{His heartbeat..}

By Maya (j.A)

~~~~CHAPTER 63&64~~~~


“We are sorry to say but its seem he is having a problem with his brain” the doctor cried and sam frowned.

“not me..am fine…i no whom I married okay?“ He said and rolled his eye ball.

“Okay I don’t like this new sam” Kira and Kyra cried.

“And who are you two?“ He asked sitting up.

“We are your big sisters” they snapped and he rolled his eye balls.

“Hey honey” he said stretching his hand towards the speechless Melissa.

“Um..hi hubby” she smiled and place her hand on it.

“Miller…are you kidding me?“ Joelle cried.

“I think you’ve gone crazy girl..cause the last thing I remembered you are my laundry maid” he said and look at her from head to toe.

“Oh my God..stop that sam..she is your fiance, you engage her few hours ago” Mrs bills scold.

“Okay I know you are my mom, that’s my dad, and those two said they are my twin, and this cute wine?,she is my wife, I remembered when we got married right honey?“ He said and face Melissa who nod hastily.

Mrs bills swelled in anger as she rushed towards Melissa but Kira and Kyra stopped her.

“My heart…i cant take this” Joelle cried and run out of the hospital.

Cassie and co run into the hospital.
“Sam what happened?“ Aaron asked.

“Who are those?“ He asked putting an irritating face.

“W.T.F”they exclaimed.

“They are your friends more like families” Kira scoffed.

“What’s all this $h|t” I wanna go home with my wife” he said and tried taking the drip off but the doctor stop him.

“And tell my laundry maid to go home and wait for me” he said and tried leaving the bed but the doctors inject him and he does off.

“Cassie walk to Melissa and gave her a sounding slap.

“This ain’t over Ɓîtçh cause i no this is all your doings” she whispered while Milton drag her back.

“What did I do wrong?“ She cried.

“I believe you have mouth to tell him you guys never wed” Mrs bills said angrily.

“I leave my son and daughter in law in your custody nothing should happen to them motherf*ker” mrs bills spat and walk out with Mr bills.

Mr bills could swear since he got married to his wife, he had never seen her in such mood before.

weeks later

“So you have been in this prison for 4 years now?“ Dwayne asked and Ashley nod.

“Yeah..I was jailed for klling a guy whom tried to rpe me…i lost my parents in an accident so our rent expired and I begin to sleep in the streets.

“One day a guy tried r*ping me in the middle of the night and I had no other choice than to stab him with a fruit knife with me.

I was arrested the next day and jailed, I tried defending my self but no one is ready to listen to me” she explained and Dwayne sighed.

They are through with their work so they sat at a corner discussing before their time will be over.

The learn to get along and Dwayne won’t lie he has developed feelings for her…but he can’t say it..he won’t want to ruin their friendship…but he wanna give it a try.

“Your tattoos?“ He asked.

“I got them here in the prison” she smiled.

“So what’s your crime?“ She asked.

“Well its along story” he smiled.

“Dwayne” he heard that familiar voice. Cassie!!.

“Cassie” he gasped and before he could utter anything she jumped on him.

“Dwayne” she smiled.

“How did you know we are at this site?“ He asked.

“One of the cell attendant told me” she cooed.

“I have misses you” she cooed.

“Me too” he replied and Ashley frowned as she watch them.

How can he make her develop feelings for him and then he had the guts to say he missed another lady in her front.

“How is Milton and others?“ He asked.

“Fine..not fine”she sighed.

“What?, why?“ He asked.

“Melissa is at it again..she has not give up but we will get her soon…you know they don’t know I now work with secret agents yet” she said and dwayne chuckle.

“That’s my girl..am happy you have achieved something this great” he said and rough her hair

“Hey…you will do better when you come out don’t forget your own form is waiting for you when you come back” she said and he just smile.

“Um..I will be down there dwayne” Ashley said with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

She tried leaving but dwayne grab her by the waist.

“Hey cassie meet my new friend ashley, she is tough and funny” he introduced.

Ashley felt hurt he is introducing her as a friend.

“And Ashely meet my bestie, cassie she is just like you but she keep it’s secret now” he whispered the last part and cassie chuckled.

“So what did melissa actually do?“ He asked not letting go of Ashley’s waist.

“She attacks Joelle when sam was proposing but sam took the bullet for Joelle and now he has partial memory lost” she said and smack her lips.

“Jeez that girl won’t give up will she?“.

“According to what we have been tracking for weeks now..she killed the assassin she sent on the errand her self but we are yet to get full evidence, you know”she added.

“Wait you mean sam has partial memory lost now?“ He asks and cassie nod.

“Jeez you should see the way he is maltreating Joelle now..

He refused to let her go..he said he remembered melissa to he his lawful wedded wife while Joelle to he his laundry maid.

“Even his parent can’t take her from him..its seem he derives joy in maltreating her and the worst part is that she is pregnant…She look so thin and sick now.

Even mr Mavis joelle’s dad tried persuading him to give him his daughter back but he insisted.. He is now w*cked swears” she said and shake her head.

“Jeez am missing” Dwayne said and bit his lips.

Ashley just watch them dumbly not understanding every statement.

“I will be back home in weeks, trust me” he said and pat cassie shoulder whom just nod.

“Our time is due..so good bye regards to my mom” he said and peck her.

“Am off to see my dad” she said and left.

“were you jealous?“ Dwayne asked and nudge Ashley’s shoulder.

“Fůçƙ no” she replied and rolled her eye balls.

“Why will I even do that?“ She asked.

“You love me huh?“ Dwayne asked and she chocked on her spit.

She tried walking away from him but he grabbed her back and smashed his lips on hers.

Its was just a minutes K!SS.

Surprisingly she don’t even know how to K!SS.

“I love you and I will be glad if you will be my girlfriend..sorry am not good at romantic words” he chuckled and Ashley blushed.

“I hate you” she said and run away giggling.

Dwayne chuckle loving her shy sides.

“Get this st*pid food out of my sight f**l “ Melissa screamed and Joelle picked the plate of food walking out of the room she bump into sam and his eyes landed on her neckless.

He held his head in pain as some memories flash his head.

melissa pulled him in and locked the door.

Melissa never planned this but this turned out to be good.

If she knew bullet can do this to him..she would have done this a long time ago.

She has been adding a substance to Joelle food for the past two weeks since this incidents happened.

She needs to get rid of Joelle and her unborn child secretly before sam regains his memory.

“Why do I have see memories when am too close to the laundry maid?“ He asked melissa.

“Because she is the cause of the gunshot” she lied patting Sam’s hair.

Sam hugged her waist to his self and inhale her scent but strangely…he felt something missing.

Melissa smiled evilly knowing joelle can d*e anytime soon according to how her doctor prescribe the substance to he effective.

Joelle wiped her tears and sat down at the rooftop of the house.

She ignored some of the maid gossiping down stairs.

Even if sam forget her and punish her everyday, she still loves to be under the same roof with him.

She misses mrs bills too..she stop visiting when sam yells at her cause of melissa and also when she tried taking joelle with her.

She smiled looking at the neckless as she rubbed her small baby bump, but the smile died down when she fell a sharp pain below her abdomen,this is not the first time she is feeling such pain but this one hit her hard.

Sam won’t let her leave the house talk less of going to the hospital.

She is just 2 months gone..she can’t be in labor can she?.

The pain hit her again and she let out an agonizing cry as she felt her body system weakens.



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