December 5, 2023


🌺 Chapter 3🌺

Max POV>>>

Luna Klein enters the class this morning, and I find myself staring at her again as she walks toward her desk in front of me. The way her lips form into a thin line and her eyes narrowing straight toward her desk tells me that she’s uncomfortable by the attention she’s getting.

And I’m not talking about the fact that I’m watching her — I catch sight of my classmates throwing their glances at her, even just for a second.

The guys look at her like she’s a piece of art that is too expensive to afford, and as if that fact irritates them. The annoyance is more visible on the girls’ faces every time she passes by, but they can’t help but look at her, like they just want to know what she’s wearing.

My eyes scan her. Today, she’s wearing high-top Chuck Taylors and Capri style plaid trousers with blazer over her loose t-shirt.

I’ve seen her on TV and have thought that she must be a spoiled brat due to her family background — she’s the youngest child of billionaire Lucas Klein and famous singer Cassie Castillo, and I have no doubt that she’s pampered, not to mention that her older brother is eight years older than her.

Until now, I still think that she’s a spoiled brat. And an arrogant one at that.

She treated me like a pain in the @$$ yesterday during our chemistry lab session, and that pissed me off.

Yeah. I was trying to be friendly with her because, what did you expect?

I’m new here, and I have no problem warming up to my new classmate who sits exactly right in front of me. I should have thought twice about that before she decided to treat me like I was an annoying fly on her wall.

Still, although she’s an arrogant spoiled brat, I Fůçƙing have no idea why her presence draws all of our attention. I begin to understand the irritation on the guys’ faces when they look at her, because Luna Klein acts like we don’t belong in her world.

I wonder what’s so special about her. She’s pretty, I have to admit. Prettier in real life than on TV, and that was why I was staring at her longer than I should have done during our chemistry lab session.

I might even have made an impression that I was a Fůçƙing creep.

But now that I think again, there’s nothing extraordinary about her. Brown hair, shoulder-length. Tanned skin. Average height. Lips, small and just…nothing special — I haven’t seen a smile touching them.

Nothing on her face speaks sexy or sultry. Her eyes are chocolate — so many girls have those eyes. There’s nothing about her that I haven’t seen before.

Which is why my eyes should be on anywhere else but her, the exact opposite of what happens now.

Fůçƙ . Eyes down.

Luna settles on her seat, while I’m trying to ignore the sweet scent lingering around me when she arrives. Something like…vanilla.

It reminds me of those sweet cookies that make my mouth water, freshly baked from the oven, warm, melting.I should be annoyed.

Our English teacher arrives, and as we start our lesson, I notice that Luna is busy taking notes. That girl might be jotting down everything that comes out from Mr. Grint’s mouth.

That’s hilarious.

How can you learn something like that? I don’t usually take notes — even if I have to, it must be something crucial. I prefer to listen and plant it all in my head.
Don’t ask me how I memorize it all — my Dad does it all the time, I learn from the best.

By the end of the class, Mr. Grint says, “I want you to submit your next assignment by Thursday. You’ll still be working in pairs like last time. Choose one biography book, read it, and point out the issues or facts that you think need more elaboration in the book. Your partner will have to give their opinion regarding that matter, and vice versa. The mark will add up to your previous team project score.”
I’m fighting the urge to roll my eyes, because Goddammit, it happens again. I might be the only one who hasn’t got any partner, unless…

“Mr. Cooper, you will be paired with Ms. Klein, since she hasn’t got one,” Mr. Grint tells me before I can even explain.

Fůçƙing perfect.

Since nobody wants to team up with this arrogant brat, I have to take her, don’t I?
I just hope that she’ll be more approachable this time. I hate to do teamwork when I can barely talk to my partner.

After Mr. Grint leaves the class, and while my other classmates hustle about during the lunch break, I approach Luna.

“Bad news, huh?” I say, knowing that she wouldn’t find my company pleasant. “But it’s not like I have any other choices. I wish I did.” My tone is definitely harsh compared to yesterday when I was at least trying to start a conversation with her.

I expect her to look at me in annoyance, but the look she gives me is kind of surprising.

Guilt. She looks at me as if she’s guilty.

“Just get this done fast,” I mutter, trying to ignore the way she stares at me, because it feels like an apology even though she doesn’t even say it. I hate the kind of pitiful look she tosses me.

“Are you going to pick the book or what? I’m sure that there are plenty of options in the library.”

Her eyes widen at the mention of that place. “No, not the library,” she abruptly objects.

I scrutinize her, watching as she swallows.

Right. Maybe she hates me that much that she doesn’t want to be spotted with me. She’s acting as though there would be a headline saying ‘ Luna Klein spotted with a random guy inside the library ‘, worrying about what the world would think of that, as if there are paparazzi in this school.

Why didn’t her parents just hire her a bodyguard who would tail her everywhere?

“I’ve got a better idea,” she says, her voice small. “There’s this bookstore that I like, and it has a lot of sections with good books including biographies.”

Noticing my lack of interest, she bites her bottom lip. I honestly don’t care as long as I can get this done soon.

“Um…” she stumbles upon her words, tapping her fingers on her desk. “So I’ll meet you after school?”

I sigh, raking my fingers through my hair.

“I have a football tryout after school.”
She looks taken aback by that information but just for a split second. She looks down, and after a while, she says, “That’s okay. I’ll wait.”

“Fine.” With that said, I walk off to my other new classmates who are waiting for me to have lunch with them. Nice, welcoming people.

“Come on, man, I’m starving.” One guy loops his arm around me, a smirk plastered on his face. “You should try the Italian cuisine.”

I love Italian cuisine, but I can’t help but curse at myself, because now I’m starving for goddamn cookies.

Blame Luna Klein for that.

🌺Luna POV>>>

Ten Disney movies.

I’ve already played the soundtracks of ten Disney movies on the piano inside the music room since Max headed for his football tryout. Don’t ask me why I love Disney movies so much — my brother practically shoved them into my mind even when I was still inside my Mom’s tummy.

A sigh leaves my lips as I glance at my watch. I wonder how long the football tryout would take. Squeezing my eyes shut, I curse at myself.

Stupid Luna. Why didn’t you ask for his number so that you could text him and ask him?

I don’t think that Max knows I’m inside the music room, which means that there’s only one way to meet him before going to the bookstore.

And I hate that idea. I don’t want to go to the football field, because I will see Tyler there.

It’s already painful enough to experience this unhealthy atmosphere after losing Tyler — my chest still tightens every time I see him around. I’m sick of all of this.
I’ve even made Max sick of me because I ignored him on purpose.

Can we be friends?

His words still echo in my ears. No one deserves to be ignored like that, but I didn’t have any choice. I don’t have any friends anymore, and if Max suddenly befriends me, I’m sure that the whole school would hate that idea.

Unless Max wants to be an outcast too.

I take a deep breath and stand up from the piano bench. Even if my life here in Royal Heights is ruined, I would make sure that my studies won’t be, and that’s why I should focus my thought on my English assignment instead.

And that’s why I still have to meet Max on the football field even though I may encounter Tyler.


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