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CHAPTER 35โ€ 36

Poppy stormed into the mansion with her shoes in her hands..

The maid stared blankly at her ,,as if she was putting on a mask ..

Clifford mom had earlier informed them that her daughter in-law would be coming home today,,so they are all expected to behave themselves..

It was a dream come true for the maids ,,,it’s a big honor to meet their idol in reality..

Poppy scoffed listening to their Comments

โ€œ Wow !!she’s more beautiful im reality,,more than she looked in pictures and magazines..

โ€œ I can’t believe I will be seeing her more often from now On…gosh ,,it’s a privilege!!

โ€œ Why is her face looking so moody??

Poppy turned to look at the maid who maid the last statement….

โ€œ Is that your business?? Poppy asked walking closer to her..

โ€œ Are u u referring to me ?? The one besides the one that made the statement asked happily..

โ€œ No ,,am referring to the parrot in front of you ! Poppy jibbed pointing at the maid..

โ€œ Huh ?? Me ?? The maid asked widen her eyes in surprise..

โ€œ Yeah !! Learn to mind your business!! You have no business with my moody face so I suggest shut up!! Poppy snapped at her before storming towards the stairs..

โ€œ What’s that ?? Isn’t she so grumpy?? Another maid added walking out from the kitchen..

โ€œ Like she said ,,, you should also mind your business!! The one poppy embarrassed jibbed rudely rolling her eyes

โ€œ Whatever!! The one that just came jibbed.. she’s the Chief maid ….

โ€œ Who is this ? And what’s she doing here?? Tania the chief maid asked looking annoyed ..

โ€œ What sort of a silly question is that ?? Don’t you see the wedding dress she’s wearing?? Oh ..I guess you have suddenly gone blind… another maid jibbed annoyingly

โ€œ Where were you when they were making preparation for the wedding,,,?I know you are asking this question not because you are not aware but because you are jelouse young master got a wife and he wouldn’t be needing you anymore to warm his bed !! The second one mouthed giggling..

โ€œ How dare you?? Tania fired angrily….

โ€œ For your information. The cutie you just saw is young Masters wife ,,,so I advise you know your boundaries from now onwards!! The second one snapped more like a warning..

โ€œI Hate you !! Tania muttered angrily clenching her fist ..

They were still agueing when poppy ran out of the room P@ล‹ting heavily!!

โ€œ That was close !! That cocroch almost jumped on my head !! Poppy inhaled.. forgetting the fact the the maids were looking at her ..

โ€œ So annoying!! Tania scoffed trying to walk away.

โ€œ Hey wait up !! Where do you think you are going to ??poppy asked making Tania turn to glare at her..

โ€œ Anything?? Tania asked with anger obvious in her voice..

โ€œ Yeah !!take me to my room !! Poppy said playing with her hairs ..

โ€œ What ?? Me take you to your room ?? You must be kidding!! They are many maids around,,so I don’t think there is any reason for me to take you to your room ,, you can ask any of them !! Am too busy for that !! Tania muttered trying to walk away.

โ€œ You dare not walk out on me ,,,,if you still want to walk as a maid… in this house..Poppy smicked mischievously.

โ€œ What are you trying to say ?!

โ€œ Once you leave here ,,just go straight to your room and pack your things ,,cos I will stop at nothing to make sure you leave this house tonight!!! Poppy jibbered evilly..

โ€œ How dare you ?? Threatening me ??Tania yelled ..

โ€œ Come on let’s go ! Poppy told her ,,leaving the way for her to pass ..

โ€œ ฦรฎtรงh !! Tania muttered angrily walking ahead while poppy followed..

Tania got to a door ,,,then stopped

โ€œ Here is your room !! She muttered.. without waiting for poppy yo reply she stormed off .

โ€œ What’s wrong with her ?? Poppy thought giggling silliy.

Poppy gasped in shock when she walked into the room ,,

โ€œ What’s this all about ! She thought glearing at the bed which has been decorated with flowers..In the shape of love ..

โ€œ I will just act like I didnt see this ,,she jibber turning to walk away..but then halt on her spot..

โ€œ Where should I go from here ,,,non of the maids were ready to help so let me just do my business,,I will sort Clifford out ,,

She turned,,and surprisingly there was a towel on the bathroom door ,,then a sexy lingerie was also hanging besides it..

โ€œ Guess this is for me ,,

Picking everything she badged into the bathroom.. throwing off her dress,,she took her bath then wore the lingerie.. then slipped her foot into the flip flops besides the door ,, before heading out of the bathroom..

โ€œ I should Inform ixora and Jenny ,,she muttered picking up her phone.

She was about dailing ixora’s number when a sedative was placed in her nose .. slowly her phone fell..then she collapse..

Wendy smirked switching off her phone ..

โ€œ Let’s do this !!Winner smirked dragging Poppy’s feet while Wendy hold her hands ,,Wendy was putting on the same lingerie with poppy .

They both dragged her out of the room hiding her at the back of the flower pot in the balcony..

โ€œ What next ?? Winner questioned.

โ€œ Let’s get his drinks sedated! Wendy jibbed.. Bringing out a bottle of wine from her bag ..

She dropped it ,,pour it into the cup then added a whole lot of the substance into the drink ..

โ€œ The ball is now in your court!! Play wisely ..Winner told her !!

โ€œ You should leave the rest for me !! Wendy smicking victoriously.

โ€œ Come on get going before he notices.. Winner said handling her a mask ,, which has Poppy’s face ..

Wendy wore it ,,then adjusted her sexy lingerie that was showing off her while body..


Clifford stormed into the room looking worried.. knowing his bride won’t be happy seeing her around .

โ€œ Hey !! Wendy said walking out from the bathroom dripping wet,,she just had her bath.

โ€œ Huh?? Clifford shuttered trying to control his Lลซ$tful eyes..

โ€œ Come on ,,why are your acting dump !!!?? Am your wife ,,you don’t have to be shy around me !!! Wendy jibbed naughtily..

โ€œ Are you perhaps sick or something?? Clifford asked not wanting to believe his eyes..

โ€œ Come on!! It’s our wedding night,,let’s have fun ,,Wendy said shocking the hell out of Clifford..

The poppy he know would never allow him closer to her ,,what’s going on !!??

Wendy walked towards him then picked the drink on the table ,, then handed it to him .

โ€œ Drink up let’s get to business!!,Wendy said seductively..biting her lower lips getting him turned on…

Out of Lลซ$t ,,he hungrily took the drink and gluped down the whole content. Wendy smicked mischievously.

Soon his eyes became heavy ,,,his urge increased,,like a hungry lion,,he threw her to the bed jumping on top of her

To be Continued.


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