33Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 33

” Who do you want to save. Violet or Irene?” She laughed maniacally.
Alex couldn’t possibly choose between the two of them.
Lucille who just found her daughters also wasn’t prepared to loose them.

Charlotte was already tired of the long wait and wanted to end everything, thereby pointing the gun to Violet.

” I always hated you right from the time you got married to Alex” she spoke through gritted teeth.
” That’s why I think you should go first” she said.
In an attempt to pull the trigger, Alex rushed to her struggling with the her in order to take the gun away from her but Charlotte wouldn’t just let go.
A few shots were fired in the air but the struggle still went on.
Unfortunately, a bullet was shot at the man who held the rope connected to Irene.
He fell to the ground letting go of the rope
Irene let out a loud scream when she nearly fell off the building but luckily, Derick held on to the rope just in time.

Alex was still struggling with the gun when Mr Wilson came to pull him out.
A gun shot was fired and they all froze when they heard a groan.
Looking in the direction of the scream, they found Mr Wilson down bleeding from the chest.

” Dad!” Charlotte ran to her father leaving the gun with Alex.
She wasn’t concerned about the fact that he was with the gun.
Her father was bleeding in the chest and it was all because of Alex.
She watched as his eyes flickered.
His hands went to her cheeks, a smile passed his lips.

” Father please don’t leave me” she pleaded.

“Be brave my girl” that was the last word she heard from her father before he finally closed his eyes.
Tears rolled down from her eyes with determination for revenge.
She was going to kill them all.
Taking the gun which her father had, she pointed it to Alex and Alex pointed his to her.
She gave out a loud laughter admiring his bravery.

” Go on. Shoot!” She yelled making Alex to wonder if she wasn’t scared.
” For your info. There isn’t any bullet in there” a wide smirk formed on her lips.
Alex checked to verify her words and unfortunately, she was right.
Cursing, he tossed the gun to the side.

“Take me but leave them alone.
I’m the one you want” Alex said and she shook her head.

” Not anymore. You killed my father and now, you will watch all those you love die!” She yelled pointing the gun to Irene.
Aunt Nancy saw this and her heart rate increased.
She knew that Charlotte wasn’t joking about killing them.
Charlotte pulled the trigger at Irene but aunt Nancy ran and stood in front of Irene taking the bullet meant for Irene.
She fell down bleeding badly.
Irene saw this and broke into uncontrollable tears.
In her state there was nothing she could do.
Charlotte gave a smirk of victory but was taken unaware as Tom went to grab her from behind.

“Let go of the rope!” Charlotte yelled at the man who held the rope connected to Violet.
Hearing that, he was about to let go of the rope when Lucille hit him a huge stone on the head and Alex went to hold the rope.

” Untie them now!” Alex ordered his third bodyguard who stood.
He quickly went to untie them.
Irene ran to her aunt, Lucille ran to Violet hugging her tightly.
With blood stains on Irene’s hand, she cried bitterly staring at her aunt.
She didn’t deserve this.
She sacrificed herself to save her.

The third bodyguard went to aunt Nancy placing his head on her chest.

” She’s still breathing but faintly” he said making Irene to smile a little.
She held on to her aunt’s hand rubbing her palm.

“Please stay with me” she said and tore her clothes trying to stop the bleeding.
Charlotte kept on struggling but stopped for a few minutes when she heard the siren signalling the cops were around the area.
Kicking Tom in the private section, she pointed her gun to Violet who was busy embracing her mother and then pulled the trigger.

Violet let out a cry of pain when the bullet hit her abdomen.
Lucille held on to Violet, tears dropping down her cheeks.
Wails could be heard and Charlotte couldn’t help but feel happy with herself.
She was about to shoot Lucille when a gun shot was heard and the target was her.
A bullet was aimed at her back.
Turning, she found Eric with a gun and David was beside him.

She hated Eric for this.
The cops came into the apartment and found bodies lying on the floor.
One of Charlotte’s men who was hot with a stone attempted to run on hearing the cops were around but was stopped when they blocked the main entrance.

” Arrest her” Eric pointed to Charlotte who knelt down glaring at him angrily.
They went towards her to cuff both her hands.

” You will pay for this!” She yelled and with her last strength, she picked up the gun.
” Why did you do this?” She asked staring at Eric.

” I told you not to hurt Violet remember? I was never part of your plan” he said but she pointed the gun to him in order to shoot him but ended up being the one who was shot in the process.
She fell to the ground bleeding from both her arm and her back.
The pain she was feeling was excruciating but she couldn’t help but smile about the damages she did to them.

“You are under arrest miss Charlotte” a police man said heading towards her.
She smiled looking at the roof.
This was it.
Her last breath.
Staring at Alex she muttered.

” Goodbye Alex”
She picked the gun and shot herself.

Eric ran to Violet who was injured and carrying her in his arms, he rushed to the car.
Derick helped to get ain’t Nancy to the hospital while the cops took her body away.


Three hours later.
Everyone was waiting patiently in the waiting room.
They had placed aunt Nancy and Violet in the operation room.
My heart was racing with all hopes of the operation to come out successful.
Still waiting, I tried to console my mother who was crying profusely.
No matter how hard I tried she wouldn’t stop crying.
At a point, I too couldn’t be brave as I broke into tears.
Alex came to comfort me.
He pulled me into a hug.
I didn’t want my sister or my aunt to die.

The doctor came out and we rushed to meet him.

” How is she doctor?” Lucille asked.

” Are they fine” I asked.

” Doctor please tell us if it was successful” Alex said.
We spoke Almost simultaneously.
He couldn’t figure out which question to answer as we kept throwing questions at him.

” Calm down and let the doctor speak” Eric said and at his words, we all kept quiet.
The doctor breathed out shaking his head and for me, that wasn’t a good sign.

” Doctor please say something” Alex said.

” I’m sorry but we lost them” the doctor announced and our heart dropped.

34Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 34

” I’m sorry but we lost them” the doctor announced and our heart dropped.
I couldn’t believe it.
Both my sister and the woman who I treated like my mother, both are gone.
Tears began pouring down my cheeks as I fell to the ground.
Alex went on his knees trying to console me.
Lucille also broke into uncontrollable tears.
In the next minute, a nurse rushed towards the doctor.

“She’s alive!” She yelled and quickly ran back.
The doctor on hearing the news immediately excused himself and went in the direction of the nurse.
We were all left to wonder who was alive.

Half an hour later, the doctor came out.
Smiles were seen on his face but t washed away when he approached us.

” What’s wrong doc? Please tell us there’s good news” Lucille said fidgeting.

” Calm down please. There’s good news and bad news” The doctor spoke.
We were all praying that they would survive this.

“The good news is that we managed to save your twin” hearing that our sadness was cleansed and happiness replaced it but it was short lived when the doctor continued.

“And the bad news is that we couldn’t save the other lady” he shook his head sadly.
Lucille was glad on hearing her daughter was fine, she glanced at me and walking up to me she came to console the crying me.
I wasn’t sure if I could leave a life without her since she was always there for me.
The doctor left.
I ran into the operation room to see a nurse covering her face with a cloth.
I stepped closer to the body of my aunt and wept bitterly.

” Aunt please don’t leave me” I said shaking her vigorously trying to force her to stand up.

” You can’t leave me!” I yelled.
” Please stand up”
Staring at her face I remembered the times we shared together.
Alex along with my mother came in.

” She sacrificed herself for me” I leaned on Alex shoulder.

” I’m really sorry Irene” Lucille spoke.
She walked to the body and taken a look at it she said.

” I’ll miss you. Although we didn’t get along. I forgive you” she said.

A week later

We successfully managed to bury my aunt.
Everything went back to normal.
My sister was placed in a mental rehab.
Eric and Alex well they still didn’t quite get along but at least they could speak to each other even if it was just a few minutes.

I never stopped visiting my aunt’s burial ground and I also kept bringing flowers.
Each time I was here, it brought back memories of when we were together.

My mother came to meet me.

” Irene dear. Let’s go home” she said.
Nodding to her words, I dropped the last flower in my hand on her tombstone before wishing her soul to rest in peace.
I stood and walked to my mother’s car.

I went back to my Aunt’s house to take the remains of my stuff but found something shocking.
I found my uncle in the sitting room.
His face was pale and filled with tears.

Walking closer to him he gave out a smile but couldn’t come close to me.

” I’m sorry Irene. I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for not being there for you and I’m sorry for not being there for my wife and now she’s gone. Please forgive me Nancy” he raised his head to the ceiling as tears rolled down his cheeks.
I didn’t carry any grudge instead all that was in my heart was grief.
I lost an important person my life.
Walking to him, I gave him a hug.

” I forgive you uncle” I said and took a step back.
Lucille also saw my uncle but couldn’t bring herself to talk to him but she did make it clear that she forgave him.
After taking the rest of my stuff, I waved my uncle goodbye.
I didn’t know if I would actually see him again.

We drove to my mom’s house and I made myself comfortable.
Walking to my room, I sat on the bed thinking about nothing in particular.
Two soft knocks were placed on the door and bringing my attention to it

” Come in” I said and Alex stepped in.

” How are you doing?” He asked

“Better than the rest of the other days” I answered.
He walked to the bed where I sat and had his seat.

” I’m sorry for everything. For your aunt”
He said.
” I know it’s not the right time to say this but, I know what I want Irene. I know what my heart truly wants and it wants you” he looked into my eyes.
At the moment I couldn’t take In what he was saying.
Placing his hand on mine he Continued.

“I’ll give you all the time and space you would need…”

” Alex” I cut him short.

” I don’t know what I feel now because I..I can’t readily jump into the hands of my sister’s husband. It won’t be right. I can only give my answer if I see my sister is finally in her right state of mind”
Alex understood my point.
He gave me a peck on the head before leaving the room.
Lucille who was eavesdropping came in.

” I know you love him. We all know you love him” she smiled leaning on the door.

“Yes I do love him but I already made my decision I won’t say anything to I know that my sister is perfectly okay” I said and she smiled.
She also supported my decision.

“And she will be fine”
We both smiled at her statement.


Outside the mental rehab was everyone patiently waiting for Violet to step out.
They have been waiting for hours and it seemed like forever.
From a distance Irene sighted a figure and as it stepped closer to us, she figured out that it was Violet.

” Violet!” Irene yelled alerting everyone’s attention.
David and Alex who were in the car quickly came out.
The box of chocolates, bouquets of flowers were in their hands.
Violet saw me and reciprocated the hug.
Everything has been explained to her.

” Where’s mother?” She asked.

” In the car”
Irene answered and they walked to meet them.

” Mom” she yelled excitedly and went to hug her.
Irene was glad she could finally regain her memory.
She remembered everything from the time she wedded Alex till the time and almost got killed.

Staring at Alex, Violet went to hug him.
” I missed you” she said and I stepped closer to them.

” I have also missed you” he said dragging her nose a little.
Next to Alex was Eric and David with a box of chocolate in hand.
She went to hug them both.
She looked at David.

” Thank you David. For everything. Without you I could have been dead. I won’t even know I have a twin” they both chuckled.

“I’m glad you are fine” David said.
Eric looked at Violet before looking at Irene.
They were so alike that he couldn’t tell who was who.
He guessed that’s why Alex fell in love with Irene in the first place.

” I’m glad you are okay” he said and went to hug her.
After the reunion, they went to a restaurant to have dinner together.
Although Eric rejected the offer, Irene managed to convince him to stay but in the middle of their meal, he excused himself to leave.
He stood beside his car staring at the night sky with the Stars shinning brightly.
He just wanted someone to love him he didn’t want to be the bad guy in anyone’s love story but he guessed he couldn’t have that since he fell in love with one of the sisters.
He fell in love with Violet right from the first day he met her.

Violet came to meet him and stood beside him.

” You haven’t left?” She asked and he shook his head.

” I was just looking at the sky”
They both smiled and faces up to see the stars.

“I’ll be traveling to Korea” he informed and Violet’s smiles disappeared.

” Ohh… I.. wish you a safe trip” she stuttering.

“But why do you want to leave?” She asked.

” Because of you”
Violet couldn’t understand how she could be the reason he would leave.

” Me?” She asked and he nodded.

“You see… I have always loved you and I made it clear to you before your accident. I don’t know if you could remember that and that’s why I’m leaving. I don’t know if I’ll be able to see you leaving happily with Alex. I never wanted to be the villian and I won’t be the villian in your love life” he explained and she laughed.
He couldn’t understand why she was laughing.

” Is that it? You shouldn’t worry because Alex have found someone else. He loves my sister and I can understand why”

” How did you know?” Eric asked surprised that she knew.

” Alex told me. He has been visiting me while I was in the rehab center and while I was there, I actually figured out that I fell in love with someone else. Remember the last time you visited me? You brought soup which you had prepared and fed it to me”
Eric nodded.

” I realized that, I fell in love with you. I remembered when Charlotte framed Alex for sleeping with her. I came to you for a shoulder to cry on and that’s when I fell in love with you” she confessed.
Eric was really happy on hearing this.
Now he knew that he didn’t love the wrong person.

” You love me?” Eric asked.

Chuckling” Yes I love yo…”
Before she could complete her sentence, Eric slammed his lips on hers K!SSing her deeply.
She also reciprocated the K!SS but it was cut short when giggles were heard.
Breaking away from the K!SS, they turned to see Everyone staring at them.
Irene’s eyes went wide in surprise and so did Alex.
Miss Lucille stood by the side smiling at them and although Davis was hurt, he was glad she was happy with Eric.

” What’s going on here?” Lucille asked pretending to be shocked.

” Mummy…” Violet called smiling.

” I think the two of them are together” Mirabel said and we turned to look at her.
Irene had texted the address to her because she wanted to join in the family dinner.
She also overheard the confession Eric and Violet made to each other but didn’t say anything to interrupt them.
She also got to know about Violet through her friend Irene.

” Mirabel you are here” Irene went to hug her.

” Of course I’m here silly. So now that Eric and Violet are together does it mean that you and Alex can be together?” She asked but didn’t answer.
Alex came to stand beside her placing his hand on her shoulder.

” Yes Mirabel. We are together but I must say, you really gave me a hard time” Alex said referring to the time she would try and run away with Irene.

” Well I was only trying to protect my friend. She was sold to a Billionaire. Not just any billionaire, she was sold to you and I did what a friend would do to help another friend” Mirabel defended.

“She was sold to me and would get married to me right?” Alex said.
Mirabel gasped.

” Are you proposing to her?”

” Yes. Will you Marry me Irene?” He asked making Mirabel squeal in excitement.

” Say yes. Say yes!” Mirabel shouted at the top of her voice.
Alex turned Irene to him.

” Please say yes” he pleaded.

” Say yes. Say yes” they all chorused.

” No” she announced and the excitement in everyone died and murmurs were heard.
Irene couldn’t help but laugh but shouting

She exclaimed.
Everyone clapped and gathered round for a group hug after which Alex K!SSed Irene and Eric tried to K!SS Violet but she turned her face away.
He felt jealous seeing Alex K!SS Irene but he couldn’t K!SS Violet.
So he turned Violet to him and took her lips in a hot K!SS.
Everyone laughed.
Mirabel and miss Lucille brought out their phones to Capture this big moment.

“Oh my. There are going to be two weddings” Mirabel said.
Jack stepped out of his car and went to them.
He found his friend K!SSing Irene and the shocking part was when he found Eric K!SSing Violet.

” Did I miss something?” He asked and they broke the K!SS bursting out in laughter.
Mirabel went to jack and Interlocked her hand In his.

“You didn’t miss much. Just that there are going to be two weddings. Why don’t we make it three weddings. You and I?” She asked with a raised brow almost making him choke.
They laughed her Mirabel’s statement along with Jack’s expression.



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