December 2, 2023




❣️❣️❣️🌹CHAPTER 2🌹❣️❣️❣️
I went straight to the bathroom and washed the smudged makeup and tesrs off my face, I don’t want anyone to noticed that I was crying in the closet.

Why would Rex hurt his sweet girlfriend and ruin my life? What’s his problem? What’s the point of even dating Gianna in the first place?

I used my black hand towel to clean my face. Yeah, my favourite colour is black.

I came out of the bathroom, headed to my locker and kept the shopping bag and went back to the classroom, when the maths teacher just walked past me.

I gulped nervously realizing that I just missed a whole maths class. Well, thank God we’re done with all the exams, I hope I didn’t miss anything.

I sat on my seat beside Gianna “Hey, where were you? You just missed Mr Jones whole story about his maths life. I’m glad you miss it, because it’s so boring.” She groaned playfully.

I giggled as I removed a black covered book out of my black glittered designer backpack.

“So where were you?” Gianna asked.

My stomach started growling because I don’t know what to tell her. That her boyfriend blackmailed me to have S£X with him tonight. She won’t believe me.

She trust her wicked boyfriend than me, who’s her friend for 12 good years.

“I… Um… I was stuck in the bathroom till the janitor helped me out.” I lied.

Gianna nodded, believing the lie “Okay. I can’t wait for us to wear our matching prom dress tonight.”

Sorry but I can’t try the dress because Rex wants me to wear another dress. I don’t know how to escape this misery.

“Me too.” I said in a high pitched voice.

“I’m just nervous about us getting into Fred University.” Gianna pouted.

About that, when I heard Rex is also going to Fred university, I decided to change my application to another university, SunLake University. Just to be away from him. Gianna does not know about this.

Wow, I’ve kept a lot and lots of secret from my only best friend. I know Gianna is gonna hate me for this.

“I’m also super duper nervous, I don’t know if I’ll get in.” I said truthfully.

“Come on Avery, you’re like the smartest person I’ve ever knew. I’ve never even seen you getting a B, it’s always straight A’s. I’m sure you’ll get in.” Gianna encouraged.

I smiled “Thanks bestie.”

I said a lot of lies because of Rex and his girlfriend. Gianna is surely gonna hate me if she finds out everything. I don’t deserve to be her best friend.

“I’m so glad, you’re my best friend, you’re always there for me, I love you so much.” Gianna hugged me.

I grinned sheepishly “I love you too, bestie.”

I’m seriously guilty for K!SSing her boyfriend and might still have S£x with him tonight. I’m such a terrible friend.

Or should I do something?

“So, what do you want us to wear tonight? Have you booked a special bedroom for us at Daisy’s Hotel?” Gianna asked, sitting beside me in the car, asking me stupid questions.

How am I supposed to focus on my driving when this Ɓîtçh is disturbing me with stupid questions?

“Rex!” Gianna nudged my arm.

“Yes babe?” I answered.

“Isn’t that Avery?” She asked, pointing at the beautiful girl standing at the parking lot.

She’s so beautiful and sexy as she’s wearing her black tank top showing her sweet cleavage and black adidas joggers, with black Fendi sneakers.

“I think her driver ditched her again. Come on, let’s give her a ride home.” Gianna suggested.

No kidding, I must help her.

I drove towards her.

I was standing at the school parking lot, waiting for my driver, watching other students going home, some are scattering the school because it’s our last day.

A familiar black latest Tesla parked in front of me. Please, don’t be Rex, don’t be Rex.

The window glass slid down and… Of course, Rex and Gianna.

“Hey Avery.” Rex smirked.

“Babe! Come on in, let’s go.” Gianna said.

I shook my head with a scoff “Nah, never mind. Bob is coming to pick me up in ten minutes.” I lied.

“Avery, I want to show your dad a very funny video.” Rex threatened secretly.

I glared at him angrily. Seriously? I thought he said only three conditions. I hate this guy but I have a crush on him too.

“Babe, what video?” Gianna asked.

Rex scoffed “Oh, it’s only for the boys, but I can show you…”

“Heyy! I’ve changed my mind, I would love a ride.” I cut them off.

“On me.” Rex muttered.

“What?” Gianna asked.

“What?” Rex retorted.

I gulped nervously thinking about what’s going to happen this night. I opened the car and entered, sat at the backseat.

Rex drove off, Rex and Gianna were having conversation, touching each other making me to feel jealous and left out. I hate being the third wheel but I have to be there for my bestie.

Rex parked the car in front of the mansion, I came out of the car immediately and walked away.

“See you tonight.” Gianna shouted.

“Okay.” I replied rudely, feeling more and more nervous.

Rex scoffed as he drove off.

Why is Avery acting weird since all this days? Is she really okay?

“What’s with Avery?” I asked.

“That’s the question I’m supposed to be asking you, aren’t you her best friend?” Rex replied.

“I… I…” I sighed.

I shrugged it off. Well, as long as she wear her own royal blue autumn tulle dress, like mine.

We’re gonna look like twins, well from different races. I’m white, she’s black, but it’s gonna be cute.

I really wish she has a boyfriend or someone that can be her date to the prom.

I walked into the big mansion and locked the door.

“Hey sis.” Aaron greeted, standing in front of me, looking disappointed.

Aaron is my adopted brother. His parents, my uncle and aunty-in-law died from war, when Aaron was two months old. They were soldiers.

So dad adopted him as his son. Dad love him than me, his biological child but Aaron loves me as his sister.

I smiled “Sup bro, What’s wrong?”

“The letter from SunLake.” Aaron said, handing me a white envelope.

I frowned as I collected it, feeling nervous “Did I get in?”

“Just check the letter.” Aaron said sadly.

Okay, now I’m scared, I didn’t get in? Oh no! I can’t repeat 12th grade.

I removed the letter from the envelope and opened and read it.

My eyes went wide in surprise “I got in!!” I screamed.

“Congratulations!!” Aaron added.

I held his hands “Haaaaa!!” We squealed together, jumping happily.

We stopped “Oh my God! I can’t believe this!! This is the happiest moment of my life.” I said happily.

“Well it’s not mine.” Aaron muttered.

“Why did you say that?” I asked.

“Because you’re gonna leave me and go to Damville next week and I’ll be all alone.” He muttered.

I smiled “Don’t worry Aaron, you have dad, your girlfriend and friends.”

“But, what about…?”

“And I can be visiting you twice a month, okay?” I said.

Aaron shrugged “Fair enough. I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks” I hugged him and disengaged.

Dad came into the living with his newspapers.

I grinned happily “Dad!”

“What?!” He answered harshly, glaring at me.

“Guess what? I got into SunLake University, I’ll move to Damville next week.” I said happily.

Dad gave me a contempt look and sat on the couch then turned on the TV. He didn’t even congratulate me.

I’m not surprised. He hates me because he believes that I killed mom. Mom passed after giving birth to me.

Since then, dad sees me as a burden.

I bent my head sadly.

“Don’t be sad, look I made your favourite beefburger and kiwi juice.” Aaron said.

I smiled as we went to the dining room to eat our food.

After eating our food, I went straight to my black decorated bedroom.

I went to my wardrobe, opened the shopping bag Rex gave me earlier.

I removed the beautiful gold colour dress and I opened the wardrobe and took the royal blue dress that Gianna and I bought yesterday.

If I didn’t wear royal blue dress, Gianna is going to hate me and if I didn’t wear the gold dress, Rex will show dad the video and I’ll be put to jail for life.

What should I do?

I wore my blue strapless bikini to make Rex fall for me. Thenmy royal blue autumn armless tulle dress, straightened up my hair, applied makeup on my face and wore my royal blue glittered heels.

Rex is gonna love me tonight.

I heard some car horn from downstairs, I checked the window and smiled as I saw Rex and a driver standing beside a black limousine. This night is gonna be perfect.

I took my blue glittered purse, ran downstairs and K!SSed my parents goodbye, I left the mansion and went to Rex.

He smirked “Hey girl, you look hot.” he complimented.

I blushed “Thank you babe, you look hot too but why didn’t you wear the blue flower I bought for you yesterday?” I asked, starring at the golden rose flower in his pocket.

He shrugged “It’s my great-grandma’s.” he said.

I nodded “Okay, that’s sweet. Shall we?”

He offered his arm “Come on.”

I accepted his arm as we entered the limousine. The driver closed the door and entered the driver seat and drove off.

I touched Rex’s neck and we connected our lips, making out in the car.

I sighed sadly as I looked at myself in the mirror. I don’t think I do the right thing.

Because I’m wearing the dress Rex bought for me. He even bought me a

I know I look beautiful in the metallic gold goddess long dress, gold glittered heels, expensive golden necklace and earrings with bracelet.

I applied foundation on my face, gold eyeshadow on my eyes with fake eyelashes and thick red lip gloss. I fixed my hair in curly high ponytail and put gypsy head chain.

I checked myself in the mirror and smiled. I kinda look beautiful in this dress than I am in the royal blue dress.

Gianna is gonna take me as her enemy if she sees me wearing this dress instead of hers.

Is Rex trying to destroy our friendship? No way.

I have to do something.

I took my gold diamond purse, put a sleeping drug inside it and walked out of my bedroom, and headed downstairs to the living room.

My jaw dropped as I saw Gianna and Rex, sitting on the couch, waiting for me.

Oh no! What are they doing here? Rex is so handsome in his black tuxedo with golden rose flowers in his pocket, matching my gold dress and messy fringed hair.

Gianna is not supposed to be here.

“Oh damn! Sis, you fine!” Aaron complimented, putting his arm around me.

Rex and Gianna turned and their jaws dropped as they saw me.

Rex is drooling but Gianna looks angry.

“Thanks bro.” I replied.

“I’m gonna get my camera and take pictures, wait for me.” Aaron said as he ran inside.

That boy is childish even though he’s 16 years old.

“Avery?” Gianna exclaimed as she approached me “Why are you wearing that? We’re supposed to be wearing matching prom dresses.”

“I’m sorry, someone special gave this to me.” I lied.

I noticed Rex is smirking at me because I said someone special. I’m just lying.

“Avery, what about the oath we took 7 years ago? You forgot about it.” Gianna said bitterly.

“I didn’t forget Gia…”

“Then why are wearing that dress? I thought we’re best friends ” Gianna cut me off.

“Gianna, enough of this.” Rex interrupted “Who cares if you two didn’t wear the same dress? Avery has always been there for you, she only do what you want, not what she wants and now that she’s wearing what she wants, why are you mad at her?”

“Because she didn’t do what you want? Why are you so bossy?” Rex scolded.

Gianna looked guilty as she glanced at me “Avery, I’m sorry for being too bossy over you.”

“It’s okay, besides, I can do anything for my bestie.” I said as we hugged.

We disengaged.

“Come on, let’s go.” Gianna said.

“Wait!” Aaron said as he came with his camera.

“Come on.”

We all gathered together as he took pics of us. I noticed Rex wrapped his arm around my waist, rubbing my back, sniffed my hair and Mõ@ɲed silently making me uncomfortable.

Gianna has no idea what’s going on, I wish she knew before it’s too late.

After taking pics, Gianna walked out of the mansion, Aaron went inside.

I also wanted to leave but Rex held my grip and pulled me back.

“What did you want Rex? I’m doing what you want now, what else?” I asked rudely.

“You look beautiful.” He caressed my face with a smirk “Like a goddess.”

“Thanks.” I said, turned to leave but he yanked me to him harshly.

“I bought you something.” He said as he brought out a gold and black flower bracelet and wore it on my hand.


He smashed his lips on mine, K!SSing me passionately, playing with my tongue.

I don’t wanna stop but someone might see us.

I pushed him away and walked out of the mansion, Rex followed me and spanked my *ss.

We went and entered Rex’s black limousine and the driver drove off.


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