Let me be your…

β£πŸ’› SOULMATE β£πŸ’›

( Love wasn’t part of the plan )


CHAPTER 60 & 61

β˜† STAY AWAY β˜†

The door opened and everyone diverted their attention to it. Robin came in with all eyes glued on him. He looked over to the bed and saw Rush his eyes opened Viola was patting his hair.

“Robin…” Rush called weakly and Robin slowly walked towards them.

“Robin…” This time he smiled out tears but Robin maintained a straight face.

“I have millons of questions to ask but I’m just gonna ask one. Why?” He asked hurt visible in his voice.

“I missed you” Rush said instead.

“Let me ask again…” He swallowed.

“Why?” He asked yet again.

“Will you ever forgive me…?” Rush said.

“RUSH!!! How could…how could you…how” This time his emotions rushed out and he couldn’t control it. Before they knew it, he broke into tears.

Finn went to his side patting him while the rest look at him with pity.

Aiden sighs.

Come to think of it, Addison went after Robin earlier. Did she go back home? He excused himself and dialled her number immediately he got outside.

“Hello…” Her broken voice sounded at the other end.

“Addie..what’s with your voice? Are you okay? Where are you?” He quizzed worried.

“Okay…wait there I’ll be there in a jiffy” He end the call and rushed off to her.

Addison didn’t bother leaving the rooftop. The spot where Bin had sat earlier, she sat there also with her knees popped up and her head buried in it.

“Here your are” She heard a familiar voice and raised her head up to see Aiden looking down at her with his hands pocketed. Aiden sighs on seeing her wet face.

“What are you doing here alone?” He asked but she only sniffs looking at him. Aiden took a sit beside her also

“What aren’t you telling me?” He asked looking forward.

“No…thing..” She wiped off her tears.

“Addie…come out clean now. What are you keeping from me?” He asked again.


“Tell me everything. Without leaving one out this time” He interrupted looking straight at her this time. Addison bit her lips in defeat.

“Actually…” She narrated everything to him and this time not hiding anything. Aiden was silent throughout the talk and even when she finished talking making her uncomfortable. He must be angry…she thought.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to keep it away from you” She said in a broken voice.

“I see…a lot happened during my absence. A lot” He muttered and face her.

“So, Who do you think is at fault here?”

“Why ask the obvious…of course it’s him. After hurting me he still have the nerve to be mean”

“I beg to differ”


“Did you listened to his explanations?”

“I caught him”

“You didn’t give him the chance to explain himself but just concluded he’s a bad jerk. That was bad of you..it shows you didn’t trusted him also”

“He broke my trust”

“Has he ever done such to you before?”

“He doesn’t have to. The fact that he deceived me doesn’t change. He has always liked her right from the begining. I was just played”

“But not anymore”

“No…he still have lingering feelings for her”

“How could you be so sure?”

“He K!SSed her…right in front of me what more proof do I need to be sure”

“She blackmailed him. He did that just to protect you”

“What do you mean?”

“Robin only did that..cause Viola was gonna reveal who you are. You didn’t give him the chance to apologize but just left like that…imagine the pain you caused him”


“You should know better how broken he is because Rush left suddenly without a word but you another person close to him did the same thing. Tell me is he wrong for being harsh on you?” Aiden asked and instantly realization dawn on Addie.

“He didn’t broke your trust Addie…you broke his. You are at fault here not him. You’re faulted for not listening to him, for not trusting him and for breaking his trust in you. I’m sure you’re the last person he would wanna see right now” Aiden added.

More tears slid down her cheeks when she realized how she’d messed up. She was so clouded by her anger that she failed to to see what’s important.

She only thought about herself and she FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ed up.

“What do I do now Aiden? He’s angry at me…what do I do…?” She whimpered slowly.

“Do you wanna make amends?” He asked and she nods immediately.

“First stop being a crybaby..it doesn’t fit you” He wipe her tears off while another rolled down.

“What if…what if he doesn’t wanna see me again? What if he really hate me a lot now?”

“Let’s leave ‘what ifs’ out of this and just think of ways to appease his anger for now uh?” He said.

“Come here” He pulled her into his embrace, stroking her back gently.

“How weird seeing you cry because of a guy who’s not me. Bro you’ve become softer” Aiden teased.


The rest left but Robin stayed behind. He sat on a chair beside the bed watching Rush as he sleeps. He still can’t believe he’s right in front of him. He still couldn’t believe this is actually happening. It felt like a dream to him. A painful one cause he knows though he has returned…very soon he’s still leaving and this time when he leaves…he won’t be able to see him ever again. Another tear rolled down his cheek and he wiped it off. He took Rush’s hand and held it gently.

Why did you do it?

Why didn’t you say anything?

Why…did you become like that?

Several unanswered questions ran through his mind.

Am I really gonna lose you again? This time…for good?

He sighs deeply closing his eyes. The door creaked open silently and Addison peeped in. She had actually lingered behind so she could have a talk with him.

She saw him sitting dejected beside Rush. Guilt rushed over her instantly. How could she have done that to him? How could she have been thoughtless?

How could she…? She bit her lower lip painfully before walking towards him.

“Robin…” She called. He looks back and creased his brow on seeing her.

“Why are you here? Leave” He said blankly.

“Please don’t tell me to leave…” She pleaded but he scoffs standing up.

“Funny uh? Wasn’t that what you wanted? You didn’t even need me to tell you that before you do, isn’t it?”

“Robin I…I’m sorry”

“I don’t need your apology. I just don’t wanna see you” He turned back at her.

“Please leave” He said. Addison instead stepped forward and hug him from behind.

“I know I’ve done you wrong…please don’t push me away Robin…I’m sorry…stop pushing me away please” She cries slowly on his back.

Robin didn’t say a thing. Instead he removed her hands slowly and turned facing her. Addison looks up at him with teary eyes and he brought his thumb forward and wipe her tears.

“Fine then…I’ll just leave” His voice was indifferent. Immediately he said that, he walked away from her…out of the room. More tears slipped down Addison’s cheeks and she dropped to her knees…crying more.


For days, Robin spends most of his time in the hospital. He only goes home when he’s forced to and also to practice. Rush is mostly unconscious so they don’t have time to talk. It pains him a lot to see him in that condition. If only he could share his pain, he’d gladly do it. He always thought.

They decided to keep this from the press for now so as not to ruin the album which they’ll be releasing.

Addison also lurks around trying to make up but Robin always shunned her off instead.

Everything happening to him hurts and he doesn’t even know how to deal with it.

Though he won’t deny the fact that he misses her a lot and want to run to her embrace but whenever he remembers how she had hurt him, He just find it difficult to accept her now.

He had trusted her. He had thought she understand him better. He thought she knew of his pain and he had always thought he held so much important in her life just like she does in his. But the fact that she had hurt him in a way he had never expected. She broke his trust and left him in despair. He’s so angry, hurt and confused. Everything happening at the same time is just too much for him to handle.

He’s in so much pain.

He’s losing two people precious to him and that hurts him to the bone.


BIN: 🎢 The more we met the closer to you I get, the more I realized my heart isn’t the same 🎢

FIN: 🎢 Because we often make eye contact, so it makes me think, think, think somewhat…that we’d get along well 🎢

AIDEN: 🎢 My lonely world has you. I understand being someone important 🎢

ASH: Was it happenstance or destiny that led you by the hand to me, Heaven decided we would meet right?🎢

VIOLA: 🎢 Heaven sent us to be soulmates 🎢

ALL: I’ve waited for you so long, thank you heaven for helping set this up. You’re are the reason that answer for true love in my heart. I am in love with you are you in love with me? Do you know I love you this much? 🎢

BIN: I’ve waited for you so long, thank you heaven for helping set this up 🎢

VIOLA: 🎢I don’t need anything except to tell you I love you continuously 🎢

ALL: 🎢I am in love with you are you in love with me? With just two of us in love they’re probably happy up…in heaven 🎢

The crowd yelled out as they finished singing. Cheering and hailing them.












The shouts continue filling the whole place. Ash beats his drum and Finn made some rock sounds from his guitar. Aiden wasn’t left out either bringing out some crazy melodies from his keyboard then Viola’s voice boomed out from the mic.

VIOLA:🎀I love you the most, I love you the most. There’s no reason why.We’ve never met face to face..we’ve never been close…but it’s like we’ve known each other for so long 🎢

FINN: 🎀I love you the most, I love you the most there’s no reason why. It’s like we’re familiar with each other it’s like we’ve been close. It’s like the two of us has known each other..for a long time 🎢

BIN: 🎀 Or is it a promise? 🎢

VIOLA’S: 🎀 Because we’re connected by a promise 🎢

BIN: 🎀 That we once gave each other a long ago 🎢

VIOLA’S 🎀 We’re soulmates forever 🎢

AIDEN: 🎀That we’ll love each other in every lifetime 🎡

ALL: 🎀 it’s like an occurrence of love arranged for us to meet. When we met for the first time I knew we were soulmates. It’s like an occurrence of love arranged for us to fall in love. It’s like God has sent us to love each other. To be together to meet in every lifetime 🎢

ASH: 🎀I love you the most, I love you the most. There’s no reason why.We’ve never met face to face..we’ve never been close…but it’s like we’ve known each other for so long 🎢

ALL: 🎀 Or is it a promise that we once gave each other so long ago 🎡

FINN: 🎢We’re soulmates forever 🎢

ALL: 🎀 That we’ll love each other in every lifetime….it’s like an occurrence of love arranged for us to meet when we met for the first time I knew we’re soulmates. It’s like an occurrence of love arranged for us to fall in love. It’s like God has sent us to love each other. To be together to meet in every lifetime 🎢


Just as they finished singing, they all head to the dressing room. What was left was Aiden to sing his for his debut.

“You missed a lot of calls” Manager Jia said to Finn as she handed his phone over to him.

“Thank you” Finn said checking the phone.

“Quinn?” He muttered seeing the calls were from her.

He dialled her number calling her back. She picked up at once.

“Quinn you called many times is something the pro_” Finn didn’t finished his statement when his expression changed to a shocked one.

“What? Repeat that…” He said and hearing what Quinn said over the phone, he averted his gaze to Robin who just sat staring at nothing. Robin lift his head up and their eyes met. Finn’s hand holding the phone to his ear slowly went down, his shocked expression now turns to a sad one completely. Robin creased his brows when he finds him staring. He stood up and walked to him.

“What is it?” He asked.

“What phone call was it? Did something happened?” He asked again. Finn swallowed nothing.

“Robin…” He called with rather bitter voice.

“Quinn just called…Rush…”

Robin staggers backward before he could finish. He left his side and started walking towards the door.

“Bin where are you going?” Ash asked holding him but he whipped his hand away.

“What’s wrong with him?” Aiden asked Finn who just shook his head.

“Quinn called…just now…” He said.

“Your sister? Why would she_” A loud thud impeded Aiden’s statement. They all snapped their heads to where it came from but shrieked on seeing what it is.



“ROBIN!!!” They all yelled at once running to Robin who laid sprawled on the floor.






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