December 5, 2023




❣️❣️❣️🌹CHAPTER 6🌹❣️❣️❣️
“Yiiiii I’m so excited!” I squealed happily, waiting for the finals.

It’s a video racing game competition, Cruise N’world. My favorite game.

“Urgh! I hate this place.” Gianna groaned “Can’t we leave this gross place and go to another place like mall, shopping?”

I love black stuffs, games, books, grades and nerdy cool stuffs but Gianna doesn’t, infact she hates what I love. She only love pink stuffs, barbies, fashion stuffs, and popular girl expensive stuffs.

I rolled my eyes with a smile “Come on Gigi, we went for shopping and what you love for a whole week. Please lemme do my stuff this today. I promise we’ll go to the Galleria tomorrow. Besides the price gifts are PS5, $20,000 and you get to hang out with the best gamer SSniperWolf. For a month.”

Gianna shrugged “We can just buy those price gifts from the mall, you know. And it’s easy to meet SniperDog since you have 500,000 followers on Instagram.”

“It’s SSniperWolf, and you know I love video games. Please don’t make me lose my dreams, okay? Video games and books are my thing.” I pleaded.

Gianna rolled her eyes “Whatever, just hurry up and stop wearing that ugly outfit.” She said as she fold her arms.

I frowned as I took a look at the cool outfit I’m wearing. It’s a black baggy jumpsuit with checkboar designs. I got this for today’s competition.

*Okay, everyone! It’s time for the finals!!!* The announcer shouted with his headset microphone and all of us applauded happily.

*Now it’s time for today’s best gamer, Avery Trent to compete with last year’s winner Rex Orlando!!*

“Yeah!!!” Everyone hyped.

I don’t even know who my competition is. This is the first time hearing his name. I hope he’s hard to beat do that I can work harder.

Everyone chanted and hyped up as a cute boy in the same jumpsuit I’m wearing but red one.

He’s so cute and handsome with his sweet skin, pink lips, brown eyes and messy hair.

Why does my competition have to be this cute?

“Oh my gosh! Who’s that cutie?” Gianna grinned.

*Okay contestants! Get ready for the finals!!!* The announcer yelled.

I grinned happily as I sat at my game machine and held the wheel.

“Good luck.” I heard his sweet voice beside me. Rex, who’s sitting beside me and smiling at me.

I bent my head and blushed hard “You too.” I murmured.

I chuckled hearing her beautiful voice. Why does she have to be my competition? She’s so cute.

Her brown flawless skin, pink glossy lips, cute neat ponytail, she’s amazing.

This is love at first sight, because I like her already.

*On your track! Get set! Start!!* The announcer shouted and we started the game, racing with our cars.

I can’t stop thinking about the cutie beside me. I don’t know how to focus on my game.

That girl is the the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

Look at the angel, totally focused on her game. Her wet glossy and plumpy lips, her full curly black hair, her flawless brown skin like goddess…

“Yes! I won!!” She screamed and jumped happily as she won the game.

*And the winner of this year’s competition is Avery Trent!! * Everyone applauded.

Damn!!! I forgot I was playing video game, I’ve lost the game because I was drooling over her.

“Yay!!!” She squealed as she went to hug her brunette friend.

Yay! I can’t believe I won.

I disengaged from Gianna who’s also happy for me.

“I’m happy for you.” She said.

“Thank you.” I smiled proudly.

If only my dad’s here.

“Hey.” Rex called me, he has a cute smile.


“Congrats.” He greeted as he held my hand, giving me goosebumps and sparks.

I gulped nervously “Thanks.”

“So… Can I have your number?” He asked.

“Um… I don’t have phone yet till my next birthday.” I said, feeling embarrassed to say that.

He scoffed “Okay, can we be friends?”

“Yes.” I nodded.

I glared at the both of them angrily. What’s going on between both of them?

They made me feel left out, I love Avery but I want that guy. He’s so cute and Avery can’t have him. Sorry.

I smiled as I gently pushed Avery “Hey Rex, you played amazingly. Nice to meet you. I’m Gianna.” I introduced as I shook his hand.

“I’m Rex.” He replied and glanced at Avery “So… Your number?”

“Okay, it’s 1101-3456-456.” She said as Rex typed the number on his phone.

I rolled my eyes “Can you have my number?” I asked.

“No need, my phone is full.” Rex said.

I gasped feeling offended “Geez.”

I can’t believe Avery and the hottie are already getting along on their first meet and he didn’t even like me.

What’s in her that is not in me? I’m more stylish and beautiful than her.

I’ve done a lot of research about that cute Rex guy. He’s from a filthy rich family, he have 1million followers and his more stylish than I think. My type of guy.

I can’t let my best friend to have that guy, she’s too nice so she’ll let me have him. Whether she like it or not.

I told my dad a lot about him and he liked him like that.

He even invited his parents to our house.

I wore a very pretty innocent outfit. I wore a white Gucci crop top, navy blue pleated flare skirt that reaches my knee, and pearl earrings.

I fixed my hair in twin braids hairstyle and applied lip gloss and eyeliner.

Rex family are gonna love me.

I left my pink bedroom and headed down stairs to the living room.

I met his wealthy parents sitting with my parents.

“I’m so happy to know that our son will be with your daughter.” His mom said.

“Yes.” His dad agreed.

“I just hope my daughter is also happy.” mom said.

Dad saw me “And that’s my Hermosa. Gianna.”

“Oh my… She’s beautiful.” Rex mom said and I grinned.

“Thank you, Mrs Orlando.” His mom said.

“My son is gonna be happy.” his dad said.

Great, now my parents and Rex parents like each other, now Rex will love me.

Gianna and I were sitting together in my living room, watching Barbie movie.

A text came in on her phone, she checked it and blushed “OMG.”

“Who’s that? Your new boyfriend?” I teased.


My eyes went wide “Seriously, you didn’t tell me you have a boyfriend. Why?”

She shrugged “You didn’t ask.”

I smirked “So who is that? What’s his name?”

“Rex Orlando.” She blushed.

My smile fade away. What? Rex? Since when? I thought he liked me… Whatever, maybe he’s a playboy.

And I used to have crush on him but since he’s dating my best friend. I have to throw away my feelings.

I can’t believe my parents forced me to date someone gross pinkish girl.

I don’t like Gianna at all but dad threatened to disown me as his son. I’m just 13 years old. Where should I stay?

I don’t know how I lose my feelings for Avery.


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