December 5, 2023




❣️❣️❣️🌹CHAPTER 8🌹❣️❣️❣️
“That maths test is totally easy.” I scoffed as we walked out of our class.

“Easy?” Adelaide exclaimed.

“That test is the hardest test I’ve ever wrote.” Yolanda sighed, looking exhausted.

I shrugged “What? It’s just simple equations.”

“That’s easy for you to say because you’re like a book freak.” Adelaide said.

“Yeah.” Yolanda agreed.

I rolled my eyes with a scoff “Whatever.”

“Anyway, thanks a lot for the game controller. I really appreciate guys.” I appreciated.

“It’s our pleasure, Avery.”

“You deserve it.” Adelaide and Yolanda replied.

“Anyway, do you guys know that a newbie is gonna join us?” Yolanda asked.

“What are you talking about?” I asked back.

“Don’t you mean the freshmen coming next year?” Adelaide asked.

“No, this year, in our class.” Yolanda said.

“How’s that possible? We’re already freshman, few months ago, there’s no way a newbie is gonna join us.” I explained.

“That’s exactly what I thought but I over heard vice chancellor talking about it. It’s like a transfer student, like we do in high school” Yolanda said.

“Yolanda, you need to go to the ear doctor, mind your business and stop eavesdropping.” Adelaide said.

“Whatever.” She sighed.

“Um guys, I have to go.” Adelaide said and went to her boyfriend.

“So Avery, will you come with us to the party on Saturday?” Yolanda asked.

No! I don’t want to go to anywhere that can ruin me again.


“Don’t worry, we’ll just spend two hours and leave the place. I know you don’t feel comfortable in parties.” Yolanda said.

“Why should I even come with you?” I asked.

“Because you’ve never been to any parties ever since we got into SunLake. Can you just have fun a little and stop being a nerd?” Yolanda asked.

“I feel so comfortable being a nerd.” I retorted.

Yolanda sighed “Fine. Let’s go to the library.”

I smiled as we went to the library to study our presentation. Later we heard the presentation got shifted till tomorrow and we’re angry about it because most of us aren’t ready but I kinda am.

During the night, all of us went to our various rooms. I greeted Adelaide and Yolanda good night, went to my bedroom, took a quick shower, wore my black pyjamas and took my marketing textbook and study instead of sleeping.

Few hours later, I dropped the textbook, and went to sleep.

I woke up, took my bath, wore my white crop top, with my olive green corduroy jumpsuit, and my Fendi sneakers, wore my diamond dangling earrings, then applied lip gloss on my lips.

I packed my hair, and held it with my pink hair clip, leaving some strands out.

I arranged my books into my black backpack, wore it and left my bedroom.

“Morning girls.” I greeted as Adelaide and Yolanda came out.


“Are we ready for the presentation?” Adelaide asked.

“Um… I don’t know.” Yolanda said lowly.

“What happened?” I asked.

“She slept off instead of studying.” Adelaide blurted.

“Hey, I studied a little, then I don’t know when I dozed off.” Yolanda said.

I giggled “Let’s just go.”

“You know, I think today is when the new student will be in our class.” Yolanda said.

Adelaide and I groaned “Yolanda, how many times have I told you? What ever you overheard is bullsh*t.” Adelaide said.

We left the hostel and went to the school building, entered our class.

I bumped into someone “Oops. I’m sorry.”

Why do I feel familiar sparks the moment I bumped into him? What’s wrong with me now?

I turned to look for who I bumped into. So many people but who?

Our lecturer, Mrs Jason walked in “Morning students. Are you all ready for the presentation?”

🚹 No!

🚺 This isn’t fair!

🚺 We’re supposed to present tomorrow, not today.

🚹 Why did you even do this?

🚹 I’m totally not ready.

All the class begin to protest.

“Quiet everyone! If any of you are ready today, come out and present, and earn extra credits. But if you are not, don’t bother till tomorrow then you get a lower score.” Mrs Jason smirked.

All the class groaned and murmured loudly. I scoffed minding my business.

“Who’s presenting first?” Mrs Jason asked.

A blonde girl in ponytail raised her hand, stood up and came in front of the class “Morning everyone, I’m Janet Jean and I wanna talk about customer satisfaction in marketing. The survival rule is simple: Track your customers’ life cycle. If you understand who your customer is and their wants and needs, you will make the right decisions.” She explained and all of us applauded.

“Thank you Janet.” Mrs Jason said as Janet went to her seat. “Who’s next?”

“Yolanda!” Adelaide shouted playfully.

“Dude!!” Yolanda glared at her best friend.

“Yes, Yolanda come out.” Mrs Jason said.

Yolanda gulped as she stood up and stood in front of the class.

“Um…. Well… Um… I’m.. Yolanda Gomez… Well…. I… I wanna talk about the… Brand stragedy. Brand strategy is the holistic approach behind how a brand shows up to its customers, bye.” She stammered nervously and went straight to her seat.

I raised my hand, stood up and went in front of the class “Hi everyone, I’m Avery Trent and I wanna talk about social media. A social media plan will keep your business on track while building a social presence. The major benefits of social media marketing include…”

I stopped as I felt someone is starring at me.

I know everyone is looking at me because I’m presenting but someone is starring at me. There’s a difference.

I shook my head off “As I was saying social media includes…”

I smiled happily as I was starring at the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen, Avery.

You have no idea how much I’ve missed her so much.

She looks more beautiful, smart and stylish than before. Her sweet pinkish lips moving, her beautiful brown eyes, flawless glowing brown skin.

She has no idea how I got here.

Few months ago I’ve been looking for her for long, Gianna had no idea about Avery’s whereabout, Aaron didn’t want to talk to me.

So I kinda spy on him, noticed Aaron was face chatting with his sister, I felt a huge relieved and happy to know that Avery’s okay.

They said something about SunLake university, I knew that’s when she changed her institution but don’t know where.

Then I knew, I decided to change my institution, bribed the SunLake chancellor, then entered the school and meet up with the old freshmen.

Now I’m here, sitting at the back, starring at my beautiful angel.

“…And that’s all about social media marketing.” Avery was done explaining and she went back to her seat at the second roll, which is 10 rolls far away from mine.

I can’t to see her face when she sees me. I’ll get Avery back into my life and there’s nothing she can do.


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