8&9Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 8&9

Ever since I was locked in this room, I thought about my actions and felt guilty.
I didn’t really intend to hurt him.
Immediately I saw him, I ran to him apologizing for my actions.
I expected a hard slap to the face or a harsh tone but none came instead, he walked closer to me, held my cheek and used his thumb to clean my tears away.

” Why did you do it?” He asked In a calm tone.
I knew this question would arise but how to tell him the reason behind it was what gave me a hard time.

I mean confessing to the fact that my uncle comes to my room every night to moleste me.
I tried to open my mouth to speak but no words came out of it instead, those incident of my uncle would appear.

I figured it was best to stay quiet.
Cleaning my tears I didn’t answer.

“Do you want to explain yourself?” He asked and I shook my head.
That only annoyed him.
He placed his hand into his pocket.
I looked at him but couldn’t read his expression.
Was he angry?
Closing his eyes, he opened them and said.

” You committed a grave offense which could put you in jail but I won’t involve the police. I would take matters into my own hands” he said.

” What are you going to do?”

” I’m going to give you my punishment”
At that, I swallowed thinking of every possible punishment he could give to me.

” What is your punishment?”

” Sleep with me” he said.
His words echoed in my ears.
I should have known this was what he was planning.
He was no different from the rest of them.
My problem right now was how to get out of this situation without placing myself into more trouble.

” You…you promised” I stuttered looking at him with surprise written all over my face.

” I know. You don’t have to remind me but you forced me to do this” he said.

” I said I’m sorry. It won’t happen again”

” Well it already happened”

” Why don’t you just give me another punishment.
I would do anything other than this please” I pleaded.

” No!” He half yelled
“It’s left to me to decide and I chose this. Get ready for tonight” he said and walked away.

It was really happening tonight!
It can’t be.
I went to the window with the intention of jumping down from it but on reaching it, I found the ground to be high above the ground.
I looked at the blanket in the room.
They weren’t going to be enough to get me down beside, guards were stationed around the corner of the house.

One of the guards looked up to my window.
I immediately stepped back thinking of another possible way to get out of here.

Alex left the room and went to his study.
He couldn’t wait for tonight.
Just then, a knock on the door was heard.
The door opened and Jack came in.

He had his seat in front of the desk leaning forward to see Alex who only stared at him.

” What brings you here?” He asked.

” I came to check up on you. I heard what happened”

” Well as you can see, I am fine. No harm was done to me”
Alex said rubbing his fingers on the rim of the glass he held.

” And the girl?”

” What about her?” Alex asked.

” She doesn’t seem to be doing fine” he said.

” What makes you say that?”

“I .. I mean, she isn’t happy staying here. Why are you keeping her?” Jack asked.
He has always wondered what made Alex have interest in her.
She was not a celebrity of any of that sort.

“Because I want her” he said as his eyes held some kind of unknown emotion.
” She is happy here. She will learn to be happy with me.
You know, you should focus on your life” Alex said Changing the topic.

” My life is great and I love it just the way it is. I don’t need any dramas in it” jack said leaning back.

After hours of discussion, evening finally came.
Alex stared out the window of his study room and was quite delighted as how the time flew by.
He couldn’t wait to see her so he hurriedly told Tom to get the lady.

Tom, on reaching Irene’s room, found the place to be so quiet.
Usually, she would have been throwing tantrums but this was different.
He went in but didn’t find her in the room.
Still searching he went to the bathroom.
He eyes almost flew out from it’s position.

He ran to his master’s room but before he could knock on the door, Alex opened the door.

” Where is the lady?” Alex asked and Tom could only stare at him.

” Are you deaf?”

” Boss, the girl.. she..she”
He began to stutter but before he could complete his sentence, Alex left his presence and went to the room Irene was placed.
Tom who followed from behind, showed him the bathroom where she laid laying almost lifeless on the ground.
She was surrounded by her own blood.

Alex’s eyes widened.
She tried to kill herself?

Immediately, Alex went to where her body lay.

” What are you waiting for? Call the doctor” Alex yelled.
He was fidgeting on seeing her in this state.
He took her head and placed it on his chest as he embraced her.

Few minutes later, the doctor arrived.
She took a while in attending to Irene.
Irene slowly opened her eyes and found an angry Alex looking at her as though he could kill her with his gaze.

” How is she doc?” Alex said as he continued to look at Irene.
She lowered her eye to her legs which was covered with the blanket.

” She is fine but do something for me, always give her the medication and keep her away from stress.
She will be fine” the doctor smiled but Alex just glared at Irene.

” Alright doc. Thank you” he said and she left.
Immediately she was gone, Alex sat on the side of the bed close to Irene.

” What do you think you wanted to do? You wanted to kill yourself right?”
Hearing his words, Irene raised her eyes to see him.

She tried to speak but Alex cut in.

” Well guess what, my punishment is still holding tonight” he said in a husky voice as he stood up.



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