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Poppy yeaned hungrily rolling from one edge to another,,she threw her hands around hoping to touch Clifford..but sadly she was the only one on the bed ..

She reluctantly opened her eyes looking around for any sign of him…

“ Where did he go ? Don’t tell me he left me here ! Poppy thought foolishly..

She got up flipping on her flip flops which was laying beside the bed ..

She walked into the bathroom carrying out her usual morning rhythms..before walking out of the room heading downstairs..
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She was about walking into the kitchen due to the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen when she saw Mina ( the chief maid swaying her @$$ around the seating room all the name of cleaning..

Poppy stood still observing her moves ..Mina intenslly threw the pieces on the floor just because she saw Clifford walking out of the kitchen,,

Poppy balled her fist waiting for Mina’s next action.. surprisingly Mina bent down almost going n*cked ..

“ So this was it ? Guess two can play the game” poppy smicked..

Mina wasn’t aware that poppy was watching her ,,poppy walked towards her giving her a hard spank on her @$$ making her sprang up in shock .

“ Why did you hit me ?? She asked angrily

“ Why were you seducing my hubby ? Does here look like a clubhouse?? Poppy questioned angrily..

“ Me ? Seducing young master??I never did that !Mina denied awfully earning a deadly glare from poppy..

“ Are you trying to say am blind?? Poppy asked landing a slap directly on her cheeks.

“ I was just trying to pick the rag and nothing more ! Mina said at the verge of tears hoping Clifford will support her ..

She kept stearing at him like she was expecting him to say something. Clifford looked away acting like he was not aware of what was going on ..he knew supporting Mina would only make things hard between poppy and him ..he wasn’t ready to risk it ,so he remained silent..

“ You were just picking up the rag ?? For real ? With this skimpy skirt? Didnt I warn you yesterday?? Oh..you wanted to see what I can do right? Poppy asked half yelling..

“ No ! I was just…. I mean I was trying to…Mina Shuttered not finding a good excuse to justify her actions.

“ No need to deny !! You know what !! You can take a break for the time being!! Maybe through out the one month that we would be spending here ,, Don’t worry am not sacking you ,,you can return once the one month is completed.. poppy said..Mina almost fainted..she wasn’t expecting that .

“ But . Am the chief maid here !! She replied not wanting to plead or apologize , she was proving stubborn..

“ You Don’t have about that !! You can resume once you are back!! Poppy cut her off..

She remained silent trying to act strong but deep down she was sad .

Poppy called one of the maid .. whispering something into her ears..

By now Clifford had Already returned to the kitchen to continue his business.

Soon the maid came back carrying a luggage containing Mina’s clothes,,

Mina’s heart skipped,,she wasn’t ready to leave,,not now ..

“ That’s your bag !! Incase you would need anything,dont hesitate to call me ! Poppy jibbered annoyingly..

Mina reluctantly took the bag from the maid still glearing at poppy .. she began dragging out the bag with her eyes not leaving poppy for once ,,,,
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She almost tripped before she decided to focus on where she was headed ..

Finally she was out of sight!! Poppy signed in relief.

“ I can’t be struggling with Wendy and also this one!! that’s $h|t ! Poppy muttered before leaving for the kitchen

She was surprised to see Clifford putting on an apron ,he was choppiness the vegetables,,he was doing it so perfectly that poppy had to stand and admire ..

Soon Clifford was down with the vegetables. He turned only to see poppy staring at him ..he was startled..

He quickly looked away when he remembered what Happened last night..

“ Why is she staring at me like that ? Don’t tell me she dint remember what happened yesterday” Clifford thought..

“ Hey ! Poppy waved shyly ..

“ How was your night? Clifford asked backing her…

The question made poppy halt ,,she suddenly felt embarrassed when yesterday incident replayed in her head ,,

“ No wonder he was acting strange! But wait !! What happened afterward, I can’t seem to remember anything! Poppy wondered..

“ Sorry I slept off yesterday… actually I was …poppy muttered shyly playing with her fingers,,for the first time she felt nervous in front of him ..

“ I understand,,you Don’t have to feel bad !! It’s okey. Clifford said making her look up to stare at him ..

She was expecting him to be mad or something,,but it was the opposite.

“ You can cook ? Poppy asked changing the topic.. Clifford turned to stare at her with his killer eyes ,,poppy looked away shyly ..

“ Yeah ! I can …due not all ..I can only prepare few dishes,,,am not that perfect.. Clifford replied smiling widely..

“ Hmmm… So what are you making for breakfast? Poppy asked walking closer to him ….

“ It’s a surprise…go wait for me !! Will be done shortly!! Clifford replied….

“ Okay…..I will be upstairs..call me once you are done! Poppy said before walking out of the kitchen..

“ Wow !! She’s beginning to like me!! Clifford jubber happily jumping around happily. .

Poppy and Clifford stepped out of the mansion walking hand in hand ..

“ Young master! Which of the cars are we using? The driver asked running towards them.

“ That one over there ! Clifford replied pointing at the red Ferrari packed not too far from where they were standing..
@Sarah’s Library 2023

The guy ran off while the followed . They got to the car ,, Clifford opened the door for poppy before entering through the other side .

“ Where are we headed ? The driver asked ??



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