Let me be your…

β£πŸ’› SOULMATE β£πŸ’›

( Love wasn’t part of the plan )


CHAPTER 53 & 54


“What” Robin asked plainly after picking up his ringing phone.

“Where are you? I’m making breakfast” Viola’s serene voice came at the other end.

“What breakfast?” Bin creased a brow.

“Don’t you understand? I’m at your place right now. Come over I’m waiting” She said and hang up before he could uttered a word.

“What the heck” Bin kept his phone in his pocket.


“This isn’t necessary” Bin said taking a sit on one of the chairs at the kitchen counter.

“It is. I’m sure you’ve haven’t had anything this morning. What kind of a girlfriend would it make me if my so called boyfriend is starving and I just watched doing nothing” She joked serving the food. Bin rolled his eyes.

“How’s he? Ash?” She asked taking a sit also.

“He’s awake. He’s getting a surgery”

“What about the album?”

“Is that important right now? We’ll sort it out somehow”

“Yeah…sure” She smiled watching him eat.

“You ain’t eating?” Bin asked noticing her not eating.

“On diet. Have to keep this sexy body in check” She winks. Bin snickers.

“You wish” He muttered continue digging into the food.

“Remember what I told you the other night?”

“Be specific. You said many things”

“About starting afresh…”

“What about it?”

“I’ve made up my mind on doing that”

“Good to hear”

“That brings me to say…Robin” She placed her plam on his which was on the counter. Bin looks up to her with a raised brow. Viola let out a sweet smile.

“Have you thought about it?”

“About what?”

“Me starting afresh with you”

“What’s your point right now?”

“Are you slow witted or you just grew dense overtime?”

“Go straight to the point and stop beating about the bush” He removed his palm from hers.

Viola stood up and went to his side.

“What are you doing?” He asked when she stood beside him. Viola instead of answering, crouch to his level then peck his lips taking him aback.

“Let’s make it real…our relationship” She smiled. Bin stared surprised for some seconds. Then he dropped his fork and stood. She straighten herself also looking up at him in smiles. Bin scoffs tucking his hands in his pockets.

“What are you doing right now?” He asked clearly not pleased with her actions.

“I said I wanna date you…for real” She replied rather carefree.

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“I’m not. I mean it”

“Viola stop it alright. I’m not playing this game with you” He turns away from her.

“The lady in the article…it’s not like you’re really dating her” She uttered stopping him in his tracks.

“What?” Bin turned back to her.

“You guys are not really dating. Or have you started?” She asked.

“What are you rambling?”

Viola took a step closer to him

“She isn’t someone you can’t date. Is she? Everything was a lie from decapo wasn’t it?”


“I was quite angry at first. I couldn’t understand…why you would do something stupid and reckless like that. But then given who you are…” She smiled.

“On a second thought, you must have done that cause there’s a tangible reason. The Robin I know wouldn’t just make a drastic decision, would he?”

“How long have you known?”

“Is that important? What’s important now is that I know the truth…that you don’t really have a girlfriend and that…I have a chance” She leaned closer smiling nonstop. Bin looked away from her rubbing his temple.

“It doesn’t matter”

“No it does”

“It doesn’t Viola…cause I have no plan of hooking up with you” He uttered. Her brows crooked but she mask it up with a smile.

“You don’t have to feel sorry or whatever…this is my decision”

“This is not about feeling sorry Viola. It’s just something I want”

“But you like me” She blurted making him snicker.

“That…in the past you mean. It’s been long Vio…you don’t expect me to be still be hung up with you. I’m ain’t that miserable”

Viola looks away balling her palms.

“It’s okay…we can just reactivate that likeness. I’ll make it possible. I’m quite charming and irresistible” He winked.

“Stop trying to make this work…it’s a dead end. I’m not interested” He said hurting her.

“Sorry if I hurt you but…this is something I’ve never once thought you’d bring up. You said it yourself that I shouldn’t expect anything of sort. All is just a lie”

“That…in the past.” She stepped closer.

“Right now Robin…I think I want you” She said creeping her arms to his neck.

“You want me now?” He scoffs

“Sorry but it’s late” He removed her hand.

“Why? Do you have someone else? Do you? Is that why you’re rejecting me Robin?”

“Let’s end this conversation now…it’s getting ugly”

“You know I’m not cool with her deceiving the public. And I don’t support it either whatever her reasons maybe. I’m not an understanding person like you Robin…and I certainly won’t think twice…sending her out” She said sternly.

“Are you threatening me?” He scrowls.

Viola folds her arms.

“I’m just stating the facts here. And showing you my opinions also so you won’t be shocked to find out…she got kicked out suddenly”

“You’re indeed threatening me”

“Robin…I care a lot about you. I certainly won’t let anything taint your reputation. You mean a lot to me I hope you know that. This is me protecting you”

“Are you really doing this?”

“I hope you can see my true feelings”

Bin rubbed his temple frustrated.

“You can’t do this to me”

“Why are you getting worked up? It’s only the right thing to do. Except…there’s something else behind it. Is there something going on that I don’t know?”


“Well…I trust you. You wouldn’t think so low. Don’t worry Robin…I’d make sure you don’t get hurt in the process of revealing everything. You don’t have to feel bad also…be rest assured” She pats his chest.

“Is this who you are? What do you gain from all these? You could just pretend not to know anything”

“I told you…I’m not all understanding like you. I have little patience also”

“Viola…you really got me by surprise. You got me really…really where I at least expected”

She smiles.

“But it’s such a relief it’s me right? Imagine if PM had found out instead. There would have been a really huge problem already”

“I really wanna start again and this time I’m sure of my decision. What do you say to my proposal?” She urged

“Let’s do it. Let’s date for real…like you wanted” Robin gave in.

“Are you really sure about this?”

“I can…never be more sure”

Viola smiles broadly wrapping her arms around him.

“I knew you’d make me happy…you’re Robin after all” She smiled contended in his arms. Just then Addison rushed in P@Ε‹ting heavily. Viola was the first to see her. Addison is yet to notice their presence actually. A smirk appeared on her lips and she pulled away from the hug.

“Prove it”


“I want you to prove it to me that you really wanna do this with me”

“What do you want?”

“What do you think…I want?” She asked tracing her gaze to his lips.

Robin got what she meant instantly. He clenched his fists, clutching his jaw.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to…just know I’m ain’t forcing you..I’m okay with any decision you make” She said rather softly.

“Because I care…” She added.

Robin released his palms. It’s just to date her isn’t it? Since everyone already thought they’re dating…it shouldn’t be a big deal. He just have to hide it from Addison…he can’t afford to watch her be ridiculed and condemned in front of all. He has to protect her in any way he can. Viola isn’t someone to be dealt with lightly. He knows clearly what she’s capable of doing. He can do this…he can…for her sake. For his Blobfish’s. He had to.

Slowly, he grabbed her and locked his lips with hers and Viola did the remaining by clutching unto him…forcing for an entrance he had no choice but to give.

Addison’s throat dried up as she watch the torturous scene in front of her.

Her eyes dilated shockingly not believing the sight in front of her. Her body began trembling and she could feel her heart falling apart.

“Robin…” She called in the most heartbreaking voice ever. Robin pulled away on hearing her voice. He snap his head back and his eyes widened as his gaze landed directly on her. He shifted away from Viola staring at her with guilt overwhelmed eyes. He couldn’t even utter a word, his gaze just got stuck with hers which has grew wistful already.

No! She wasn’t supposed to see that.

She wasn’t supposed to know about this.

How is he to explain? He could see the hurt in her eyes and it pains him…to know he’s the cause of that.

“Robin…” She called again with shaky voice this time. Robin made to go to her but Viola pulled his hand back. He looked back at her and she raised a brow at him.

Addison bashed her lids staring at the scene with utmost pains. Tears slid down her eyes voluntarily.

Viola stepped forward clinging her arms with Bin’s.

“Hi there Aiden. I made breakfast care to join?” She asked sweetly, beaming at her.

“No…thanks enjoy your meal” She turned and whizzled out of the house immediately.

“She should have stayed for some…well it’s her loss. Right Robin?” She smiles at Robin who gave her a angry hurtful look.

“I want to be alone…please leave for now” He said as composed as he could.

“You okay?”

“I’ll talk to you later” He said impassively going upstairs to his room.

Viola folded her arms and sighs.

“Pretty easy…” She smirks


Robin paced around the room trying Addison’s line but it won’t go through. At first she wasn’t picking but later it became unavailable and now it says switched off.

“FΕ―Γ§Ζ™!!!” He threw the phone away angrily and it went crashing on the floor.

He sat on the bed heavily. Right now he feels disappointed in himself and he hates himself for doing that..if only she hadn’t come in at that time. Right? She called him about coming over. Why did he had to forgot about that.

Now how does he fix this mess?

He roughed his hair feeling exasperated.

Addison couldn’t help the flow of tears falling as she ran out of the compound.

She’s hurt right now. So hurt that she doesn’t even know how to deal with it. She has heard about heartbreak and has probably broken people’s hearts obviously but getting hers broken now feels so unbearable. Is it because it’s her first time? Never knew it could hurt so much like this. She felt utterly shattered, betrayed and angry.

Right now, she doesn’t wanna see him or even be around him. She just wanna get rid of this terrible ache in her heart but thinking about earlier, makes the pain intensify.


Robin couldn’t sleep a wink throughout the night. He just keeps rolling on the bed. Addison hadn’t returned home and it seems she has no plan to. She’s been unreachable that it’s driving him damn crazy. He wouldn’t stop cursing himself, regretting his actions million times. But come to think of it, if the situation were to repeat itself, he would have done the same. Since he had to.

“Where are you Blobfish? I miss you” He mutters hurtfully.

Tow days passed and Addison didn’t showed up.

Ash’s surgery went successful and he was to be discharged soon.

Robin was worried but there were no way to contact her.

“He’s fine now. Don’t worry…but where are you? Alright…don’t stay long”

“Is that blo_ no. Aiden?” Bin asked Finn after he hang up the call.

“Yeah” Finn replied blankly.

“Where is he? Where does he says he is?”

“Don’t know” Finn shrugged leaving him.

Bin immediately dialed her number but it won’t go through.

πŸ’¬ I’ll wait till you’re ready to talk πŸ’¬ He added to the numerous texts he had sent her over the days.


“Doctor…when can I go home?” Ash asked.

“You can go this weekend. When we’re sure you’re completely okay” The doctor replied.

“I…my ear….is it okay now?”

“Fortunately the tumor was a small one so it was removed completely. You just need tests and rehabilitation and as for the hearing issue it’s not always common to lose your hearing loss after surgery but even if that’s the case, we can always recommend Contralateral routing of sound ( CROS ) it is a microphone like device worn on both sides. It takes sound received from the non hearing area and send it to the hearing area or better still bone conduction hearing Implant. The device will be anchored into the skull behind the non hearing area. There are other options also like_”

“Ah forget it. What matters is I can hear again..I have to perform also” Ash interrupted.

“You’ll be okay Mr Ashton Rivers” The doctor smiled.

“Thank you doctor…let’s talk outside” PM said leaving with the doctor.

“You happy now?” Finn asked the beaming Ash

“Of course…I thought it was actually a cancer and I might die. You don’t know how relieved I am right now. Thanks so much guys…for not giving up on me. I really really really love you so freaking much” He moulded hearts with his fingers.

” Quit blabbering…I’m gonna leave first. Rest” Bin pats him excusing them.

“Is he okay?” Ash asked.

“He should be”

“But is newbie isn’t coming today also? What’s with him seriously…”

“He had a reason. Do you want anything? I’m gonna stay a bit”

“You’re spending much time in the hospital lately…are you avoiding someone at home?” Ash gave him a suspicious look.

“Should I just leave?”

“Cake? I want cake with a lotta chocolate” He grinned.


Robin got home feeling weary. He dragged his legs up the stairs grudgingly rubbing his tired eyes. The house was silent and feels kinda lonely.

Why won’t it…Addison isn’t there.

He walks to his room and opens the door. But as soon as he did, She also opens the bathroom door coming out of it. His eyes widen on the mere sight of seeing her. She’s back. His blobfish is back.

Taking rush steps to her, he wrapped his arms around her immediately sighing in relief.

“You’re finally back…You are” He mutters in her arms.

Addison slowly wrapped her arms around him back hugging him also. But as soon as she did, Robin’s countenance changed. His eyebrows crooked and he pulled away.

“You…are not her”


“Who are you?” He cut her off.






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