Let me be your…

β£πŸ’› SOULMATE β£πŸ’›

( Love wasn’t part of the plan )


CHAPTER 55 & 56


Just right after they came back from the trip, Addison received the unexpected call that her brother has woken up. As expected Happiness clouded her and she was overjoyed. When she had gone to the hospital with Finn to look for his sister the other day, she had used the opportunity to visit her brother.

Days after Aiden got discharged. Even though Addison wasn’t able to go see him after that, they had always chatted and FaceTime. Addison also filmed them while they were practicing so she could send the videos to Aiden who also practice it at home. His plan was to return to the band before the next album.

Of course, Addison should have told Bin about this but maybe she just couldn’t get her timing right. She felt bad about leaving him when things just started between them but then it wasn’t in her control anymore. Aiden had been practicing so hard that it almost had an effect on him. His body isn’t that strong for him to strained it that far yet but he’s so determined to get back before the album which is only in few days. This left Addison no choice. She wasn’t planning on leaving so soon but with what happened recently, she had no choice but to. Maybe this is just for the better. Right now she’s so hurt that she just wanna escape from everything. But the question is…Did she do right by leaving without letting Bin know?

She returned home that day suddenly and unannounced surprising both her parents and Aiden.

They could all tell something was wrong but she denied saying nothing is wrong.

She filled Aiden in on everything he should know so he wouldn’t be oblivious to things he should know. Though she left some parts out like Viola finding out her secret, Robin and her liking each other and Ash confessing his feelings to her.

She however told him about how Bin had saved her so far, how she had gotten close to Finn also about his sister. Ash’s sickness, Rush’s disappearance and any other minor things. She left out the part that Finn liked her also and that she is in love with Bin.

“I’m giving you back your life now and I’m going back to llive mine” She told him on the night he was to leave.

“You lived my life when I couldn’t…I’m forever grateful to you from now on I hope you could find your life and live it with so much joy and happiness. Thank you…for making my dream come true”

They said their goodbyes, Aiden left and she stayed…hoping her wounded heart would be healed within time.

Aiden got to the STARR BOYZ APARTMENT to meet no one. The house was awfully quiet. Seems they’re all still at the hospital he thought. He took a tour around the house before settling for Bin’s room. Words couldn’t express how happy and overwhelmed he is right now. It took him over a month to be able to finally be here. What he thought would have took him some hours.

He couldn’t stop ululating. His dreams finally came true. After sorting out his things, he head to the bathroom to shower. Coming out of it, he was met with Bin also coming inside the room. His heart palpitate on seeing him. Robin is standing right in front of him, staring at him.

Before he could even utter a word, He got to him like a lightening and tightened his arms around him. Shocking the FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ out of him.

“You’re finally back…You are” He mumbles in his arms.

Aiden slowly wrapped his arms around him also reciprocating the hug. The fact that his idol is hugging him right now feels surreal. But immediately he did, Bin pulled away like he shouldn’t have done that.

“You’re not her” He blurts out surprising him.

“Ro_” Before he could say, Bin impeded his speech with a frown visible on his handsome face.

“Who are you?” He demanded.

Aiden kept quiet, swallowing nothing. Bin took a step away from him.

“Are you..”

“Aiden” He finally says.

“What?” Came Bin’s voice almost inaudibly.

“I am Aiden. Aiden Beckett” He smiles warmly.


“I’m sorry for the inconvenience Robin…due to my sudden accident I had no choice but to ask my sister to fill in for me cause I didn’t wanna lose the golden opportunity. Even though you found out about this you didn’t exposed my sister and instead protected her. I’m really grateful and sorry Robin. From now on I promise to work just as twice to make up for the missed rehearsals. Thank you for accepting me into this band. It has always been my dream to be part of STARR BOYZ and to…sing with you on stage”

“When…when did you wake up?”

“About a week ago” He smiles.

“A week…a week I see…” He trailed off. So he has been awake and Addison told him nothing. She kept it from him. Just to disappear suddenly. Wow! How ironic…someone he trusted…just broke his trust…yet again. His fists tightened.

“I really really hope we could get along together…with the guys. I’m so happy”Aiden squeals.

“Sure…welcome…” Bin said larconically walking out of the room.

Aiden sighs then beamed.

“Oh, my gosh he’s so cool!” He gushed throwing himself on the bed.


“Ugh! So damn heavy uh!” Viola guided the staggering Bin to the sofa.

She exhales deeply after dropping him on it.

“Why bring me here…I have a home too” He grunts on the sofa.

“First you’re my boyfriend and I’m to look out for you. Second you have no one to take care of you there”

“I can take care of myself. Take me home or call me a chauffeur” He groans standing up but Viola pulled him back.

“Just stay and listen to me. Why did you have to drink in the first place. What if a picture of you being wasted was caught on cam! You’re a star you shouldn’t act recklessly like this you know that! It’s a good thing I was called before you did something stupid” she puffs.

“Why? A star is no human? He can’t drink!! He can’t go to a bar!!” He lashed at her.

“Why are you yelling at me!” She fired back.

Bin grunts.

“Sorry Viola…” He mutters. Viola sighs and took a sit beside him.

“Is something wrong? Tell me. why did you drink?” She touches his shoulder.

“Do I seem that easy? Am I that a joke to you all?” He mumbles.

“What?” Viola crooked her brows.

“You all don’t take me seriously…you all” He pushed her hand away making her scoffs.

“You’re indeed wasted. Wait here I’ll get you a glass of water” Viola walked away. Bin laid on the sofa and closed his eyes. Viola came back with the glass of water a minute later and was surprised to find him drove to dream land already.

“The heck…” She dropped the glass of water on a small table beside the sofa then head to her room. Minutes later she came back with a blanket and covers him with it then took a sit on the sofa with him staring, smiling and admiring him. She parted his hair and trace his scanty eyebrows.

“Why couldn’t it be you right from the onset? Why now…?” She murmured. His soft breath fans her fingers,her eyes darted to his pink pouty lips.

“Why am I just noticing all these now?” She thought out loud. Then in a second, she placed her lips on his gently. Her lips lingers for almost forty seconds before she backed out.

“Good night Robin” She covered him properly with the blanket before leaving to her room switching off the door. Immediately she left, Robin opens his eyes and sat up. He brought his finger to his lips and wipe it then he stood and left the house unnoticed.


Aiden was practicing when he heard some movements. He stopped and went towards the living room only to meet with Ash and Finn.

“Newbie!” Ash grinned on seeing him.

Aiden smiled.

“Ash” He called rather awkwardly.

“Hey you rascal!” Ash went towards him hanging his arms around his neck.

“How could you ditched me like that uh!” He plays with his hair while Aiden chuckles.

“Sorry…something urgent came up”

“More urgent than the dying me uh?”

“Come on…you didn’t die” Aiden nudge his arm.

“Bravo! You’ve become more cheeky uh!”

“How are you now?”

“Well like you said…I didn’t die” He winks

“You should probably go lie down. Rest before the rehearsal” Finn finally uttered a word and Aiden looks at him. From what he observed, Finn looks like someone who doesn’t talk much and Ash is practically the garrulous type.

“I’m gonna go rest for a bit”Finn said again. He gave Aiden a short glance before heading to his room.

He doesn’t seem happy with me. Why? Aiden thought.

“But where’s Bin?” Ash asked looking around.

“The manager came to pick him up early this morning. He apparently have a commercial” Aiden replied.

“Psst…he chose a FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing commercial over me! That prick” Ash pouted. Aiden couldn’t help chuckling.

“I hope they didn’t give you hard time because of me. Especially Bin I know he could be very annoying sometimes”

“I’m cool. And I’m enjoying everything so far”

“You sure! Hey wanna come to my room?” Ash asked.

“Would love to” Aiden grinned.


Addison stares at the commercial Robin has had with Viola. It wasn’t just one or two. It was numerous and most involved them as a couple. Seeing this hurts her a lot. She has been missing him a lot and feel like seeing him but seeing how happy he is with Viola just shattered her more.

Maybe he doesn’t even worth her tears.

Why is she so shaky because of him?

And why does it seem so hard to stop thinking about him. Ever since she came back, she spent most of her time in her room. She won’t go out but just stayed cooped up sleeping or doing something to prevent her from thinking about him. Her parents had tried talking to her but she just keep assuring them nothing is wrong with a fake smile. She also do speak with Aiden sometimes and he never fails to fill her in about how happy he is right now.

Seems she’s the only one who haven’t moved on.

Maybe it’s really time to forget about everything all.


🎢…You’re the person that answers the reason for true love in my heart

🎢 I am in love with you…are you I love with me?

🎢 Do you know I love you this much?

🎢 I’ve waited for you so long, thank you heaven for helping set this up. I don’t need anything except to tell you I love you continuously…

🎀 I am in love with you, are you in love with me?

🎀 With just two of us in love, they’re probably happy up in heaven!! 🎢

The song ended and Finn wrapped it up with his guitar. All breathes out heavily. That’s actually the sixth time they’ll be practicing the song.

“Wow Newbie…you seems to have gotten more better. Am I the only one who noticed that?” Ash complimented and he beams.

“I just practiced more a little” He replied with smiles. Viola stares at him shooting daggers.

“Enjoy it while it lasts…I promise to end it soon Criminal” Viola thought within.

“You guys are doing great. Ash how was it?” Bin faced him.

“Don’t worry…I’m perfect” Ash winks.

“Always be careful and tell me if you feel different” He said. Viola went towards Bin and link hands with him.

“How about we eat out? Let’s go on a date Robin” She blinked cutely at him.

“I don’t have time. I’m busy.” Bin released himself from her hold and went out.

“Binnie!!!” Viola smirks at Aiden before going after him.

Aiden scoffs.

“Finn are you making lunch…I’m starving” Ash pouted.

“Uh! Me too me too” Aiden chipped in looking at Finn.

“I’ll set up something”Finn said Impassively walking out also.

“He seems off” Aiden said after Finn left.

“He’s always like that. But these days he was doing okay. He smiled a lot too. I wonder what changed” Ash mutters back.


The STARR BOYZ post sexily as the camera flashes on them with Viola in their middle.

They are currently having photoshoot for their upcoming album and has been on it for almost an hour now. This is actually the second concept they’ll be doing and they’re killing it.

“Fab!!” The director stopped taking their pictures and they stopped posing as well.

“Okay guys…let’s move to the next concept after five minutes break” The director announced and they all find their way out of the stage all taking a sit as each of their make up artists started retouching their make up for the next session.

Viola glance at Aiden only to see him smiling sheeplessly where he’s seated. She scoffs.

“He seems to have no worries whatsoever. How could he be so relaxed knowing fully well I’m here” She thought to herself. Aiden’s eyes met hers but he looked away almost immediately infuriating her more.

“You should all get changed…right! the next concept involves you not having a top on” The director said to them.

“No top on?”Viola mutters then her head snapped towards Aiden.

“Now that’s interesting” She smirks. Their eyes met again and Aiden looks away wondering why she kept staring.

“We’ll be starting in three minutes so get ready” The director added.

“Umm…do we really have to take off our tops?” Aiden asked and Viola scoffs on hearing him.

“Yes you have to. That’s is actually the peak of it all”The director replied.

“You seems reluctant to. Is there a reason for that?”He asked.

“Uh…no it’s just that…I’m a bit shy” He chuckled.

“Oh man! You shouldn’t be like that. You’re a star now and these are common things for people like you. What if you’re given a commercial for P@Ε‹ts. Will you say you’re too shy to do it. Brace up man” The director pats him and Aiden chewed on his gum.

“But the look on you says something different” Viola chipped in.

“What do you mean?” Aiden asked. Viola stood up and walked towards him. All eyes immediately glued to them. Bin furrows his brows wondering what she’s cooking up now.

Ash stares with a serious expression while Finn just watch deadpaned.

“Are you really shy orr…” She stepped closer to him.

“…you just have something to hide?” She completed with a smirk.

“Wha…what do you mean? I’m…hiding nothing” He looks away.

“Then why don’t you try proving me wrong?” She wiggle her brows at him

“Why are you doing this?” Aiden asked.

“What do you mean? Hey you’re the one acting strange here. I’m just tryna make things clear here” Viola shrugged.

“You know how weird it’d be if you refuse to take off your tops. It’s not about you being shy but…you hiding something you don’t want any one to know. What could that be?”

“I..told you I’m hiding nothing”

“I think otherwise. Nevertheless you still have to take that off. If you’re really not hiding anything then do it. Take it off” She said in a command tone.

Aiden eyes darted around. What’s the woman trying to do? Does she perhaps know about Addison?

“Why aren’t you doing anything? Take it off!” Viola’s voice came again.

Yeah…that must be it. She must knew and right now, she’s trying to expose him in front of all.

It’s okay…two can play the game. He remained adamant not taking it off.

“I said take it off!” Viola charged at him trying to take it off him.

“No…stop I can’t! Stop!” Aiden resisted but seems Viola was more than determined cause she ripped the shirt off him surprising everyone present there. His bare body finally exposed and Aiden’s eyes darkened.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!!” He roared making her flinched. Murmurs arose as all watch Aiden who clutch unto his torn shirt tying to cover himself.

“You…but you…no how come…” Viola shuttered looking clearly shocked at Aiden who had a complete body of a male.

“No…that’s impossible. I know what I saw”She moves closer trying to go near him again but Robin was quick to held her back roughly at that.

“You should stop this now…it’s getting extremely annoying” He said blankly tightening his hold on her wrist.


“You just showed me an unexpected part of you…a really ugly one and I don’t think I can ever forget this” He gave her a disappointed and angry look.

“Robin…” She held unto him who gave him an angry glare.

“Buzz off” He nudges her away roughly walking out.

Ash steps closer to her and said.

“I never liked you right from the onset. I always knew you’re up to no good. I’m ain’t sorry to say this FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ you Viola” He smirks at her before stepping away.

“I think this photoshoot here ends…”He announced.

“Let’s go Newbie” He wrapped his arms around Aiden leaving with him. Aiden looks back at Viola and smirks scornfully at her.

“I think you went too far with what you just did. You had no right whatsoever” Finn said also before leaving.

Viola scoffs wondering what the hell just happened.

How is it possible?

Is this a joke?

“FΕ―Γ§Ζ™!!!” She stomped her feet on the ground in annoyance.

“Aiden…How dare you…how dare you embarrass me like this!” She seethed.






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