{His heartbeat..}

By Maya (j.A)

~~~~CHAPTER 61&62~~~~

{Brain proble!}

“My miller” said and when him but he is not breathing anymore.

“Miller you can’t do this to me…am pregnant already” she screamed with tears in her eyes.

Melissa quickly call the emergency line and in few minutes they were there already.

Joelle couldn’t stop crying while she stand out side his ward waiting for the doctor’s reply.

Melissa walk out of the hospital heading to where no one knows.

Mr and Mrs bills rushed into the hospital immediately.

“What happened to my son” she cried.

“He tried protecting me from an unknown gunshot… I..am the cause of his problem.. I..” joelle cried while Mrs bills pulled her into a hug.

“He will be fine…he can’t just leave like that..I know my son to be a strong man..“ She patted.

“I want to see him our baby wants to see him” she blurted and Mrs bills blink her eyes rapidly.

“Wait you are pregnant?“ She asked and joelle nod.

“The bullet has been operated out and we are expecting him to wake up anytime from now but he is going to have a little problem which we don’t know about yet, cause the bullet did some damage to him” the doctor said and joelle tears increased.

Rana rushed in with her mom and aunt Freya.

“Jo what happened…i saw the proposing pictures and video…why now in hospital?“ freya asked.

“Mom” she cried and walk into her mom’s arms while Freya pat her.

“Hey it alright am here okay” Freya cooed.

Melissa smirk evilly as she aim the pistol at the last guy out of three.

“You did a different job instead of another”she said almost in tears.

“But its not our fault.. We are really sorry” the guy begged in fear as he was tied down…the other two guys are dead already.

“Really the guy you shot is the guy I want.. How could you do such thing…i don’t know if he will survive or not..and I won’t forgive myself if anything bad happens to him” she said and shot the last guy dead.

“Sowwy” she grinned evilly before walking out.

Melissa walked into the hospital with tears all over her face.

“I contact the police already and they tracked the culprit only to find them dead mom” she said to mrs bills as she hiccups.

Mrs bills glare at her from head to toe then scoff.

“How do I believe you are not even the main culprits” mrs bills scoffed.

“Hey melody she can’t be.. She has been a good girl for the last three months..beside she don’t have any connection she is just a little girl” Mr bills said and pulled the crying Lisa into his arms.

“Um..he is awake!!“ The doctor announced.

They all rushed into his ward to see him.

Joelle was the first to rush towards him.

“Sam..miller?!“ She cried and tried touching him but he yank her hand away.

“Who are you?“ He asked and her eyes widened.

Melissa heart leaped in joy…could this be real.

*new york prison
Dwayne sigh as he step out for a hard work.

He bump into Ashely and she frowned.

“Its seems you have sight problem right?“ she yelled and he flinched..he has never seen a harsh girl like her.

He thought cassie was harsh but this girl is worst.

Her body has different tattoo and piercings but she is the most beautiful girl in the prison.. He won’t lie she is more cute that cassie..especially with her bad girl look.

He was still staring at her when she hit him on his groin and fell on his knee.

“You can’t even apologize, punk” she cursed and walk out.

He groaned in pain as he hold his thing down there.

This is the third time they bumping into each other and she will do this to him…she don’t know this hurt like m*d.

“I will get you” he groaned and stand up.

He Stans up and walk out to join the other prisoners in the van ready to go their daily job.

He checked his work list for the week, its to move cement bags from the first floor to the fourth floor using stairs at the cement company.

He search for his partner and its Ashley.

His eyes widened when he saw her name and her picture behind his name and picture.

“Fůçƙ” he cursed and turn around to meet her staring at him.

“why you punk?“ She gnashed and walked into the company.

“Am going to take 25 bags and you should take 5 bags cause i can see you are so weak”she smirked and clasp her hand together as she picked two bags.

Dwaybe just chuckled and picked four cement bag and her eyes widened.

He walk out leaving her speechless.

She run after him.

Soon the two were back to take another bags.

Dwayne mistakenly hit her as* and she turn to kick him on his thing again when Dwayne grip her leg.

“Am sorry but if you hit me down there again.. Your bre*st won’t be standing anymore “ he said and she gasped as she move away from him.

“You pevert” she cried and cover her chest, while dwayne chuckled and take his four bags of cement again and left her there.

She dressed like boy and she don’t wear ьѓä…out of her four years in prison no guy has ever dare said that to her.

She winced when she felt her menstural cramps..gosh this pains.. She has been experiencing it since three days now and the idiot isn’t ready to come out..
She thought and winced again.

Dwayne walk in and met her wincing.

“Bad girl ain’t that strong like she claimed” he teased and tried taking another bag but his eyes dimmed when he saw a stain in her clothes

He sigh and pulled his clothes and stretch it to her.

“Here” he said but Ashley was lost staring at his abs.

The dangerous tattoo on them make him look so hot.

She has not seen any guy this hot all her years in this prison.

“Don’t look too much my girlfriend is more dangerous than you are” he said to get her attention and she jolt back to reality.

“For what?“ she snapped.

“You had stains on your back” he said and throw the clothes at her as he walk out with his cement hastily before she flares up.

Ashley felt so embarrassed but she went ahead and tied the clothes round her waist.

She smiled when she remember how he take off his clothes.

“He is cute though” she said and blushed.

“I don’t know her mom..I only know melissa to be my wife ..I remember wedding her at the new york sea shore” sam said clinging to melissa.

Joelle felt her heart breaking.

“We are sorry to say but its seem he is having a problem with his brain” the doctor cried and sam frowned



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