{His heartbeat..}

By Maya (j.A)

~~~~CHAPTER 59&60~~~~

{I love you!}

Cassie eyes moved from dwayne to Milton then to Dwayne again.

“5minutes to go”the cops shouted and her eyes moved to his lips.

Milton eyes widened as he saw what she is about to do.

She slowly moved closer to him and placed her lips on his Ṣūçƙing his lower lips first, like its a sweet nectar.

Milton watch them with hurt all over his face.
He turn around and rush out of the scene in tears.

Dwayne lowered his self down to Cassie’s height so she could K!SS him well.

His hand were itching to move to her waist but they can’t.

She broke the K!SS gasping for air and stare at him in the eyes.

I will always come to check on you, not as a lover but as a friend ..i hope you understand this is just a farewell K!SS “she muttered and turn around as she run out of the place with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Dwayne watch her leave as the K!SS still played in his head.

He sighed as the cop walk him into the cop van and drove out.

Freya blink unbelievably as she got into her car with joelle who is directing her to Rana’s house.

They got to the apartment and they step out.

They knocked and the door opened and rana step out.

“Jo” she squeaked and pulled her into a hug forgetting there is someone beside her.

“hey Rana is your dad back?“ Joelle asked breaking the hug.

“Um…good evening ma’am” she greeted when she saw aunt freya looking so worried.

“Evening dear” freya replied making her surprise.

“Yes dad is back and he said he can’t wait to see you..you guys should come in” she muttered and ushered them in.

They got in and met Mavis sitting on a couch as he watch the evening news.

“Dad meet my friend joelle and her..um…mo..sorry aunt” she stuttered .

“am her mom..“ Freya corrected and Rana stared at her unbelievably..

Wait did she change over night??.

“Freya?“ Mavis stuttered.

“Mavis?“ Freya said with tears in her eyes.

“Freya where have you been?“ Mavis said and without thinking twice he pulled her into a hug.

“She didn’t waist a second as she pushed him away and land two host slap on his face.

“Hah” Rana and joelle gasped along with Mrs Mavis whom just walk in.

“How dare you barge into my house to slap my husband just like that” Mrs mavis said and rushed towards freya but stopped when she view Freya face clearly.

“You?“ She gasped.

Tears rushed down Freya’s eyes as she look at mavis and his wife.

“You..so you later married her after you nearly ruined my life mavis?“ She cried while Rana and joelle watch the scene like an interesting drama.

“Am sorry freya..it wasn’t my fault our family set us up..I search for you after the incident but I couldn’t find you ..I searched Freya…” mavis said as he take a step closer to Freya who moved back in tears.

“He is right, he search for you and when he couldn’t find you he turned into a drunkard…and I had to break up with my boyfriend to fix my life with him when I find out I was pregnant.. We are really sorry freya” Rana mother muttered.

“Well I moved on too but that’s your child…i only came to inform you that morning that am pregnant but..it went the other way round” Freya muttered wiping her tears.

Before mavis could turn to look at Joelle.. Rana jumped on her.

“Yes..yes..I got a sister…can’t believe my bestie is my sister” she screamed happily while joelle felt so speechless

Mavis stared at Joelle in shock.

“How did you survive all this years?“ He asked with a breaking voice.

“After I left ..I begin to leave in the street where I beg to eat until I met Marcus.. He took me in even with my pregnancy and take care of me”

“he showered me love even if my heart belongs to another but with time I learn to love him too…we got married and I have three kids for him” she explained and mavis pulled her into a hug again

“Am really sorry freya..am sorry you have to went through all that cause of me”he apologized and she nod.

“Its alright” she said and break from the hug.

“Am really sorry Freya..I never mean to be the obstacles between you two” Rana mother apologized and Freya pull her into a hug.

“Its alright”

“Can she move in with us?“ Rana screamed and they all chuckled


“We will be leaving now..“ Freya announced

Getting to their apartment, Freya step down along with Joelle.

Joelle suddenly hugged Freya so tight.

“Am sorry you went through a lot cause of me mom..I did be worst child ever if I don’t forgive you” she cried and Freya smiled hugging her too.

“Am sorry for being so stupid all this while…i love you Elle” she said and peck her hair.

Minnie smiled as she watch from the window while Billy and Nora frowned from where they watch.

Cassie couldn’t stop thinking about dwyane nor Milton.

How is Dwayne doing in the cell for now and Milton?, is he okay.. He left heartbroken.

She picked her coat and put it on and left with her car key.

“I will be back tomorrow” she said to her maid and left.

She drive to Milton’s apartment.

She step out and placed a knock on the door and a maid ushered her in.

“Hello young lady who are you please?“ A woman in her early 40s said and cassie could tell its Milton’s mom.

“Good evening ma’am..am cassie, am looking..“she trailed off when Mrs Grayson pulled her into a hug.

“Oh you are the lady our son used to talk about?…huh?…jeez can’t believe a lady finally came to check our son…after all he has been avoiding different ladies” she muttered and cassie eyes widened.

“Is she the lady he is almost running mad for?“ Mr Grayson asked walking down stairs.


“Yes he returned back earlier ..he seems to be in tears.. He has never been like that all this years…he start been moody since I find out he had interest in a lady” mr Grayson cooed.

“Um..sir please where is he?“ She asked.

“Upstairs second room” Mrs Grayson cooed.

“And aslo cassie brown right?..sorry for what happened to your dad earlier” he apologized and cassie nod as she take the stairs.

She got to the room and placed a knock on the door.

“Go away…i don’t wanna eat or see anyone” he replied.

“Milton its me” she said and everywhere went silent.

The door pulled open and she walk in.

He slammed the door and walk back to the bed.

“What do you want?“ He asked.

“Am sorry Milton, its just a farewell K!SS, he was my first love..I never mean to hurt you” she said and approach him on the bed.

She joined him on the bed and kneel before him.

“Don’t get mad at me…dwayne was my first love and when he asked for that..I had no choice than to give him that since he is going to jail cause of me…am sorry Milton” she apologize.

“So you don’t love him anymore?” he asked like a baby.

“No…i love you milton…I don’t know how you did it but am in love with you” she said.

“Prove it” he pouted.

She smiled and cupped his cheeks as she slowly lean down and K!SS him.

Its didn’t take a second as Milton take over the K!SS as he flip her over and begin to K!SS her slowly.

Melissa, haven, rana, Cassie, Aaron, joelle and sam walk out of the ELLE studio after taking a photo shoot for a company cover.

Things had been going well for the past three months.

They graduated from busy Brian with flying colors and Melissa apologize for her misdeeds and they all believes she has changed for good.

They now works for Elle as Elle idols

Two car stopped in their front and two hot guys step out revealing milton and yeol

“Boo” cassie screamed and run into Milton’s arms.

“Baby” Yoel said and pulled haven into a hug.

“Hey sam” Yoel cooed and they give each other a side hug.

Milton exchange handshake with Aaron and sam.

Cassie walk into Milton’s Car and they drove out.

Same with haven and Yoel.

Aaron smiled naughtily and hold Rana’s hand as they walk to his car and waved the other’s bye before leaving.

Melissa sighed and face sam and joelle.

“Guess am stuck with you guys.. So let go” she smiled and joelle giggled.

Sam halt at a shopping mall and they all step out.

“Before we go in there I have two surprise for you..i will.gihe you one here and tell you the other tonight” joelle said and poked Sam’s chest while he chuckled.

“Here” she said and brought a necklace having sam and joelle as the pendant.

She hand him the one with joelle and take the one with sam.

He smiled and K!SSed the top of her nose as he fixed it for her while she fixed his for him too while melissa watch them.

A message pop on Melissa’s phone and she text back.

“Okay Here is my surprise too guess you first me” he said going on his knee.

👥”isn’t that the president son?“

👥”isn’t that the Elle idols?“

👥”I love you melissa”

👥”I love you jo”

👥”marry me Sam”

👥”wait don’t tell me my crush is proposing?“(pass out)”

”I don’t have a lot of romantic words in my heads now but I promise to cherish you forever…will you be the mother of unborn kids?..will you marry me joelle Mavis?“ He muttered and joelle jaw dropped as tears breed her eyes.

“Yes sam..yes my miller..“She said and sam slipped the ring in her hand,he stand up and pull her into her a hug.

His eyes widened when he saw a bullet coming.

“He was fast to swift round and the bullet penetrate into his back.

“I love you Jo” he muttered with blood oozing from his mouth and he slowly went down with his eyes close.

Melissa eyes Widened as her mouth dropped.

Joelle hand begin to shiver as she went down to sam body on the floor…cant believe what just happened…like it happened too fast.

“My miller” said and shake him but he is not breathing anymore.

“Miller you can’t do this to me…am pregnant already” she screamed with tears in her eyes.



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