BAD BOY πŸ”žπŸ’š
(Becoming his addiction)


Written: By, Succy j


They all sat down in the dinning eating silently, each staring at each other.

“So how long have you been working as a maid for Ryan?” Dylan asked, chewing his beef.

“Hmm two days” Rose replied. She took the strawberry fruit from the plate, and ate it.

Ryan licked his lips as she saw her does that, and his friends bursted into laughter.

It was more like they were the only one that knows him better when he is with rose.

“Anything funny in what I said?” Rose asked confused, wondering why they were laughing.

“No. It is just that Ryan is damn so mad over you. He can’t stop staring at you” Mandison and they Bursted into laughter again, making Ryan frowned.

Rose chuckled, and turned to look at Ryan, who didn’t even stared at her.

He was still damn embarrassed.

“When are you guys leaving my house” Ryan said.

“Hmmm tomorrow. Let have some fun” Teddy said, and Ryan scoffed.

“What is with the face. We usually stay in your house, and have some fun…..Or is it” Teddy cleared his throat, directing his gaze to rose, and Ryan slapped him on the head.

“Yeah. Get out! You ruined my day” Ryan said, angrily, and his friends bursted into laughter.

It was damn obvious he was annoyed. He just wanted to have a good time with rose, have fun with her, laughed at any funny scences, smile at every sweet scences….. but they just ruined their moment.

If eyes could kill they would probably be dead by now, due tobthe way Ryan was glaring at them.

“Hmmm rose how is your friend?” Dylan asked.

“Which of my friend?” Rose asked back.

“Mareth” He replied. His friends just rolled their eyes.

“She is okay.” She replied.

“Hmm does she have a boyfriend?” Dylan asked, and rose Scoffed.

“Forget about it” He said, and his friends laughed.

“We can all watch movie together right. It will be more fun” Rose said excitedly, and the others cleared their throat staring at Ryan who was foaming angrily. It was more like seeking For his approval.

“Woah. That will be nice” They all screamed, Except Ryan who would not stop foaming.




“Seriously guys I don’t watch horror movies. I can’t sleep when I watch them” Rose said, looking so scared already.

“Come on. You got four boys here ready to protect you. You can jump on any of our body” Mandison Said, and Ryan glared harshly at him.

“Who the hell is that?” Rose pointed to the young man wearing a black hoodie, and a mask holding a knife in the movie.

“Damn…he is….so scary” Rose shuttered nervously.

It was obvious she was damn so scared with the way she was clinging unto Ryan who was beside her, and he didn’t say anything.

His friends stared at each other, and laughed silently.

“Oh my goodness” Rose screamed, and jumped into Ryan thigh when the masked man stab someone in the eyes.

Almost immediately the light turned off.

She slowly opened her eyes only to met with a pair of blue eyes staring at her.

She sighed softly staring at him.

Ryan taked a good look at her, and smirked. This is not the first time he was staring at her that way, but this was the first time he was staring at her in the dim room. He leaned closer to her, closing the space between them, and she did the same. He noticed she was breathing heavily, and he smirked. Their lips met, and the moment Ryan tongue pressed rose lower lip, she parted her mouth like a freshly split- open fig, welcoming him into the warmth of her mouth. His tongue slipped inside her insistent mouth. Her lips tasted like cherry. A moment later her hand slipped from his neck and her hand gripped his dark hair. He hands felt like warm embers, raising a fire from within him. His hand crept to her waist, and his chest pressed against hers.

It was more like rose realized what she was doing, and she quickly pulled away, and Ryan groaned softly as he kept his eyes clenched for a moment afterward, not wanting to break from the K!SS for even a moment. The last thing he wanted was to pull away from her.

The light got turned on, only to see the boys staring at them with mouth opened.

“Damn. Someone just tell me I was imagining things” Teddy said, and slapped his cheek.

“I told you guys. I knew they were going to K!SS when the light turned off” Dylan said laughing.

“That K!SS was damn hot” dylan said with a smile, and winked at Ryan who just smirked.

Rose quickly got up from his thigh, and rushed upstairs, and the boys bursted into laughter.

“Don’t tell me she is shy.” Mandison Said, and Ryan smirked looking upstairs.

It was obvious rose was shy and embarrassed. She had told him that she was never going to allow him K!SS her..but she couldn’t keep to her word.

He smirked, and touch his lips. He just couldn’t get over the K!SS. He was expecting her to slap him but instead she reciprocated the K!SS.

Her lips were so sweet, soft and he can’t just get over the K!SS.

“So what are your plans now bestie. I think you should ask her out” Teddy said, and Ryan sighed.




“Damn rose. What the hell have you done!” She yelled, and roughed her hair.

A part of her was happy or she was happy but she was just so scared that Ryan only to want to have SΒ£X with her. She felt like he is being nice to he because he wants to get under her skirt..but Is that what he really want to do.



“Good morning Rose” The maids greeted with a smile all over their faces, and she scoffed.

She does not want to listen to any FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing rumors about her, and Ryan dating.

“You keep telling us lie but you exposed yourself to us. You guys are so perfect together” one of the maid said, and rose, taking the coffee.

She gulped down, and knock on the door, but got no reply.

“You should know that you are to come inside” Ryan said.

Rose gulped, and gently opened the door, Only to meet with Ryan seated on the bed, staring at her.

“Good morning sir. I brought your coffee” Rose said, not even staring at her, and she dropped the coffee on the table.

She made to walk out but Ryan pulled her to his thigh.

“Look at me rose” Ryan said, softly but rose didn’t mover her head a bit.

“Are you Avoiding me because of what happened yesterday?” Ryan asked, and rose scoffed.

“Nothing happened between us yesterday Ryan” Rose said, and Ryan scoffed.

“Are you trying to prentend like you don’t want the K!SS. We both know you were longing for that K!SS, and don’t you try to deny the fact that you didn’t like the K!SS” Ryan said, and rose sighed.

“I didn’t like the K!SS” Rose replied, and Ryan scoffed.

“So you are going to deny it to my face that you didn’t like it. Seriously?

“I didn’t like it” Rose replied back, and Ryan sighed.

“Let me love you rose in a way even the sun will ask permission to touch you” Ryan whispered, and K!SS her forehead, and rose gulped down.

They both stared at each other, eyes, hearts warming at the gaze of each other.

His lip leaned closer, but rose stood up immediately, and h rolled his eyes.

“I just can’t get enough of you. What have you done to me Rose.” Ryan said, and rose sighed.

“You can go now” Ryan said, and she rushed out immediately.

It was more like she has been waiting for that.

Ryan chuckled, and clicked his tongue.

“You didn’t like the K!SS, yet you were clinging unto me” Ryan chuckled, and shaked his head.




The boys sat down in the sitting room, playing games when rose came downstairs wearing her sport wear.

“Where are you going looking so sexy?” Dylan asked, and rose chuckled.

“Am going jogging” she replied with a smile.

“WaW! That is nice” Teddy said.

“I am coming with you” They all turned to the stairs only to see Ryan, and he wore a sport cloth.

He was looking so hot, that rose couldn’t stop staring at him.

He wore singlet, showing his abs a little, and them a short.

“Hmmm hmmm” Ryan cleared his throat, and that was when rose looked away from him.

His friends laughed, making the young girl feel embarrassed.

“Why do you have to come with me? I mean….”

“I don’t see anything wrong in me jogging also” Ryan replied, and rose sighed.

“Yeah nothing is wrong with that” His friends said. It was more like they were partners in crimes.

Rose sighed, and walked out.

“Have fun” His friends yelled after him, as he walked out.





“They are here” A student screamed, and almost immediately the school compound were crowded, waiting for their idols to step out.

“Do I really have to come with you guys?” Rose asked nervously.

“Oh yeah, you have to, and aslo you are in our musical team” Teddy said, and rose sighed.

They stepped into the school compound, and everyone screamed excitedly.

πŸ—£οΈ”Love you all my idols”

πŸ—£οΈ”Is that not rose. What the hell is she doing there?”

πŸ—£οΈ”Ryan I love you so much”

πŸ—£οΈ”Teddy you are looking so cute”

πŸ—£οΈ”Mansion can I K!SS you?”

πŸ—£οΈ”Dylan please let me love you”

πŸ—£οΈ”What the hell is rose doing there. ”

πŸ—£οΈ”It is probably because she in their team.”

πŸ—£οΈ”You are looking so cute rose”

πŸ—£οΈ”Ryan marry me”

“Oh my goodness;! Are they dating now?” Ruth questioned Mareth, who just strugged her shoulder.

“If they start to date. Am going to be so happy for her” Ruth said, and the both friends smiled.

“Bestie” Rose hugged them from behind, and they prentended to be angry.

“Come on besties. They insisted I come with them” Rose pouted her lips cutely, and they smiled.

“We aren’t angry at you” Ruth said.

“Hmmm, was dylan there with you guys?” Mareth asked nervously.

“Yeah he was” Rose replied staring at her suspiciously.

“Damn girl. Tell him you love him already, and stop fooling around” Ruth said, and Mareth scoffed.

“You like him?” Rose asked surprised.

“For 3 years now Mareth has been crushing on dylan, and didn’t even have the guts to go close to him” Ruth said, and sighed.

Her mind suddenly drifted to the conversation, they had earlier yesterday, and she gasped.

“Oh my God! I thinks he likes you too” Rose said, and Mareth scoffed.

“Am serious. Yesterday he asked me about you, and also asked me If you have a girlfriend” Rose said, and Mareth gasped.

“Hmmmm” Mareth smiled.

“Bestie so how is your stay with Ryan?” Ruth asked.

Rose drifted to what happened this yesterday, and she gulped down.

“Nothing” She replied, and walked away.

“What is with that face” They both yelled, and rush towards her.




“You called me. What’s up?” Mandison questioned her.

She move towards him, and hugged him, and he scoffed.

“You know mandison I have always have a crush on you” Lillain said seductively, and madison scoffed before pushing her off.

“Go straight to the point” He said rudely, and she huffed.

“Let have SΒ£X” Lillian bite her lips seductively, and madison huffed.

“All you have to do is make Ryan hate Rose” Lillain said.

Mandison grabbed hold of her throat, and she licked her lips seductively.

He tightened his hold around her throat, cutting off her oxygen supplies.

“Don’t you use me as a bait rose. There is no way I am betraying my friend because of SΒ£X I could get anywhere with just my money”

“But… you…liked… me” Lillain said, and he let go of her.

“I liked you, I confessed to you, and you reject it because you were so much into Ryan. I have forgotten about you so don’t ever call me next time to give me such condition, and beside I think Rose is the perfect one for my friend.” He smirked, and walked out of the restroom, leaving Lillain to foam in anger.

“You all are going to pay” She yelled angrily….

T. B. C.


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