15Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 15

Mirabel had earlier informed me about Eric visit.
She helped me prepare dinner and of course, she insisted on staying for dinner.

I got my aunt to the dinning room but she wasn’t able to eat much.
She went to bed early.

The door bell rang and since we weren’t having any visitors I assumed it was this Eric guy.
I didn’t even know who he was.

Going to the door, I pulled it open only to find the guy who almost ran me over.


He smiled holding a bouquet of flowers.

” Irene right?” He said and I nodded.

” What are you doing here?” I asked.
He stepped In.

“Uhm, your friend invited me” he waved at Mirabel who stood a distance away.

” Come Join us for dinner” I directed him to the dinning room.

Handing the flowers to me, he said.
” A flower for a beautiful angel” he flashed a smile.

I took it and looked at them.
They were pretty.
I took my seat.

” So, Mirabel told me about your situation and I know I can help” he spoke leaning forward.

” Yes, he has agreed to help with the money besides, you only have less than a week to pay up” Mirabel said.
I shook my head.

” Thank you for trying to help but Alex cancelled the deal because of last time” I shrugged like it was nothing.

” Oh… So what are you going to do?” Eric asked and I shook my head in confusion.

” Why are you willing to help me. Do you know me from somewhere?” I asked and Mirabel stepped on my foot making me wince at the pain she caused.

” Uhm… The last time we saw, you looked like you needed some help besides your friend here told me about you” he pointed to Mirabel who couldn’t help but blush at him.

” Do you know each other?” I asked Mirabel but she was lost staring at him.
Tapping her a little I asked again.

“Well, I met Mirabel a day after I met you.
We had a little chat” he said and I nodded.
He placed his hands on mine.

” I am here if you need anything” he said.
Slowly, I withdrew my hand.

” Thank you” I said.
After that, we had our dinner.
After hours of talking, I escorted Eric to his car parked outside our house.

” Thanks for trying to help me” I said.

” Don’t worry about it and I won’t stop till you are free from him.
I’ll make it my mission to take you away from him” he said smiling.
He sounded a little awkward but I shrugged it off.
His next actions left me wondering.

In the next second, he hugged me.
I was shocked.
Although I tried to get away, I was trapped in his arms.

He finally let go of me.

” Why did you do that?” I asked

” I am sorry. I’m used to hugging my friends before we depart. We are friends right?” He asked and I acknowledge with a nod.

We chatted for a little while before he got into his car and drove off.
Attempting to go in, I stopped when I noticed something.
A car was packed a few meters away from my house.
Stepping out of the car was Alex.
He walked up to me and he had one expression. Rage.

Why was he angry?

” We are going home” he said dragging me by the arm.

” What?”

” You heard me. What are you doing with him?!” He yelled pointing to an empty space.

” You mean Eric”

” Answer me!” He yelled.
His attitude brought fear to my body.
Telling him would get him more upset.

He kept dragging me by the arm.
His grip as well as his nails which dug deep Into my skin hurt me.

“Alex you are hurting me” I said but he wouldn’t listen instead he kept pulling me with him.

” Where are you taking me?” He stopped and glared at me.

” Home. I’m taking you home” he said.

” But…my aunt”

” But nothing”

Tears formed in the rim of my eyes.
As though noticing my tears, he let go of my arm.


Realizing that he was hurting her, he let go of her hand.
He didn’t want to hurt her but yet thinking about Eric being with her upset him.

” I’m sorry” he muttered apologetically.
She stepped back a little.

Looking into her eyes, he saw something.
The same thing he has always tried to get rid of and that was her fears.
She was yet again scared of him.

Sighing, he calmed himself.

” Irene I’m very sorry if I hurt you. I promise it won’t happen again” he apologized.
Irene could only nod to his words.

” I would like to go inside now” she said pointing to the house.
Looking behind her, he saw Mirabel standing close to the door.

” Of course” he said and walked away.
Entering into his car, he drove off.
Still driving, he spotted Eric packed at a cafe.
A few seconds later, Eric came out.

On seeing him the anger resurfaced.
Eric who was making his way back to his car was met with an angry Alex as his back harshly met the car.

” What were you doing with Irene” Alex asked giving him a punch to the face.
Eric didn’t retaliate.
He wiped the little blood formed on his cheeks away.
Of course he would be angry.
Back at Irene’s home, he had spotted Alex’s car a few distance away.
Seeing he was there, he hugged Irene knowing fully well that he would go crazy.

” We are In a free country. Any thing goes. Why do you care if I meet her or not?
I meet other people too” he said walking closer to Alex.

” Don’t worry Alex. I won’t steal her from you instead, she will be the one to come to me.
Right now you can enjoy your stay with her” he sniffed.

” She is mine. Stay away from her or you won’t like the consequences” Alex warned but Eric wasn’t the type to take his threat seriously instead he scoffed.
Alex left his presence and went to his car.

At a hotel

Peter made his way into his boss’s room.
He was fidgeting because he hasn’t gotten any news about who Alex is with.

Stepping into the room, he knocked on the door to get his boss’s attention.

” So any news?” The man asked.

Shaking, he spoke” not yet boss”

He had a long sigh coming from the man in front of him.

” Incompetent” he insulted.
” And Richard. Did he complete his work” he asked.
Taking up a cigarette and a matchbox, he lit up the cigarette.

” Yes boss. The job has been done”

” That’s good to hear” he twirled round on his swivel chair.


David served the lady a plate of food to eat.
He was feeling guilty because he would kill an innocent child.
His brother was right when he said he was soft.

” Here eat” he pushed the food close to her.
She began to cry like a baby.

” What now?” David let out a groan of frustration.

” They killed it” she said with watery eyes.

” Killed what?” He moved closer.

” My baby. They killed it” she said still touching her Tommy.
David drew her close to him and began to comfort her.

” It’s okay” he said.
Surprisedly, she calmed down after several attempts to keep her calm.

” Do you remember your name?” He asked but she shook her head.

” Alright let’s give you a name.
What about…
He suggested but she shook her head.

” Elizabeth, Lovett, Janet” all the names he mentioned was rejected until he came up with a name.

” Vanessa”
Her face beamed with smile.

” Vanessa, you like the name. That will be your name” he smiled stroking her head.

16Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 16

Early in the morning, Alex payed a visit to Irene who was still busy sleeping at that time.
He really wanted to make up for last time.

Knocking on the door, her aunt came out.
She looked at the gentle man and immediately recognized him.

Her husband had explained what happened to him and that only made her hatred for him increase.
It was because of him her husband was gone.

” What are you doing here?” She rudely asked.

” I came to see Irene” he answered.

” She’s not here” he said and attempted to close the door.

” What do you mean she is not here?” He asked placing his foot at the door.

“She is not here. Now leave” she said almost yelling.
Alex didn’t like the tone she was using on him but due to the fact that she was Irene’s aunt, he needed to play cool.

” Aunt?” He heard Irene’s voice.
Her voice was like music to his ears.
She approached the door and saw Irene standing beside the door.

She flashed a fake smile.
Looking at his hands, she found him with a bouquet of flowers along with chocolate.

” Irene please I need to talk to you” he said.
Irene sighed before nodding.
Her aunty only glared at Alex.

” This is for you” he said extending his hands to give her the goods but unfortunately for him, her aunt grabbed it and went inside.

” Why are you here?” She asked.

” I came to see you” he replied.

” So you can take me away?” She raised a brow.

Alex shook his head
” So I can say sorry. My attitude was terrible” he said with his gaze lowered.

” It’s okay” she said and tried to go in but Alex gently held her hand.

” Do you forgive me?” He asked.

” Yes” she said and took her hand away.

“Can you please go on a date with me?” He asked.
Alex hasn’t really asked anyone out but for her he was willing to do it.

Irene was stunned for a moment.
” Uhm… I.. I need to take care of my aunt” she said using her aunt as an excuse.

” I could get someone to take care of her” he suggested.
Her aunt opened the door wide open.

” Irene please come give me my medicine. You know you are the only one who can take good care of me” she said and Irene nodded.

” Mr blue eyes, I have to go” she said

” I’ll still be waiting for your reply” he said.

” Irene please tell him that we will be busy through out today and tomorrow” her aunt said.
Alex felt like breaking her aunt’s bone and taking her back to the hospital.

” Mr Alex, maybe next time” she said and took Irene inside.
Alex was furious with the way he was treated.
Watching Irene from the glass window, he smiled but it faded when her aunt pulled the cottons down.


I watched as my aunty dragged me to the sitting room.
Her attitude towards Alex wasn’t unnoticed.

Going to her room, I brought her medicine.
I went to the kitchen and brought a glass of water for her.

” Here aunty” I said giving her the medicine.
She took both the medicine and the glass of water in my hand.

In a gulp she drank it” Thank you ” she said

” Aunt why did you behave that way towards Mr blue eyes” I asked

” Who?” She asked with raised brows.

” I mean Alex” I said and she hissed.

“He deserves it besides he isn’t good for a beautiful girl like you” she smiled.

After our little discussion, I served our breakfast.
I also needed to get some things from the market.

Taking my bath, I got dressed and prepared to go to the market.

” Aunt I’ll go to the market now” I said and pecked her forward.

” Thank you” she said lying down on the couch.

” For what?” I asked.

” For being with me. I’m sorry for what I had earlier said”
I remembered the time she had told me that she hated me but I was glad everything was back to normal.

Walking out of the door, I found Alex leaning on his car.
His gaze was on his phone.

I wondered if he stood there the entire time.
I walked up to him but he was told engrossed with his phone he didn’t realize I stood there.
He wore a face cap and sunglass to prevent people from noticing him.

” Alex” I called and he raised his head to see me.

” Irene you are here”

” Yes because this is my house. What are you still doing here?” I asked still surprised.

” I just couldn’t bring myself to leave without having a proper conversation with you” he leaned forward coming closer to me.

I felt a bit nervous
“I’m sorry about my aunt” I said.

“It’s okay. Where are you going?” He asked.

” I’m going to the Market. We are out of foodstuffs” I said and walked away but stopped he said.

” I could take you” he said still leaving me In shock.

” No, don’t worry. I’ll go on my own” I said and tried to leave but he held my hand and pulled me to him.

” I insist” he said with a serious tone.
Seeing he was stubborn, I agreed.

Heading to the passenger seat, I opened the door.

” What are you doing?” He asked confused.

” Taking my seat”

He walked to me and held my hand.
Using the other hand, he opened the door to the front seat.

” You can seat here” he said.
I went in and from there we went to the market.

He stepped out with me.

” Are you following me?” I asked.
He was wealthy and him coming to a market was really something.
What would people say?

” Yes” he said shrugging.

We went into the market and began to buy things.
Normally, I would have priced with the sellers but he didn’t let me go through the stress.
He also payed for all the goods I bought.

He didn’t mind people staring at him at all or the fact that, people Crowded him.
They took pictures of him.

The light from their phones made him wince.
I on the other hand, left his side to stand beside the crowd.
A woman requested to take a pic with him.
After much persuasions from her, he decided take just a photo.
After which he came to meet me and we hurriedly went into the car.

They kept taking pics till we left.
We arrived home.

” Thank you for everything” I said and he smiled.

” It’s nothing. I’m glad I at least spent time with you” he said.

I stepped out of the car.

” And our date?” He asked.

” Uhm.. I am not sure about that” I shrugged.

” Well, at least you didn’t say no” he muttered.

I went in and met my aunty glaring at me.

” Is something wrong?” I asked.

” Irene please fulfill my wish” her tone became serious.

” What is it?”

” I don’t like Alex. Please stay away from him” she said with pleading eyes.



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