry and not m*@n” he said and before she will say a word, he start moving crazily fast into her.

“Jeeezz!….oh gosh!


“Oh my…. easy!

“Ouch Dex…..slow down!

“Argh….my inside is burning!” She cried as he continue going f@$ter and d££per ins!d£ h£r.

He didn’t slow down like she wants but instead, he increase his pace and her eyes widened.

“Ohooo Soulmateee!!


“Gosh, can’t you just keep your head one place, why are you moving it right and left, I will stop styling this your hair and go get a good sleep” Isabella said to Kenzie, who kept moving his hair around as she style her hair.

“I am already fed up, since one hour, you are still styling ordinary pigtails, a style that doesn’t take up to 30 minutes” Mackenzie said and Isabella hit her head.

“You don’t talk to me anyhow, remember am your elder sister” she Said and she frowned.

“Stop bullying me, this is not right” she said and Isabella hit her again.

“Shut up, I am trying my best to make you look beautiful, since you refuse to be beautiful from birth, but you are deciding against it” Isabella said and Kenzie from.

“Stop insulting me, am beautiful, my baby always tell me that am beautiful” she said and Isabella scoffed.

“That blind guy, he doesn’t know what is beautiful” Isabella said and Kenzie start shedding fake tears.

“You should stop saying this, stop saying my baby is blind, stop saying am ugly I don’t like it” she said and Isabella sighed.

“Ok, am sorry, you are beautiful, your baby is not blind, you are so beautiful that I want to make you more than beautiful” she said and Kenzie sniffed.

“Even better” she said and Isabella shrugged her nose at him.

“Ugly girl” she murmured and Kenzie didn’t hear her.

Luella walk downstairs looking so hot like fire, her short ripped jeans skirt and tank top hugged her body, showing off her expensive curves.

“Hey sweethearts” she called and Isabella looked up.

“Hot babe, where to?” She asked.

“Thought you said, you wanna go see Drizella, you should come let’s go now, cause I won’t be chanced again” she said and Isabella stood.

“But what about Claudia??” She asked.

“Don’t worry about her, I will take care of that, not like she can beat the two of us” she said and Isabella smiled.

“Ok am ready” she said putting on her fluffy slippers and Luella take a good look at her.

She is also wearing a jeans skirt, but it’s not ripped, though it’s short but not too much, her crop top looks perfect on her, her wide hips almost tearing the skirt apart.

“Wow, my sister is so hot” Luella said and Isabella smiled.

“I Know right” she smiled.

“Let’s go” Luella said and took her hand, they start walking out of the house.

“Big sis, what about my hair?!!” Kenzie shouted.

“Go call your blind boyfriend to help you with styling it, ugly girl?” Isabella said and she fell to floor and start rolling on it.

“Oh, not again!!, My baby is not blind, am not ugly” she said.

“No you are” Isabella said.

“Oh I hate you sis!!!” She screamed.


Nolan sat on the bed with Fire in front of him.

“So what are you saying, I mean how are you preparing?” he asked.

“Are you really prepared?” He Asked.

“Sure am prepared, I can’t wait to see how she taste like gosh” he said And Fire smiled.

“Whatever, my son sticks to, for a long time is really sweet, so believe me when I say she is going to be so sweet” he said.

“Gosh…. I can’t wait” he said and fire smiled.

“So how are we preparing?” Nolan asked.

“I have everything worked out already, just watch and see” he said and Nolan smiled.

“But getting her won’t be easy, you know that” Nola said.

“Everything is under my control, I found the easiest way to capture her, Trust me” Fire said.

“Which is?” Nolan asked and Fire whispered something Into his ears and he smiled.

“Gosh, you are so smart, why didn’t I think about this earlier” Nolan grinned and Fire smirked.

“Drizell!” Lewis called walking into the kitchen, where Drizella is doing the dishes, with snowdrop giving her the lastest gist.

“Hummm!” She hummed.

“Drizell!” He called and she turned.

“Yes Lewiston!” She smiled.

“Always smiling” he said.

“What’s the problem?” She asked.

“Well, some special people are here to see you” he said.

“Special people?, Who are they?” She asked.

“Come see for yourself” he said and she raise a brow.

“Ok, let go” she said and walk out of the kitchen.

“Lewis!” Snowdrop called me he turned.


“Let’s talk later, I have something to tell you” she Said and walk out of the kitchen, Lewis shrugged and walk out too.

Drizella and Lewis stopped in front of the VIP section and she faced him.

“What?, Go ahead, you will see them” he said and walk out.

Drizella exhaled before opening the door, she walk in and Close the door.

She turned and her heart beat thrice, as she saw those sitting in the room.

It’s no other than, Luella and Isabella, her long time sisters, they are too engrossed in their conversation that they didn’t realize she is there already.

Isabella suddenly look up and she smiled seeing Drizella in the room.

“She’s here Luel” She said and Luella looked up.

“Hey c’mon come closer” Luella said and Drizella walked to them slowly.

“Luella!, Isabella!, Is this really you?” She asked.

“Zella” Isabella called and stood, she move Close to her and took her hand.

“It’s me” she said and tears dropped from Drizella’s eyes.

“My Isa, it’s really you, you really change” she said and hugged her tightly.

“You really change, you really change?” She cried stroking her hair like a baby.

“I miss you so much, I really did” she said and Isabella start crying too.

“It’s okay, I miss you too, please stop crying?” Isabella said, sniffing back her tears.

“It really you, I miss you” she said and Isabella smiled.

“It’s okay, am back and I pray whatever possessed me doesn’t come back” she said and they broke the hug.

“You look more beautiful” she said and Isabella smiled.

“Same with you, you look more beautiful” she said and Drizella smiled before looking at Luella, who is already standing.

“Luella, am so sorry, am very sorry, for everything I did In the past, am sorry, please forgive me” she said and made to kneel but Luella stopped her.

“Don’t do that, I already forgive you” Luella said.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yeah, I can’t be angry with you forever” Luella said and they hugged.

“Thank you Luella, thank you so much for forgive me, thank you” she said.

“You are welcome” Luella said and Isabella cleared her throat beside them.

“Am still here, don’t forget me” she said.

“Come closer, let’s get a group hug?” Luella said and she move Closer.

“Let’s not Break apart again” Drizella said and they hugged with a giggle.



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