27Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 27

Eric watched the girl who looks alot like Irene sleep and yet one thought ran through his mind.
Who is she?

He had already hired someone to run a background check on who she is.
Surely she can’t be Violet because Irene is Violet.

When he first met Irene, he also thought that she was Violet and wanted to take her away from Alex that’s why he gave her those photos and said what he said.
But seeing this lady in front of him complicated things.

Who among these two ladies Is Violet?

He went downstairs still thinking but a knock on the door got his attention.
Opening it he found Irene crying before he could say a word,she began to blurt out her intentions for coming.
Knowing the reason for her coming was because of Alex, he turned to leave.

” Please help him. I’ll do anything if you help him”

That word anything got his attention as he fixed his gaze on her and smirked.
Going forward to meet her, he crouched to her level and pulled her up.
He didn’t like the sight of tears in her eyes but seeing that she was crying because of Alex made his blood boil.

Pushing his anger aside, he led her into the house.
There they sat on the chair.

” Do you want anything Maybe water?” He asked but she shook her head.

” I want to you to please save Alex” more tears streamed down her cheeks.
Closing his eyes he asked.

” What happened to him?” Irene could see that she was compelling him to do something that he didn’t want to do.

“Alex got into an accident and he needs blood transfusion immediately. Jack told me you could help and that’s why I’m here”
Hearing Irene explain he opened his eyes.
He had always wished for the death of Alex and now that it was here, he is being compelled to help him.

” Eric please help him I’ll be forever indebted to you” her words made him feel calm.
He knew that she would do anything for Alex but he didn’t just want anything, he wanted her.
He wants to have her and now the opportunity is here he wouldn’t just let it slip by.

” Anything?” He asked
Quickly giving a nod, Eric cleaned her tears with his thumb.

” All you have to do is simple” he smirked as he spoke gently stroking her cheeks with his thumb.


I got to the hospital rushing to Alex’s ward but met my aunt and jack still waiting outside.

” What happened? Did he accept to help him?” Aunt Nancy asked and for a minute I stayed quiet.

” Forget it he won’t just help him. I have been making calls trying to get…”
A familiar voice interrupted them.

” Hello”
They turned and found Eric behind them with his hands in his pocket.
Jack’s couldn’t believe Eric was here.


Eric nodded to his name.
The doctor came to meet them.

” Have you found a donor?” He asked but before Irene could answer Eric bit her to it.

“Yes doctor. I’m the donor” he answered looking so calm.

” Come with me” the doctor waved his hand gesturing him to come along.
They had some tests done on him before the blood transfusion began.
Throughout, I was pacing front and back non stop.
My aunt tried to calm me down but I just wouldn’t listen.
The anxious feeling was increasing by the minute.
Charlotte rushed into the hospital crying.

” Where is Alex? Where is my Alex?” She asked jack but jack pointed to the operation room where he was held.

” I have to see him” she attempted to go in but jack stopped her.

” You can’t go in because the doctors are busy attending to him”

After waiting for an extra hour, there was still no sign of the doctors.
While moving round, I happened to eavesdrop on the conversation Charlotte was having.

” Why did you do it? Making him pay doesn’t mean that he should end up dead. He shouldn’t be the one dead instead someone else should be” she said over the phone.
She waited for the other person to answer her.
Although I couldn’t hear the person on the other line, I had a feeling that she was behind Alex’s condition.

” You better pray everything goes well” she said in a whisper.
She turned and unfortunately she got be standing there.

” Did you put Alex in this condition?” I asked and she scoffed glaring hard at me.

” I would never do such a thing because I love Alex. He is my life unlike you who used the face of his wife to get close to him.
You were there during the time the accident happened. I’m sure you planned it to get his money” she said.

” Of course not” I retorted and she scoffed pushing my shoulder as she passed.

A nurse came out shortly followed by the doctor.

” How did it go doc?” Jack asked.

“Thankfully, it was successful. Both individuals need alot of rest” he suggested with his stethoscope in his hand.

” Can we see him now?” I asked.
Shaking his head, he suggested it was best to let him rest which we did.
About half an hour later, we were given permission to see him.
We went in and found him sleeping on the bed.
Even in his state he was still handsome.

My aunt left to go get coffee leaving me and jack in the room.
I went close to Alex and touched his bandaged forehead, slowly moving my hands to his face, my thumbs brushed his face.

“Irene can I ask you a question?” Jack asked sounding a bit tense and looking at him, he looked worried.

” Of course”

” It’s about Eric”

” How I got him to come right?” I faked a smile.

“How did you get him to come? What did he make you do?” He asked and I swallowed.
The room was as quiet as a graveyard.
But I got saved from answering the question when Alex woke up.

” Where am I?” He asked touching his head before a wince left his mouth.

” You are at the hospital” jack said.

” Where’s Violet” he asked and jack looked at him confused.

“Violet or you mean Irene?”

” Who’s Irene?” He asked making jack look even more confused.
Jack who covered me due to his height made way for me to be seen.

” Violet” he said in excitement making me look worried.

” I’m Irene” I said and he shook his head.

” What are you saying Violet” he said and jack and I stared at each other lost for words.

28Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 28

” What are you saying Violet” he said and jack and I stared at each other lost for words.
The doctor stepped in and went to Alex.

” So how are you Mr Alexander?” He asked wrapping the stereoscope around his neck.

” Doctor I don’t think he is fine”
Worriedly James spoke and the doctor looked at Alex.
James pulled the doctor aside to have a word with him and just then aunt Nancy walked in with coffee in her hand.

“How is he doing?” She asked.

” Who are you?” At his words everyone stared at him.

” You see doctor that’s what I’m talking about. He has no memory of his past”

” I’ll take a look at him”
The doctor walked and stood beside me.
” Pls you all need to leave. I have to examine him” he said.
We all exited the room and after a while the doctor came to give us the news but his facial expressions didn’t look like he had something good to say.

“Well I took a look at him and I’m Afraid he has lost his memory due to the accident”

” What?!” We all chorused.

“What do we do doc? How is he going to get back his memory?” Aunt Nancy asked stepping closer.

” I think that we should let him rest for now and the problem concerning his memory, it could take weeks, months or even years before he finally regains his memory but the most important thing is that he is close to his loved ones.
I suggest you try to recreate scenes from his past to help him remember” he said and we all nodded.
By the time we got him home, it was already late.
Jack left because he had important things to do.
I managed to help Alex up to his room and attempted to leave when he held me back.

” Where are you going?” He asked and I pointed down the hall.

” To my room” I answered and he looked confused.

He gave a slight chuckle
” Your room is here. We stay in the same room” he said and gently tried to pull me in but I stopped him.

” I don’t stay here, You do”
I said but none of my words made sense to him.

“Is something wrong Violet?”
At the mention of that name I realized that he had forgotten his memory and faked a smile.

” Ye..yes” I stuttered.

“I think it’s the pregnancy that’s keeping you under this stress” he said making my eyes go wide.

” Pregnancy?”
Bringing his head to my tummy, he rubbed his hands on it.

” How are you doing little one?”
All this was beginning to get me a little confused.
Now I had to act as though I’m pregnant?

” I want to show you something” he grabbed my hand and we went to my room.
Climbing on the bed, he removed the wall paper earlier used to decorate the room and it revealed a painting of babies and next to it was me.
I mean Violet.
She was happy as she had a child in her arms.

“I decorated this for the baby that’s on its way” the smiles on his face was priceless.
I could only give a fake smile.

“Anyway, let’s go to bed. Tomorrow is about day” I said as I didn’t know how to react again.
Jumping down from the bed he held my hand slowly walking me to his room. I couldn’t do anything to stop him.
We walked till we got in and I must say he room was five times my room and in it, there was beautiful painting of their wedding day, painting of birthdays they spent together hung on every corner of the room.
This really showed how much he loved his wife.

” Aren’t you going to sleep” he said tapping the side of the bed gesturing me to come.

” I will just go to bed”

” I can’t. You know I always love to watch you sleep” he said and I remembered the times Alex would stare at me till I slept off.
Exhaling I went to the bed and pretended to sleep while he watched me like a hawk.


Eric watched as Irene left with Alex and again seeing her with him, he regretted ever helping but at the same time was glad to help because of the benefit he gained.
He got home but was shocked to find the place in a complete mess.
Sounds of plate crashing got his attention and immediately, he rushed to the kitchen.
There, he met Vanessa throwing plates on the ground and she didn’t seem like she would stop anytime soon.

” What do you think you are doing?” He asked and tried to move to her but she threw a plate on the ground gesturing him to stay back.

” Are you crazy?” He yelled annoyed by her actions but that only made her to cry.
Still looking at her in shock, she took another glass plate and broke it.
She kept going while tears rolled down her eyes.

” You are bad! David would never leave me” she said breaking more plates.
Sighing, quickly he tiptoed to where she stood and rapidly wrapped his hands around her caging her from moving.
She tried to struggle but the way he held her made it impossible to get free.

” I’m sorry. I had to attend to other things” he said in a sweet voice which surprised him. He didn’t know why he was acting nice to her but he shrugged it off.

“Why did you leave me?” She raised her head to see him.
Her innocent voice rang in his ear and looking at her, she reminded him of Irene.
Oh how he wished he could hold her like this.

” I had to attend to some important things”

” Promise you won’t leave again” she said shifting even closer to him.
When she was calm, he let go of her but she used her hands to wrap it around his waist.

“Promise me! If David was here he wouldn’t have left me. Even if he did leave, he would come back immediately” she said.
She was acting like a child now.
Was she okay?
How can a grown woman act like this?
These questions he asked himself.

Sighing” Alright I won’t leave you again” he said slowly unwrapping her hands around him.

” Have you eaten?” He asked her and she shook her head.

” I’ll order something for you to eat” he said and tried to walk away but she held his hand and shook her head.
Pulling him with her, she brought him to the already prepared food on the counter.
Judging from the aroma of the food, it smelled heavenly.

” You made this?” He asked and she nodded smiling.

” This is wonderful” he said staring at it.
He brought out a chair for her and made her seat next to him.
Dishing her food, he waited for her to eat but she didn’t touch it.

” Common eat up” he said but she shook her head.

” What now?”

” Feed me” she said blinking a few times.
He tried to reject but with her innocent look he couldn’t.
Taking a slice of bread, he fed it to her and she gladly ate it.
Next he rolled up a fork filled with pasta and fed it to her.
She took the utensils from him and tried to feed him.
He smiled and ate from her.

When she was full, Eric gladly ate the remains of the food but when he looked at the girl next to him, he found her sleeping.
Smiling at the way she snored, he stood up, carried her into the room he kept for her and lay her there.
He was about to leave when he found her bleeding on her leg.
She must have stepped on the glass.

He went and got the first aid kit and started to treat her wound but in the process of treating her wound, she woke up wincing at the pain after which she made a look as though she wanted to cry.

” Hey don’t cry. Don’t cry” he stopped and focused on her.

” It won’t hurt okay?” He said damping the cotton wool on her leg.
She couldn’t hold it anymore as the pain was much for her.
She broke into tears.
Eric sat beside her and pulled her into a hug.
Her head lay on his chest and his hands around her shoulder.

“It’s okay. I’m done okay? It’s over” his voice came out in a whisper and fortunately it calmed her down.
He lay her on the bed and stood up.
She held his hand.

” Please stay with me” she pleaded.

” I.. have to go”

” Please….”

Seeing that she won’t give up, he went to the other side of the bed and laid on it.
She rolled to where he was and planted her head on his chest and closing her eyes, she fell asleep.


When morning came, I woke up to see Alex on his computer.
While watching him, he looked confused.

” Good morning” I greeted but he was so occupied he didn’t hear me until I went to him.

” Why do you look worried?” I asked.

” I’m not worried just a little confused. Look here, the company has grown so much. It wasn’t the way I remembered it to be” he said clicking on his mouse.
Closing his computer, I turned the swivel chair to face me.

” You aren’t supposed to be working. You are supposed to be relaxing. Now where are your medication?”
I asked and he pointed to his drawer.
Retracting his drawer his pills were dropped on the table but I found the jar of water was empty.
I went down to get water but saw a silhouette figure close to the cottons.

” Alex is that you?”
There was no response.

” Al…”

My words were cut short when I found Eric.

” Hello” he came out of hiding.

” Why why are you he..here?” I stuttered moving back and he stepped forward.

” I should be asking you that. You and I both know that you shouldn’t be here. Today is the day that we will officially get married so I came to get you and that’s why you should leave with me” he said.

” She isn’t going anywhere” a deep voice said making my shoulders jolt in fright.
Turning, I found Alex and he didn’t look happy to see Eric.


After denying a thousand times that the person who was at his home was nothing but a thief who thought the owner was back, Peter finally believed them and left.
Since then David has been searching non stop for Vanessa.
He didn’t know how she is. Whether or not she is in danger.
Richard seeing this became worried.
He also helped to search for her but seeing their efforts were futile, he gave up.

” I think you should also give up. We are in a big city. She could be anywhere” Richard said but David continued to pace round the living room getting more anxious by the minute.

” You don’t understand. She could be in danger and I’m not there to help her”
He dug his hands into his uncombed hair.

” So you are now her super hero” a loud laugh left Richard’s lips.

” It isn’t funny” a frown from David made him stop with the laugh.

” Tell me something. Why do you care about her?” Richard raised his brows.
Hesitant to answer his questions, he avoided eye contact.

” Are you in love with her?” Richard asked.



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