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        CHAPTER 41†42

“How dare you Ɓîtçh !! Winner yelled furiously trying to pounce on poppy but Mrs Dior hold her hands dragging her back then slapped her…making all eyes widen..

“You still have the guts to try and fight poppy ,,,even after everything you did ,,I asked her to forgive you both you were still determined to fight back !!you ain’t feeling romoresful for what you did ,,if not for the fact that it would ruin your reputation I would have asked the police to arrest you so you would learn your lessons!! Mrs Dior fired ..

“I Don’t think have done anything wrong ,,so why should I feel romoresful!! Winner jibbered evilly..

“You are more evil than I imagined!poppy snapped angrily balling her fist..

Soon one of maids walked out holding Wendy’s clothes..she threw it at her ,,,

“ I wouldn’t want to see you here in the next five minutes!!poppy told her still glearing hatefully at her .

“ What are you still waiting for?? Get lost Already,,,poppy mouthed referring to winner who stood there speechlessly..

“ Whatever!! Winner smirked storming out of the house leaving Wendy all to her self ..

The guards were busy feeding their eyes as Wendy dressed up in front of them…she felt embarrassed and wished the ground could open and swallow her up ….this was the most embarrassing moment of her life and for the first time she regretted coming to the mansion in the first place..

An idea suddenly popped into Poppy’s head ..

“ I should take a picture of her…I know ixora and Jenny won’t believe if I Don’t show them any prove !! Poppy thought bringing out her phone from her lingerie ‘s pocket ..

She took few pictures then made some videos…wendy could only glare at poppy because their was nothing she could do at the moment..

Soon she was done ,,she dragged her bag from the maid who was holding it then stormed out as well .

“ What are you all still waiting for?? Go back to your duty posts ,,Mrs Dior told the workers …and one after the other they departed leaving only poppy and Mrs Dior..

“ dear am so sorry for what happened…I never knew wendy could go this far ,,I saw her at the party ,,am still surprised she got here before us !!Am really sorry !!Mrs Dior apologized..

“ I understand!! And you dont have to apologise,,besides it’s not your fault.. poppy replied cutting her off ,,

“Thanks dear,,am happy you ain’t mad at me !! thanks for teaching her a lesson…Mrs Dior said further but poppy didnt brother to answer her ..

“If you dont mind ,,can you take me to another room .. because I dont think I can cope spending the night in that same room !! Poppy muttered.

“ I understand!! I will ask the maid to come take you to the guests room ..so you can sleep there tonight..Poppy only smirked .


Clifford woke up with a banging headache..he grabbed a hand full of his hair shaking his head vigorously..

His head hurts like mad ,,he closed his eyes trying to recover what the headache was all about..

He shrinked when the incident of the previous day flew back
Into his head..

“Did I?? He thought worriedly piping into the durvet to see if he was intact…he inhaled deeply when he noticed he was still intact even though his clothes were a bit thorn ..

“ Wait !! Where is poppy ..hope she didnt get to witness what happened yesterday!! He thought jumping out of the bed ..

“ Wendy !! this is all your fault!! Just pray I dont ley my eyes on you !! Clifford muttered angrily before storming out of the room .

At that moment poppy was also walking out of the guests room which was opposite direction..

“Hi !! Clifford waved !!

Poppy turned to look at him ..she gleared at him without uttering a single word she walked past him almost pushing him down ..

“ What’s that all about!! Don’t tell me it’s what am thinking!! And why did she sleep there ?? Clifford asked no one in particular pointing at the guests room..

Clifford stormed into his mom’s room .. she was Already dressed for work while his dad was still in the bathroom..

“Good morning mom! Clifford greeted slightly pecking her cheeks..

“Morning my baby boy ! Hope you slept well! Mrs Dior asked with a smirk. Clifford raised his brew at his mother’s expression.

“ Huh?? Why the smirky face ?? Hope am safe .?? Clifford asked blankly staring at his mom with a mixed feeling..

“Gosh !! you are so dump !! How can you ask me such question,,Don’t tell me you have no idea of what happened last night?? Mrs Dior asked in disbelief..

“No not at all,,,I could remember was poppy walking Into the room ,,then she gave me a drink,,,and after…. Clifford pursed,, he lied because he wanted her to tell him how it happened in details…

“And what?? Continue !! His mom urged him ..

“Thats all I can remember,,in shot my head is hurting a lot right now ,,ouchhh!! Clifford Mõ@ɲed in pretense ..

“ It’s okey,,you dont have to force yourself to remember a thing ..come over here!! His mom gestured him to come sit beside her on the bed ..

Then she told him exactly everything that happened..she also told him how poppy dealt with winner and Wendy .

“ You mean she did all that ?? Wow ,,,seems She’s now having a thing for me ,,she went as far as Fighting for my sake ,, Clifford jibbed dreamly..

His mom hit his head slightly,,

“Stop daydreaming..who said she fought for you !? She asked hitting him again although playfully..

“Ouch !! That hurts !! Clifford said pretending to be in pain ..

“ You should go thank her later !! His mom said again and he turned to look at her ..

“ Thank her ?? She’s gonna break my head!! Clifford jibbered pouting his lips cutely..

“ Trust me she won’t .. instead,,she’s going to love you the more !!

“ What ?? Love me ??? How .. Clifford asked ..

“ Your dad and I Already figured a way to make her love you !!

“ Come on ,,tell me !! Clifford said curiously bending his head over..While his mom whispered into his ears..

“ Honeymoon??? Clifford asked with widen eyes …

“Of course!! She’s gonna love you after spending a whole month with just you alone !! His mom jibbed making him smile happily

Poppy who happened to be outside the door smirked..

“ Honeymoon my foot!! Let’s see how that goes!! Poppy scoffed..

To Be Continued


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