Let me be your…


( Love wasn’t part of the plan )


CHAPTER 57 & 58



Aiden hums a song of his own as he dresses up. He remembers Viola’s shocked expression earlier and chuckles to himself.

“I totally got her…”

After dressing up, he opens the door to go out but flinched on seeing a figure staring back at him blankly.

“Fůçƙ! That scared me!” He exclaimed holding his chest.

“Finn…were you waiting for me? I thought you left” He smiled coming out totally from the room. Finn who was resting his back against the wall with folded arms stood straight dipping his fingers inside his pockets.

“Where is she?” Came out his voice rather in a rough voice.

“She? Who? Ah…that rude lady from earlier? I don’t know” Aiden shrugged walking away from his front.

“Where is Addie and who the Fůçƙ are you!” He demanded again halting Aiden in his tracks.

“Addison?” He mumbles to himself before turning back to Finn.

“How did you know about Addison?”

“I asked where she is?”

“How did you know about her? She never mentioned anything about you knowing? How come you knew?” Aiden raised a brow at him. Instead of answering, Finn stepped closer to him giving him a dangerous look.

“Answer my question. Where is she and who the fudge are you?”

Aiden scoffs rubbing his chin.

“I’m Aiden. Her twin bro”

“Twin brother?”

“You should have figured that out without me telling you. I was supposed to join the band a month ago but unfortunately I had an accident. Then I asked Addie…to fill in for me. I woke up recently and…you should know the rest without me telling you” Aiden explains to Finn who looks lost in thoughts already.

“Does that answer your questions?” Aiden asked again and this time Finn stepped back.

“Where…where is she?”

“I’m not sure if I should tell you that. She told me she’s done with the life here…and wouldn’t wanna be bothered about it” Aiden replied rather freely. But he had to release a sudden gasped when Finn grabbed his shirt suddenly.

“Tell me…where Addison is” He glared at him.

“Finn…?” Aiden called rather surprise.

“Please…” Finn added surprising him more.

“Can you…let go first?” Aiden said and Finn slowly withdrawn from him. Aiden straighten his shirt and sighs.

“Let me talk to her first. I don’t know what’s going on between you two but I can tell it’s pretty intense. I’ll talk to her first…and get back to you” He said.

“Thanks” Finn muttered walking out of the dressing room.Aiden who watch him leaves sighs. He remembers how Robin had reacted when he first saw him and now it’s Finn.

“What’s going on really…What are you not telling me Addison?” He mumbles to himself.


Ash remembers how Viola had stripped off Aiden’s shirt earlier and sighs. He wouldn’t deny the fact that even though he tells himself he’s okay, even though he tries not to think about it…deep within him, he still got some left over feelings for Aiden. He may have tried to ignored it many times but…he can’t keep on deceiving himself. It’s not like stopping oneself to stop liking someone is that easy. He only acts like he’s okay so he won’t feel uncomfortable with him. So they can at least…be close even as friends. However, in him he still held some tiny mini hopes that maybe…just maybe in the slightest it may be possible for him to like him back. But then his hopes was crashed today when Viola stripped the shirt off him. His false hopes, his foolish thinking…all went down the drain that minute.

Seems it’s not possible after all. How will he move on from all these? It drives him crazy.

He released another sigh opening a can of soda. He was about draining it down his throat when a hand took it away from him from behind.

“What the fudge is_” He looked up only to see Aiden staring back at him with a raised brow.

“Seriously?” Aiden asked.

“Newbie…” Ash mutters taking his eyes away.

“Seems you wanna get admitted again” Aiden said taking a sit beside him on the bed.

“When did you come in?” Ash asked.

“You were too busy sighing to realize. What’s up with you? Dude” Aiden nudge him. Ash smiles at him instead.

“Just excited…you know the album. I had always thought what if…something really bad had happened to me before that day?”

Aiden nodded understanding him.

“I feel the same. It’s so miraculous that I could be here right now. What if…something had really happened before then? It’s so scary to think about” He shudders.

“Exactly…” Ash smiles back.

“Right…sorry about earlier. You must have been taken aback” Ash added.

“But has she always been a pervert? Or you think she’s interested in me?” Aiden joked making Ash chuckles.

“In your dreams. We both know who she’s crazy for”

“Do you think…Robin feels the same towards her also? You know I notice earlier the look he gave her. He doesn’t seem like someone who’s smitten”

“Bin is indeed whipped. What else could explain why he started dating her months after his best friend disappears? Remember he had always liked her. He just didn’t wanna let go of the damn opportunity”

“He must have other reasons for that you know. We shouldn’t just judge him.. I personally don’t think Robin could do such a thing. Think about it…do you really think he’s that self centered?” Aiden asked which got Ash thinking.

“What if…what if you’ve been judging him wrong all this while? Have you ever sat him down…to ask him properly if it’s true or not. If you don’t find anything out, how exactly would you know the truth? Instead of speculating, why don’t you try to talk to him first…I know what I saw in his eyes Ash…Robin…isn’t happy” Aiden added and instantly guilt and shame rushed over Ash. Everything he said made sense. What if…he’d been wrong all along? come to think of it…The Bin he knows always give himself up…to save other people. What if that’s what he’d been doing all along? What if what he thinks is the truth…is actually not?

“Fůçƙ!” He groans roughing his hair. Aiden smiles and pats him.

“You could be right also…but I think it’s better to find things right before you jump into conclusion. Whatever it may be” He said before excusing him.

“Fůçƙ me!” Ash grunts.


“Robin…” Viola smiled going to hug Bin who descending the stairs but before she could he pushed her back rather roughly. Viola staggered back but didn’t fall.

“Hey!! What’s with you!!” She snapped at him and he gave her that death glare.

“You still have the nerve to show up after what you did?”

“First I’m here for the rehearsal and second I don’t think I did anything shameful for me to get this kind of treatment from you?” She replied with no iota of guilt.

“Really? You did nothing to be ashamed of?” Robin stepped closer and in a Swift, he grabbed her arm roughly.

“Hey! You’re hurting me!” She yelled wiggling her arm which he was holding super tight.

“What was that stunt you pulled earlier? Why? You were trying to expose her weren’t you?”

“I should really be the one angry here cause she made a fool out of me ahhh!!” She winced more when his gripped tightened.

“You don’t feel any remorse?”

“Why should I? Let me go you’re hurting me Robin!”

“You were gonna exposed her? After threatening me to be with you!!” He gruffs at her face.

“Robin! I never threatened you! That was your decision. I asked you out cause I sincerely like you and you_”

“Coaxed me into going in a relationship with you! You drove her away and ruined everything!! You did!!!” He yelled at her face.

“Robin!!!” Viola slapped him hardly on the face with her other palm. That actually cooled him down a little. He wasn’t the type to get all shirty but Viola must have really triggered his temper. He’s so damn mad at her right now and he feels nothing but hatred for her at that very moment. He released her and Viola winced rubbing her arm which had become red.

“Leave Viola…no rehearsal for today” He said rather in a forced calm tone. Viola raised her brow.

“I think we should talk more about this”

“No…no Viola…there’s nothing more to talk about cause I’m ending everything right here”

“End what?”

“Whatever…we may have between us. Like you said it was my decision to date you. And I think I just made the stupidest decision ever. I realized I can’t do it anymore now…so I’m ending it. I’m done with everything…after the album release I hope…we could have nothing to do with each other anymore. Let’s end it here”

“You…must be joking right?” She snickers.

“You want me to admit that wrong that much? So you think scaring me would do the trick!”

“THIS IS NOT A FůçƙING TRICK VIOLA!!” Viola flinched at his sudden outburst. Bin stepped closer and said to her face.

“I said I’m done with you! You can tell the media anything. Put the blame on me! Make me the bad person I don’t really care anymore now I’m done with all these bullshit and also…don’t you dare lay a finger on Addison because if you do…I won’t hesitate to show you what I’m capable of doing” He threatened before walking away angrily.

“No..you..Robin! Robin come back here! You can’t end this! Robin! Rob_ argh!!” She groans when she missed her step falling to the floor.

“Ahhh!! Damn you!! Damn you all!!!” She hollers like a lunatic shaking her head vigorously.

“You okay?” A serene voice cooled out. She jerk her head up only to see Aiden smiling down at her. Aiden had actually watched everything that transpire between Viola and Robin. He was just coming out of Finn’s room to give him feedback about Addison. He reached out his hand to Viola and she scoffs getting up herself. Immediately she did, she didn’t hesitate to send him a resonating slap across his cheek. Aiden’s eyes went shut for some seconds. He could swear he actually saw stars for a moment. He opens his eyes back chewing at his gum.

“Fůçƙ! That really hurts” He snickers.

“You bastard! How dare you humiliate me like that! How dare you do that to me!!” She gruffs raising her hand to give him another but this time Aiden caught her hand midway.

“What are you doing! LET ME GO!!” She howled shaking as head with her hair scattering all over her face.

“I never humiliated you. You brought that upon yourself”

“Why? Did you plan this with her? So you could see me go down! Sorry but you are wrong. These things can’t shake me and I’m gonna do all I can to let the world know of your terrible acts!” She said with heavy breaths.

“Why don’t you just let it to now?”


“Stop straining yourself unnecessary…you’re only gonna get hurt. And humiliate yourself more. Look you have no one on your side either. Instead of pouring out your aggressions and frustrations on the innocent…why don’t you try to find a way to get rid of them totally? I can help also” He said but only to receive a sharp pain in between his legs. Viola had actually kneed him in his nuts.

“Ahn!!” He groans with wide eyes releasing her immediately..

“Fůçƙ you!!” Viola spat walking away furiously.

“Ow!! I’m hurt…it hurts like $h|t!” He groans going for the floor. His eyes darted to the entrance and he could her limping.

“She’s hurt too…” He mutters.


“Are you sure about this?” Aiden asked. He is actually on the phone talking to someone.

“You know I could help you tell him instead” He said again after some seconds.

The door opens and Bin walk straight to his bed.

“Alright…see you later then” He ends the call and looks over to Bin.

“Is he okay?” He muttered before standing and going towards his bed.

“Robin…” He called slowly.

“I’m sorry but…can you let me be?” Bin’s voice echoes out slowly.

“You know I could_”

“Please” He said curtly and Aiden sighs.

“Good night” He mutters then go back to the couch.

He took his eyes back to Bin on the bed and release another sigh.

“Will he be okay?” He asked no one in particular.


Ash yawned coming out of his room. He stretches widely heading to the living room.

“You’re awake? I was gonna wake you up” Aiden said.

“Oh hi Newbie” He yawns.

“Who’s this?” He asked referring to the person standing beside him. The person’s face was covered with a hood so he couldn’t make out the face.

“Perfect timing…Finn I’m glad you’re here too” Aiden smiles as Finn joined them. He gave him a look then look at the strange person beside him.

“Who is this person I asked? Hey…what are you?” Ash asked the strange person and finally the person looks up.

Addison removed the hoodie hood showcasing her face. Ash gasped loudly with widen eyes.

“What’s going on! Two Newbies! Am I hallucinating?”

“No you’re not hallucinating Ash…” Aiden put his arms around her.

“This is my twin sister…Addison” He added smiling.

“Tw…twin WHAT??”

“Yeah you heard it right Ash…we’re are two” Addison said making him get goosebumps.

“Oh, my Fůçƙ!” Ash said covering his mouth with his palm.

Addison couldn’t help chuckling. She roves her eyes around and its landed on Finn who wore a blank expression. Finn examined her from head to toe. Blue hoodie on a ripped jeans. Her hair parted and the hair pin…the hair pin he gave her was attached to her hair. His palms fisted immediately.

“Finn…” Addison called walking closer but he sent her a death glare.

“So let me get this straight. Newbie you..you have a twin. And a Fůçƙing sister at that!” Ash said rather happily.

“Actually there’s something you don’t know yet” Aiden said.

“Another bomb? Drop it I’m ready to get blown off” Ash commented making Addison chuckled.

“It’s could be considered as a bomb cause Addison here had been disguising as me the whole time I was in a coma. When you were being operated on..she came back and I took over” Aiden explain.

“Wait! So to get this straight…the newbie I’ve liked so far_ no…the newbie I’ve known so far was her!” He pointed to Addison.

“I’m sorry for lying to you Ash” Addison apologize.

“Wow! This is crazy! Super crazy!! Finn isn’t it!” He asked Finn and everybody faced him.

“Crazy? I think I’m the crazy one here” He replied impassively heading to his room.

“He must be annoyed…I understand. But where’s Bin? he has to know about this!” Ash said looking around.

“Ash…I actually came here for a reason”

“Look I don’t care whatever the reason maybe right now I’m so elated that if I had been a nine tailed fox or dog you would be seeing my tails wagging in excitement by now!!. Newbie! Thank you” He said pulling her in for a really tight hug.

“Ash…oh my!” Addison signal to Aiden to get him off her. Aiden smiles pulling Ash away.

“We’ll talk later Ash…excuse me” Addison rushed away from him. She had actually came to see Finn because she had something important to tell him. About heading to his room, her eyes caught with Bin’s who was staring down at her from the stairs. Her heart leaped immediately and she freezed on her spot. However, Bin took his eyes away and went back to his room. So as much as she wanted to run after him right that moment she couldn’t cause…she didn’t come there for him. Rather for something else. With heavy heart, she turns and head to Finn’s room.


“What are you doing here?” Finn asked as Addison entered his room.

“Finn…I’m here to see you”

“To see me?” He scoffs.

“Too bad for you. I don’t wanna see you…please leave”

“Look I know you are mad at me right now and I can explain myself_”

“Do I look like I care about your goddamn explanations! Damn you and explanations!!”

“That…was harsh” She said slowly.

“If you don’t wanna hear worse then leave me alone” He demanded with fury in his eyes. Addison decided to calm down. She didn’t come there to fight with him and also it took her a lot of courage to show up there so she wouldn’t just let her anger ruin it. For now…she’s gonna put up with any ill treatments or insults being thrown at her.

“Finn…I know you’re hurt and I’m sorry cause it’s because of me but..believe me…it wasn’t my intention to do that to you. Look I just wanna talk to you it’s important”

“And what makes you think I’d want to? First you left without a word, second you made a fool out of me! Third, you didn’t care and even when I asked you meet you even though I’m the one hurting here you turned me down and now you appeared telling me trash about wanting to talk some $h|t! I’m sorry but I don’t ever wanna see you anymore now Addison” He removed the hairpin on her hair.

“You have no right to put this on. Get out of my room” He pointed to the door. His voice pained. She must have really hurt him.

“At least listen to what I have to say” Addison tries to change his mind.

“I don’t care about what you have to say. Get out!” He declared

“Finn i_”

“I SAID GET OUT!!” He fired curtly making her flinched.

“Just…leave Addison” He said again trying to control his temper.

“Well I know you’re angry but I can’t leave until I say what I have to say Finlay!” She replied defiantly.

“Then I would have no choice but to drag you out myself” He gripped in her wrist tightly dragging her out.

“Finn_” Her word was interrupted by him grabbing her roughly.

“Finn!! Finn!! Listen I…I FOUND YOUR SISTER!!” She howled at him halting him in his motion. Addison used the opportunity to release herself from his grip massaging her wrist which hurts now.

For a while, they both stood frozen only their heavy breathes could be heard.

“What…?” Came his voice in low tones.

“The owner of the hairband…I found her. Your sister” She replied heavily while his eyes almost budge out of its sockets.

“No Fůçƙing way” He exclaimed.






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