{His heartbeat..}

By Maya (j.A)


~~~~CHAPTER 55&56~~~~

{Getting rid of her v*rginity!!}

He pick to his heels running to the boys lodge.

Did she really want to get rid of her v*rginty for him?

She can’t he that st*pid right.

He run as fast he could till he got yo the room.

He banged on the door and the door pull open revealing a guy in a towel.

He didn’t say anything as he push the guy out of his way making his way in.

He met her on the bed with her face soaked in tears.


“Yeol!?” they both gasped the same time.

“How could you?“ He said in disbelief.

“I love you and I don’t wanna loose you” she cried, more tears streaming gown her cheeks.

“What the h£ll is happening here?“ The guy said and Yoel shot him a dreadful glare.

“He grab haven hand and drag her out of the room.

They got to his room and he slam the door and pinned her to it.

“You wanna get rid of your pride cause of me?..did you take permission from me first huh?“ He asked angrily.

“I..I..am sorry” she stuttered and stuck her gaze to the floor

“Don’t, ever try that again” he scold and she nod.

He sighed and pull her into a hug.


The students gather at the exam hall ready to watch the competition…they busy brains were deeply worried, cause every year the oceana always win.

Some said it’s fowl, while some say its fair.

Joelle sat down waiting for Bianca to come in.

The entrance door open and Bianca walk in with her big long gown glaring daggers at Joelle from afar.

Her eyes landed on sam and she let out a seducing smile as she bit the corner of her lips.

She walk to her sit with her shoe making sound.

“So the competition start now” said one of the admin.

“evaluate 21.05347 – 1.6324 × 0.43 to 3 decimal places”

Bianca frowned hearing the questions.

“Wait this is not the questions we set right” Mr kelvin said and Mrs Kelvin said at the same time.

“Well I ask the authorities to change it…i mean it stupid for you two to set the questions…just because you two are the principal or directors of both school doesn’t you two should set the questions I mean your child is among the competitor so its wrong and I change the questions” sam said and everyone Stare at him speechlessly.

“Um..sir the answer is 20.352” joelle smiled and the admins nod.

“Correct” appeared on the big screen in the hall.

“Okay question 2..one of the functions of xylem is ?“

“reducing lose of water” bianca replied.


“Strengthening the stem” joelle replied.


Busy brain begin to cheer happily while Bianca frowned angrily.

“Volcanoes are considered natural resources cause they provide?“

“fertile soil” Bianca replied.


“ beryllium and aluminum have similar properties cause they?“

“are both metals”she replied smirking.


“they Are position diagonally to each other”
Joelle muttered.


“Primary coloure of light are?“

“I don’t know” Bianca blurted and the crowd gasped.

“Blue, green and red” jolle smiled.


👥”bianca is a disgrace”

👥”does it mean she have been cheating all this years?“

👥”what do you expect?, her parents are the both school directors.

👥”I ha,te her already”

“When sodium chloride and metallic sodium are each dissolved in water, whatvarethe reaction?“

“The dissolution of sodium chloride is explosive” joelle replied.


“We have come to the end of the competition and busy brains win the competition with 5 points while oceana wins with 1 point…congratulations busy brains”


👥”so it has really been cheating all this years?“

👥”the both directors should be charged to court for all the malpractices”

Joelle smiled happily and run into sam wide arms.

“Thanks for making us proud” sam said and pecked her cheeks.

“Thanks for making me believe in my self” she said and hugged him relaxing her head on his chest.

👥”Bianca is a disgrace”

👥”so she isn’t really brilliant?“

Bianca run out of the hall in tears and shame.

Mr Kelvin balled his fist in anger

With what just happened he is not going to give joelle yo mr snow just like that

He is going to end her!!.

“Congratulations girl” cassie, rana and haven muttered hugging joelle and she smiled hugging them back.

“Thanks guys without you all I couldn’t have do this” she muttered.

“Guess what?“ Cassie said and rana blushed.

“Rana is officially dating Aaron…i saw them K!SSing and I am thinking of giving Milton a chance but guys can be stupid at time you know, so am still thinking” she said and they a all burst into laughter.

“Um cassie can we talk?“ Dwayne said interrupting them and she shot him a glare.

The girls gave her the eyes of go ahead and she went to meet him.

“Um am sorry for what happened to us five years back, I know that so inhuman and unreasonable but am sorry please do find a place in your heart and forgive me” he apologized.

“Really you think that will do?..why are you apologizing now?“ She asked.

“Cause I wanna get rid of mr snow and I think am going to jail soon cause i report the mafia stuff to the cops…don’t tell anyone about this, you are the first person am telling this to apart from my dad” he blurted and her eyes widened.

“What do you mean..wait am going to jail too?“ She asked grabbing his collar angrily.

“no..no cassie I lied to the cops that I forced you into it and all your crime is under me so am gonna serve all the punishment” he said smiling sadly and she slowly let go of her grip on his collar.

“What have you done you basta”d?“ She cried.

“Am sorry maybe that’s my destiny.. And am sorry once again… sorry for not telling you my feelings earlier cause of pride…i love you cassie” he blurted and she glares daggers at him as tears brimmed in her eyes.

“You are sick upstairs and you know what Ion believe you” she said tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I have to stop all this or Melissa dad is leading this to somewhere else he has a po*n company and guess what he is also a human trafficker” he said and her eyes widened.

“Did our dad know about this?“ She asked .

“My dad don’t know about it but your dad do..and I told my dad and he is on it ..he said we may go to jail cause of it but since he is the president, he may helped me out” he explained and cassie grabbed her hair in frustration.

“I don’t want you to go to jail so I ask him to file your case under me…i will take your punishment cassie because I do love you” he muttered and cassie burst into a loud cry drawing the attention of her friends.

“How could you” she cried hitting his chest.

Sam rushed into the scene.

“What have you done man…what about mom?“ He half yelled cause his dad informed him already.

“Am sorry maybe its my fate?“ He said and pulled cassie into a hug to stop her from hitting him.

Melissa walk into the scene with tears on her eyes.

“How could you.. You basta”d how could you make them jail my dad?“ She cried running towards him.

“You should be lucky he didn’t add your name Ɓîtçh” cassie yelled and free her self from Dwayne as she grabbed Melissa’s neck chocking her.



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