Let me be your…


( Love wasn’t part of the plan )



CHAPTER 61 & 62


It’s been over a week now since Rush’s burial. The news eventually got and the masses mourns gravely for his death. Obviously, the band wasn’t left the same as before. They were all gravely shaken especially Robin. For days the atmosphere was sullen. It was like excitement died along with him. Robin whereas has always been in his room wallowing and mourning. To him, nothing hurts more than losing someone dearest to him. Viola on the other hand seems to get over it petty easily. Three days after the burial she got back to work engaging in different commercials and all.

Dwelling over his death wouldn’t change a thing so the guys decided to move on also. They all continued with their lives trying to get the lost excitement back but that isn’t working out with Robin still sulking.

Addison walked into the room slowly, closing the door behind her gently. She started walking towards the bed but then stopped when her foot hit something. It was a bottle. She looked down to realize there were many of it scattered on the floor. She took her eyes away from the empty bottles littering the floor to Robin who laid sprawled on the bed. Slowly she crawled on the bed laying behind him.

Aiden had actually called on her since it seems she’s the only one who could get him out of his misery right now. He left the house whilst Addison came dressing as him. She softly placed her palm on his arms rubbing it slowly.

“Robin…” She called in a serene tone. Robin opens his eyes but said nothing. He didn’t turn over to her either.

“At some point in life we all lose someone or something precious to us. It brings us so much pains and agony but we have no choice but to embrace it like that. Cause there’s nothing else we can do. Wallowing and lamenting is an option…but dwellling in it too much is never an. Sometimes..we just have to accept things the way it is…if not we’ll only lose ourselves. You’ve done it before Robin…I believe you can now as well. He may be out of this world now…but he isn’t out of your heart is he? He’s still part of you and forever will. I know I’m not in any position to say this but…it’s time you let go now. It’s time you stopped hurting yourself. Keep on living.. For yourself, for the millions people waiting out there and for him…and for me waiting for you also” she said the last part within herself.

Robin laid there listening to her without uttering a word. Tears formed in his eyes and slowly, they dripped down his cheeks.

“You can do it Robin…I know you can” She muttered resting her forehead against his back. Her hands wrapped around him and she close her eyes. They remained like that without uttering a word to each other.


Robin rolled from one side to the other on the bed. His hands search for a particular thing on the bed but when he couldn’t lay his hands on what he’s looking for, his eyes came ajar immediately. The bed was empty except him on it and he scrunch his face in displeased. The bathroom door opens and he snaps his head to it.

“Robin! You’re awake!! Thank goodness!!” Aiden exclaimed with smiles walking over to him.

“I actually thought you were gonna sleep throughout today also. You don’t know how worried I was. It’s a good thing you seems better now. What more could I possibly want?” He said.

“You are…?” Robin asked slowly earning a frown from Aiden.

“Does sleeping too much has an side effects? Does Amnesia have to do with it?” He crooked his brow.

Robin blinked his eyes. This is not whom he thought it’d be.

“Nothing…” He muttered lying back on the bed.

“Are you just gonna lie down back? Again?” Aiden asked but he gave him no response.

“Seriously…it was so hard to make you finally wake up I can’t believe you’re going back to sleep” He complained. Robin ignored him and covers himself with the duvet.

“But will you be okay? I have to go out shortly. It’ll be good if you could get some fresh air also. How about we go together? I just need to see Addie before she leaves” He said making him snap his eyes open back.

“Leave?” He thought out loud.

“Yeah…she’s actually going back to the state. Her flight is later in the afternoon by two or three I think. I can’t believe she made the decision to leave. You know what she told me? Addie told me everything seems like her fault. Her coming back actually hurt a lot of people. So she decided to leave back…to her life. I’m actually gonna miss her a lot. Come to think of it…I haven’t done anything to her even though she helped big time” He sighs.

“Wanna tag along?” He touches him.

“No…” Robin replied flatly and he nodded.

“Alright then…I’m gonna be back soon. Take care Robin” He pats him before excusing himself out of the room. Immediately he left, Robin Sat up the bed. His eyes roves around and it landed on his pendant just on the bed stand. She must have left it the other night. That means he isn’t wrong. It was really her. He took the pendant and peered at it affectionately.

So this is her goodbye…he thought.


Later the day, Robin descend the stairs with his hands pocketed.

“BIN!!” Ash called suprisedly running over to him.

“Finally!” He grinned hugging him tightly.

“Hey! You’re chocking me” Robin pulled him away.

“I’m just so Fůçƙing excited to see you well again. You don’t know how worried I’ve been seriously. If you hadn’t come out I was gonna drag you down myself. But thank you really Bin…for not giving up…on any of us” He pulled him into another tight hug.

“I’m sorry for everything…I’m sorry for doubting you…and for my mean remarks. I love you so much Bin. I do” Ash said in a teary voice.

“I’ve heard you so fall off” He made to shake him off but he stayed glued to him.

Robin sighs.

“You can let go new Ash…don’t overdo it” He said in a warning tone and he slowly pulled away sniffing. Robin looks at him then tweak his nose.

“I’ve missed you” Ash mutters but Bin only returned it with a smile.

“I see you’ve finally woken up to your senses…seeing you down here is a surprise. Thought you were gonna die and rot in your room” Finn’s voice said at the kitchen.

“Thanks for your concern” Bin muttered taking a sit.

“Where’s…he?” He asked referring to Aiden.

“He went out since morning and he’s still yet to return.” Ash checked his wristwatch.

“Ah! He must be at the airport. It’s almost time” Ash added.

“Air…port? For what?” He asked feigning oblivion.

“His twin sister is apparently leaving today. According to what I know…she’s isn’t coming back….never!” Finn affirms staring at Robin. They both locked eyes for a while and Robin was the first to break it.

Ash sighs loudly.

“I can’t believe she’s really leaving. I’m gonna miss her a lottt” Ash pouted.

“Just when I thought I finally got the chance to shoot my shot, she had to make this hell of a decision about leaving…my poor heart” He lamented dramatically.

“Aren’t you gonna say something or rather do something?” Finn asked Bin.

“What?” Bin asked uninterested.

Finn couldn’t help but scoffs.

“Don’t give me that face Robin…this is your only chance. If you don’t go after her now I promise you things are never gonna be smooth between us anymore”

“What are you saying Finn? That’s scary” Ash chipped in.

“He knows better. You have forty minutes left…remember any decision you make now is gonna bring out one of the two options. One either you lose her forever or you get to keep her by your side. Think hard and well I’m ain’t gonna say more than that” Finn said before leaving to his room.

“Bin what’s he talking about? Lose?” Ash asked cluelessly.

“It’s nothing” Bin dismissed him resting his back on the sofa.

“I think it is something…” Ash muttered.


Addison check the time on her phone. It’s almost time for her flight to take off and Aiden still haven’t appeared yet. She has been waiting for him for over an hour now but he wouldn’t show up.

She dialled his number but he won’t pick up either.

“Did something happened?” She thought.

A message came to her phone and it was from him

💬 I’ll be there soon…wait for me 💬 The text says.

💬 Be fast…it’s almost time for my flight. And I don’t wanna leave without seeing you at least 💬 She texted back and sighs waiting for him to arrive.


Addison held her luggage tightly. She stood among the crowd of people looking around. Aiden doesn’t seem to be showing up anytime soon and she really needs to get going now.

💬 I’ll call you when I land. Bye for now Sis..I love you 💬 She texted him and sighs keeping her phone in her pocket. She took a step but then stopped.

Memories of when she first arrived flushed through her mind. How she’d met him and everyone of the band members. It was a memory she could never forget.

She smiled reminiscing.

“I’m gonna miss everything…everything” She breathes in and out.

People stares at her as they passes by. Some murmurs to each other also giving her some strange glances. They must have recognized her. Of course she looked familiar…since she has one of the STARR BOYZ face.

But despite everything happening around her, she seems not to notice anything. She brought her hand to her neck rubbing the part where the pendant was before.

“Especially you…” She mumbles getting lost in her own thoughts.

Someone suddenly pull up the hood over her head jerking her out of it. The act was sudden so it shook her back to reality. She looks back with instantaneous effect but gasped on seeing him. He was also in hoodie with the hood over his head. He was staring down at her with slow but rapid breathes. He seems like he was tryna catch his breath.

“Ro…bin?” She called to be sure she isn’t just seeing things.

“Robin…is that really you?” She said now with glassy eyes.

“Please…tell me it’s you. Tell me…it’s really Robin…” Her eyes brim with tears as she says this. Robin slowly stepped closer pulling her into his arms.

“You stupid Blobfish…what were you trying to do? How dare you try to…run away?”


“If you do this one more time I’m gonna kill you…for real”

Addison tightened her hold on his hoodie with the tears falling freely now.

“I…have something to tell you Addison” He mumbles and she withdrew looking at him.

“Here?” She muttered.

“It doesn’t matter. I just need to say something” He replied and she nodded giving him permission to.

“I…think I’ve gotten in trouble” He said.

“Trouble?” She raised a brow.

“Yeah…” He nodded taking in his lower lip then release a sigh.

“What kind of trouble? Is it bad?” She asked slowly.

“It’s a big trouble i don’t think I can ever escape Blobfish…I can’t” He shook his head and Addison became worried instantly.

“We shouldn’t talk about this here…first let’s find somewhere to go uh?” She held his hand pulling him away but he pulled him her back.

“Listen to me first…I told you it doesn’t matter. Just listen”

“What kind of a trouble are you Robin? Is it something very serious?”

“It is”

“Oh no! What do we do…I’m getting scared already”

“Will you let me say what it is first”

“I’m….I’m kinda scared to hear it”

“Yeah you should be…” He lowered his head.


“Nevertheless…i want you to hear it. So now listen cause I’m gonna say it once. It’d be too embarrassing to repeat myself”

“Are you ready to hear it?” He asked and she nodded.

“Okay…here is the thing. It was something unexpected and it is very unlike me. I never gave it much thought initially but then it started getting on my nerves that I had no choice but to…admit it. I never intended for any of this to happen but it ended up happening. I…got in trouble by falling. And it wasn’t just a simple fall…I fell madly for you…Addison” He professed.

Addison stood stunned starring at him for a while.

“Why…won’t you say anything?” He asked noticing her expression.

“Wait..i…what was the trouble again?” She quizzed to be sure of what she just heard.

“I said it just now. I’m ain’t gonna repeat myself I told you I’d too embarrassed for that”

“Then….I heard right, right?”

“You sure did”

“Falling for me….was the trouble you landed into?”

“Yeah…apparrently” He agreed. Addison couldn’t help snickering.

“Why are you laughing?” He frowns.

“It’s not funny but…I just find myself laughing”

“So…what do you say?”

“Umm….I say…I’ve got to get going probably soon cause it’s almost time for my flight” She replied surprising him.

Clearly, he wasn’t expecting that kind of answer from her. So she was still gonna leave despite how he ran over to stop her from leaving?

Robin’s face dropped immediately he heard this. She is gonna leave despite what he had said. He had ran over with the full assurance that he’s gonna take her back with him but what she said just now…caught him totally unexpected.

Why didn’t he think she might reject him? What made him so confident that…she’s gonna jump right into his arms the moment he said that? He should have thought about it deeply…he should have.

“Flight 68 to Spain boarding now through gate five…dear passengers please make your way forward” An announcement boomed out on board. They both look up them look back at each other. He nodded and faked a smile.

“It’s okay…you should leave. Don’t mind me…I’ll just deal with my $h|t alone” He mumbles.


“Go” He gave her that sad fake smile before turning away from her crestfallen. Addison stares at his retreating disappointed back for some secs before calling unto him.

“Wait Robin! Wait!” She held unto his hand. Robin looks at her with a bittered face.

“Did…you ran all the way here to tell me that?”

“What do you think?” He asked back.

“Flight 64 to Spain boarding now through gate five…dear passengers please step forward” An announcement boomed out on board again.

“You should go” He removed his hand from hers but just before he could turn to leave, Addison grab his hood, stood on her toes and smashed her lips on his. It was a quick peck. She unlocked and withdrew from him releasing him as well.

“Seems like you didn’t notice but…I’ve been having that troubles for a while now cause…I keep falling for you every damn time” She said locking gaze with him.

“I thought you always knew…you’re really a hammerhead bat” She teased and he couldn’t help welcoming a large smile on his handsome face.

“Of course I do. Why do you think I let you off the hook every damn time you caused trouble. It’s because I wanted it” He smiled back pulling her closer by the waist. Their chest slammed and her lips slightly parted with their hearts beating crazily in sync.

“I told you once right? That my heart recognizes you, want me to show you a proof of that?”

“Please do” She said without thinking and he smirk before connecting his lips with hers. Both their eyes flew shut instantly and she held unto him tightly K!SSing steamingly without minding the people around them. For them right now, it’s only them in their goddamn world and they don’t give a Fůçƙ about any other thing else.

Aiden stood at a corner watching the two lovebirds. He had a face cap, shades and mask on concealing his identity.

“I’m glad…it ended up well” He smiles before turning away.

Still salvaging each other’s mouth, Robin lift her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Don’t leave…Addison stay with me instead and I promise to make your decision worth it”

“I’m never gonna leave you Robin… I just realized I don’t have the heart to do that” She replied placing her lips back on his.


Let me be your…


( Love wasn’t part of the plan )






🎤So, rockabye, baby, rockabye

I’m gonna rock you

Rockabye, baby, don’t you cry

Somebody’s got you

Rockabye, baby, rockabyem

I’m gonna rock you

Rockabye, baby, don’t you cry

Ah, rockabye, no (Rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka-bye) (oh)…🎶

They all sang to Rockabye by Clean Bandit enthusiastically as Robin pulled the car inside the compound.

Melissa was the first to jump out of the car.

“Wow!” She gawk at the beautiful building in front of her. It’s actually one of the STARR BOYZ vacation house and they came to spend a few days there. Their initial plan was to go to Houston as they always do every year but this time they decided to have a change.

“It’s so beautiful!” Melissa gush staring in utmost esctacy.

“I agree” Aiden said beside her also staring.

“Oh my,” She shrieked.

“Can you at least make a sound whenever you appear like this? You always scare the $h|t out of me” Melissa said but he only smiles stepping close to her.

“I love catching people unawares….especially people like you” He whisper to her ear then pull away. He gave her a charming wink before whizzing away from her walking inside along with Robin and Addison who were already making their way in.

Melissa touch her cheeks which suddenly grew hot.

“Snap out of it already!” She shook her head going to the car booth to take her things.

“Hey Mel” Ash gave her a smile on sighting her.

“Ash” She smiled back pointing her hands forward to take her luggage. But was rather surprised when Ash caugh her hand midway.

“Don’t worry…I’ve got you” He smiles sweetly taking her luggage alongside his.

“Let’s go inside” He said heading away but Melissa just stood stagnant already out of it.

“Earth to Quinn!!” Finn snapped his finger at her face and she jerked out.

“Bro…ther!” She called surprisedly.

“What you thinking? I’ve been calling your attention for a while now but you seems out of it” He crooked a brow.

“Uh? No…nothing.” She muttered. Finn placed his palm on her forehead.

“Are you sick? Why is your face red?”

“No I’m…I’m fine!” She took his hand away. Finn gave her suspicion look.

“Let’s go inside” She linked hands with him pulling him inside.

“Gosh..it’s so beautiful. Isn’t it brother?”


Varieties of food and drinks displays on the table. And they all gathered around the table gisting and laughing.

“CHEERS!!!” They all clicked their glasses together with smiles plastered all over their faces.

“isn’t it too early for a cheer when I’m not even in the group yet?” They heard a feminine voice and all snap their heads to the door.

“Oh, it’s the mean girl!” Aiden was the first to talk.

“Viola? What’s she doing here?”


Viola, with smiles sashayed to where they were seated and without minding Addison who was sitting beside Robin, she gave Robin a peck on the cheek.

“Hi Robin…it’s been a while” She beamed.

“Viola…” Bin muttered.

“Hi guys…long time no see. You all look rather good”

“Why are you here? Aren’t you in supposed to be in France for some movie or whatnot?” Ash frowns.

“Well I’m here cause I’m done with it” She shrugged.

“How did you know we’re here?” Finn asked this time.

“How do you think? PM told me of course. This could actually be a good thing. I actually need a vacation too” She took a seat at the other side of Robin.

“Gathering together with you guys like this reminds me of the old days…it was always fun right Robin?” She looked over to Bin. He said nothing

“Seriously I’ve missed you guys…especially you” She placed her palm on his rubbing it slowly.

“How was the shoot?” Bin asked.

“Thought you would never ask. Well it was stressful as Fůçƙ! But it was fun…I had fun” She grinned at him.

Robin nodded. Addison clears her throat. Viola didn’t bother to look her side.

“How about we make another toast?” She picked up a glass cup.

“Robin mind pouring me some?” She requested.

“I’ll do that” Aiden took the wine and poured her some.

She smiles and raised her glass up.

“For a new begining….cheers!”

“Cheers!!” They clicked their glasses and each have a sip.

Just as she was about taking hers to have a sip also, the glass slipped from her hold and the drink poured on Robin.

“Oh my!” She shrieked dropping the glass.

“I’m so sorry Robin! That wasn’t intentional” She started wiping it off his shirt.

“You okay?” Addison asked and he smiles at her.

“I’ll just go get changed. I’ll be back. It’s okay Viola” He said standing up.

“Robin…” Viola made a puppy face.

“It’s okay” Bin said before leaving to his room.

“Clumsy me…” Viola pouted.

Others just watched her saying nothing.

“Oh hi…you are Melissa right? Finn’s sister. You were also with Rush” she suddenly said to Melissa smiling.

“Oh…yeah. Hi” Mel said awkwardly talking another sip from her glass.

“Want more?” Aiden asked and she nodded. He poured her some.

“Don’t just drink only….have some meat also” Ash said putting some meat in her plate.

“Thanks” She muttered picking up her fork.

“Aww….look at how sweet they are to you. You must be happy?” Viola cooled making her choked on the meat.

“Have some water” Finn offers her and she took it immediately.

“She’s Finn’s sister which makes her our sister also. Is there a problem with that?” Aiden said. Viola shrugged and Mel took in her lower lip on hearing that.

“Just saying. Where’s the restroom?” She asked.

“At your left” Finn directed.

“Thanks” She smiles before leaving.

Addison scoffs loudly immediately she did.

“Unbelievable” She muttered.

“You okay?” Ash asked Mel and she nods.

Viola entered the forth room and finally she saw Bin. He was only in his P@ŋts going through his wardrobe.

“Bin…” She called going in fully.

“What are you doing in here Viola?” He quirked a brow. Viola only hugged him instead of answering.

“I missed you” She muttered

Bin pulled her back. He turns back to the wardrobe and picked any random shirt.

“You’ve got anything to say?”

“About us dating_”

“You can just keep it like that…Addison says she’s fine with it” He said curtly.

“Oh…right” She muttered.

Robin nods Ɓụťťoning up his shirt Ɓụťťons.

“Let me help with that” Viola stepped forward to him trying to take over but he declined.

“It’s…it’s fine. I’ve got this” He said but she remained adamant not ready to back down.

“Come on. It’s just some few Ɓụťťons. I can do that for you. I insist” She went for it again.

“It’s really okay I can do that myself Viola!” He snapped pushing her away.

“Argh!!” She gasped loudly losing her balance. Robin didn’t make any attempt to hold her back but instead Viola grab his collar bringing him down with her. Together they landed on the bed with him on top and just at that moment the door opened revealing the beaming Addison whose smile dissipated on seeing what beheld her. Her face scruch up instantly and visible lines of anger draw on her forehead.

“$h|t” Robin made to stand but Viola wouldn’t let him go. He looked back at her with a question look but she only smiles. He gave her a warning look and she finally let go. Robin stood immediately walking towards Addison.

“Babe listen it’s not what you think…i can explain everything…” He beseech to her.

“So….this was it?” She mumbles.

“Babe it’s_”

“Don’t touch me @sshole!” Addison flicked Robin’s hand which held her away.

“I can’t believe you came up here just to make out with her!!”

“What? Wait! I…I didn’t do such it was just a_”

“Damn you Robin!! You’re a Fůçƙing @sshole!!” She pushed his chest back angrily. He staggered but maintained his stance. Viola watched from behind folding her arms with a smirk playing on her lips.

“WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME FIRST AND STOP GETTING UNNECESSARY MAD!!” Robin finds himself yelling back at her.

“Fůçƙ you! I knew something was up when you two wouldn’t stop flirting. I knew it!!” She spat at him before running away.

“Ugh!!” Robin swept his hair up in frustrations.

“She’s gonna be okay…don’t worry” Viola said crawling her palm up his chest. He got hold of it shocking her.

“Listen I don’t know what game you’re playing at but it won’t work. If you do this again I won’t hesitate to cut you off” He threatened.

“Robin you’re hurting me…” She winced wriggling her wrist from his hold.

“Stay away from me for a while…I don’t wanna see you” He declared before leaving also. Viola scoff and huffs.

“All because of that dingbat!! Fůçƙ both of you Robinson!!!” Viola howled stomping her feet on the floor.

“Ah!” Addison bumped into Finn’s chest as she ran.

“Hey! You okay?” He asked concern holding her.

“Finn…” She pouted. Finn sighs.

“Wanna have a chat?”


“He’s an @sshole” She muttered beneath her breathe.

“Did you two had another fight?” Finn asked.

“I caught him in the middle of a dry humping section with Viola”

“What!!” Finn asked shocked.

“Tf! You seems shocked more than I do”

“Come on cause I know he wouldn’t do such a stupid thing”

“But he did!”

“You sure you weren’t mistaken?”

“Didn’t you notice how they were flirting with each other earlier?”

“Come on…Viola was practically the only one doing that”

“Well I know what I saw”

“So…are you gonna end it now?”

“Still thinking. What do you think?”

“I’d say you do. At least I can chase after you again”

“Finn!” She called shocked and he chuckles.

“Just kidding”

Addison sighs.

“You think you can do it?”

“I don’t know…I’m just so angry right now?”

“I’m sure you know well…what the truth is”

“I don’t care. I just wanna stay angry for now”

“Well…it’s a cute sight to see so I wouldn’t mind if you do”

“Don’t tease me”

“I’ll support you in any decision you make darling. Remember I’m always right behind ya. So don’t fret” He nudges her.

“Because you are my soulmate?”

“You know too well. Come here” He opens his arms widely and she snuggled close to him.

Finn stroke her hair gently with smiles.

Robin who had been looking for her saw her hugging Finn and scoffs.

“Who’s the goddamn @sshole now?” He muttered before walking away unnoticed.


After her moment with Finn, she took a stroll outside to at least clear her head.

“Hey Ɓîtçh!” She heard behind her and look back to see Viola approaching her with a bottle of alcohol in her hand.

“Wow…you must really know what you are…you replied without any hesitation” Viola mocked simpering.

Addison rolled her eyes.

“Got anything to say…wĥõrë” Addison retorts shocking her to the bone.

“What did you just called me?”

“wĥõrë. Or what do you want me to call a $lüt who keeps throwing herself on a taken man? A wĥõrë. That’s what you are” Addison pointed right at her chest.

“Robin was first mine”

“And now he’s mine. Your time has expired missy. Go take a rest now” She smiles at her.

“Ɓîtçh!! I’m his first love. You don’t know…men don’t get over their first love so easily. I can get him back anytime I want to…you should be careful”

“Suit yourself…that explains what you are anyway. A cheap desperate wĥõrë”

“You!” She raised her hand to slap her but Addison held it midway.

“Don’t you dare raise your hand on me. If you don’t wanna see the end of your damn career”

“Let me go!” Viola snapped her hand away from hers.

“You….I don’t like you and will never will!!” Viola folded her arms puffing. Addison smirks and stepped closer whispering right into her ear.

“Oh, dear. As if your likeness will add a penny to my bank account. Keep it to yourself I’d be grateful” She flauted her hair leaving.

“B**tch” Viola puffs opening the lid of the bottle angrily she was about draining it down her throat when a hand suddenly snatched it from her. She need no soothsayer to tell her who it is.

“The hell man!” She blared throwing her hands in the air.

“Heavens woman!” Aiden snickered and winked at her before walking away.

“Aiden!” She called and he looks back. Viola raised up her two middle fingers at him then huffs before marching away. Aiden smirks.


Addison laid on a mat spread on the ground staring at the blue sky. After staring for a while, she sighs and close her eyes her palms placed on her tummy. She stayed like that for some minutes until she felt a shadow towering over her. Before she could open her eyes, something soft and warm met with her lips. She smiled not bothering to move an inch. He pulled away after some seconds and she opens her eyes staring right up at him.

“What you doing here alone? Been looking everywhere for you” He said. She scoffs.

“Why bother looking for a jealous girlfriend who does nothing but annoy the freak out of you?” She replied nonchalantly.

“Oh, come on. Are you still hung up on that?”

“Well too bad. Turns out I’m an annoying spiteful freak also. You should stay away” She retorts getting up.

“Alright. I give up. It’s my fault. I’m sorry…will that do?”

“We should probably call it quits. I think that would be better” She stood trying to leave.

“Seriously?? Come on stop being_”

“Annoying” She completed it for him. He just sighs.

“Yeah…I know I’m being frustrating, annoying and all that” she added.

“Baby that’s not what i_” Robin moved closer but she shunned him away.

“I need a break. Just Fůçƙ off!”

“She’s just a friend I can’t just turn a blind eye to”

“And your first love. I’m sure you couldn’t ignored her”

“Come on she came onto me first. I didn’t even do anything!”

“But you would have! If I hadn’t come in”

“I swear I wasn’t gonna do a thing! I don’t even feel $h|t about her anymore. You really shouldn’t be so pissed off over a little matter like this…I don’t get you seriously”


“Seems you think you’re the only victim here but let me remind you I saw you and Finn smooching. I clearly saw that!”

“That was just a harmless hug” she quickly defended.

“Well it doesn’t look like one to me.” He shrugged.

“We both know you’re his first love” He added. Addison couldn’t help but scoffs.

“You’re a jerk!” She mouthed.

“Yeah…I know” He bit his lower lip ruffling his hair.

“look..I’m sorry okay. I was…I was just…”

“$©®£w you”

“I’m sorry” He walked closer then stop right in front of her. Slowly he slid his hands through her waist holding it. His forehead collided with hers and their breathes fan each other’s.

“I’m sorry” He said almost in a whisper.

“Please don’t call it quit. I don’t think I can bear it” He trace one of his hand to her face lifting her chin up. Her breathe hitched immediately their gaze locked.

“Finn and I really have nothing going on. He’s just a_” He impeded her speech with a K!SS catching her off guard.

“I know…you don’t have to explain” He muttered after unlocking.

“I’m sorry for saying that. And also about Viola and I…it was just a mistake. A silly one…it’s really nothing. I’m sorry for acting out” He apologized sincerely.

“If I accept your apology, does that mean we’re putting our break up on hold?” She asked.

“No…it cancels it. Forever” He replied taking her lips in again in another sweet K!SS.

“Forever?” She asked.

“Forever…” He answered lifting her up. Her legs wrapped around him immediately with her arms swung around his neck.

“K!SS me more…” She said and he smiles walking away. Then he placed her on a table near interlocking their lips once more. This time it lasted a while as they did a lot of things like Ṣūçƙing, nibbling and biting. Their tongues battled with each other exploring every corner of their mouths. They finally unlocked after some minutes and they placed their forehead against each other grinning.

“Robin…do you wanna know something?” She asked gently.

“What?” He asked back.

“I love you” She peck his lips then smiles at him. He returned the smile with a sweet one pulling her into his arms. He held her tightly and K!SSed her hair.

“My heart only recognizes you only…and it will forever. I love you more than my first love…more than you can ever imagine Addison” He whispered holding her possesively to himself. Like that they stayed in each other’s arms enjoying the warmth that came with it.

Just like that, their love story continues. Though it was full of hardships and challenges they never give up on each other. Their tears and smiles continue completing them till the end of time.






It’s still me FAITH IFEOLUWA.


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