{His heartbeat..}

By Maya (j.A)


~~~~CHAPTER 57&58~~~~

{K!SS me!!}

“You should be lucky he didn’t add your name Ɓîtçh” cassie yelled and free her self from Dwayne as she grabbed Melissa’s neck chocking her.

“Hey cassie” Rana and joelle cried and drag her from Melissa who is coughing so hard on the floor.

“But your dad can do something about it right?“ Cassie said facing Dwayne.

“He tried but they refused so they finally concluded I go for 5 months in prison while your dad and melissa dad go on 30 years in prison” he explained and cassie palmed her face in tears.

“They deserve it though” she sigh and face Dwayne.

“I can’t believe all this..i need to be alone” she burst into another round of tears as she run out of the scene.

“I ha,te you all” melissa screamed and run out in tears while Dwayne just sighed and sam pull him into a hug.

“An sorry bro..dad is the cause of all this” sam patted and she just nod.

“Thanks for forgiving me bro…tell mom I love her” he said and sam felt his heart breaking.

“Hey we are gonna see mom together before you go for jail okay”

“I can’t, she might ha.te me, I don’t wanna break her heart” he said with his eyes red from trying to stop the tears in his eyes from rolling down his face.

“She will only be heartbroken if you don’t see her” sam said and he nod

“I can’t believe dad create all this mess” sam said as he relaxed his head on joelle lap.

“I can’t believe mr and Mrs Kelvin has been arrested for malpractice and human trafficking too” joelle muttered in disbelief

“Human are human you know” sam said and sit up facing her.

“Yeah…am going home tonight” she said and sam smiled as he cup her cheeks.

“Are you ready cause am hard already” he pouted and her cheeks flushed red.

“Fůçƙ off naughty sam” she said and tried leaving him but he grabbed her back bu the waist and she fell on the bed and he hovered over her immediately.

“I love you so much joelle don’t ever leave me no matter what” he said

“I promise I won’t” she smiled and he claimed her lips..while he slowly unƁụťťoned his clothes.

He raise his arms and she slips it off his body easily, he reconnect thier lip and his hands found its way to her top,grabbing her Ɓø0ɓs directly.

“Hmm” She Mõ@ɲed sweetly into the K!SS and he kept pressing it’s Softly feeling it’s warmness.

He was almost pulling off her top but he suddenly stop.

“Why?” Joelle said impatiently and Sam chuckle.

“You don’t expect us to do it here, let’s go” He grabbed her hand and pick his shirt before walking out.

They got to his car and he drove off quickly, Joelle almost lost it and K!SS him hard but she controlled herself, she won’t want him to lost the wheel.

He finally pulled his car to an halt in front of his apartment and he got down, he open the door for her and carried her before she could protest.

They got into and he immediately slam his lips on hers hungrily, walking towards his room,not breaking the K!SS. Her lips was curled between his waist as he open the door with his hand and locked it.

He placed her on the bed gently and Joelle quickly pulled him to herself impatiently reconnecting thier lips.

His hand slipped to her bare back and he unhook her ьѓä before slipping the too off her body, her Ɓø0ɓs came to view and Joelle bit her lips shyly, no guy has ever seen her nudity and she can’t help but her nervous already..

He didn’t wait any minutes before groping one into his mouth, Ṣūçƙing on it crazily as if to extract milk from it while pressing the other one softly.

Joelle threw her head backward and bit her lips countlessly as she felt million of pleasure hitting her head. She really love what she is doing to him and he never want him to stop.

Her hand rans through his hair as he his hand went under her mini skirt grabbing her @ss directly, he pressed it possesively and slowly lowered her P@ŋts.

She was so fking wet already and Sam release her bbs and went for her ćƖĩť, licking every single part of her honeypot, Joelle couldn’t hold the Mõ@ɲs any longer as she felt a whole of sensation. she has ever felt this way before it’s like she was in cloud 9.

He stop Ṣūçƙing her ćƖĩť0ris and replaced it with his finger, Joelle gasp as his finger move in and out of her honeypot.




She bit the bedsheets as she find it hard to surpress her Mõ@ɲs as he kept finger Fůçƙing her.

“I’m sorry, Should I stop” Sam ask and Joelle manged to shook her head.

“But it’s your first time” he said

“Don’t you dare!!” She said seriously and he can’t help but chuckles.

He replaced it with two and Joelle bit her lips hard, He K!SSed her lips and her voice deduced a bit.

She was unaware of when he thrust his Ďïčk insides her, she almost screamed out but he deepening the K!SS and she responded slowly..

He kept moving in and out of her slowly and Joelle broke the K!SS when she couldn’t get over the pain.

She knew it was going to hurt but not this much, her lips parted on thier own accord and tears slip out of her eyes.

“It’s hurt, it’s hurt so much”She closed her eyes tight fighting back her tears but they kept coming willingly.

“I’m sorry, just endure” Sam whispered and K!SSed her face.

He let out a pleasurable graon when he buried his whole length inside. The feeling was really second to none.

He stayed like that allowing Joelle to the intrusion allowing Joelle to adjust to the intrusion, before he increased the pace,he kept going steadily till the pain slowly slipped away and pleasure kicked it.

“Sam…aarh” Joelle Mõ@ɲed out and Sam K!SSed her, she responded hungrily. They kept K!SSing each other till Joelle broke it when she could surpress her Mõ@ɲs.

“I love you Sam” She screamed in pleasure

“I love you so much Joelle, you’re so sweet” Sam replied and K!SS her again.

“I want to hear you scream my name” He whispered to her hearing and K!SS her neck sensitively.

“Sam!!…I love you” she Mõ@ɲed sweetly and Sam grinned and immidiately K!SSed her.

Cassie got home and fling her bag across the room.

Her life is a mess..her dad has been jailed cause of his stupid greed..

All the maid in the house felt pity for her as their boss is been jailed leaving only her.

She hugged her pillow crying so hard.

“I miss you mom” she cried and look at her mom big portrait on the wall..

“you sure you can walk home?“ Sam asked while joelle blushed biting her lips.

“Yeah..“ She replied and step down from his car.

“Good night heartbeat” he muttered and she nod.

She blushed as she walk into the house remembering the way she Mõ@ɲed and cried while sam take her first time.

She got home and met ain’t great waiting at the door step looking worried.

“Who was that guy?“ She asked.

“The last time I checked its none of your business” she fired and Freya gulp down nothing.

“Am really sorry about how I have been treating you joelle you don’t understand the pain i feel every night…you won’t understand the memory that came along with you” Freya mutterer and joelle stared at her dumbly.

“Ion care” she muttered and trued leaving.

“Can you do yourself a favour and stay away from that guy…he seems rich and I don’t think he is good for you” she muttered and joelle stopped on her track.

“You never taught me what is good for me and bad for me why now?“ Joelle asked stubbornly.

“Because loving rich guys comes with pain..and I don’t think you can bare it” she muttered and joelle rolled her eyeball.

“No matter what you say am not leaving him.. Do your worst” she muttered.

“I have promise my self not to be harsh you anymore but I pray what happened between I and Mavis shane don’t happen to you” she muttered in tears and turn around.

“Mavis shane?“ Joelle gasped…thats rana’s dad

“Is he my dad?“ Joelle asked.

“Yes and don’t even ask of him cause I don’t know his whereabouts for the past 20 years” she said as tears rolled down her cheeks and joelle stand dumbfounded.

She pulled her phone from her bag and go through her galleries.

She click one picture of Rana and her dad and point it towards Freya.

“Is that him?“

“Huh where did you get that from?“

“I know him?“ Joke blurted.

“what?“ Freya gasped as the object she is holding fell from her hand.

Cassie wiped her tears and sat down trying to think of something that will help her.

Her phone ringhed and she checked the caller id to see it Dwayne.

She wanted to ignore at first but later picked.

Her eyes widened when a strange voice boomed in her ear.

“Hello this is cop Bryce…the owner of this phone request to see you one last time before going to jail” the voice said and cassie eyes begin to produce tears again.

She rushed out of her bed and changed into something simple before running out with her car key.

That stupid boy..he was her first love…and is still her first love.

Mafia isn’t really a good thing.

In few minutes she was already at his apartment.

She met mrs bills crying so hard while sam persuade her as he move her from there and Dwayne?.. His hand were handcuffed backwards.

He just stand looking helpless as his eyes locked with cassie.

“Dwayne” she muttered inaudibly.

He just smile at her and before she knew it her legs were already active on it won as they run to him hugging so tight while she cried so hard on his hard chest.

“Do you really have to lie ?“ She cried and dwayne just stared at her..he wanted to hold her into his arms but too bad his hand were handcuffed.

“Am sorry”he said.

“Am gonna tell the cops the truth.. I can’t watch you suffer for me..I…i love you Dwayne but you just f*cked up” she cried hitting his chest.

“Don’t try that or am gonna end my self” he said and she stopped hitting him staring at his face in surprise.

“Before I go can I get a K!SS?..at least it going to keep me going?…i won’t have to end my life in jail” he said staring at her eyes

Her mind flashed back go their teenage age…how they do play.. Go on a piggy ride.. How he keep her busy and make her happy…make her not too think much about her mom.. How she use to treat the injuries he get from harsh training but the devil suddenly take control of his brain one day

Cassie eyes moved to his pink plumps pouted lips and gulpd down.

“Dwayne, cassie?“ Milton said rushing into the scene.

He heard Dwayne is about to be jailed so he run to his apartment to bade him goodbye since he finally turned a new leaf before going…but right now he is seeing something else..why is he standing so close to the girl he loved.

Cassie eyes moved from dwayne to Milton then to Dwayne again.

“5minutes to go”the cops shouted and her eyes moved to his lips as she lean closer.

Milton eyes widened as he saw what she is about to do.



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