Let me be your…

β£πŸ’› SOULMATE β£πŸ’›

( Love wasn’t part of the plan )


CHAPTER 59 & 60

β˜† STAY AWAY β˜†

Melissa sat nervously on the sofa biting her fingernails. Her feet was shaking so was her lips trembling. Mrs Beckett Sat at the dining staring intently at the lady her daughter had brought home just the day before. It happened that after Addison was finally forced to go out for some breathing space by her mother the other day, she had went to the karaoke she visited before and coincidentally, she bumped into the lady who dropped her hairband the other day at the hospital which Finn had claimed to be his lost sister also. Without letting the chance slips away again, she grabbed this lady and explained everything to her. Of course this lady was shocked. She haven’t expected to meet someone telling her about her brother who had been looking for her for years. Addison promised to let her meet Finn and brought her home so the next day, she went over to the STARR BOYZ’ to inform Finn about the good news.

The blaring of a car parking outside the compound made Melissa sprang up from the sofa.

“He’s here” She thought fixing her gaze to the door. She waited anxiously and nervously for some seconds and finally, the door creaked open and he stepped in. More like rushed in. Just like her, Finn was shocked to the marrow on finally meeting his long lost sister. His eyes fixated on her who stared back with a complete shocked expression on.

“You…” She mutter recognizing him right away.

“Quinn…” Finn mutters and like a flash, he rushed to her wrapping his arms around her tightly.

“Quinn…” He mumbled again tears sliding down his cheeks like a leaking pipe.

“Brother…” She called slowly and that made more tears rushed down his eyes.

“Yeah it’s me…it’s your brother Quinn…”

“Brother…” Melissa also broke down in tears hugging him tightly.

Mrs Beckett sighs feeling pity for the two whilst Addison stood metres away watching the two reunited with smiles plastered all over her face.


Finn touched Melissa’s face rubbing on it gently.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry it took so late to find you Quinn…”

Melissa smiles.

“It doesn’t matter…we’re finally together now. That’s all matters” She replied.

“Still…I feel so bad. How hard it must have been for you alone. How torturing and lonely…”

“I…had actually given up on meeting you. I thought maybe in this lifetime…I’m not destined to meet you anymore. It was so hard…everyday was a misery to me”

“I’m sorry…” Came Finn’s teary voice. Melissa held his hand this time.

“I’m not saying this to make you feel bad. Finn..I know it hasn’t be easy for you too…I can just see it. You haven’t been having your best life either”

“Can…you tell me what actually happened after you were taken?”

“I was sold. To a foreign land. Somewhere I knew no one. But it wasn’t only me…we were much. Girls like my age…some younger, some older. Life was the worst…I wanted to give up. Everyday I watch those scary men took us one by one to God knows where. We were starved for days…thrashed and…” She gulped down nothing as tears flow down her face.

“If it’s too tormenting to say then don’t. I can only imagine…how painful it was”

Melissa shook her head.

“No…I’m okay.” She sniffs.

“Some of us got sick but they didn’t cared. Some miserable…some were beaten and R@PΒ£D to death. I was a victim of the former. We started decreasing day by day until finally it came to my turn. I was stationed at a brothel where old nasty men take advantage and harass innocent fragile girls old enough to be their children…even grandchildren. Escaping was a no_no. It was like asking for death..a really brutal one. I and some others girls were in charge of serving those fithly men. We were made to wear rags that barely covered our Ɲ@kΔ“Ι—ness making those jerks gawk at us. Everyday went by us getting harassed one way or the other. Spanking of @sses, groping us inappropriately…it was hell. The brothel wasn’t just an ordinary one. It has gambling house in it. And a lot of illegal deals were being done there. living there was a nightmare one wouldn’t wish to experience. For eight years I lived carefully protecting myself in everyway I could. I thought I was lucky I that I haven’t met a cruel fate as others but I was wrong. That fateful day, I became a prey to one of those LΕ«$tful demons. I couldn’t fight back…I couldn’t. Like others I was eventually defiled brutally. I was hurt and shattered. I didn’t had the strength to keep going. Even though I knew I was seeking for death I nevertheless went for it. I planned my escape. And was eventually caught as expected. I begged for death the tortured was unbearable. But I was lucky..I was saved by my brother”


“Yea…the one hospitalized right now”

“He…saved you?”

“He was a customer there..he has been coming for months. From what I noticed he was the silent type he only comes for drugs. I don’t know what transpired between him and the gangs but he stopped coming for a while..until that day when he saved me. We ran away together and was chased. But we eventually escaped and immigrated. I explained my ordeal to him…he welcomed me warmly and promised to find my brother for me. But then I noticed he was a drug addict. He couldn’t do without it. Things grew worse and he had to be hospitalized until he woke up recently and I was informed…he can’t survive it”

Finn slowly pulled her into his arms stroking her hair.

“Don’t worry…I’m here now. And I promise to protect you henceforth. You’ll never experience such hell again. I assure you that. The guy…I want to meet him” He said to her and she slowly nodded with tears sliding down freely from her face.


Robin ran into the hospital breathlessly. Ash ran behind breathing heavily also then Aiden.

The door bursted open and he rushed in looking dishevelled. Finn, Melissa and Addison looks back to him. Finn had tears in his eyes. Addison held a sad expression so as Melissa. Robin took heavy steps towards them shaking his head hoping what he heard isn’t true.

“No…no it…it can’t be…” He whimpered looking at the half dead Rush lying on the bed. His face pale, lips chapped and he had an oxygen mask on.

“Ru..RUSH!!!” Ash yelled in tears rushing to the hospital bed.

“How…how can this be…no Rush nooo!!” Ash cried bitterly holding onto the unconscious Rush.

Robin stood on a spot just staring, tears streaming down his cheeks like waterfall.

“This…this isn’t true right? Finn…tell me…I’m dreaming right now” He said to Finn who only shakes his head at him.

“Ah..” He staggers almost falling but Addison was quick to hold onto him.

“What I’m seeing…isn’t right. He..is not the one right?” Robin asked Addison also.

“Robin….” Addison called with a broken voice then pulled him into a hug.

“It’s him Robin….it’s your Rush…” She whispered sadly to him.

“No…no…YOU’RE LYING!!” He pushed her away

“That’s not Rush…that isn’t him…IT ISN’T!!” He howled P@Ε‹ting heavily.

“Robin…” Addison steps closer but he turned and ran out of the room swiftly.

“Robin! Robin!! Oh no!! Robin!!!” She also ran out chasing after him.

Fin face palmed, Aiden watched sadly, Ash’s cries rented the room while Melissa also sobs silently till PM and Viola arrived. Then the cries in the room increases.


Robin Sat with his knees popped up. He buries his head in his knees sobbing. Addison stays a few metres away from him. She watched him cries and she couldn’t help but cry also. Her heart breaks for him.

Her phone buzzed and she looks at the message sent to her by Aiden.

“He’s awake” Addison took her eyes to Robin and sighs walking to him. She squatted before him and touched him. Robin raised up his head and Addison was taken aback on how reddened his eyes had become.

“Robin…” She made to touch his face but he snaps it away.

“Don’t you dare lay on hands on me” He warned.

“What?” She said with shocked expression but he just stood walking away from her.

“Robin wait!” She ran to him holding his hand back.

“You should go back to the room” She said to him.

“Who the frig do you think you are to tell me what to do?” He said rather gruffly jerking his hand away from her hold roughly.

“FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ off!” He glared walking away.

“look I know you’re down right now but I’m here…to stay by your side” She said making him scoffs. Robin walks back to her glowering hard.

“Who says I need you? What do you think you are!” He poked her shoulder hard making her staggers backward.

“Robin what are you doing! You’re hurting me!”

“Hurt?” He snickers.

“DO YOU EVEN HAVE THE GUTS TO SAY THAT WORD!!” He lashed out at her face.

“Get out of my sight before I really put that word into action”

“You don’t have to act mean…I know you don’t mean that”

“What exactly do you want? You left if I’m not mistaken, So why are you here now?”

“I’m only here to help”

“Help?” He scoffs.

“As if…”

“Robin I know you are going through a hard time right now. I know that possibly well. You don’t have to act harsh I’m…I understand how you’re feeling_”

“Don’t talk $h|t…just stay away from me”

“How can I when you’re hurting so much like this?”

“Don’t act like you care” He said coldly.

“Robin i_”

“PLEASE!!! It’s so sickening. I hate pretentious people like you the most!”


“If you were gonna leave then you shouldn’t have bothered appearing in front of me again.”

“How can you say that to me?”

“Am I wrong? You left didn’t you? So why the act? Just go live your damn life and I’ll leave mine. I’m tired of having people like you in my life anyway”


“Since you disappeared without saying a word, you might as well disappear from my life. I don’t ever wanna see you again. Stay the hell away from me!” He said with bloodshot eyes leaving her.

Addison’s feet stayed rooted on the floor. She balled her fists tightly hot tears streaming down her cheeks.






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