{Through The Gates
Of Love… }


By, Cassie B.



In a dark room, the door rattled and a figure entered steadily into the room. His eyes were fixed on the figure sleeping on the bed soundly, with her baby bump clearly visible.

He smirked devilishly as his hand found the switch in the room. He switched the light on and the room was bright immediately. With that, he was able to have a perfect view of her sleeping on the bed, with the flair gown she wore, revealing a bit of her thighs.

His tongue crept out of his mouth and he licked his lips Lū$tfully. Slowly, he strutted towards the bed, fixing his eyes on her thighs. How could a maid be so beautiful?

As soon as he got to the bed, he stretched out his hand creepily and got a hold of her thighs, caressing it slowly. That action woke the female figure up. Her eyes widened when she saw him beside her.

“Sir Bernado,” she stuttered, shifting back in fear. Her hand gripped the sheets tightly as she forced herself out of his hold. What was he doing here? Just what?

“Shhh” Bernado whispered, giving her one of his devilish smiles. Forcefully, he yanked her body beneath him, not minding the fact that she was pregnant, he forced his whole weight on her.

When she tried to struggle with him, he struck her across the face and her body went still instantly. She stopped struggling and just cried silently under him.

“Stay still and let me explore your body just like the bìtch you are” he spat out the words and truth be told, the words hurt like hell. It was as though a knife was pierced deeply into her heart.

“Please, I’m pregnant” she whispered, her whole voice shaking with emotions. That only angered him because he struck her across the face again. Hard.

“That’s why a bìtch like you doesn’t deserves to live! How can you bore me my child with that smelly body of yours?” He thundered.

“You R@P£D me! You took away my pride! You destroyed my life! You destroyed my son’s life! You’re a rapist! A monster!” She yelled with her eyes filled with tears.

“Shut up, you $lüt!” His hand went around her neck, choking her there as he rip off her clothes. She struggled to no avail, she tried to breath but it was fruitless.

He had his way with her, taking her like a disgusting rag. He was ruthless with her body, moving hard inside till she bled out blood.

When she tried to scream, he landed a blow on her stomach, right on her bump and she whimpered in pain. It was excruciating, too much for her to bear.

His hand tightened around her neck as he drilled her to the point of death. She was losing her breath slowly, but he paid no attention to that. He was mad, mad at the fact that a maid had to bore him a son! Mad that she’s pregnant for him again! A whole maid from the slums!

Her hand which was trying to save herself fell to the bed lifelessly, she stopped breathing and her whole body totally went still. She was dead.

That didn’t stop him, instead he kept on going, hitting her stomach hard even though her whole clothes were stained with her blood.

The door opened and he stopped abruptly, he pulled out of her and turned back to meet the horrified look on his so called son. With no ounce of regret, he wore his trousers and went out of the room.

But before he left, he heard the sound of the boy’s broken voice “Mom,”. Pathetic! He cursed.

“Monster! A rapist!!!! I’ll kill you Bernado!” Mr. Castillo tossed his head as his whole body got covered with his own sweats.

“Noooo!” His eyes snapped open and heavy breathing left his lips. His eyes searched around the room before sitting up.

His mind went back to the dream. The dream of him raping her to the point of her death. The tears of their son as he mourned his mother’s death. His eyes were suddenly filled with hatred for him.

He cursed inwardly before getting down from the bed. The moment he did, he felt his whole leg numb, he couldn’t move it a bit. What’s going on? – he asked himself but there were no answers to his questions.

With his whole strength, he managed to leave the room, dragging his legs behind him. He didn’t fail to notice the sudden silence in the room.


Sounds of agony filled the whole house but that wasn’t getting to Romeo’s ears. His eyes were fixed on Freudian but his mind was far away. His mind was on his mother, the one who brought him into this world.

He found her dead, in the arms of his so-called Father. He wasn’t remorseful and to worsen it, Freudian was laughing while he was busy mourning his own mother.

Because she was a maid, her body was burnt instead of a befitting burial since she was a concubine to a prestigious man. Because she was a maid, that was their excuse.

From his mother’s death, his journey of hardship began, him receiving lashes every single day. The whole household mocking him as he cried out of pain. How he became the person he was today was a mystery.

Thinking of the past memories, his tears came streamed down his cheeks as he watched his half brother struggling in pain. He was trying hard to regain his sight but it was fruitless. He was blind already.

Not shaken a bit, Romeo raised his gun again, aiming it at Freudian’s heart. His heart was filled with revenge. This damn family destroyed him without repair and he tried to ruin his wife also.

His eyes glowed with hatred as his jaws hardened. He touched the trigger to pull it when he felt small arms around his stomach. His wife.

“Please Romeo, that’s enough” she pleaded. At the sound of her voice, his tensed body relaxed and his hand slowly fell to his side.

“Please” her voice came out as a whisper. The scene was too gruesome for her to bear.

“Romeo! You’re still here, right? Save me, please. I don’t want to die!” Freudian cried where he was. Even his subordinates couldn’t take a move, they were frozen to the spot.

The guard who betrayed Romeo already peed on his P@ŋts. He needed no one to tell him the fate which awaited him. Death!

Rosetta’s lips trembled as she heard Romeo crying softly. It was a rare sight to see a man cry, but this must have hurt a lot. How rough had his childhood been? Just how?

“It’s okay, Il mio re{My King}” she whispered, rubbing his chest with her hands. She badly wished to take his pains away, and to fill them all with good memories. Memories made by her.

That moment, the door burst open and the cops walked in. Two of them immediately went to Freudian and grabbed him roughly.

“Who are you? Are you here to save me?” Freudian asked with a glimmer of hope in his voice. He couldn’t see those who were holding him, his eyes were a mess.

“Mr. Freudian Santos Castillo, you’re under arrest for the illegal atrocities you performed in the city. And… For the abuse of your wife” a cop said.

“What? I’m going nowhere! Let me go!” Freudian yelled.

“What’s going on here?” Mr. Castillo appeared in the room. His eyes went to Freudian’s face and it almost bulged out of its socket.

“Freudian!” He rushed to him but the police immediately held him back.

“You can’t take any move, Mr. Castillo! Get a hold of him!” One of the cops, who seemed to be their Boss spoke out.

“If you dare utter any word again, then I’ll bring you down in a second!” Mr. Castillo yelled. He tried to move closer but this time two cops held him back, making it impossible for him to do so.

“You’re under Arrest, Mr. Bernado Castillo. For the murder of Miss Donna” immediately Mr. Castillo heard that, his head snapped towards Romeo’s direction immediately, staring at him in disbelief.

“You… You…” He was unable to say a word. He couldn’t believe his past actions would hunt him back this time. The little boy of that time got his revenge!

There was no sincerity in Romeo’s eyes. If it were up to him, he’d have killed them both at that moment, but he held himself and back. If not for anything, but for his wife and their baby which would be welcomed in the world in some months time.

“Romeo, you’ll regret this! You’ll regret making me a fool!” Freudian yelled as they dragged him away.

Speechlessly, Mr. Castillo followed the cops out not without staring back at his son,the one he neglected. This time, his eyes were filled with regret and he wondered why he never treated this soul in front of him right.

But… It was too late. Too late to make amends.




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