17Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 17

” What is it?”

” I don’t like Alex. Please stay away from him” she said with pleading eyes.

Sighing, I came closer to her
” Aunt, I’m not sure it’s possible because of the debt uncle owes him remember?”

” I know I Know. You don’t have to remind me” she said with a sullen face and went up to her room.
I understood her.

The days went by and it was my last day staying here. I got to prepare aunt’s favorite dish with the things from the market.
She absolutely loved it.

A knock on the door moved me away from the kitchen.

Opening the door I found Mirabel by the door.
” Mirabel”

” Hi” she waved and made her way In.

” You are here?”

” Yes, I brought tickets to go to the movie since your stay here would soon be over and who knows when I’ll see you again” she said shrugging.

” Oh Mirabel” I smiled

” Did you cook, I’m hungry” she said rubbing her tummy.

I went to the kitchen and dished out her food which she ate with satisfaction.

” Are you really going back there?” She asked feeling concerned.
I nodded.

” Well he gave me the grace of three days and well, my days are over so I have no choice” I said.
“Oh girlfriend, I pray you remain safe” she said placing her hand on mine.

” Don’t worry I will be safe” I replied

” How are you sure?” She asked with a raised brow but the only thing I could do was to shrug.

From there, we went to see the movies.
Returning back home, I met two men leaning on the car in front of my house and looking at them, they seemed to be Alexander’s men.

We both stepped closer to them.

” The boss told us to get you” Tom said.
My aunt stepped out of the house.

” Irene, pls don’t go” she pleaded with me but there was nothing I could.

Going close to her, I enveloped her in a warm hug which seemed to ease her tension.

” I’ll see you soon aunty Nancy. Pls don’t worry” I said and broke the hug.
Slowly placing a fake smile on her lips, she wiped away the tears threatening to fall down her cheeks.

” Pls be safe” both Mirabel and my aunt said.

” I will” I replied and stepped into the car which Tom opened for me.
Closing the door, he went in front of the car.
The men both entered and drove off.
I waved to both my aunt and Mirabel till I could no longer see them.

Hours later, we arrived at Mr Alexander house.
They opened the door for me and I stepped out and went into the house.

As soon as I stepped in, I found a banner saying welcome home with a big heart shaped love on it.
The decorations were done perfectly well to the extent my mouth flew open.

” Welcome home my queen” a voice said and looking in front of him, I found Victor standing some distance away with hands wide open.

” How do you see the decorations my queen?” He asked.

Ignoring his question I asked” Queen?”

He nodded and gave a smile.
” The name suites you because you rule my heart” he touched his left chest with both hands.
His words were touching and I found it hard to control the tingling feeling the name brought to me.

” Ohh…” Was all I could say.
He held out his hand and with a little hesitation, I placed my hand in his.

He took me to the room which I stayed but this time it was different because it was decorated.

“Here you can stay here

“Thanks” I said smiling.
A few minutes after Alexander was gone, I rushed into the bathroom and had my bath.
I came out with a towel wrapped around myself.
On stepping out, I yelped as I found Alex sitting comfortably on the bed and staring at me.

His gaze didn’t waver as his eyes scanned my body making a smirk form on his lips.

” I’m sorry I scared you. I came to ask what you would love to eat for dinner” he said but I wasn’t listening.
Him staying here only made me comfortable.

” Irene…” He called to pull me out of my trance.

” Huh.”

” Dinner?” He asked and I nodded.

” Anything will do” I said.
He stepped closer making me flinch a bit.
Seeing my attitude, he took a deep breath and left the room.
I went to the wardrobe and found the dresses placed there. It wasn’t just any ordinary cloth, it was quite expensive.
Together with being expensive, it didn’t seem like the type of dresses I would love to wear as they were mostly short and most of them didn’t cover all my body.
When I was done wearing my night wear, I came down and went in the direction where he was waiting patiently for me.
He hasn’t even touched his food.

Taking my seat, a maid came and served us.
Attempting to feed myself, he stood up, took my utensils and sat close to me.

” I’ll feed you tonight” he smiled and that made him even more handsome.

” Don’t worry, I’ll feed myself” I said trying to get hold of the cutlery but he kept shaking his head.
Not knowing what to say, I stayed quiet.
He feed me as though I was a baby until the last piece.

“Thank you” I said.
” Mr blue eyes” I called and he looked at me.

” I saw the clothes you got me and I would love to say thank you but….”
He cut me off.

” But you wouldn’t be able to wear them right?” He chuckled cleaning the the side of my lips which was stained with sauce.

” Don’t worry. Tomorrow, we will go to the mall and get you new stuffs. Things that you like” he smiled.

” You knew I won’t be able to wear them right?”
He nodded and stood up but before wanting to leave he gave me a peck and said

” I hope you have a goodnight sleep. I would have loved to spend time with you but you need to rest. Tomorrow is another day” he whispered in my ear.
After he left, I went up to the room which was now my room and laid on the bed till I went to dream Land.

In the morning, I woke up only to find a pair of blue eyes staring at me.
I let out a scream and rolled on the bed nearly falling to the ground but he was quick enough to hold me by the hand and pull me to himself.
His scent penetrated my nostrils.

” Good morning” he greeted In the sweetest of voice.
Slightly raising my head, I meekly replied.

” Good morning” he smiled on hearing my reply.

” You have a sweet voice. Common, we are going to the mall today”
He said.


About two hours later, we got to the mall with people moving up and down.
Immediately Alex and I stepped out of the car, all attention drew to Alex.
He went back in the car and waited for a few minutes.
When he saw that they returned to their business, he came out but this time he had a face mask on.
Holding my hand, we walked in and he lead me to the boutique.
There I got to see even more expensive clothing.
Alex left me for a while because he wanted to use the restroom so I selected the clothes that were less expensive and more comfortable.

Still looking at more clothes, a lady approached me looking irritated at my dressing.

” What are you doing here? This place is for the rich and not for beggers” she said with the continuous look of disgust on her face.

” I’m not a begger ma’am” I said.

” Then you are a thief because looking at you, you can’t afford anything here” she said.

” She’s not a thief now take back your words or you will regret it” a deep voice said from behind me.
Turning, I found Alex looking at the woman with anger in his eyes.

Looking at the way he dressed, she knew he was rich.

” But look at her, she is obviously a…”

” Who are you to call her that?” He asked.

” Well, I own this place” she glanced at the mall before shifting her gaze to Alex.

Removing his face mask, she was shocked to see Alex.

” Well then, say goodbye because this place would be closed down in a couple of minutes and absolutely no one calls what’s mine a thief” he said.
Holding me by the hand, he walked out of the mall.
His hold around me tightened and I could feel his anger.

” You should calm down” I said and we stopped walking Instead he stared at me.

” How can you be fine when she insulted you?” He asked but looking into my eyes, he took a deep breath and calmed himself.

” I will never let anyone harm you in anyway” he said holding my chin.
Slowly making our way to the car, a young woman met us but her gaze was on me.
It was as though she has just seen a ghost.

” V….?” She called.
Shaking her head and blinking her eyes, she continued to look at me.

” Where have you been?” She hugged me and broke the hug looking at me with that same expression.

Looking beside me she saw a man but she couldn’t figure out who he was due to the face mask.

” Let’s go” Alex pulled my hand.

” Alex?” Recognizing the voice, She asked and Alex halted in his walks Soon after, he hurriedly walked to the car pulling me with him.


Immediately Alex left the mall, he phoned Jack to come right away which he did.
He narrated the entire incident to him.

” What do you think Irene would be thinking” he asked.

” I don’t know” he replied.

Sighing, jack itched his brows.
” I think you should tell her now. It would be better if she hears it from you”

” No, it’s too early. I can’t come this far just to loose her besides she is beginning to trust me and telling her this…”
He shook his head.

” If she recognizes her, it will only be a matter of time till Irene knows the truth” jack said.
Alex knew that a day like this would come but he didn’t expect it to be too soon.

18Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 18

Happy Ramadan Kareem to all the Muslim brother’s and sisters.
Hope you enjoy this episode

After Alex and I got home, the news about the mall shutting down was all over the news but still I felt there was no need for that.

Heading to the garden, I decided to call my Aunt.
In our conversation, she aunt kept bombarding me with questions but after giving her answers, her voice felt relieved.

Soon night came and I headed to my room.
I had just finished having her bath when I heard a knock on the door.
The door pushed open when I said” come in”

Alex stepped in.
” I came to check up on you” he spoke

” How was your day?” He asked and I shrugged.

” Normal” I simply replied.
Looking at him, I noticed he was trying to say something but couldn’t.

” Is something wrong?” I asked and he nodded scratching the back of his head.

“What’s wrong?”

He heaved a sigh” I want to spend the night with you” he spoke making me freeze In my position.
Out of words, I figured it was best to avoid contact but yet the feeling of refusal was lingering around.

” Please don’t refuse” he pleaded.

The only thing I could say was” It’s your house after all. You can do as you wish”

“I know that but I wouldn’t want to do anything that will displease you” he said taking a step forward.

” If it’s okay with you, I could sleep on the couch” pointing to the couch, I followed his line of sight to meet the couch which was small even for a grown man like himself.

Still hesitating, I nodded.
A smile lit up his face.
I went to the bed and laid on it while he went to the couch.

” Good night” he muttered

” Good night” I said.

Closing my eyes, a few minutes went by but I was unable to get any sleep due to the noises he was making as he turned repeatedly on the couch.
Piercing my eyes open, I found him still trying to squeeze himself on the couch.
His actions made me to have pity on him.

Sighing, I said.
” If you are not comfortable there, you could sleep on the bed” I said and he stared at him for a while.
He stood up and came to the bed.
I shifted on the bed to give him space.

” Thanks” he said.

I tried once more to sleep but I was unable to.
This time around, there wasn’t any noise but instead I could feel his unwavering gaze on me.
Slightly opening an eye, I found him staring at me like if I were I cartoon character.

Feeling uncomfortable, I turned to the other side of the bed, my back turned to him.

” Why did you turn?” He asked.

” Because you were staring” I replied and he gave a chuckle.

” I stare because I find something that my eyes are attracted to and that’s you” he spoke.
Looking at the empty space on my side of the room, my mind raced to one question and it’s a question that has long been bothering me.

” Mr blue eyes” I called and he laughed.

” Yes” composing himself, he answered.
I turned to face him staring at his blue eyes.

” Why did you choose me?” I asked but instead of getting an answer all I got was a confused look.

” I don’t understand”

“Why did you trade the money my uncle owes you for me?” I asked hoping to get an answer.
He smiled letting his hand land on the side of my cheeks.

” I knew your uncle won’t be able to repay me and that’s why I choose you” he answered but it still wasn’t clear to me.

” And since you basically bought me, you could do anything and everything you wish with me. Why do you still ask for my consent?”

Gently rubbing my cheeks with his thumb, he stayed quiet until he spoke.
“Because I want you to trust me, because I Love you” he said making my eyes bulge.

” But why? Why do you love me?” I asked and he breathed out due to my many questions.

” Because I figured out that you are my world and I can’t live without you” he answered.

” But…”
I still had more things to ask but his hands on my lips restricted me.

” I understand you have many questions to ask but it’s late now. Sleep and I’ll answer the rest in the morning” he said with a smile.
Going over his questions and gathering more of my questions together, I figured out that I still had alot to ask him but he was right, it is late.
Turning to the other side of the bed, I closed my eyes and in a matter of time, I zoomed off to sleep.

Morning came.
The soft K!SSes which was planted on mg forehead my shivers run down my spine.
Shrugging the feeling off, I remained in my position when another K!SS was planted on my cheeks this time around.

This time, I couldn’t ignore it.
Opening my eyes, I found myself wrapped up in Alex’s arms.
My back was on his chest and his hands around me which made me to wonder how I got in this position.

Trying to pry his hands loose, it only tightened.
Slightly raising my head, he stared at me and muttered.

” Good morning my love” he said.
I didn’t know how to respond to that instead I kept shut and just hummed.

” Please let go” I said but he shook his head.

” The feeling of you in my arms is nice. Stay like this for a while then I’ll let you go”
He said giving his condition.
Not listening to him, I tried once more to free myself from him but nothing seemed to be working.
Seeing that, I stayed in that position for a while.

” Now can you let go?”I asked.

” No,Not yet” he spoke


In a car, two women in a car was laughing while the driver at the front listened to their conversation and smiling at them.
Their faces wasn’t seen but their laughter was heard.

Soon, a gun shot was heard and the next thing they found was the driver dropping dead.

A car stopped in front of the car and two men came out.
They dragged both ladies out of the car.

” You are actually quite stubborn. If you had listened, it wouldn’t have come to this” one of them said and immediately shot the lady next to her.
She screamed looking at the dead lady.

” Your turn” he said shifting the gun to her.

A gun shot was heard.
David ran into the room to find Vanessa screaming at the top of her lungs.
Shutting her eyes open, she quickly ran into the arms of David who sat on the bed.

“Hey it’s just a bad dream” he said stroking her back.
David tried to pull her away but she wouldn’t let go.

” Please don’t leave me” she said holding on to him.
David sat there till she got better.
When she was alright, he managed to pull her away holding both her arms.

” What happened?” He asked.

” They… They.. they tried to kill me. They tried to kill me” she broke into more tears.

” I’m here now, I won’t let them harm you okay” his hands went to her chin gently cleaning her tears away.
Knowing that he was there, her body calmed down.

It’s been days since he brought her here and honestly speaking, he has gotten attached to her.
Her beauty was beyond compare.

Standing up to leave, Vanessa held his hand.

” Where are you going?”

” To the kitchen. I want to prepare something for us to eat” he smiled.

” I’ll do it” she said and David was shocked.

” Are you sure?” He asked and she nodded.
She stood up and went to the kitchen.
Looking through the bags and with the things in the kitchen, she thought of what to make but couldn’t figure anything out.

She brought out the onion and the chopping board.
She tried to cut the onions but figured out that she couldn’t.

Could she even cook?

While trying to cut the onion, she mistakenly sliced herself making blood to ooze out which made her to remember the words of a person.

” I told you that you couldn’t do it. I’ll help you” a man said cuddling her from behind.
It felt nice to be in his hands and his voice penetrated her ears making her smile.
The memory didn’t last long as it faded away.

The blood kept dropping to the ground.
She hated the sight of blood.

” Make it stop!” She screamed looking at her blood.
Sitting on the ground, she shut her eyes closed while using her hand to bang on her head.
” Make it stop, make it stop”
Her screams attracted the attention of David who rushed to her.
He embraced her and at that moment, she calmed down.

He stared at her injured hand.
” How did you get hurt?”
He asked but got no response.
When she opened her eyes, she saw the blood which made her to bang her head on the walls of the counter.

” Stop it!” She said and David knew what to do.
Taking her finger into his mouth,he instantly ripped a little portion of his shirt apart and wrapped it around her hand.

” That’s better” he spoke.
Her gaze shifted from him to her wrapped hand.
A smile crossed his lips as he found her calm.
He stood her up after which he carried her in a bridal style and went in the direction of the room, there he dropped her on the bed.

” It’s okay” he spoke tucking some strands of her hair behind her ears as he inched closer to her.
His face was so close that he could K!SS her but before he could proceed with his actions, his phone rang.


Alex had left the house and gone to work and honestly, I was finding it really boring to stay here with the guards around.

I have already read all the books brought to me by Tom.
He gave me a tour around the house and I must say, the house was really huge and together with being huge, it’s design was something worth adoring.

After the tour, I came back to my room and lay on the bed staring at the ceiling and then the walls and shifting to the table.
I moved my gaze back to the walls to find something that caught my attention.

Climbing on the bed, my hands traced the wall to the part where a part of the wall paper was peeled off.
Peeling the wall paper, a face was drawn but wasn’t quite seen.
I kept on removing it, till the face of a child was seen.

It was a baby girl and she was absolutely pretty.
Attempting to peel further, Tom stepped into the room and gasped at my actions.

” What are you doing?” He half yelled.

” I just wanted to see what’s behinds the…”

” No,no,no the boss is going to be really upset. Get down from there” tom said and I got down.

” I’m sorry” I muttered.

” I fix it but don’t mention anything you see here to the boss. He hates it.
A girl named Mirabel is looking for you and along with that, she is creating a scene downstairs” he informed.
I was glad Mirabel came to see me but I was also confused as to why Alex would hate the picture of a child.



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