December 2, 2023


🌺 Chapter 18🌺

Max POV 🍂

My blood is still boiling with anger when I sit on the bed inside the school clinic. The nurse is treating the bruises and cuts on my face. I slightly wince as she dabs the alcohol on the cut on the corner of my lips, but my eyes never leave Tyler, who’s sitting at another bed across me, treated by another nurse.

Even though his condition is much worse than mine — with a black eye and broken nose — it does nothing to the burning rage inside me because of what he Fůçƙing did to Luna.

I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t followed her to the library. If I hadn’t run up the stairs after hearing the fuss and caught her just in time, Luna would have been seriously injured. She could have been…

I don’t even want to continue my sentence.

Clenching my fist tightly, I regret that I haven’t broken Tyler’s neck — unfortunately, three securities got in the way while I was teaching this motherFůçƙer some lesson.

“Can any of you explain what has happened here?” Coach’s voice booms, snapping me out of my thought. Great . I haven’t even realized that he has arrived.
His nostrils flare. He’s not happy.

“Well?” he demands, but none of us says anything, still glaring at each other. “This incident is now being reported to the vice principal, but before he summons any of you, I will deal with you first.”

Coach stares at both of us, and the realization hits him. “This isn’t about you two, is it? You absolutely have no problem on the field. This is about a girl, huh?” He scoffs.

I’ve expected his disappointment, because he’s counting on us, especially on Tyler, since he’s the captain.

Still hearing nothing from us, Coach sighs, putting his hands on his hips. “Did you hit him first, Max?”

“He let her fall off the stairs,” I hiss, my eyes fixed on Tyler. ” No ,” I correct, my voice shaking with anger. “He purposely threw her off the stairs.”

Coach snaps his head toward Tyler as soon as the words leave my lips.

He frowns. “Is that true, Tyler?” His voice is filled with utter disbelief. “Did you purposely throw a girl off the stairs?”

Tyler shifts his gaze from us, snapping the poor nurse’s hand when she tries to dab the alcohol on his lips. He scoffs. “He made it sound bad.”

My rage builds up even more. How dare he acts like it was nothing. I shoot to my feet, my chest about to explode. “You were gripping her Fůçƙing wrist then letting her fall. Luna could have been hurt. She could even have been killed!” I roar.

Coach is at a loss for words, while Tyler balls his fist on his thigh, looking like he wants to break something too.

“Is that true, Tyler?” Coach repeats his question, now sounding deadly. “If that’s true, you’re out.”

Tyler’s fist shakes with fury after he hears that sentence.

“I’m sure that the CCTV will prove it.” I scoff, my knuckles itching to feel Tyler’s blood again.

The incident happened at the stairs and in the school corridor, so there will be proofs, not to mention that there were some witnesses.

Tyler shoots me another glare before standing up. He storms toward the door, causing Coach to shout out his name.
It’s a good thing that he leaves, because I don’t think that I can control myself when he’s still around.

Coach puts his hand on my shoulder. “I know that it pissed you off, Max. But you should have had self-control. I expect you to not do anything reckless until we’re done with the investigation,” Coach warns, but then his eyes soften, a sigh escaping from his lips. “I’m sorry about what happened to your girl, by the way.” With that said, Coach walks off.

My girl.

Luna is not even my girlfriend, but damn , that sounds Fůçƙing good.

After Coach walks out, the whispers outside the door make me notice that some students have been standing outside the clinic, curious about what’s going on.

Among them, I see Luna with a worried look on her face. She slowly steps inside, and the restlessness I’m feeling begins to fade.

I lean back against the bed, watching as she walks toward me. The closer she gets to me, the clearer I can see the unshed tears glistening in her eyes.

I hate to see her sad. I wish I could make every single person who caused her to shed a tear get the punishment they deserve.

“Everything is being settled,” I whisper.

“There’s nothing to worry about.”

But she doesn’t say anything. She’s staring at me with her sad eyes, studying my face. She reaches out her hand to touch my cheek, and her fingers graze on the bruise, making me slightly wince.

She snaps her hand away, her expression becoming more worried. “Does it hurt?” Her voice is shaking.

I shake my head, a soft smile touching my lips. “No.”

But then a brilliant idea suddenly pops up in my head.

“Actually, yes .”

She frowns, and I try to bite my smirk.

“I know what will make it get better, though,” I say, and her brows furrow. I turn my head so that she faces my cheek, which then I point at. “Maybe a K!SS will help.”

Silence creeps in.

“A K!SS?” she whispers in disbelief, totally not expecting it.

I nod, leaning closer to her so that my cheek is an inch from her face.

Fůçƙ . The excitement I’m feeling right now is killing me. God, this girl is the death of me.

Before I know it, Luna’s lips brush against my cheek, and my heart skips a beat.
Goddammit. Maybe getting these bruises isn’t that bad. I’m thinking of getting new ones if it can make her place her lips on other parts of my body.

Fůçƙing stupid brain.

Luna steps back after K!SSing my cheek, and her expression is a mixture of everything.

Shy. Confused. Curious. Worried. Embarrassed.

“Is it…” she falters, biting her bottom lip. “Is it better now?”

I stare into her eyes, locking her gaze with mine as a smirk creeps on my lips. “It’s healed.”


My hands are sweaty as I hold them on my lap. I’m sitting inside the vice principal’s office.

He has called me to come here, and I’ve told him the chronology of the incident that happened earlier in the morning. I don’t know about Mikaela’s and Tyler’s versions of the story, but I’m only saying the truth.

“We have checked the recording from the CCTV, and indeed, we will not tolerate such behavior.” The vice-principal says, sympathy in his voice.

I don’t know whether he has witnessed something like this before, during his 40 years of life. High school drama can be crazy indeed.

“We will take immediate actions to Ms. Frost and Mr. Gates,” he continues.

“We’ll make sure that they suffer the consequences. We’ll hold a meeting to discuss this, but in the meantime, they will be suspended until we determine the appropriate punishment.”

I swallow. I’ve never thought that such a change will happen today.

“We are very ashamed that such an incident can happen in this school.” He clears his throat, uneasiness filling his tone. “And we would like to talk to your parents–”

“No, please,” I object, my eyes wide in shock.

The vice-principal stares at me, still with guilt, doubt on his expression. “It will be such a shame for us too to deliver this news to your parents, Ms. Klein, but I’m afraid that they deserve to know.”

That’s the last thing I want to happen. I can’t bear the thought of them being devastated because of this.

Mom would be heartbroken and blame herself. She always does so every time something bad happens to me.

Aiden would without a doubt come here to hunt everyone who has bullied me. He wouldn’t hesitate to make a scene if he knew about everything they have done to me.

And Dad… I can’t even imagine what he would do. He would probably burn the school down.

“Please don’t let them know,” I beg.
“I’m sure that the issue can be resolved without having to involve them in this.”


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