{Through The Gates
Of Love… }


By, Cassie B.





It was past eight in the night and Romeo wasn’t back from work. This was unusual since he returns home by 6pm if not more than that. But now, he wasn’t back and Rosetta was deeply worried.

Her eyes went to the message she sent to him but there wasn’t any reply yet. That added more to her anxiety. She wore her flip flops and walked out of the room, holding her phone in her hand. He might call me – those were her thoughts.

As she walked down the hallway, she suddenly stopped walking when she heard whispering voices coming from a particular room. She shrugged and attempted to leave with the thoughts that it was the maids when a particular voice stopped her.

“When are we executing the mission of killing her?” The voice belonged to Anaya and Rosetta was shocked. Kill? Who?.

“I’m tired of acting like a nice girl all the time, it’s frustrating to be honest. Faking a smile makes my cheeks hurt” Rosetta moved closer to the door and saw it slightly opened. She peeked in and saw Anaya and a guy she recognized as one of Romeo’s guards having a conversation.

“Listen here, Anaya. No matter how long it takes, just keep doing your work. We’ll surely eliminate Sir Romeo and his wife someday. It might take long but we’ll surely do that. Just keep doing your work and don’t let them suspect we’re a spy here”

A gasp escaped Rosetta’s mouth when she heard that. Spy? Wait… Anaya is a spy whose mission is to kill her?

“And you too be careful. And don’t hesitate to let Sir Freudian know whatever is going on”

When she felt she had heard enough, Rosetta took her steps steadily as she walked out of the place, hastening her steps.

Her mind was troubled. What motive does Anaya have? With that guard too? And who the hell is Freudian? Those were the thoughts swimming in her head till she got to the living room.

The beeping of her phone brought her out of her thoughts. She glanced at it to find a message from Romeo.

★ I’M HOME ★ The message reads.

A quick smile left her lips as her eyes went to the entrance, staring at it eagerly. Just like she was expecting, the door opened and her handsome husband walked it.

“Romeo!!” She rushed to his arms and threw her body to his. Her legs curled around his waist while his hand held her hips.

“I was so worried,” she mumbled as she rested her head by the crook of her neck.

“I’m sorry for taking too long” she smiled when she felt him place a soft K!SS on her neck.

“At least you’re back” she murmured before moving her head just to stare at his face. Immediately she did, Romeo captured her lips in his instantly.

Rosetta released a soft Mõ@ɲ and she relished the pleasure she received from her husband’s lips. Just as they were so engrossed into the K!SS, Rosetta felt a presence behind them and she broke the K!SS. She turned to find Anaya staring at her.

Somehow, Rosetta couldn’t bring herself to stare at Anaya the way she has always done. This time, her eyes were filled with disappointment and hatred.

“Good evening, sir Romeo” Anaya greeted while Romeo replied with a curt nod. Then his attention went back to Rosetta’s without giving Anaya any further attention.

“Should I serve you your meal?” Anaya asked again. Rosetta turned to her, trying to hide the anger laced in her eyes.

“No, sweetheart. My husband is not hungry at the moment, we’ll just head to our bedroom” Romeo was surprised at Rosetta’s outburst but he never said a word.

“Oh… Okay” Anaya walked away. Rosetta scoffed inwardly. Who knows if she already poisoned their meal?

“When did I ever say that, Mio caro?” Romeo’s lips curled up in amusement.

“Or…” He leaned towards her ears.

“Do you have a special meal for me?” He spanked her Ɓụťť and Rosetta let out a scream.

“Romeo!!” Romeo laughed as he made his way to the bedroom with Rosetta in his arms.

Later that night, Rosetta was preparing herself for the night when Romeo came out of the bathroom.

“You still haven’t told me why you had to deprive me of my dinner” Romeo walked to her and held her bare shoulder. Rosetta stared at him through the dressing mirror.

“I… I think you need to know this, Romeo” she got to her feet and turned to him.


“I overheard Anaya speaking to a guard this evening…” Rosetta explained what she had heard to Romeo, and to her surprise Romeo wasn’t surprised to hear that.

“You knew about that?” She blinked her eyes in shock. Romeo only smiled before walking to his laptop which was on his bed. He switched it on and played a particular video, then he showed it to her.

“I’ve always known she’s a spy sent from my brother” he said while Rosetta stared at the video in front of him. Anaya had spiked a particular drink in her hand.

“Remember the day you asked for a coffee and I poured it away? That’s because she added a poison to it” Romeo said.

“Why didn’t you tell me? And, why haven’t you taken any action yet?” Rosetta asked speechlessly. If she had the intention of killing them, why hadn’t he fired her?

“Because this is a game,” Romeo smirked, dropping the laptop on the bed.

“Game?” Rosetta followed him behind. She was curious as hell right now.

“You don’t have to know anything, Rose. I don’t want to involve you in this”

Rosetta frowned when she heard that. This was what she hated the most!

“You promised not to hide anything from me, Romeo,” she recalled and Romeo sighed.

“Please, huh?. I also need to know what’s going on so I’ll be wary of her in the future” she continued talking and after sometime Romeo decided to open up to her.

“My father and brother want me dead,” he blurted out.

“Especially my brother, Freudian. He has always hated me right from the day I was born” Romeo chuckled.

“He’s still so childish,” he shook his head.

“He wants me dead by all means, but I never minded him. He seems to notice that that’s why he’s after you”

“Me?” Rosetta gasped. What had she done wrong?.

“And that’s when he crossed his line. I don’t joke with you, Rose, and anyone who tries to mess with you will have to face my wrath” Romeo gritted out. He moved closer to her and cupped her cheeks.

“Trust me, Rose. I’ll never allow you to get hurt, okay? You’re my life”he whispered.

Rosetta placed her head on his chest “I trust you, hubby” she whispered.

From that moment, Rosetta studied every one of Anaya’s moves and she wouldn’t hesitate to inform Romeo if there’s anything suspicious.

Romeo had tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted. She wants to support him by all means as his wife – she’d always remind him Everytime he tries to make her have a change of mind.

“Don’t eat any meal prepared from Anaya anymore” Romeo said as he wore his jacket.

“I know, I have that covered. Be careful please, you and Marcus” Rosetta whispered behind him.

That day, Romeo left for work leaving Rosetta alone in the mansion. It was the day Rosetta discovered that she’s pregnant.

The few days that passed, Romeo had told Rosetta about his plan in bringing Freudian down, and she had volunteered to help.

“If you feel things are getting out of hand, don’t hesitate to back out immediately. I’m always behind you” those were the words he’d always say to her.

The moment Anaya had gone out to get the Pregnancy test strip, Rosetta had ordered a maid to prepare a meal for her. That actual meal she told Anaya to prepare for her that day.

Rosetta had always hated the fact that someone wanted her and her husband dead. So, she decided to make things fast. Moreover, she overheard Anaya promising Freudian that she’d kill her that night.

So, Rosetta was prepared. She had ordered a guard to get her animal blood, one which was inside a small nylon. She had wrapped it around her waist, just to fake a miscarriage.

She never lost the baby, it was all her own plan which Romeo wasn’t aware of. Romeo wasn’t even aware that she’s pregnant.

While they were also at the hospital, they allowed the guard {the spy} to guard them to the hospital. It was all a plan which he fell stupidly for.

Rosetta had pleaded with the Doctor to lie to Romeo that she had a miscarriage. She did that so the guard could feel they had succeeded in killing her baby.

The plan was for the guard to abduct Rosetta so Romeo could strike at the perfect moment. And it happened!

Right now, Freudian’s atrocities were exposed to the whole world.



“If you feel things are getting out of hand, don’t hesitate to back out immediately. I’m always behind you” Rosetta remembered the words Romeo had always said to her. Her top was torn, revealing the ьѓä she wore when Freudian ogled at her Lū$tfully.

She was scared inside, even though she knew Romeo would be there for her anytime soon. Her hands were ready to hit him on the face when they heard a loud scream.

“Boss! Boss!!” A guard screamed and Rosetta immediately covered herself with the torn clothes.

“Who the fûck is that?” Freudian groaned irritatedly, annoyed that someone had just disrupted his moment with the chick in front of him.

A guy rushed into the room, panicking seriously.

“Video…. The video” the guy P@ŋted, trying to catch his breath.

Freudian frowned and went to him. He gripped his cheek tight.

“Fûcking speak now!!!” He growled.

“The video of you bribing the investors and embezzling the company’s money is all over the internet!” The guy rushed at once.

“What?!!” Freudian thundered, his eyes burning ferociously.

Rosetta smiled. She knew Romeo was already at work. Seeing that as an opportunity, Rosetta pushed Freudian to the wall and kicked his groin hard.

Freudian cursed out. Rosetta cared less. She pushed the guy and ran out of the room, finding her way out. She’s not familiar with the house but she needed to escape.

“Go after her!!!!” Freudian roared with every fiber in him.


Rosetta kept running around the house, turning to any corner she came across with. Fortunately for her, she found herself in the living room and she rushed towards the door. Before she could get to it, she felt herself being pushed to the floor hard.

“Argh!!” Rosetta groaned as she felt weak immediately. She raised her head to find the devil smirking at her.

“You think you can escape from me? That’s never happening! I’m killing you right now!” His hand grabbed neck.

Immediately he did so, a gunshot was heard and he withdrew his hand immediately. Someone had just shot his hand!

Rosetta turned and smiled when she saw her hero. He’s here for her!

“Hubby!!” With all her strength, she stood up and rushed to him. Romeo pulled her to him protectively.

“Was I too late?” He asked and she shook her head with a smile.

“How’s my boy?” He asked again and Rosetta’s eyes widened. How did he…?

Romeo chuckled before facing Freudian who was holding his right hand, groaning in pain.

“You bastard! You tricked me!” He yelled.

“You and your $lüt of a wife fooled me!!”

When Romeo heard that, his eyes switched to a dangerous one and without thinking straight, he shot Freudian on his right eye.

“Romeo…” Rosetta whispered, her eyes wide in terror.

“That’s for calling my wife a $lüt” Romeo growled. He Cöçked the gun again, this time aiming it at Freudian’s left eye.

“For attempting to Ř@pê my wife, here’s your punishment”

“No, no please. No Romeo!!” Freudian yelled, holding his right eye which was filled with blood.

It was too late, Romeo shot his left eye and he went blind immediately.



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