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Clifford could be seen dragging out their luggages,, while poppy was trilling behind …
Poppy was just holding her handbag and also Clifford’s phone..

They haven’t gone halfway when a car suddenly pulled up in front of them ..

The driver stepped down rushing towards them immediately,,,he was looking hefty combined with his mean looks… at first poppy became afraid but calm down a bit when she heard the man called Clifford “ Young master ”…

“ Young master” the guy bowed.. pointing at the car which was packed few meters away.

He took almost all the luggages leaving Clifford with nothing..

Poppy turned to see Clifford empty handed ,,she frowned her face making Clifford wonder .

“ Are you just gonna stand and watch me carry everything”? Poppy blunted..

“ Huh ?? Clifford asked trying to understand what she meant by “Carrying everything”..

“ Come on have this ”poppy said forcing all the bags into his hands . Clifford took the bag still looking surprised ..

He was happy poppy is gradually finding him Worthy..at least she’s now feeling free around him .. imagine poppy asking for a K!SS ,,,it’s still very shocking to him…

“ This way!! The guy gestured them towards the car ..

Clifford followed suit ..while poppy reluctantly dragged her foot like she was being forced..

Seeing that she wasn’t ready to leave,, Clifford turned walking back to meet her making poppy wonder what he was trying to do ..

But to her greatest surprise he got to her then bent to her level.. without giving any room for aguement he cupped her into his arms in a bridal style making her eyes widen..

“ Clifford what are you doing?? People are watching put me down !! Poppy whispered kicking her feet in the air ..

“ No way !! One more word from you ,,am gonna K!SS you ! Clifford jibbered naughtily making poppy beat his chest playfully..

All attention turned to them…their fans weren’t left out ,if not for the scary look on Scars ( the guy who came to pick them )face they would have made a paparazzi…they could only take a shot from a distant. ..

At first they were watching calmly but it got to the point where Clifford carried poppy they could no longer hide their amazement..

“ Wow !!he’s so romantic!!I gosh am blushing!

“ They look cute together!!my favourite Couple!!

“ Both are my favorite!! I love you Clifford!! A girl yelled from the crowd..poppy gleared at her with jealousy written all over her face ..

“ You Don’t have to feel bad ,,am all yours !! Clifford muttered to her hearing..

Ignoring the camera light shining on their faces Clifford dropped poppy in the car then entered the other side ,, before the car finally drove off..

“ Babe !! The girl who said earlier that he love Clifford called running to catch up with her boyfriend who Already left her ..

“ What ?? You came back cos your lovely Clifford left right? The guy questioned angrily..

“ You know I was just joking!! The girl replied pleadingly..

“ Whatever!! The guy muttered walking past her ..while she ran after him..


They finally got the villa after the long drive..

Poppy gasped in shock as she admired the gaintic mansion in front of her . It was two times bigger than the dior’s mansion back in L.A ..

Everywhere was sparkling in gold ..it was a glass house..there were flowers all around and the house.. the flowers were trimmed in different shapes giving the surrendering a beautiful look ..

Their was a lake beside the house and also a pool at the other end. The house was a perfect defination of a paradise on earth .

Poppy couldn’t contain her amazement,,she smiled happily running from one edge to another while Clifford ran after her ..

“ Like it ?? Clifford asked when he finally caught up with her ..

“ are you daft? I love it !! Poppy said still looking around..

“ There is more yo see ,,just follow me in ! Clifford said dragging her in ..,,she would’nt stop staring.
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They got to the seating room only the see up to twenty workers ,the males were upto ten same with the females ..all neatly dressed

“ Good day Young master,,,

“ Good day my lady ….they all greeted

Clifford nodded while poppy poppy acted like she wasn’t aware of their presence.

One after the other they introduced themselves..the last one was dressed in a skimpy skirt.. though the rest where wearing the same dress but theirs we’re longer ..

She was acting all clingy making sure she wiggle her @$$ ..poppy frowned glearing at her..

“ Hold on !! Poppy told her when she finally turned to leave.

She turned back biting her lower lips seductively.. Adjusting her B@@bs which were showing off in her tight crop top…her dress was different stating that she was the chief maid ..

“ I Don’t want to see you on this dress tomorrow,,wear what the rest are wearing,, through out our stay here ,,you can wear whatever you like once we leave!! Poppy jibbed giggling..

“ Huh ??but I…. Clifford caught her off ..

“ Do what she told you !! Clifford ordered strictly..she nodded then went back to her standing position while the male also introduced themselves…


Poppy walked into the room dragging her feet .. Clifford was Already seated on the bed busy with his phone..

Poppy tried unzipping her dress but she couldn’t..she wanted to ask Clifford for help ..but her ego won’t allow her. It’s embarassing anyways..

Clifford noticed then stood walking towards her..he got to her without her noticing..

He placed his hands on the zip helping her with the zip …poppy flinched when his hands touched her bare skin..it sent shivers down her spine..

Poppy remained silent trying to comport herself.

Without uttering a word Clifford returned to the bed to continue his business.


Poppy walked into the room dripping wet.. Clifford raised his head to look at her ,,she wasn’t wearing anything..just a towel.

He was expecting her to ask him to leave ,,but surprisingly she didnt..

“ Don’t tell me she’s going to get dressed here ?? Clifford thought as his heart rate increased..

She threw off the towel standing n*cked in front of him .. Clifford quickly looked away breathing heavily.. Like he fell from a tree .

He could sight her from the corner of his eyes as she applied her lotion

He couldn’t believe how eyes ,, something kept pushing him to take another glimpse..

He could feel his member getting hard ,,she was turning him on without noticing..

He turned again to stare but sadly she had Already dressed up…to worsen the situation,,she was putting on a sexy lingerie.

She seductively walked towards him seating directly on his laps ,,at that moment Clifford lost his breath .

She traced her hands down his abbs then bent to his ears … slowly she whispered..

“ MAKE LOVE TO ME ” Clifford almost fainted



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