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                 CHAPTER 43†44



Poppy walked into the school compound,,and as usual,,the students began running their mouths….

Poppy ignored like she was not the one they were talking about..she wasn’t ready for anyone this morning,,seems the students noticed cos some took it upon themselves to make silly Comments about her ,,,

“ She seems moody,.. Guess she’s sad Clifford didnt give him attention last night! What a pity ! A student jibbered loud enough for poppy to hear ..

“ She thought forcing herself on Clifford would make him love her ..back then ,, Clifford was just running after her ,,so he could have his way with her and nothing more !! Another student who was standing beside the first one ..

Poppy turned to glare at her ,,,her late statement got poppy annoyed..her nerves were daring ..

“Why is she glearing at me ? I only said the truth ,,,not like am lieing anyways!! The girl muttered rolling her eyes ..

Poppy stormed towards her boiling in rage ,,,how dare she ??

“ If you really have the guts,,can you repeat what you just said few minutes ago?? Poppy questioned angrily?

“Huh?? Don’t tell me you seriously expect me to go on my knees and plead with you !! Come on!! That was then !! The girl jibbed rudely..

“You ain’t gonna beg me ??

“Never !! Besides I wasn’t lieing after all …you forced Clifford to marry …..you….

Her last statement was cut short by a very thunderous slap from poppy making all eyes widen!!!

“What the Fůçƙ!!!

“ She shouldn’t allow her to Scot free ,,she should slap her back ,, Poppy’s madness is getting out hand !!she needs someone to teach her a lesson,,and I think Lily ( the girl who was slapped by poppy )..the first girl said in an attempt to get Lily annoyed..

Hearing what the first girl was saying,,Lily became more annoyed

“ How dare you lay your fingers on me?? Lily yelled!!

“No need asking why I slapped you ?? Just slap me like you friend told you,am not begging for your mercy ..poppy fired bending over to her level,,since she was taller ..

The girl stood speechlessly with her mouth widely opened..she knew slapping poppy won’t only make her leave the school,,but Poppy’s dad is going to make sure she never gets admitted in any other school,,, sadly she doesnt want that ,, she withdraw her hands slowly shifting back….

“Come on !! Don’t tell me you are suddenly gone dump !! Go on slap me ,,and I would make sure you never get to use that hands of yours !! Silly Ɓîtçh !! Poppy mouthed… pushing her
Out of the way storming towards her class ..

Seeing that poppy left Already,,the students disappeared to their various classes leaving only Lily and her companion..

“Hash !! Lily gnushed banging her hand furiously on the pillar .

“I cant believe you couldn’t fight her !! You couldn’t even slap her ,,,you are nothing but a disappointment!! Winner jibbered evilly walking towards them .

“ I tried but I couldn’t,,,she was too strong for only me to handle and besides her dad is going to make life miserable for me once he finds out about it.. you know my dad won’t be happy with dad !! Lily said in a saddened voice,,

One could tell she was forced to do what she did minutes ago,,,but winner wasn’t ready to pity her ..

“Thats non of my business,, you couldn’t fulfill a simple task ..just to beat her you couldn’t…are you that incompetent?? Winner mouthed angrily..

“ Please Winner…she tried saying but winner cut her off with a slap..she held her hurting cheeks as tears streamed down her cheeks ,,this was the second time ,,the first one was poppy and now winner,,

Why was life so cruel to her ,, Is it a crime to be poor …!???..

“How dare you call me by my name ?? You should refer me as ma’am ,,we might be in same age ,,but obviously we are of different class !! Winner smirked..

“Am sorry ,,it won’t repeat itself,,just Don’t chase my dad away ,,we really need that job … Lily pleaded….

“How is that my headache?? This would be the last warning!! If you can’t get poppy to the school lab in the next three hours,,your dad looses his job !! Winner scoffed walking away not leaving a room for protest..

“ What’s all this ?? Why me ??am I the only poor being?? Why is she being so cruel towards me !?? How do I convince poppy !! She wept ..falling to the ground

“Suit yourself out !! The first girl told her ,, before walking away .. leaving only Lily to tackle her problems..

“If you want !! I can give you an idea on how to get poppy to the lab room !! Theo said showing up from His knows where!!

“Huh?? seriously?? Please tell me!! She pleaded standing on her feet ..

“Not so fast darling!! You have to pay a price !!

“I Don’t mind!! Provided you are going to help me !! Lily agreed without a second thought..

Theo walked towards him ,,then whispered into her ears ..

“What ?? She gasped in shock!!

“Thats the only way ! You should do that if you wanna get out from this mess ..theo jibbered evilly leaving her Confused..


“You mean you did all that to her !! Gosh I so much love you! Ixora jibbed happily with her eyes glued to the screen ..

“You should have been there !! I made sure I slapped that her fresh cheeks ,,it should be red and busty by now ! Poppy giggles.

“But I never expected she could go this far !! Jenny muttered..

“She also got what she deserves. Poppy smicked mischievously..

“miss Dior someone is here to see you !! The class teacher announced..

“ Who could that be !?? Jenny wondered..

“Let me go check!! Poppy said and stood up

She was surprised when she got to the corridor and met Lily Already on her knees!!

Immediately poppy got to her ,,she ran towards poppy falling to her feet ..

“Poppy am very sorry,,trust me everything I did ,,I did cos I had no option,,

“Huh??poppy asked in disbelief

Lily told her how everything,, though half of it was a lie ..poppy pitied her..

“So Sorry about that !! It’s Okey ,, stand up!!poppy said ..

Lily hugged her happily.. thanks for forgiving me !! You are so sweet!! Lily said happily..

“ If you dont mind , can you please come over to the lab room by eleven,,I have a surprise for you!!? Please Don’t say no !! Lily pleaded.

“ Okey !! I would be there !! You can go back now ,,i have a class now ! Poppy told her walking away..

“You are a fool for believing that am truly sorry!! Just wait till eleven,,you are going to regret having anything to do with me in the first place!! Lily thought smirking evilly..



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