10Sold to a billionaire

Chapter 10

When he spoke of me trying to kill myself, my eyes widened in shock why would I want to kill myself?

That just seemed absurd.

“Well guess what, my punishment is still holding tonight” he said in a husky voice as he stood up.
I shook my head.
Even in my condition, he still wanted to have his way with me.

I tried to make myself feel comfortable on the bed when I felt a severe pain in my head.
Touching my head, I noticed my head was wrapped in bandages.

” You caused that to yourself” Alex said.

” No I didn’t”

” Yes you did when you tried to kill yourself” he pointed at me.
I could sense he was upset.

” I didn’t try to kill myself. I slipped and fell in the bathroom” I said and he scoffed.
Obviously he didn’t believe me.

A slight cough accompanied with a knock on the door alerted us.
We both turned and found a lady standing close to the door.

” Sir..”

” Come in”
She came and stood beside Alex showing him the clothes in her hand.
He took it and came to me.

” Here, wear this tonight” he said and went to the door.
I looked at the outfit on the bed.
This was a lingerie.
Taking them up to my face, I felt disgusted and tossed them aside.

“Don’t try anything funny” Alex said and left.
Immediately he was gone,a maid came in and brought food for me to eat which I gladly devoured.
Ever since I came here, I haven’t placed anything in my mouth.

Minutes turned to hours.
At this point, I lost hope of a miracle happening.
No where to escape and no where to run.

Turning to look at the lingerie which was on the bed, I shook my head in disgust.

A knock on the door got my attention.

” The boss told me to inform you that he will come soon and that you should get ready” she said and immediately left.

There was no way I was wearing that.
Heading to the bed, I sat on it thinking of nothing.
After a few minutes of waiting, I saw no sign of Alex.

Could he have forgotten?
I decided to wait on the bed but I drifted off to sleep.
Turning to the breathing sound of a person, I shut my eyes open to find Alex on the bed.
I tried to climb down but he held my arm.

” You didn’t wear the outfit I brought for you” he said raising his brows.

” I didn’t want to wear them” I said.
He released my arm and I quickly rushed out of the bed.

” Why?” Came his question. He sat upright on the bed placing his elbow on his knee.

” I …I couldn’t bring myself to wear it” I said moving back when I saw he stood up and was approaching me.

I moved back till my back hit the wall.
Placing both hands on the wall, he trapped me between them.

” Please don’t do this” my voice came out in a shaky form as I tried to hide the tears that stung in my eyes.

” You gave me no choice”

” I said I was sorry!” I yelled

” But that wasn’t enough to justify your actions. Thinking about it, you still haven’t told me the reason” he said raising my chin to see him.
I didn’t give him any response.

” That’s what I thought” he said taking a step back.
Before I knew it, I was flung over his shoulders and in the next second, my back hit the soft bed.
He landed himself on top of me.

“Please don’t do this!” I pleaded turning my face away from him.

” Why did you do it.
Was it because you hate me! That was the reason right?” He asked ripping my clothes apart.

“No, it wasn’t” I replied gripping on to the rest of my clothes that were still on my body.

” Lies! You keep lying to me!” He yelled

” It’s the truth please believe me!”

” Just admit you hate me!” He yelled and ripped off the rest of my clothes leaving me almost Ɲ@kēɗ.
My underwear was what was left.

“It was because of my uncle!” I voiced out yelling.
At this point, I couldn’t contain the tears anymore.
He eventually stopped with his actions and stared at me.
He placed both his hands beside me.

” Explain..”

Figuring out how to spill everything out, I shut my eyes and let my mouth do the talking.
I explained everything to him.
I told him how my uncle would try to get his way with me and how I would always protect myself.
He looked me straight in the eyes before pulling himself away from me.
Sniffing, I crawled away from him on the bed.

” I…I’m sorry about that” he said and moved to where I was.
I flinched and tried to crawl away but he held my hand and pulled me to his embrace.
He took the blankets and covered me.
Placing me on the bed to lie down, he laid next to me.
My back hit his chest as his hands were wrapped around my waist.

” Why didn’t you say anything?” He asked.

” I… I couldn’t bring myself to say it. Please don’t go ahead with your punishment” I said raising my head to see his blue eyes.

” I’m sorry but I can’t promise that. My punishment will be carried out” he said and I closed my eyes letting the tears roll down my cheeks.

He began to place soft K!SSes on my face beginning from my forehead, down to my cheeks.
His fingers caressed my jawline.
My hands went to the fork I placed underneath the pillow.
I took it when the maid brought my food.
I contemplated with myself whether to use it or not.

I closed my eyes as he continued to place soft K!SSes on my skin.
His touch was gentle as he fingers went down my arm to my hand underneath the pillow.

” Don’t think about it” he growled in low tone as though knowing my intention.
He turned me to face him.

” Do you always sleep with a sharp object?” He asked and I nodded.

” To protect myself from my uncle” I answered.

” Well, I’m not your uncle so don’t compare me to him” he said.
His next question surprised me.
” Are you scared of me?”he asked.
Without thinking I nodded.
His blue eyes darkened and his brows creased.
His eyes held some sort of unknown emotion.

Still looking at me, he crushed his lips on mine.
I tried to struggle with him but as usual, he held me so tight.
His K!SS was rough and no where near gentle.
A total stranger was taking away my first K!SS.

I found it hard to breathe and he still held me K!SSing me.
At last, he withdrew.

” I am not like your uncle. Never ever compare me to him.
And for your fear….” He didn’t say anything as he stood up and quickly left the room.
That was strange.
Thinking he would come back, I spent half of my night staying awake.

Placing my head on the soft pillow, my eyes became heavy.
Soon, I dozed off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning only to find myself sleeping on the soft bed.
I couldn’t believe I wasn’t touched.
Taking off the blanket away from me, I found myself in my underwear.
It reminded me of last night incident.

I pushed my body of the bed.

” Going somewhere?” I heard a voice ask.
He sat on the couch staring at my almost Ɲ@kēɗ body.
Using my hands to protect the upper potion of my body, I asked

” What are you doing here?”

” You ask meaningless question. This is my house after all”

Grabbing the blanket, I covered myself with it.
A dark chuckle was heard from him.

“Master” a lady said Standing by the door.

” Bring it in” he said.
She rolled the trolley of food into the room.
She began to dish the food on the plate.

” Come” he commanded
I walked to him.

” Sit” he said pointing to his side.
I obeyed him.

Taking up a plate, he tried to feed me but I insisted I do it myself.

” Don’t annoy me” he said.
Sighing, I ate from his hand.

“Good. Now, there are some ground rules I need to set.
First is, you should make yourself feel at home.
Second is, you are not permitted to leave the house for any reason.
The second is important” he said.

Then, I remembered that I had to work to earn the money.
“Mr blue eyes, I..”


” I would like to take permission to go to work”

He stopped with the feeding and stared blankly at me.

“Permission not granted. You are not allowed to leave this house” he said walking to the door.

” But I have to. I have to work to earn money” I said.

” That’s my decision” he took a step forward towards the door.
He turned” oh… I still haven’t forgotten about your punishment”
A devilish smirk played on his lips as he walked out of the room



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