13Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 13

Note: The story is going to get a little bit complicated and so, I urge you guys to be patient.
As the story goes on, you will come to understand it.

Two days went by in the blink of an eye.
With nothing to do, I stayed in the room.
I actually got to know some of the maids. Mostly one named Mary.

She was quite friendly with me.
Leaning upside down on the bed with my legs on the walls.
I stared at the ceiling before directing my attention to my bag.

Staring at it for a while, I suddenly remembered the phone Alex gave me.
I sat upright and went to it.
While unpacking my things the card that the stranger gave to me fell down.

I remembered the words of Alex.
I was allowed to only make one phonecall a day.
Still staring at the card, I decided to call Mirabel.

I dialled her number and I was glad she picked.

” Hello who is this?” She asked.

” It’s me Irene” I said and she began to yell.

” Irene are you okay?” She asked.

” Yes I am fine”

” Oh you don’t know what’s happening here.
Alot of things have gone wrong.
For example, your aunty just got into a car accident. She was admitted to the hospital and we don’t have money for her treatment” she said feeling worried.

” What?”

” Where is she? Which hospital?”

” City hospital” she replied.
The call got disconnected.
When I stared at the screen, it said’ my call limit is over’

I got worried on hearing what she said.

” Irene I’m coming in” Mary said and just then, the door opened revealing Mary with food in her hand.

“What’s wrong?” She asked seeing my sullen look.

“Mary I need help. My aunt is in the hospital and I don’t know what to do.
I can’t leave and see her”

” I’m sorry about that. Maybe you could talk to mister Alex” she suggested and I rolled my eyes at her words but she was right that was the only way I could leave here.
Alex never came to my room again ever since I sent him out.
I think I upset him with my actions.

“But I think he is angry with me” I lay on the bed.

” I’ll tell him you need his attention but in the mean time, you can eat” she said dragging the plate of food to me.
After I was done eating, she packed the plates on walked out.

Half an hour later, Alex came into the room and leaned on the door.

” Mary told me that you need my attention. What’s wrong?” He asked.

I stood up from the bed and went to him.
” Please I need your help. My aunt got into an accident and I really want to visit her. Please”

” No” he said.

” No? Please I promise this time I won’t run”
I pleaded going on my knees.

” You beg me this time. You also begged me before. How am I supposed to trust you?” He bent down and held my chin.

“I promise I won’t run. I will never say I want to leave, I will obey you but please let me see her” I continued to plead until I was out of words.
I kept saying the same thing but his expression didn’t change.

” I don’t trust you” he flung my chin and left the room.


Jack met him outside the door of Irene’s room. No doubt he heard their conversation.

” And you said you want her to trust you” he said shaking his head.

” Yes I did”

” Depriving her from seeing her aunt won’t help” he placed his hand in his pocket.

“I know. I just want to punish her for stressing me.
She already promised to submit to me and this time, I won’t let her leave my sight” he said and moved away.


I kept crying my eyes out wondering what condition my aunty might be in.
Although she said she hated me, I knew she didn’t mean it.
Deep down, she still loved me.

I sat by the window looking at the view.

Mary came in

” The boss wants to see you” she informed.
My heart accelerated.
I walked with her till I met Alexander standing beside his car.

“Boss here she is” she informed before leaving.

” I have decided to trust you but don’t make me regret it because I won’t forgive you if you try to run again” he shot me an angry glare.

” Tom will follow you to the hospital to see your aunt” he said and leaned forward.
He walked to me and whispered
” Remember your promise” he said.
Tom came and opened the door for me.
I stepped in and he closed the door.

We got to the hospital in no time.
I rushed out and went in.
The nurse at the reception told me the location of her ward.
Following her direction, I ran only to meet her in a critical condition.
The injuries on her body was sever.

The doctor came to me.
” Are you her relative?” He asked and I nodded.

” Good. She was brought here and we need to begin her operation” he said.
With my eyes on her, I said.

” Operation”

” Yes because we found out that she has an internal bleeding and we need to stop it. That’s why we need to begin with operation”

” Okay go ahead”

” You have to deposit half of the bill before we begin” he spoke.

” How much?” I said

“50,000$” he said and my mouth flew open.

” What?”
I didn’t know where I would get the money.
It was way to huge for me to pay.
My eyes searched for my uncle but he was no where to be seen.

I sat beside my aunty crying beside her.

” Ma’am, please excuse us. We need to take her to the operation room” a lady said.
Turning I found a nurse standing close to me.
Her words made me confused.


” Excuse us” she said.
More nurses surrounded the ward.
Stepping aside, I watched them take her away.
I met the doctor talking to Tom which surprised me.

Immediately he left, I stepped forward to the doctor.
” Doc what’s happening?” I asked

” Well, an anonymous person, paid for her bills that’s why she will be taken care of” he said smiling.
He walked in the direction of the nurses

I was glad she was getting her treatment.
Her operation took an hour.
When they were done, they didn’t let me see her with the excuse that she needed rest.

Tom took me back to Mr Alexander house.
This time I had no intention of running away.

I got to the house and decided to speak to Alex.
For some reason, I guessed he was the one who paid my aunty’s bills.

Tom directed me into his room.
I knocked on the door but there was no answer.
Twisting the door knob, I found that the door wasn’t locked.

I opened it and got in.
Almost immediately, Alex got out of the shower.
His upper body was bare.

I shrieked and turned around.
It was a good thing that he had his towel tied around his waist.

” I’m sorry” I quickly muttered and made to go to the door when he grabbed my hand and pushed me to the wall.
He placed both his hands on the wall trapping me in the middle.

” Why do you want to leave?” He asked
His hair was soaked and the water from it dripped to my face.

“Bec….ca..” I couldn’t speak because of our closeness.
It would only take an inch for his lips to meet mine.
His breath caressed my skin.
I pushed him aside but he didn’t move.

” I’m still waiting”

” Because I came to thank you” I spoke and he moved back a little.

” Why?”

” For letting me see my aunt and for paying for her bills” I said.
He gave a confused look.

” How did you know about that?”

” I saw Tom talking to the doc and assumed you paid the doctor through him” I said and he smirked

“But don’t think that I won’t pay you” I snapped

” I didn’t ask you to pay”

” I know but incase you want to use it against me”

He chuckled darkly and then came closer to me.
” It’s alright but I won’t ever use it against you” he circled my face using his fingers.

I immediately pushed him and stormed out of his room.
The next morning, I went to see my aunt in the hospital.
She looked better.


Alex stood there inhaling her scent although she had already left the room.
He slummed on the bed spreading both arms.

” She came to thank me” he smiled.

” Very soon, you will see that I only want the best for you”

He went to his drawer and brought out a picture of Irene.
In the picture, there were at a cafe.
Smiles was seen on her face.

” I will make you come back to me” he muttered.


The next morning, I went to see my aunt in the hospital.
She looked better.

Walking to her, she gave a smile

” How are you?” I asked.

” I’m better” she replied.

” Where’s uncle?” Immediately I asked, she put on a sad look.

” I ..I don’t know. Ever since he was humiliated, he left me” she broke down in tears.

” Humiliated?” I asked and she nodded.

” Please stay with me” she said holding my hand.

” I will” I smiled.

” No… I mean move in with me” she said.

” I don’t know if I can…”

” Please, I have been lonely” she sniffed.
I thought about Alex whether or not he would let me stay with her.

14Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 14

I went back to the house.
There, I met Alexander having dinner.

” Come join me” he said.
I wanted to decline but I figured this could be an opportunity to talk him about my aunty.

I had my seat two seats away from him.

“What would you like to eat?”

” Uhm… Anything will do” I faked a smile.
A maid came forward and served our meal.

” Alex… I would like to speak to you”

He shifted his gaze away from his meal” I’m listening”

“You see… My Uhm… My aunt…” I Stammered.
I was scared because of being rejected.

” How is she doing?” He asked with a raised brow.

” She is fine” I looked at him and saw him chewing on his food.
“but she wants me to stay with her” I said and he froze

” Why?” His voice along with his aura became dark.

” Because she feels lonely. My uncle ran away for some reason and…”

” No” he simply said.
I clutched the side of the table tightly.

” Why?”

” Because you belong to me” he said staring me in the eye.
I stood up and left the dinning room.
Going up to my room, I sat on the bed.

Minutes later, I changed into my night gown and decided to go to sleep when I heard someone knocking.
Going to the door, I opened it and found Alex leaning on the door frame.

” What are you doing here?”
I asked.
He excorted himself inside the room and sat on the bed.

” I am here for your punishment. Surely you haven’t forgotten” he said and that’s when it dawned on me.
I had forgotten about that.

“I…I feel sleepy” I faked a yawn.

“So…” He said not believing a word a say.

” Meaning tomorrow, I can have my punishment”

He gave a dark chuckle and stood up.
He crossed the distance between us and stood in front of me.

” I give the punishment and I say it will happen today” he said and carried me to the bed.
Gently dropping me to the bed, he bent down to me.

” Look I’m sorry but I…”

” But nothing. So choose, my room or your room” He said.
I didn’t give a response.

” I guess it’s your room then” he smiled and turned to the other side of the bed.
I stood up from the bed.

” I’m sorry but I can’t do it” I said with pleading eyes.

” Do what? You won’t do anything.
You just have to lie down on the bed and sleep.
What do you think will happen?” He raised his brows staring at me.

I felt a bit relieved on hearing his words but that didn’t mean I would let down my guard.
I sat on the far edge of the bed.
Using the duvet, I covered by body and closed my eyes.

” You would fall if you sleep like that” he said but I didn’t want to listen to him.

” I’ll be fine” I said and shifted farther away from him.
I could hear him sigh.

” Shift closer to me” he said and I froze.
Not moving, I stayed in my position.

” I’m sure you heard me” he said.
I shifted a little towards his direction.

” Closer” he ordered.
I shifted towards him.
Suddenly, a hand was wrapped around me.

” You shouldn’t be scared” he whispered into my ears.
Turning me to face him, he wrapped his hands around my waist making my head lean on his chest.
His scent penetrated into my nose.

” I thought about what you said earlier about your aunt” he exhaled.
I turned my head up to see him as he looked down on me.

” And I think” he hesitated
” You can stay with her but only for three days” he said.
I was overwhelmed on hearing him to the extent I hugged him.
Realizing my actions, I let go of him but he placed my hands around him.

” Don’t I deserve a K!SS?” he said and my eyes opened.
I bit my lower lips and looked away from him.
His question made me uncomfortable.

” I won’t force you to K!SS me. You will do it on your own accord” he smiled.
I scoffed at his words.

With the excuse of going to the bathroom, I took myself away from his arms and when I returned, I found him sleeping.
I climbed on the bed and turned to the other side.
With time, sleep came and took me to dream Land.
I woke up with strong arms around me.
Opening my eyes, I found myself wrapped up in Alex’s arms.

I struggled to pull away but he held on to me.

” Could you please stay like this.
I love it this way” he spoke opening one eye.

He pulled me closer to him making my head lean on his solid chest.
Exhaling, I pushed myself away from him.

” I… I have to visit my aunt” I said.

” I was hoping that we would go for shopping”

” No. I..I have to see my aunt” I said and dashed into the bathroom hoping that he would leave but when I came out I found him still in the room with the maid.
She brought a trolley with food in it.

” Your breakfast” the maid said flashing a smile.

” Mr Alex, Tom would like to speak to you” she said and Alex nodded.
He stood up and left the room.
Relieved, I sat down and ate to my satisfaction.

With the help of Tom, I took my aunt back to her home.
I called Mirabel and in no time, she came.
She assisted in helping me clear the house.

” So how was your stay with Mr Alexander?” She asked with glimmering eyes.

” Okay I guess” I shrugged and arranged the plates.

” I have someone who could help” she said.
I shook my head.

” I know you are trying to help but all my efforts to get away from him has been in vain and this person, I am not sure he could help”

” He can help.
His name is Eric.
Just like Mr Alexander, he is rich and owns one of the biggest company” she said.

” Thanks but…”
Before I could complete my sentence she Interrupted me.

“He is coming tonight” she faked a smile.

” What?!”
She went to the door and stood there.

” I know you are angry with me but look on the bright side, he could be your only hope” she winked and went in the direction of my aunty’s room.
Mirabel could really be something.

Alex was happy with the fact that she doesn’t quite see him as a monster or someone that could hurt her.
He thought that gaining her trust would be hard but with the way things are going, it proved him wrong.

He was in a conference meeting with the board of directors but his mind paid no attention to their discussion.
Immediately ending the meeting, he headed back to his house but realized that Irene wasn’t there but she was at her Aunty’s.

He already missed her.
‘its just three days’ he thought to himself.

Taking the car, he drove to Irene’s home.
Stopping at a distance away from their house, he saw Irene stepping out from the house.

She went to a car packed In front of the house.
Just then Eric came out of the car.
His anger boiled on seeing her with Eric.

What was she doing with him.
In the next moment, he found Eric hugging her.
Seeing them, all hell broke loose.

She was hugging him.
He attempted to step out of the car but then his phone rang.
Paying no attention to his phone, he kept watching them like a hawk.
He curled his fist till his knuckles became white.

His phone continued to ring.
Finally, he picked it up.
Without looking, he knew it was jack calling because they mostly spent the evening together.

” Jack I’m not in the mood to talk”

” Why is that?” Jack asked on hearing Alex enraged voice.

” Irene is with Eric. Eric!” He screamed.

“Let’s talk about it”

” There’s nothing to talk about. She is with Eric.
What is she doing with him!” He slammed his fist on the wheels of his car.

” He is going to take her away from me. I won’t let that happen. Not again” he continuously hit his fist on the wheels of his car.



His brother had earlier given him a gun to shoot her but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.
He couldn’t kill.

He fired a bullet to the ground close to where the woman laid.

” Kill her!” His brother Richard yelled.

” I can’t” he shook his head.

” Give it to me” Richard tried to take the gun but David wouldn’t let him.

” No! She doesn’t deserve death. She has been through enough”

” Then what are you going to do with her?” Richard asked.

” She is my responsibility” he said helping the lady up.

” You are a fool. If they find out that she is alive, they will kill you” he warned.

” I know” he said and wrapped his hands around her.
Richard has been doing this business in other to earn money to shelter his little brother but now he thought he would be able to join in the business.
He was wrong because he saw his brother was a weakling.

” I won’t support you” Richard said watching his brother leave with the lady but he wouldn’t listen to him.

David took the woman who almost got shot by his brother to his little house.


” What’s your name?” He asked dragging a stool in front of her.
She didn’t say a word and she looked messed up.

” Where are you from?” He asked but she still didn’t say a word.

” Damn, that psychiatric hospital really messed with your brains” he muttered.

He stood up to leave when she said a word.

” My baby” she said touching her Tommy.

David froze hearing her.

” Are you pregnant?” He asker but she kept repeating the words.

” You can’t be pregnant” he said almost yelling.
Taking care of a baby in this condition wasn’t right.
The only thing he needed to do was to abort the child if infact she had one.

He went to the kitchen, dished some food.
After that he went to his room and brought some pills.

” This will help” he muttered pouring the pills in the food.

” I’m doing this for your good” he said closing his eyes.
Opening them, he went to the lady with the plate.



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